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Manning on the move from Cardinals facility

Various reporters covering the Peyton Manning visit to the Arizona Cardinals have confirmed Manning left the building after a 6 1/2 hour visit today.

Manning left, riding an SUV driven by Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. They were trailed by club owner Bill Bidwell Jr.

It is unclear where Manning is going -- either to another Arizona appointment or to the airport. One assumes if he's en route to the airport, he could be headed back to South Florida. (Get the media helicopters warmed up!)

Reading those last couple of words probably gave Jeff Ireland arrhythmia. The Dolphins are still, yes still hoping to get an opportunity to meet with Manning. The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also want such an opportunity, according to NFL sources.

Not all of those teams will actually succeed in getting an audience with King Manning.

I do know this: If the Dolphins do get the expected visit with Manning, they plan to "think outside the box," I've been told. That means they might not conduct most of their business at their Davie, Fl. facility. They will absolutely have to go there at some point, I suppose so that Manning can become re-acclimated with the physical plant.

But remember this isn't a certainty because Manning and the Indianapolis Colts used Miami's practice facility during both their Super Bowl visits to Miami. So he's been in the locker room and training room and so forth.

If the Dolphins go forward with this, um, different approach, I would say they would be gambling. Yes, it could convince Manning the team has his best private interests in mind by keeping him under wraps. Or the team could seriously freak the guy out that they simply don't do things as a normal operating NFL team does.

It is, as they say, a double-edged sword.


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Ya just knew Ross/Ireland would screw this up.

im guessing the bitching is coming from one or two people just posting under multiple names.

Bwahahahaha ya left so quick Thronton! Thank you Armando and the guys at the Herald, you guys rock!


There are only 2-3 posters here totally against Peyton coming. The rest of just voice that Peyton's only a badaide to a more serious longterm qb issue here.

Now it seems the chances Peyton will come here are emensly shrinking. Oh boy..............

Why you are correct sir, my family did come over from Sicily :)

good riddance peyton..we will be in the same situation in 1-2 yrs looking for a starting qb..better to take a chance with Flynn who is young..we dont need an old washed up qb..

Howdy Yesterday's Gone,if I was a top flight FA gb considering Our beloved Miami Dolphins.And I read Our blog I would runaway to Denver.No matter how f ucking cold and cumbersome my throwing shoulder would feel after the first series.Most of Our Miami Dolphins fans hearts' pump s hit h2o.Manning,if healthy,is a MAN ON FIRE! Let's band with him!

Nope no multiples, just used that name to make a point. Glad you are using it now, it will make it easier to track you down if you cross the line. Know this, if you are Thronton and you continue this you won't be coming back. They do remove people from the site and you can only change computers so many times. If you want to continue to use the Herald blog please keep it civil. They've already deleted all of those posts on page 3. If you are not Thronton and you're taking up his cause you should rethink it.

Maybe Ross/Irelnd should send Peyton a taxi to pick him up and bring him to the meeting facility. Then make Peyton pay his own fare there and back.

What's to lose? Peyton isnt signing with Miami! LOL


Manning has ruled out the Chiefs and Seahawks.
No word on him ruling out Miami though. Hmmm.

Broncos and Cardinals reported to be the front-runners.
Cardinals are now reported to be 16.4 mil over the salary cap. Therefore, they must clear that and what ever they must pay Manning to be able to sign him. Just a guess, but having to clear 30+ mil to sign Manning, not to count what needs to be cleared to sign draft picks, probably isn't happening. In addition, that thing about Manning being impressed with the Broncos... Reported by Denver local media. Hmmm.

Could Manning be saving the best for last, or just doing his due diligence with free agency? Maybe, just maybe, Manning has spoken with the Dolphins. Maybe he really wants to be in Miami. If he owns a condominium in South Florida and is going to retire in say, two years, then why move the family temporarily.

So please, all you Chicken Little's take some valium, and take a break from the internet until, um... Tuesday. Come back well rested and be prepared to post under some other fictitious screen name most of the reel bloggers have not yet seen here.

