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Manning signing could pay for itself from a business standpoint

Say whatever you wish about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross but someone doesn't become a billionaire without some financial acumen. And in authoring the Dolphins upcoming chase of Peyton Manning, it is clear Ross's financial expertise is at work.

Simply, the addition of Manning would be a boon for the Dolphins coffers. There is no doubt about that.

I would estimate the Dolphins could easily gain 10,000 season ticket customers if they land Manning. I'm basing this on the fact that lesser offseason moves in Miami history have seen a significant spike in season tickets sales and the addition of Manning would make those moves pale by comparison.

For example, sales jumped by approximately 7,000 season tickets in 1996 when Jimmy Johnson replaced Don Shula. Sales increased by almost 8,000 season tickets in 2006 when the Dolphins traded for Daunte Culpepper.

The mountainous addition of Peyton Manning would make either of those other moves seem like a speed bump.

So if you accept that Miami's season ticket sales, lagging the past couple of years, could jump dramatically with a Manning signing all you have to do is some basic math to see where the boon would come.

With the Dolphins average season ticket price at $78.50, an increase of 10,000 tickets sold would add $7.85 million to Miami's season ticket take. Add to that approximately $2 million coming in for extra parking and assuming each customer spends, say, $30 on concessions during each game -- a conservative estimate -- you're adding another $3 million to the gross.

So on tickets, parking and concession Manning could represent perhaps $12-$13 million to Miami's bottom line. That doesn't count merchandise sales, plus any potential playoff game sales.


Now, I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to chase Manning because they want to fill their stadium. Yes, they want to do that, but I am sold on the idea the team wants to win as much as sell tickets. Still, the selling tickets and making more money part would be a welcome outgrowth of such a signing.

And, really, I don't see how any other player addition outside of Robert Griffin III would light up the turnstiles like Manning would. Matt Flynn would not. Ryan Tannehill would not. The Dolphins could add Mario Williams and that wouldn't register like Manning would.

That fact, by the way, will not escape Manning's representation. I continue to stress to you that the much anticipated low-guarantee, incentive laden deal everyone is expecting to land Manning could easily fly out the window if some team gets desperate enough to bid high on Manning. And when you have multiple teams interested, there is definitely a chance of that happening.

But even by conservative estimates, Manning will get $8-$10 million in guaranteed money this year with perhaps another $20 million deferred to 2013 or set up as some sort of option bonus.

Under that reasonable scenario, Manning would more than pay for himself the first year. And that is good business.

[RADIO NOTE: It'll be Peyton Manning talk most of the morning on Armando and Perkins this morning. You can watch the show here or listen to the show in South Florida at 640-AM. We're on 6-10 a.m. You can call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-88-640-9385.]


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First...Armando on the band wagon....lol

So I'm thinking, after we get Manning we can do a lot. Keep our 1st round pick and get a playmaker, or trade down a little and pick up an extra pick or two, heck maybe the signing of Manning puts us in the driver's seat for some quality free agents who would otherwise dismiss the dolphins but now may even sign or resign at a resonable price just for the opportunity to play with him????? I say trade down, try and pick up a extra 2/3 round pick. You will still get a playmaker if you're picking anywhere in top 20 and now you are in position to draft QB of the future or stock up picks for next year's draft so you can move up to get Matt Barkley, St Louis, Indy or Minnesota will be picking in the top 3 again next year and will gladly trade down again next year.

Mando if Miami does indeed sign him,do you anticipate any awkwardness in dealing with Peyton Manning given your outspoken opposition to his coming here?

Interested to see what Manning says about his health, also if he's ready to sign with another team now or if he wants to wait until he's fully healthy to sign. I think he's almost forced to sign now, his options for picking who he really wants to play for will diminish if he waits. At least for the moment, I'm really excited to be a Dolphins fan.

