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Marshall trade ultimately means less talent at WR

Whatever you think of Brandon Marshal.l or the trade Tuesday to Chicago, or the current wide receiver market, or what is left of that market, or the amount of wide receiver talent in the draft, there is no denying one thing:

The Dolphins have wide receiver issues now.

And in this case we can define the word issues as problems.

To recap, the Dolphins rid themselves of Marshall pretty much because he got in trouble again and the team is obviously tired of his foolishness. Fine. But in getting rid of the foolishness the Dolphins also unfortunately had to part with their best WR.

And because the timing of the foolishness came just before the start of free agency, the Dolphins either didn't have time to plan or simply didn't plan well enough for replacing Marshall. So now the Dolphins are now diminished with few prospects of getting, um, minished.

(No, minished isn't a word. I mean the Dolphins have little chance of doing the opposite of what getting diminished is. Whatever. Work with me, here!)

Miami's first 2012 free agency move might have helped the team's chemistry and helped in keeping the team off the police blotter. But it also hindered in that it subtracted rather than added talent.

The Dolphins pulled the trigger on Marshall but by that time other No. 1 WRs were already spoken for because Vincent Jackson was already in Tampa talking to the Bucs, Pierre Garcon was already locked into Washington and other WRs were set up with visits elsewhere.

Fact is even Laurent Robinson, who the Dolphins view as an avenue for increasing the club's wide receiver talent, was already booked to Jacksonville. And although Robinson appreciates the attention from Miami and isn't eliminating Miami, he was not about to cancel his earlier Jacksonville plans. The way I understand the dynamic here is Robinson is only coming to visit the Dolphins if something goes wrong in Jacksonville.

Again, the Dolphins couldn't shoehorn themselves ahead of the Jaguars. It was apparently too late. And Robinson, it must be noted, was the Cowboys' third-best wide receiver and a luxury that team might not be able to afford keeping. He has never been a No. 1 WR.

With teams swallowing top flight WRs quickly, all that the market has left is No. 2 caliber talent. Mario Manningham is now on Miami's radar. He was the third best receiver for the Giants. Yet he's about as good as it gets on the remaining free agency market.

Indeed, the point here is Miami's wide receiver options are limited. They got rid of their No. 1 receiver and we should get used to the idea that they aren't getting one back in free agency.

So what does this mean?

First, it cannot help in the chase for Peyton Manning. That's right, the Dolphins are still hopeful of landing Peyton Manning even if signs point to him not coming here. The club is still in the sweepstakes and conducting financial business with an eye on not abdicating its opportunity to sign Manning unless he picks another team.

But it seems to me that when Manning finally sits down and weighs his options and looks at the Dolphins, the Marshall trade cannot possibly be considered a plus by him. He cannot believe that losing the best receiver talent on the team is good.

Oh, and please don't even suggest Manning will think better of the Dolphins because he sees one less troubled soul at wide receiver. To Manning, Marshall was an asset, a target, YAC (yards after catch) and touchdowns waiting to happen.

Unlike other QBs, Manning doesn't worry about prima donnas at WR. He eats prima donna WRs for lunch. Ask Marvin Harrison.

They fall in line.

I can see it now: Manning sits down and looks at Miami's current WR talent and sees Brian Hartline and Davone Bess and Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Clyde Gates. Two of those guys are coming off injuries. One is coming off an unimpressive rookie season. With all due respect to these men, not impressive.

The Marshall trade and Miami's apparent late jump into the WR market also puts draft pressure on the team to add at least one receiver. Suddenly a receiver in the second, or perhaps even first round has to be considered an option where it probably wasn't before the trade.

Things have changed. Everything has changed.

And from a purely talent level ... not for the better.

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First? Yeah! Mon

F this

I would have just loved to have seen Manning go intercontinental on BM the first time he dropped a TD pass. Yep, now that really would make the FO look stupid...paying big bucks for an FA QB just so he can be hamstrung by an alpha-diva head case.

No thanks.

Say ANYTHING you want, I'm convinced that moving Marshall was the right thing.

Many times Matt Moore only looked good with Brandon Marshall.

We need a big time receiver that will help Matt Moore look good.


When is everyone going to understand that this team is done until the morons in charge are gone. They can't make a good decision to save their life. How does passing up on Dez Bryant look now to Mr Ireland?

IF Miami had planned since the combine to trade BM, they should have had a plan in free agency to replace him. I think Ireland was caught off-guard (surprise surprise!) that so many free-agent WRs went off the market so quickly. Miami now desperately wants Robinson who is in Jacksonville and probably won't leave (even though his wife is from Miami and there is nothing to do there but go to The Landing).


Miami losing guys to Jacksonville!

Of course no one knows whose Miami's starting QB is going to be. Then again we have had 14 years to fix that situation, and will eventually get around to it...soon.

Another Throught. Why in the world was Philip Merling tender/signed, while Langford is walking away?