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Once again We fill Our blog with some racist s hit.Diverting from the potential to obtain a stout qb.
Certain Dolphans have their heads so f ucking deep in the sand that ALL IS WELL! NO FOLKS,Matt Moore is a back-up qb!
He didn't earn the starting job.It fell upon him.

You know there's a real probability we lose on Manning, Flynn signs with Cleveland (have more cap room), The Rams trade their now 6th pick to the Seahawks for Tannehill and we end up with NOTHING.

Moore is a decent QB (in fact I'm more impressed with his numbers than Flynn's because of the more games he had to play) but he is not going to win us any SBs. The main point here is that if we indeed fail to sign any of those QBs it will surely highlight the massive amount of ineptitude at the top of this organization.

I can see us ending up with Weeden, or any of the other second rated QBs. We really lost on RG3 folks, when you think about it, it only took the Skins two first rounders since this year's is an even swap almost considering they get a 2nd pick vs a 6th. Absolutely gutless on Ireland's part. If Manning signs elsewhere despite the obvious advantages that Miami possess over other teams it will again show what people around the league think of the people running the show here. Perhaps our blind loyalty prevent us to really see that. Ireland is Ross' fall guy and he is a horrible owner, time to start accepting that unfortunately.

Caveman you are an idiot. Miami isn't even going to get a sit down with Manning much less a conference call because Manning, like Fisher and the rest of the league know that our ownership and management are BUSH LEAGUE POSERS! And yes, when my Patriots and Jet fan friends talk about my beloved Dolphibs, I want to go bury my head in the sand because we are the WORST FRANCHISE IN THE NFL!!! It is embarrassing being a Dolfan these days and anyone who isn't is full of the same substance that Ross and Ireland ate full of. No Manning, no RG3, and no Flynn (thank god)!! Just the same old losers behind center that we get every year.

Don't worry bud, I get it. What you don't understand is that freedom of speech doesn't protect you from getting the s$#t beat out of you, it is only the internet that is protecting you right now. If we were in a real room together you would either be respectful or you would be swallowing your own teeth. THAT's the way the REAL world works. I suspect you are a very insecure individual, and it's actually quite sad to know that in this day and age there are still people out there who act like you. My family fought in two wars to protect this great country from small minded people like you who would descriminate against an individual based on race or religion. You are an embarrassment to the USA and should be ashamed. Have a great life bigot.

It's whomever you dolt.

First Miami screws up by winning too many meaningless games. Then they don't have the sack (I was sure they didn't and sure that the Redskins did, I live is Redskin country), to go and do what was necessary to nail down the player with the highest potential to be a LONG term Elite QB. Now it looks like their Rep (Ross and Ireland) is going to cost them their shot at an Elite short term QB.

Only 2 more things they can do to make the whole situation WORST:

1. Overpay for Freely 2.0/Kolb 2.0 Matt Flynn. And mark my words the NFL is so QB starved you will have to greatly over pay for him.

2. Not draft at LEAST 1 of the remaining QB's. Take one HIGH and I think they should ALSO look at taking Russell Wilson low (don't care that he's 5 11' this guy is smart, makes great decisions, and can throw).


How cute. "Clyde"(wink, wink) is still mad.

You gonna tell your Mommy?

Odin You were deleted cause this is a no BS Zone.,Any Hoo, I still think Ross/Ireland will screw up the Manning thing, He'll go to Arizona IMHO.

If Manning is undecisive once free agency commences we should be flying in Flynn STAT!

Mannbing didn't even take his agent with him to Ari or Den. But yet now somehow there the more likely teams.

You guys are too easy!

And Odin that was the lastBlog Entilted "Peyton! Some Miami fans are on their knees", Yeah it's kinda gay, but what can you do?

Odin, Your thoughts On Manning?

How is what you just explained a double-edged sword?

If Manning wants Denver or Arizona and feels that we are not worthy of a visit, then SO BE IT. It's not time to lash out at the team, it's time to circle the wagons and defend our own. Keep in mind that We have valuable insight on both Flynn and Tannehill, so I am sure we have a plan in regards to those two QB's. Peyton's snub would only motivate me more to stick it to him in the future. We are going to be good this year with or without his royal Peyton. Tell Peyton to stick it and sign Flynn. We dodged a bullet with Fisher and maybe we are dodging a bullet with Manning? Have faith true believers.