So you sign Manning change the whole Offense, what happens if Manning cant play? You just dug a grave for your team for the next few years, and the team has set Manning's playbook for another QB. What if he can play we get a repeat of 2008 1 good year and desperation after that... Ross sucks as s

in reply to Sugarnuts we really don't need to wait to draft a Qb we can trade back this year pick up a pick and draft Ryan Tannehill to sit behind Peyton for the next few years just saying

Armando never mind 10,0000 tickets that stadium would be sold out every week and how bout the Jersey sales

Makes total economic sense, especially if the the guy can still play.
I was working and needed a hat. I bought a green bay hat because the Phins hat did not have an adjustable hat band making the Phins hat to tight for my head. On a lesser note, I didn't feel like listening to Phins suck all day long.
So that is where the team is at with me. I love them but it is like having a very ugly loud obnoxious wife. You are married but cant take her anywhere.

feels to me like the world doesnt want manning to become a fin, then they will have to actually talk about them with respect.

Did we sign Peyton yet....


Get Manning if you must, but get RG3 as well! The Phins QB situation would be locked for winning now and for the future!

Dear Mr. Ireland,

I just broke my neck and have lost some feeling in my arm. I might be able to throw again in six months. Can I try out for the QB position?


Manning will be a Dolphin by as early as Thursday and as late as next week. He will be wearing #18. Also, there is without a doubt that the Dolphins are going to be making a play for RGIII. The trade value for the GM who looks for value will negate any chance to land RGIII.

Look for WR Justin Blackmon if the cost is doable and they will draft a lefty who can play righty or just a righty to complete the Om line. Shore up the D with the rest and draft a later round QB.

NY "G"...

Don't jinx this for me....this isn't the Cowher situation....

OK Armando, If Peyton is healthy based upon workouts and a physical. All the mentioned merits make a lot of sense. If this happens the team will really have to protect Peyton and that means going with a right tackle with the number eight pick in the draft.

Landing Manning is know guarantee. In the end it will come down to the situation, not money for Manning.

I think Miami is a very good one for him.


It will be sad watching the once great Peyton just a shell of his old self, like in Marinos last days when he was throwing like a girl and hitting dirt before anyone touched him.

IF Peyton comes to Miami I think we win the division next year. All those 3 point losses last year we win. Down go the Pats!!!!!!!!

Well after reading some inputs i find it amusing that you all think that because of his neck he can take one hit and be out, well he can get hurt like any other player but to say he is damaged and any thing can put him out of football is wrong. there is no increased risk of him playing because of the injury. Even his own doctor told him that if he was his son he would tell him to play. Now the problem with payton he is a 1-3 year fix at the best. I know for first year he will increase ticket sells. real question is how can the dolphins raise ticket by ten dollars after the last two season they should reduce the tickets by 20

SI.com’s Don Banks reported in February that Manning needed a fourth medical procedure on his neck, which had required three earlier surgeries, including one to fuse two vertebrae.

Neck surgeries, nerve damage, fused vertebrae.

Yeah right. Hope not.

Only in Miami could the fanbase turn the signing of Peyton Manning into a negative...only Miami! Somehow guys use it as a platform to bash Jeff Ireland further. Take a look around the league fellas, every fanbase is clamouring for this guy. Jets fans, Broncos fans, 'Skins fans, Cardinals fans, 'Hawk fans, Chiefs fans. Everyone of them wants this guy. And what do we get here? 'It's going to set this franchise back 5 years'. 'They're digging their own grave'. "Irleand will screw this one up too'. What a sad and pathetic fanbase! Some of you guys don't deserve to be part of a winner. One of the greatest QBs ever to play the game comes avaiable and automatically you turn up your noses at him. Why? Because he's 36 years old and he's had 4 surgeries on his neck. So that automatically means he's done....brilliant! Good to know you're close to the situation. I have a feeling if Tom Brady came available tomorrow you'd think there was something wrong with him too.

Sad.....really sad guys. It's a disease.....get some help!

When can we sign a new owner? This one sucks.

