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Manning signing could pay for itself from a business standpoint

Say whatever you wish about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross but someone doesn't become a billionaire without some financial acumen. And in authoring the Dolphins upcoming chase of Peyton Manning, it is clear Ross's financial expertise is at work.

Simply, the addition of Manning would be a boon for the Dolphins coffers. There is no doubt about that.

I would estimate the Dolphins could easily gain 10,000 season ticket customers if they land Manning. I'm basing this on the fact that lesser offseason moves in Miami history have seen a significant spike in season tickets sales and the addition of Manning would make those moves pale by comparison.

For example, sales jumped by approximately 7,000 season tickets in 1996 when Jimmy Johnson replaced Don Shula. Sales increased by almost 8,000 season tickets in 2006 when the Dolphins traded for Daunte Culpepper.

The mountainous addition of Peyton Manning would make either of those other moves seem like a speed bump.

So if you accept that Miami's season ticket sales, lagging the past couple of years, could jump dramatically with a Manning signing all you have to do is some basic math to see where the boon would come.

With the Dolphins average season ticket price at $78.50, an increase of 10,000 tickets sold would add $7.85 million to Miami's season ticket take. Add to that approximately $2 million coming in for extra parking and assuming each customer spends, say, $30 on concessions during each game -- a conservative estimate -- you're adding another $3 million to the gross.

So on tickets, parking and concession Manning could represent perhaps $12-$13 million to Miami's bottom line. That doesn't count merchandise sales, plus any potential playoff game sales.


Now, I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to chase Manning because they want to fill their stadium. Yes, they want to do that, but I am sold on the idea the team wants to win as much as sell tickets. Still, the selling tickets and making more money part would be a welcome outgrowth of such a signing.

And, really, I don't see how any other player addition outside of Robert Griffin III would light up the turnstiles like Manning would. Matt Flynn would not. Ryan Tannehill would not. The Dolphins could add Mario Williams and that wouldn't register like Manning would.

That fact, by the way, will not escape Manning's representation. I continue to stress to you that the much anticipated low-guarantee, incentive laden deal everyone is expecting to land Manning could easily fly out the window if some team gets desperate enough to bid high on Manning. And when you have multiple teams interested, there is definitely a chance of that happening.

But even by conservative estimates, Manning will get $8-$10 million in guaranteed money this year with perhaps another $20 million deferred to 2013 or set up as some sort of option bonus.

Under that reasonable scenario, Manning would more than pay for himself the first year. And that is good business.

[RADIO NOTE: It'll be Peyton Manning talk most of the morning on Armando and Perkins this morning. You can watch the show here or listen to the show in South Florida at 640-AM. We're on 6-10 a.m. You can call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-88-640-9385.]


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Craig M,

Good post bro!

Yeah I'm sick of the mediocre BS Miami is since the 90's. It's depressing that a sport that I live and breathe year around prematurely ends by early Novemeber and in some cases end of September like this past season.

Everyone saw how great and how valuable a player Peyton is when the Colts fell flat without him. The last time Peyton played the Colts were a playoff team and his next team will likely be one as well.

Hey Mando ... You wrote that the average season ticket costs $78.50. Really? Seventy-eight dollars and fifty cents? If that is correct, I think I will buy one. And, if that is correct, then $78.50 times 10,000 tickets does NOT equal $7.85 million -- it equals $785,000. It guess math was not your strongest suite. Please check your facts!

So I am reading this and asking myself what is this "big risk" people are talking about with signing Manning. What are the Miami Dolphins risking? Why would signing Manning set the Franchise back? To me there is no risk and all reward if we sign Manning. Manning has already said "he would be open to incentive based contract. So I don't understand what the risk is.

If we are able to land Manning he instantly makes Miami a better team. Could you imagine if Blackmon falls to 8 and we pick up Fleener in the 2nd? We still need some oline help but can get that with Murtha and Jerry and via FA. Miami has just become an offensive powerhouse.

I like the idea of signing Manning and am hoping that at noon est. they have the press release and at 1 pm est. he's on a jet to Miami.

our luck manning won't come to miami. So stop getting our hopes high Ross.