Nice Thought there Perfecto., Drinking the Kool-Aide a little early though IMHO.

Peyton is a con artist. He said he has no idea how FA works. Right. Sure. He's had months to prepare for this. He has known several teammates go through FA. What kind of BS story is that? He'll suck some team for millions and have no regret if he never regains form. Ferk him. I'd withdraw before he does.

This is just getting stupid,let him go.

Give him an offer and be done with it.Don't kiss anybody's butt.

saturday and wayne would never come here without manning

Posted by: dusty bottoms

gettimg him. all time low for this franchise and will be sad to see the stadium empty

Posted by: dusty bottoms

so depressing, its march and season is basically already over for us. unreal

Posted by: dusty bottoms

dusty your not a Dolphin fan ..Your just a troll that likes to give dolphin fans hell! I dont know what the dolphins ever did to you? But you need to get a life if all you do is come on a dolphin blog to give fans hell... ALL YOUR COMMENT ARE HERE SAY AND HAVE NO FACTS TO THEM... it is obivous you have no clue what your talking about ... 1st comment>> how do you know Reggie and saturday wont come here without manning?...2nd comment>> how do you know the seat will be empty and we wil have blackouts? didnt have any blackout last year and we sucked.... 3rd comment,, season over for you cause you dont get to have everything your way! BOO WHOO CRY ME A RIVER!LOL your a glass is completely empty type of guy if you are a dolphin fan , and by far the worse Dolphin fan of all time! ...

Now that RG3's all but gone, if we don't get Manning, we'll end up listening things such as:

"We are proud of the roster we have and we feel comfortable where we are right now at the QB position. Matt [Moore] did a tremendous job when taking over our team and never surrendered in front of adversity. Given the circumstances, we thought that risking the future of our team for a rookie who is not proven or for a player whose best years are behind was simply not worth the risk. We are pretty much excited from the up-coming draft and we can barely wait for the first mini-camp".

Wanna bet a lunch?

just go with matt moore. he did well without any time in the system last season. give him a go.

Sign the guard just released from minnesota and let murtha and jerry battle it out at rt. I think moore can be effective if he knows the right side isnt going to collapse at the snap of the ball.also miami wont have to leave a te in for help to.block nearly every play thus giving moore one more option.draft a qb and let philbin and shermen work their developmental magic. That leaves plenty of caproom to sign rookies and maybe even fs nelson. I think eventually miami releases bell for more space and moves jones to ss.

We CANNOT start this season with Moore as our hopeful starting QB...whomever thinks "we can win with Moore" or "moore can be productive" or even "Moore can get us by"... Well you are fooling yourself by accepting this. I don't know about some of you out there but I'm sick and tired of being so-so, middle of the pack, non playoff bound, and most recently terrible!
Stop the acorn fishing folks...accept nothing but the best. The last 15-20 years of irrelevancy is enough already! We NEED a franchise QB

QB should be the only focus no matter whom that turns out to be...then we can worry about a RT or TE, or whatever

Lutz...no bet because you are right on bro.. That sounds just like Ireland's little weasel azzz

If we don't get Manning we absolutely have to take a chance on one of these other QB's...
Remember that Moore created this illusion many times before...and then craps out..I don't feel safe about Moore all of a sudden becoming the next Schaub or whomever.
If moore is our uncontested starter we will be crappy still at best..maybe he wins 6..maybe not...