I used to laugh at the poor redskins fans having to deal with Snyder making idiot moves every offseason to sell tickets, and now his clone runs the dolphins.

Thanks Home!

Relentless support

"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

I hear one guy say 'Get RGIII. He's only the most exciting player that will come along in decades'. DECADES!!! As in there's kids not even born yet but I know RGIII is going to better than any of those kids will ever be. I don't know who theyare or what they'll be, but I know RGIII will be better.

Wow!!.....what a fanbase! Hall of Fame QB comes available, one of the greatest of all time and all people can do is looking at the negatives and what a lousy move this is. You want this team to take a chance....here it is! What's the worst that can happen? He's not the same guy. I doesn't pan out. We wasted a few million dollars. We have to draft another QB. Big deal! Try being a fan of the Bills or Browns, who wouldn't even get off their hands to try and sign this guy because they know he wouldn't be interested. At least Ross and Ireland are trying. Be thankful of that fact.

I'm done with my comments guys.....

I'll let some of you lie awake at night and fret about this. I'm going to hope for better days ahead....

One of the greatest QBs ever to play the game comes avaiable and automatically you turn up your noses at him. Why? Because he's 36 years old and he's had 4 surgeries on his neck. So that automatically means he's done....brilliant! Good to know you're close to the situation. I have a feeling if Tom Brady came available tomorrow you'd think there was something wrong with him too.

Posted by: Craig M | March 07, 2012 at 07:37 AM

Now that is a dumb comment. Marino and Montana were among the greatest too, do you want them now?

Yeah, because Peyton had 4 neck surgeries, fused vertebrae and nerve damage, I think he is done or not going to be his old self. Is that so unrealistic? By all accounts, today is is still not ready to start and there is no assurance he will be ready game 1.

Brady did not have all that trauma so throwing him into your analogy is not warranted.

You yourself have no idea what his current state is so how can you continue to believe he is still a top QB as of today? The past is gone.


There are some people that will always look at this as glass half empty. If they can pull this off it is a miracle. Forget Matt Flynn! No upgrade there!! RG3, the Rams control that. Not a guarantee.

Hey Manning still might not happen, but they can at least make a push for him. If we don't get him, I hope Washington does! One team eyeing RG3 out of the way.

Viewed the radio show

Saw Armando drinking a can of coke at 7:30 AM

@ 7:42 AM Armando actually picked his nose on the air

So u think this is something worth viewing?


The fin fans are delusional. Let's ignore all evidence, Manning was not able to get on the field for a full season, had another secret surgery, is not ready as of today, lets ignore all that and just make believe he will take our average team to the SB.

Tell the truth, hadn't heard your show until today Mando. But I tuned in and it was very entertaining and informative. Will continue to listen now.


If u must drink soda, try Coke Zero

Will help u not get Diabetes, prevent tooth decay and slim that waist of yours

Did not hear anything on the radio show that said blogger named Home guaranteed for over a month now, ...

"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

or Home's, ...

"M2M" (Manning to Miami)

have a HAARPy day

Let's ignore drafting up for a top prospect and mortgage the future on a Band Aid with a near term expiration date.

If Peyton was in form and ready today, I would understand the enthusiasm. But he is not, so I don't. Peyton is as big a gamble as anyone else but has a shorter shelf life.

I would rather Miami grab a long term solution. One that has the possibility of a decade or more of franchise qb play.

I know the plan, pick some later round QB to groom behind Peyton. Our success rate with that is zero. Indy tried it and all their draftees behind Peyton amounted to nothing too. In case you hadn't noticed, it got their entire FO fired.

But, let's ignore that and play make believe.

Miami Dolphins will be in the Play Offs

Peyton WINS at least 10 games EVERY year for 11 yrs in a row

So the Dolphins will be a minimum of 10-6

Home thinks 12-4 or 11-5 for the season
depending on if we also get Saturday and or Wayne
and the draft

Go Phins!

