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Manning signing could pay for itself from a business standpoint

Say whatever you wish about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross but someone doesn't become a billionaire without some financial acumen. And in authoring the Dolphins upcoming chase of Peyton Manning, it is clear Ross's financial expertise is at work.

Simply, the addition of Manning would be a boon for the Dolphins coffers. There is no doubt about that.

I would estimate the Dolphins could easily gain 10,000 season ticket customers if they land Manning. I'm basing this on the fact that lesser offseason moves in Miami history have seen a significant spike in season tickets sales and the addition of Manning would make those moves pale by comparison.

For example, sales jumped by approximately 7,000 season tickets in 1996 when Jimmy Johnson replaced Don Shula. Sales increased by almost 8,000 season tickets in 2006 when the Dolphins traded for Daunte Culpepper.

The mountainous addition of Peyton Manning would make either of those other moves seem like a speed bump.

So if you accept that Miami's season ticket sales, lagging the past couple of years, could jump dramatically with a Manning signing all you have to do is some basic math to see where the boon would come.

With the Dolphins average season ticket price at $78.50, an increase of 10,000 tickets sold would add $7.85 million to Miami's season ticket take. Add to that approximately $2 million coming in for extra parking and assuming each customer spends, say, $30 on concessions during each game -- a conservative estimate -- you're adding another $3 million to the gross.

So on tickets, parking and concession Manning could represent perhaps $12-$13 million to Miami's bottom line. That doesn't count merchandise sales, plus any potential playoff game sales.


Now, I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to chase Manning because they want to fill their stadium. Yes, they want to do that, but I am sold on the idea the team wants to win as much as sell tickets. Still, the selling tickets and making more money part would be a welcome outgrowth of such a signing.

And, really, I don't see how any other player addition outside of Robert Griffin III would light up the turnstiles like Manning would. Matt Flynn would not. Ryan Tannehill would not. The Dolphins could add Mario Williams and that wouldn't register like Manning would.

That fact, by the way, will not escape Manning's representation. I continue to stress to you that the much anticipated low-guarantee, incentive laden deal everyone is expecting to land Manning could easily fly out the window if some team gets desperate enough to bid high on Manning. And when you have multiple teams interested, there is definitely a chance of that happening.

But even by conservative estimates, Manning will get $8-$10 million in guaranteed money this year with perhaps another $20 million deferred to 2013 or set up as some sort of option bonus.

Under that reasonable scenario, Manning would more than pay for himself the first year. And that is good business.

[RADIO NOTE: It'll be Peyton Manning talk most of the morning on Armando and Perkins this morning. You can watch the show here or listen to the show in South Florida at 640-AM. We're on 6-10 a.m. You can call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-88-640-9385.]


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Captain Obvious,
Who said anything about Wayne REPLACING Marshall? At this stage of his career Wayne is a number two. He won't command a huge contract, will want to play with Manning and would be a GREAT compliment to Marshall. Not suggesting he replace BM.
Posted by: Craig M | March 07, 2012 at 12:31 PM

I didn't name you by name. You're not the only one throwing Wayne out there but, think about it logically for a second.

If you bring in Manning & his #1 weapon of the last 5 or 6 years, what do you think will happen? Marshall is not the type to share spotlight or have it stolen from him.

You don't think Wayne will be the #1 or 1b option because of familiarity with Manning? How do you think the tempermental Marshall will handle that?

Not only do I think it's logical to think Marshall will be a drama queen about it but, it's almost a foregone conclusion.

captain wayne is a shell of his former self. marshall would be the man easily

I am not Home! I've never met the man. But, I have read many of his posts. Just as I have read many of yours. I have to skip over lots of the garbage that some people write in order to get to something of substance. You know, opinions that are actually backed up by facts. Look into it sometime. No one cares about your sexual orientation, your predilection with your lack of manhood, or your other vulgar slimy comments. It was more entertaining on this blog when people discussed what they had for lunch! Your cries for attention show a mental illness predisposition and I suggest you find a therapist. I'm sorry that your mother didn't breast feed you.

Posted by: Tracy474 | March 07, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Home used the same breast feeding line on me last week. His dumbness knows no bounds!

I know, I read it. That's why I used it.

Who protects the world from your stupidity?

Right from the horses mouth, Peyton admitted his arm is not there yet. How this is not a bigger risk than trading up for RG3 I don't know. Remember he thought he'd be ready last season and wasn't.

Here is what I don't get. Henne was suppose to be the answer. Karlos Dansby was suppose to answer a few question on the D-line. Brandon Marshall was suppose to silence his critics and answer some questions.

What makes anyone think Peyton is the answer when (so far) this team has flunked every test imaginable?

What makes anyone think random questions, having nothing to do with Peyton, could provide answers?

Here's a reality check to everyone who says "get Manning + draft RGIII or Tannehill for the future" - part of Manning's negotiations with any team will include what they do with this year's draft at least.

Manning wants to win NOW and is in a position to make some demands to get a team to sign him. His reps will want guarantees that the team doesn't invest a high draft pick (this year at least) into a future QB, simply because doing so does not improve Manning's odds to get to the SB with his new team. If the Phins land Manning, expect early picks to address existing weaknesses, like getting Kalil or Reiff to bolster an O-line that allowed a ton of sacks last year.

Kev you are obviously just another dumb fan that knows nothing but think you do. You have no idea about anything you've said. Maybe time to go have a nap now.

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