to Dolphins fans,

We are the problem. We believe all of the bs peddled to us on television. Think about it. What is one of the main markets espn is targeting being based out of Norteast? New York. What happens if the Dolphins sign Manning? The Jets become irrelevant. ESPN wouldn't know what to do without Rex Ryan figuring prominently in the AFC east race in 2012. The Dolphins immediately get added to the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants and Jets territory in terms of national attention. One might have to go for another to rise. And, the Jets hired Sparano as O coordinator. Lets not all forget Sparano's offensive philosophy is rooted in 1940's football. The Jets should be trending down with Sanchez continuing to disappoint next year. Unless, maybe the media can paint the Dolphins as the Redskins of the AFC east. We get it. Eccentric owner. Mismanagement of QB position. Coaching changes. The difference is, Ross doesnt make football decisions. Snider has been mismanaging that team for over a decade but he is directly involved in signing free agents. Ireland is the football man. You want to blame Ross for bringing in minority owners to stir up fan base. So what? They need to make money. There are alot of things to do in South Florida. Lets bes honest. The fan base doesn't support this team enough. Back to Ireland, he has only been in his position since 2008, only had control over roster until 2009, and this roster was totally void of any talent when Parcells and company came in here. Now, this team is a Manning and a good draft away from being a serious contender. Even adding Flynn could be big if the Manning thing falls through. Hell, I think Matt Moore could give us 9 wins. Fiedler got this team to 11-5 when defense was top 5. This team is well built. Our problem with our fan base is that we have let the mainstream media (and their clear agenda) affect our view of the team. Lets clear a few things up okay? Fisher did not simply reject the Dolphins. He wanted full control. Ross didn't want to can ireland. Fisher went to Rams. And honestly, with the haul they ended up with from Washington can you blame him? Especially when the Dolphins defensive players aren't suited for his scheme. Who cares about Jeff Fisher? Who cares about Ross going after Harbaugh? He took the Niners to the NFC champ in year 1. We shouldn't be mad at Ross and Ireland for courting Harbaugh; we should be mad they didn't steal him away from Niners. Jets just did same move to Sanchez as Fins did to Sparano. Both got apology extensions. Only the Dolphins are painted as dysfunctional and un-Peyton Manning worthy by the media. So Ireland asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute? Too sensitive a subject? When did this become a league of pussys? And this is our fault. Because we listen to these people speculate on a topic they really don't know anything about, and we take it as gospel, and essentially we may play a part in keeping the team from Manning. Because if Manning walks in the door of the Miami facilities without an open mind I promise that its partly because of the media bashing of Ross/Ireland, and more importantly the fans piling on right with them. Give them a break. They obviously want Manning. So do 10 other teams. If they get it him great. If not, move on to next guy. A little more support for the team might make a difference in terms of where a guy like Peyton ends up. He is a classy guy, after all. Ireland and Ross are not nearly as bad as members of the mainstream media would have you think. We have to stop buying this bs. Ireland is a solid talent evaluator. Ross has deep pockets. The team is clos... Nevermind, thats too positive an outlook for us.

Didn't mean to say Ireland had control until 2009. I meant since 2009. Sorry.

Screw manning, he is a pain in the neck! The best thing to do is, tank the season like indy did and draft barkley or jones. Forget about tannehill,or weeden or osweiler or foles. All of them are garbage.

Peyton Manning is a guy that can lead an offence in the NFL. He isn't God, so quit treating like he is God. He can't save the franchise by himself, nobody can. It is a team game.
I think Miami has to lay off the adoration. Some of you guys are worse that soccer fans. Bunch of pansies.

Screw manning, he is a pain in the neck! The best thing to do is, tank the season like indy did and draft barkley or jones. Forget about tannehill,or weeden or osweiler or foles. All of them are garbage.

Posted by: Dolphin 77

BOY YOUR A Piece of work Barkley isnt any better than Tannelhill! LOL I'm tired of these 14 year old fans that come in here and dont know anything about football..i wish some of these fans would find another team to support like Dolphin 77.. if he is really a fan at all who would Tank their season just cause they lost out on a 36 year old Q/B that isnt going to be anything he was over the last 14 years LOL Tank the season? if we dont get Manning? LOL....go back to your moms basement and cry me a river JET FAN!

Question: Who currently is the Green Bay Packers back up quarterback?

See...the answer IS Matt Flynn.

Miami stop signing cripples...get someone FIT

The meeting should be on the theme of old school football. Whatever that takes. Football guys talking football in football surroundings. The smell of sweat and leather, whatever. Perhaps a meeting in the coach's office or better yet, the out on the field. Peyton is Mr. Football, got get him that atmosphere. Ask him, given the players the Dolphins have on offense, what plays would he like to call. Let him know that the new coach will be leaning from him, not the other way around. And that would be true.

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