Good morning fellas,

I don't care if Peyton will be 36 next season or not. This is Peyton freaking Manning. I know the idea is to build with a RG3 or Andrew Luck and not a 36 year old who has his best days behind him. But get real Luck is going to be the next Peyton Manning in Indy and RG3 is just way to expensive. I don't care what a trade chart says, the cost for RG3 won't be just this year and next year's 1st rounder.

Miami has options but which is the best:

1. Keep Matt Moore as the only starter? No way! He is average and will not get Miami to the playoffs.

2. Trade up for RG3? It's just not realistic to think Miami can outbid Cleveland who has two 1st rounders. Sure the posturing says Cleveland doesn't want to part with both 1st rounders but I bet my left nut it happens.

3. Draft Tannehill? Does this guy with John Elway like scrambling ability remind you anything of an Elway type skill set? Nope. He reminds me something of a project and if forced into action, Blaine Gabbert anyone?

4. Matt Flynn? I for one like the idea but not many of you do. I ONLY like the idea simply because Philbin isn't a dummy. If he endorsed the signing of Flynn that means he is tying his career to Flynn which could be good or bad but it gives Miami direction!

5. Peyton Manning? Sure he is coming off 4 neck surgeries but who's to say he can't get back to playing a very high level. He isn't in any greater danger then any other QB as far as his neck is concerned. The biggest concern is the nerve regeneration which is obviously a big deal. I watched the "Youtube" clip like 20 times and he threw a deep pass which immediately says something but then he threw the 15 yard out which was completed. Let me tell you this, there isn't a QB on Miami's roster that makes that throw. Sure, Henne is capable of it but the robotic telegrapher of passers rarely sticks it in there. He'd rather check down and blah blah. Anyway back to Peyton, he is the best short term answer to get Miami in the playoffs. No rookie or Matt Flynn has a full seasons body of work that shows them capable of that.

Peyton is the best option! With Peyton and Matt Moore backing him up they can draft a guy in round 3 or 4 (Foles, Cousins, Osweiler, etc) and that would be one helluva depth chart with short term success and a long term plan.


You just took me to task for not knowing Manning physical condition but apparently you are all knowing when it comes to this. Were you part of the team of doctors that treated him? What gives you any more right to talk about his physical condition when you criticize others for it? Pretty hypocritical, bud.

You'r right, I don't know if he's ready or will be ready, and neither do you. But I sure as Hell prefer this plan to trading the house for RGIII, who I like also. You talk about Manning as being a 'bandaid and havng an expiry date' but again, that's just your opinion. You don't know any more than the rest of us. So to write Manning off because of the fact he didn't play last year and make a decision based on what you read is ridiculous!

As far RGIII is concerned, I'd love to drive a Porsche 911 too but I'm not prepared to 'trade up' for it.

I don't care if Peyton will be 36 next season or not. This is Peyton freaking Manning.

Posted by: AndyNJ | March 07, 2012 at 08:08 AM

Have you forgotten how awful Dan Freaking Marino was at 36 after lesser injuries (no fused vertebrae, no nerve regeneration)?

I haven't.


Thanks bud. We know how you feel about it. When Manning's lighting it up next year in this offence, you can come back and say, "I told you so'.

Craig where did I say I know his condition? He throws secretly. What is reported by those who do watch have been consistent in saying his arm is improving, but nobody has said its there yet.

No hypocrisy on my part. Some of you are praising unknown goods. How about we see what the reports are after a public workout. At 100 percent I understand the enthusiasm. I can't be enthused about a QB in recovery who is still not ready with no definitive ready date on the package.


Home agrees

and they will not only give up 2 first rounds picks, but 2 or 3 more high picks as well for the unproven Bobby Griffin who's only experience is against PAC12 defenses aka "girls college defenses"

M2M !

Go Phins!