If you assume Bess stays in the slot no matter what, we're left with Hartline and Gates or Wallace on the outside. Ouch. If you move Bess outside, his value goes down instantly because that's not where he works best. Ouch. There's also no one now that teams will even consider double teaming (some teams played their best corner on Bess last year anyway), and Reggie Bush, good as he was at the end of last year, still won't succeed long-term against stacked defensive lines. Ouch.

Dumping Marshall after this latest incident was probably the right move. The compensation was about right, too (you don't pay $30,000 for a car, drive it for a year, then expect to get $30,000 when you sell it two years later, do you?). But strictly in terms of on field talent -- dropped passes and all -- this team looks, on paper and today, about as imposing as that 2007 squad.

Only blackmon from OSU can fix this if the FO is smart to notice him..... Ireland don't ask if his mother was a prostitute u stupid tool.

This season is shaping up to be extremely interesting. Seems like 1-15 is very possible.

We must hope that Philbin is very, very good.


This is the dumbest post you have ever done, you should be fired for this.

Truth be told almost any receiver is good for 6 touchdowns in a season. Heck I could score 5!

Bottom line is nobody wants to come play in Miami. Other teams are signing and improving their teams. Miami is regressing at an exponential pace.

Marshall showed flashes of what he could do in Denver with Cutler(Pretty good QB) and this past Pro Bowl with 3 Pro Bowl WR's. Now we have absolutely nobody to throw to until 3rd down and we hit Bess. This is pathetic, honestly it's like watching a disaster movie. Sigh unfortunetly I will have to sit through another season yelling at this team instead of enjoying them. 4-12 is my prediction unless a miracle trade happens

Daah Beeeearsh!

If anything this moves goes right back to the Dez Bryant Jeff Ireland pre draft situation. Need say no more!

What a disater!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bears!!

Never fear. We will get Tebow after Manning goes to Denver. Tebow just wins, simple as that.

Bottom line is nobody wants to come play in Miami. Other teams are signing and improving their teams. Miami is regressing at an exponential pace.

Posted by: wu1sabes | March 14, 2012 at 03:58 PM

Is post is 100% correct. Even Manning didn't want to meet in Miami with Ross. Everyone respectable in the league now knows Ross is a fool for an owner and only cares about celebrities. Anyone miss Huizenga now?

Supposedly the Bears and Dolphins were talking about this trade well before what happened that Sat night. To say they were "unprepared" does not make sense. Armando is right about losing talent though. We had 2 playmakers, Marshall and Bush. Now we have one. Seems more of a matter of being incompetent then unprepared.

Let me repeat the words of the Greatest Phinns Blogger of All-Time PriceMaster:

"Neither Fisher nor Cowher nor Gruden are coming to Miami. Neither are Luck, Barkley, RG3, Manning or Flynn. There is no stockpile of draft picks cleverly accumulated. The cavalry is not on the way"

Ireland supporters can now cross Marshall off the list of good fa signings.

If Henne were still around this could all be blamed on him.
Now there is no one to take the blame except:

Joe Philbin

I have been watching the fins since 1970. Those were the great years. Now it seems each year we get worse on paper? Even in the early days of free agency, players wanted to come to Miami and play. Now the fins are the joke of the league and no one wants to come to Miami. What the hell is going on? Need to clean house starting with the owner. Guess we can’t fire the owner? Too bad!!!

bobbyd12 --- they were unprepared because they didn't immediately target any free-agent WRs to replace BM. If they call Robinson immediately, he comes to Miami BEFORE going to Jacksonville. Miami only called him once they realized all of the other free-agent WRs were already off the board.


So, they had hopes of getting Manning & ridding themselves of Marshall was supposed to do what? LOL

I read on the SS yesterday that Marshall's agent asked for a trade after the pro bowl! It's been floated about on pft that Miami & Chicago talked about Marshall at the combine. This wasn't about the bar incident.

How on earth could they be so foolish to dump him & have no plan to replace him? Mind boggling, truly! Miami is a circus!

Ross & Ireland need to go. This entire organization needs an enema. We're the punchline in every joke and they're not funny anymore cause they are true!

Tony its only a matter a time before Brandon punches another chick in Chi-Town

Too bad there isnt a qb like Luck or RG3 in the draft next year bc we will be well on our way to the first pick.

This chase of Peyton Manning is wreckless and has hurt the Dolphns. It's just stupid to put everything on hold. Flynn may not even be an upgrade to Moore. Now if the Dolphins do not get Manning they have planned cap space for him that could have been used for a number one WR. The Miami front office must not get it. The Dolphins are known as a foolish franchise. The players know it and the only reason they stay or think about Miami is to get huge money.

Im looking for the words to put with this failure of a management team we have. Honestly even if all the FA wide receivers were still available I feel confident Miami is the last place you want to be.

This is so bad that I think this franchise should be suspended from NFL competition because this team will be so unqualified for pro football that someone may get seriously hurt or killed. Im sorry but I have never seen any team do so much to loose while telling everyone they wan to WIN NOW!!! Im thinking with the way were going we may be the worst team statistically in NFL history this year.