I do not say this often, but here is the test... Let's see if our front office can some how screw this up...

Of course I am on the sign manning band wagon, I think it is a win win situation... unless the guar money comes in at 20 million over the contract.... then I am feeling sick, I don't see that happening, but who the hell knows.

The only way I would like this is if Trent Richardson would fall to our 8th pick. Cinci really wants him and they have the 17th and 21st pick. The dolphins could get both those picks plus from Cinci.

When I woke up this morning, I expected the Dolphins to already sign Manning, WTH is taking so long.

Don't talk bad about Jeff ireland. My panties are soaked just thinking about him!

$78.50 x 10,000 = $785,000 ...

BUT THEN YOU HAVE TO MULTIPLY THAT OVER TEN GAMES -- eight regular season and two preseason.

That's right...$7.85 million.

funny how some folks rip away without knowing what they talking about.

We have to sure up our OLine if we sign Manning, I hate to say this but we prob have to trade down with some team in the first pick up Reiff and some DL stud. Any thoughts?

It's time we stop playing games and sign Peyton Manning. I do not want another "potential" franchise quarterback bust that has been a backup on another team in Miami. C'mon people, do you not remember the AJ Feely and Jay Feidler? Do we want another QB backup with the last letter "F" in Flynn? We've been down this road already. Look, we can sign Manning and have our future QB learn from the best. Whether you want Moore as your future or/ and you want your future QB in the draft. I would also love to keep Manning in as a permanent fixture in this organization after he finishes playing to help guide this organization. For those that want RG#, face it, we do not have the pieces to move up, I wouldn't want to give away my future anyway(unless we could get Luck which is never happening).

Manning fragile and must be protected

peyton,moore tannehill/weeden.

how can any phreak/phan not* want this.?

clue, bring sat. him him. move pouncy.

long. incog. sat. pouncy.
jerry/carey/the big white boy that hurt his foot and played decent is spurts.?

Signing Manning doesn't make that much sense as a business move. Ross's problem is one of credibility - fans don't have faith that he knows what he's doing. Signing Manning would only feed the perception that he chases shiny objects rather than has the patience and fortitude to make good, long-term decisions.

If I were invested in the Dolphins, my next move would be SELL.

Another dopey story from dopey reporter

Walker, your an idiot.

Only in Miami could the fanbase turn the signing of Peyton Manning into a negative...only Miami! Somehow guys use it as a platform to bash Jeff Ireland further. Take a look around the league fellas, every fanbase is clamouring for this guy. Jets fans, Broncos fans, 'Skins fans, Cardinals fans, 'Hawk fans, Chiefs fans. Everyone of them wants this guy. And what do we get here? 'It's going to set this franchise back 5 years'. 'They're digging their own grave'. "Irleand will screw this one up too'. What a sad and pathetic fanbase! Some of you guys don't deserve to be part of a winner. One of the greatest QBs ever to play the game comes avaiable and automatically you turn up your noses at him. Why? Because he's 36 years old and he's had 4 surgeries on his neck. So that automatically means he's done....brilliant! Good to know you're close to the situation. I have a feeling if Tom Brady came available tomorrow you'd think there was something wrong with him too.
Sad.....really sad guys. It's a disease.....get some help!

Posted by: Craig M | March 07, 2012 at 07:37 AM

didnt you tell someone the other day that football is an escape, just entertainment? advised him to not get too wrapped up or take it personally? life goes on? the sun will come up tomorrow?

LOOK AT YOU NOW! why don't you practice what you preach, take your meds & shut up? No one wants to hear a hypocrit scold other bloggers. youre a hypocrit!

Home is right.Peyton Manning will be a Miami Dolphin in 2012.

ThanX Walker

M2M !

Home has Miami Dolphin insight like no other

Home challenges ANYONE out there to come closer week after week in Miami Dolphin score/player predictions than the Miami Dolphin Profit & Superfan, “NostraHomeUs”

Go Dolphins!

Signing Manning does surely mean one thing: Soliai's out! Dont have to worry about stopping the run as much when teams are playing catchup.