And that's fine. That's your opinion. I say snap the guy up before a team like the 'Skins or the Cardinals do. A 'healthy' Manning turns into a HUGE bidding war between lots of teams. I don't care if the guy is 36, it's Peyton frickin' Manning. Are you telling me you wouldn't have wanted Brett Favre on this team for the ladt five years of his career. If you say no, then I'm giving you more credit than you deserve. The risk on this guy is small. What have we lost by signing him to a contract. Dollars. Who cares! It's not your money. Your plan on the other hand is to give multiple picks for RGIII. If he's not what you say he is then there's the chance of a much greater loss.

You're probably also one of those guys who didn't want Brees when he was hurt because the 'media' made it out to be far worse than what it was. The media doesn't know all and in the case of Manning they are very much in the dark. I'll take a chance of one of the smartest, most successful QBs ever to play the game. You can trade the farm for the unproven RGIII. Who's risk is bigger?



What's your better realistic option at QB? And the there is a huge difference when comparing Marino and Manning. Marino was declining for years before the injury. Peyton might not be Peyton 2007 but he was far from in decline last time he was on the field.

Four time league MVP QB Peyton Manning throwing to 2012 Pro Bowl MVP Brandgetterdone Marshall


Go Phins!

WR Brian Hartline will be so much better w QB Peyton!

WR Simply The Bess will be so much better w Peyton!


One other point about Manning. I don't even need him to start day one. What if he doesn't start until week 4. What if he gets better as the season goes along. What if he's not 100 per cent until next year? I don't really care. He's under contract and I have enough confidence in Matt Moore that he can keep us competitive until Peyton gets healthy. I'd much rather see this scenario than watch Manning light it up for the next 4-5 years with the Jets. Think it can't happen? Ever get tired of seeing Brees light it up each week for the Saints? I know I do. He should have been a Dolphin back in 2006. Manning today at 36 isn't Drew Brees 6 years ago but what if he's something close to that? What if he's 80 per cent of what Brees is today? To me that's worth the risk and to me that's good enough to get this team to the playoffs.....and that's the first step.

RB/WR Reggie Bush will be so much better w Peyton Manning!

TE Fasano & Clay will be so much better w Peyton!

Pat White had about the same stats s Bobby Griffin

M2M !

At this point I want Peyton in Miami! I'm sick of the speculation and if Miami don't get hime someone else will and if it's KC, AZ or Seattle then there is a good chance they end up in the playoffs in my opinion.

Why not Miami?

Maybe, Peyton never wins another ring but I have a good feeling he has a few playoff runs left in him. I think he is far from washed up. He can play until he is 40. Maybe someone drops a bounty on his head (Saints) but with the way QBs are protected and his quick release, our only concern is that nerve and if the 27 seconds on youtube is any indication the arrow is pointing up at the very least that he is getting close to being able to play.

Don't talk of age. Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Dan Marino are all Hall of Famers like Manning, and all had great years past his age.

Don't talk of building for tomorrow in this case, either. Can Matt Flynn assemble two better years in the next decade than the next two Manning can? Could the Dolphins even out-bid others in better draft position to land Bobby Griffin III?

M2M !

Go Phins!

Andy, now you're talking man. This guy would be great here. Reasons he's love it here:

- weather
- chance to go up against Brady twice a year in the division
- has a home here
- Ross will open the chequebook for him
- team has been mediocre to dismal for too long. Chance to change that
- one of the best LT's in the game protecting him
- I don't care what anyone says, outside of the Pats, there's nobody in this division that scares you.
- an offence minded head coach
- an owner who claims to be committed to winning.
- a schedule that's the easiest in the league next year.
- a defence that can hold it's own
- the chance to start for the next few years

Miami plays Indy this season!

aka Manning vs Luck


Go Phins!

manning to kc will be a disaster for them

10,000 tickets at 78.50 = 785,000 not 7.8 million. am i missing something here. I get that it will increase revenue, but 785K is a blip.

Thank god you are not an accountant! Check your math Armando!!!!

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