First and foremost I would like to thank you Armando for replying to our email while we were station in Iraq. We made it home safe. With regards to Marshall I got to say YES he is a great WR, but wont you rather have a team of hard working, no-pre-madonnas, non-divas receivers than one that have caused so many problems and complaints all season long. Not to mention his poor performance (all those drop passes) last year. Is a new management team now, and if we are really pursuing to land a star caliber QB, believe me there will be trouble with Mr. Marshall adjusting.

Unbelievable.Can Ireland and Ross really be this bad? Proof is right in front of us.


It is what it is. Forget Marshall. The guy is a domestic violence report waiting to happen.

And please just forget Peyton already b/c outside of Miami's "brain trust" (LOL!)--no one thinks he's coming here. It's going to be Denver or maybe the Titans.

The good ones will stay far away from Stephen Ross.


They were really choosing between Dez and Marshall back, then, never intended to grab both. They chose wrong. Status quo for every FO that comes here.

"Oh, and please don't even suggest Manning will think better of the Dolphins because he sees one less troubled soul at wide receiver. To Manning, Marshall was an asset, a target, YAC (yards after catch) and touchdowns waiting to happen."

Yeah but who gives a flying you know what about Manning. And if I'm not mistaken Armando was dead set against adding Manning from the get go as were many of us. Sign Flynn, sign the RT, grab a DE with the first pick, grab a WR with one of your seconds, package up two of your 3 3rds with a 4th and move up into the second round and fill another need. This can be done people.

I would like to think they have a plan but like everyone else I have little faith in the current front office. They need to,,scratch that MUST do something big to reignite this fanbase. If they come out of free agency with nothing it won't matter what they do in the draft, people will be mad and rightly so.

Flynn is a back up, no better, more of the same, waste of time.


Coach Bellichik, do you have a favorite offseason comedy reality show?


Yes I do, I really love watching that Comedy Reality called The Miamiami Dolphins during the offseason. Its guaranteed to leave me in stitches!


Being a Dolphin fan is like watching a freight train carrying toxic chemicals derail......

At first, you just can't help but watch and then when you realize what just happened, you want to run as far away as possible.

This team's management is a phocking joke and is the laughing stock of the league.

Im sure Ross in no way seeing this mess is any of Ireland's fault in the least. We have a totally clueless owner and gm. See you guys at sb 129!

Dah Bears!

"Supposedly the Bears and Dolphins were talking about this trade well before what happened that Sat night. To say they were "unprepared" does not make sense. Armando is right about losing talent though. We had 2 playmakers, Marshall and Bush. Now we have one. Seems more of a matter of being incompetent then unprepared."


I couldn't agree more. Definitely incompetent. If they wanted to sign another WR then all they needed to do was call any one of their agents & say we'll beat their offer. Can't blame them for not going after Vincent Jackson b/c the Buccaneers definitely overpaid but Garcon would have made sense.

My fellow Fin Fans.....
Have a little MOORE Faith in Matt!

We need L. Robinson and Floyd in the 1st round MOORE than we need (one hit&done for career) General Manning!

And I know I've been the one saying calm down, let's wait and see what happens but I have to admit I'm getting nervous as well. Marshall's gone, Solai and Langford talking to other teams, that's 3 of our top 10 players. What's the f***ing plan here? Trying to stay calm, starting to waiver.

Whichever way you want to turn it, Brandon Marshall is an ultra-talented receiver.

Someone said it well on another blog. It's easy to draft or sign players. It's not so easy to build a team. Ireland is clearly out of his element. No rhyme or reason to anything.

Like Wolf said last week. This team is adrift in the ocean. Rudderless with no captain.

What about Brandon Lloyd?

Be patient, this team has a plan, trust in them....HA!!!! What plan? Exactly what has this teams "Brain Trust" (Ireland and Ross + whoever), done to instill even an ounce of trust?? These guys could f-up a wet dream

Matt Moore to Brian Hartline get use to it. This BS is getting old every year the same old thing nobody wants to come play for a team that has no clue on how to run an organization.

Folks we have a plan. We plan to take over the bottom of the afc east!

I've been a Dolphin fan since Coach Shula's first season. Ross, sell this team. Whatever you are thinking--stop.

Hey, keep the tired cliche's coming! Nothing beats reading people spouting off the same phrases every 5 posts! Surprisingly no one has chimed in about "drinking the koolaid" yet. Come on cliche guys, step up your game!

Well....from what I see so far, Dan Carpenter is moving up my draft board on my 2012 fantasy football team! Good thing Sparano is gone...he'd blow out that elbow with all the field goal fist pumps!! Doh!!!

Looks like we're going to be a running team. Run, run, 3 yard incomplete pass, punt.

Should be awesome to watch on tv and in person. Can't wait to order my season tickets....

C'mon, Armando, stop using all these trolls here to "stirr things up". We know you, very well.

Why did someone come in here and yell "BRANDON LLOYD"! ?

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