The #1 pick in the draft gets narrowed down to only 2 positions: Pass rusher or Right tackle. Peyton's a "crafty old vet" in the pocket and teams will be playing a lot of catch up. So my best guess its pass rusher with pick #1. Hopefully we can trade down, get a extra 2nd rd'er, and still get a "very good" pass rusher.

Here we go again with Home posing as multiple people

Here goes HomerClown hijacking names again pretending to be Walker. I've never seen a more pathetic blog troll in my life!

Dude, the SS blog hates you. We hate you. Your only tactic is to create & hijack names and post statements that agree with yours.

Serious questions, do you have any idea how pathetic that is? How old are you 6?

If your lacking attention, go to the titty bar.

I am posting as myself. Clue maybe you should get one.

Clue, isn't it pathetic LMAO

U cannot handle the truth

"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

Home Hits Again!

Too add to my last post:

As much as I hate it, I dont see Ireland making a serious RG3 trade up push. I really dont even see us taking a qb 2nd rd unless we get an extra 2nd rd pick.

IMO, the fo plan is to bring in Manning, buy Matt Moore 2-3yrs tutorledge behind Manning, and move forward with Matt Moore when Manning makes his retirement speech.

Sure you are Walker/Home

YG, I thought you were a RG3 bandwagon and didnt want Manning?

Look for Manning w Jeff Saturday to join the Miami Dolphins making a huge improvement in QB and O-line

Go Phins!

The Manning/Irsay news conference begins at noon. Then the race for Manning begins exactly 4:00 pm today.

4:00 PM is when Peyton's name officially hits the waiver wire!

Mando says Home is responsible for aprox 1100 - 1400 reader and blogger hits per day on any given blog

U cannot argue w success or Home's ability to rile the masses

have a HAARPY day :(

I am posting as myself. Clue maybe you should get one.

Posted by: Walker | March 07, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Home, your village called, they want their idiot back!


I feel bad for how ignorant you are. It’s really a shame you are so blatantly stupid. People really are getting sick from Chemtrails and you are mocking those poor people. The reason you do not know what they contain is because you are a dumb@ss that has spent zero time researching the subject. If you had a brain and could do 8th grade research you would have found the conventions where the scientists talk about it in an open forum. I’ll even give you the link. The question is can you sit and watch a 2 hour documentary on it? Personally, I doubt you can because you seem to have the attention span (and brain size) of a gnat.


You’re welcome jerky! Hopefully you can finally grow up after 33 years on this planet.

Home are you going by the Dolphin's Training Facility to talk with Jeff Ireland and the scouts again, like you did getting us Marshall & Dansby?

No Walker. lol

Home has been contacting them by Twitter account,blogging and cell phone :)

Go Phins!


Good post. Good sports journalism.

Craig M,

Amen. My sentiments exactly regarding Miami's fan base.


I've never said I didnt want a healthy Peyton Manning. My position on Manning issues has alwaqys been to supplement the Manning signing with RG3.

Manning is a great "in the now" move. But what about the future? RG3 could represent having another future hof'er taking over for the hof'er(Manning) that will be walking out the door.

With both Manning and RG3, the "torch of greatness" gets handed down to the next in line for greatness(RG3).

U cannot argue w success or Home's ability to rile the masses
have a HAARPY day :(
Posted by: Home on the Herald | March 07, 2012 at 10:07 AM

Another thing that can't be argued. You're an idiot.

Good Job Posted by: Dolphin Disciple | March 07, 2012 at 10:08 AM

There is some hope for the Sheeple

Good Job Dolphin Disciple!!!

Home, tell us again how the Dolphins were going to release me.

So, I'm a well-known supporter of RG3 on here. But here's a very simple example of what Mando is saying.

Manning signs here, and there's a 100% GUARANTEE I go out and buy a Dolphins #18 Manning jersey when they come out. Ditto RG3. PLUS I make it my business to go see at least one home game this year.

And that's it. Flynn, Tannehill, Moore, Cousins, Mario Williams, WHOMEVER you want to put in there, I don't instantly go out and buy a jersey (or see a home game). Just not going to happen.

So, if Ross wants to make money, this is a no-brainer. Like they're reporting everywhere, we sign Manning (REGARDLESS of what he still can/can't do), we INSTANTLY are put in SB conversations. That's TODAY (not when the Season starts once people see what we are with the guy). TODAY we become relevant.

For THIS franchise, after the DECADE-PLUS history we've suffered through, that's a very good place to be.

Yeah, yeah, the doubters will say we've tried this. And they'd be HALF-right. We haven't tried it with PEYTON MANNING. THAT'S the difference. That's why I'm fine with this move. Whether it works or not is a different story, but you won't hear this poster coming down on Jeff Ireland if he does it and it doesn't work. He will have done his job here in trying to get the personnel the HC needs to win games. If Manning doesn't fit that for QB, then I don't know who does.

Gladly to read positive comments about Manning's imminent arrival to Our beloved Miami Dolphins.D amn those negative fans that begrudgingly root for Our franchise.Let's start kicking them off Our much anticipated wagon.GO DOLPHINS!

Home, tell us again how you want Miami to sign me

YG, while I agree the ideal situation would be Manning now and Rg3 as his backup, under the cap situation that will never happen. With Manning we have at most 3 years as a championship contender. With that said I dont worry about the future, live in the moment now, draft Tanehill or some second round QB and have him learn behind the master himself.

Phat Paul will not be resigned not needed in the new 4-3 defense and will save the Dolphins from wasting at least 12 million dollars on a freakin NT like Phat Paul

How's that ?!

Home knows Miami Dolphins football

Let Us Enjoy the day and
"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

DC Dolphan,

I feel the same as you. Some confuse my RG3 woody for being anti-Peyton too. I would absolutely welcome a healthy Peyton Manning to Miami. He would be one helluva "big 3yr bandaid here".

I just dont lose sight of the fact Manning's a 3yr band aid and wont be here for the next decade!

Draft the 346 LB beast 44 reps w 225 LBs and real quick for a big manDT Poe and get him to sign his contract early b4 Dolphin Training Camp 2012, where Home will be attending daily and shooting pics, talking to players, watching new coaches, schemes, formations, etc

Go Dolphins !!!

Home and son ordering custom made Authentic Miami jerseys right now w the name "Manning" on the back!

Go Dolphins!

Geez, Home belongs in a mental hospital with his many diffrent aliases


Alright Miami!

Go Fins!


The problem with the "living in the now" theory is that we've been doing for the past 13 seasons since Marino left. 3 Playoff appearances in 13 seasons.

Of those 3 playoff appearances, only one produced a 2nd rd appearance, one ended in a Dolphin record for playoff mediocrity(62-7 drubbing), and a 2008 thrashing by the Ravens.

See how well the Dolphins have done by living in the now? Living in the now is great. But it's always best that you've made your plans for living in the now, yesterday!

Is anyone listening to the dan patrick show?

dan is interviewing tony dungy.

Gonna be a Great Year at Home for the Dolphins

Cupcake schedule w teams MVP QB Peyton Manning as Field General!

Dolphins WILL Go 8-0 @ HOME this year

and Home will be at every game!

Go Dolphins!

NFL Network is where u wanna be

There Is No One Like Home

There Is No One Like Home

There Is No One Like Home

YG, 100% EXACTLY RIGHT! RG3 is our dream. But we're realists (not fundamentalists). And in the end, we (if I may be so bold as to speak for you) just want to win a SB in our lifetime (not sure if you're old enough to have witnessed the last one, I JUST missed it). Manning definitely gives us the best shot the soonest, and is head and shoulders a better option (in the short-term) than Matt Flynn or Matt Moore, so why not?

Yes, the long-term concerns are still there. But I could think of worse situations to be in than having to think about replacing Peyton Manning a few years down the road.

You really think Our franchise will have a winning record at home,Home on the Herald?

I think Manning is still very much in his PRIME despite his age. If his neck is healed, he can play til he is 43 or more because he takes so few sacks. This is not a washed up Brett Favre who still did very well in Minnesotta, this is a still ready to throw for 4500+ yards Peyton freaking Manning, now let's get him no matter the cost, and find a stud in the draft that Peyton can help develop for the next 4 years ior so ala Aaron Rogers/Brett Favre.

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