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Marshall trade ultimately means less talent at WR

Whatever you think of Brandon Marshal.l or the trade Tuesday to Chicago, or the current wide receiver market, or what is left of that market, or the amount of wide receiver talent in the draft, there is no denying one thing:

The Dolphins have wide receiver issues now.

And in this case we can define the word issues as problems.

To recap, the Dolphins rid themselves of Marshall pretty much because he got in trouble again and the team is obviously tired of his foolishness. Fine. But in getting rid of the foolishness the Dolphins also unfortunately had to part with their best WR.

And because the timing of the foolishness came just before the start of free agency, the Dolphins either didn't have time to plan or simply didn't plan well enough for replacing Marshall. So now the Dolphins are now diminished with few prospects of getting, um, minished.

(No, minished isn't a word. I mean the Dolphins have little chance of doing the opposite of what getting diminished is. Whatever. Work with me, here!)

Miami's first 2012 free agency move might have helped the team's chemistry and helped in keeping the team off the police blotter. But it also hindered in that it subtracted rather than added talent.

The Dolphins pulled the trigger on Marshall but by that time other No. 1 WRs were already spoken for because Vincent Jackson was already in Tampa talking to the Bucs, Pierre Garcon was already locked into Washington and other WRs were set up with visits elsewhere.

Fact is even Laurent Robinson, who the Dolphins view as an avenue for increasing the club's wide receiver talent, was already booked to Jacksonville. And although Robinson appreciates the attention from Miami and isn't eliminating Miami, he was not about to cancel his earlier Jacksonville plans. The way I understand the dynamic here is Robinson is only coming to visit the Dolphins if something goes wrong in Jacksonville.

Again, the Dolphins couldn't shoehorn themselves ahead of the Jaguars. It was apparently too late. And Robinson, it must be noted, was the Cowboys' third-best wide receiver and a luxury that team might not be able to afford keeping. He has never been a No. 1 WR.

With teams swallowing top flight WRs quickly, all that the market has left is No. 2 caliber talent. Mario Manningham is now on Miami's radar. He was the third best receiver for the Giants. Yet he's about as good as it gets on the remaining free agency market.

Indeed, the point here is Miami's wide receiver options are limited. They got rid of their No. 1 receiver and we should get used to the idea that they aren't getting one back in free agency.

So what does this mean?

First, it cannot help in the chase for Peyton Manning. That's right, the Dolphins are still hopeful of landing Peyton Manning even if signs point to him not coming here. The club is still in the sweepstakes and conducting financial business with an eye on not abdicating its opportunity to sign Manning unless he picks another team.

But it seems to me that when Manning finally sits down and weighs his options and looks at the Dolphins, the Marshall trade cannot possibly be considered a plus by him. He cannot believe that losing the best receiver talent on the team is good.

Oh, and please don't even suggest Manning will think better of the Dolphins because he sees one less troubled soul at wide receiver. To Manning, Marshall was an asset, a target, YAC (yards after catch) and touchdowns waiting to happen.

Unlike other QBs, Manning doesn't worry about prima donnas at WR. He eats prima donna WRs for lunch. Ask Marvin Harrison.

They fall in line.

I can see it now: Manning sits down and looks at Miami's current WR talent and sees Brian Hartline and Davone Bess and Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Clyde Gates. Two of those guys are coming off injuries. One is coming off an unimpressive rookie season. With all due respect to these men, not impressive.

The Marshall trade and Miami's apparent late jump into the WR market also puts draft pressure on the team to add at least one receiver. Suddenly a receiver in the second, or perhaps even first round has to be considered an option where it probably wasn't before the trade.

Things have changed. Everything has changed.

And from a purely talent level ... not for the better.

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Brandon Lloyd?? He's pretty good. Trade up for Blackmon?? He's pretty good. We havent made any positive moves at all. Also only getting two 3rd rounders for Marshall is redic. I think he had a bad years last season and still had 1200 yds and 90 catches. So no QB...no WR...no signings of anybody. I am als sure they will botch the 8th pick...maybe another Ted Ginn type move. We had chances this year and every year to draft or sign great players. But it never happens because we are becoming a joke of a franchise. It's sad.

Like most, I just dont have any faith in those in control. I firmly believe Philbin would rather sign Flynn over Manning. Even with Manning this is not a team that could go deep into the playoffs. I do believe Philbin has a plan to get some selfless recievers that buy into his system. I think his vision is to sign Flynn and have him grow with a group of young recievers. I want to sign an OL(Scott Wells would be ideal) and pass rusher and use the draft some good recievers early in the draft I have no problem letting Marshall go. He would have been a headache for any QB we get. We are definitley rebuilding with a coach I like and a GM I dont like. Finally, if healthy, lets get Dallas Clark. Dont do it to help get Manning, but because he is in my opinion a top 3 TE in the game.

Unless Wallace is on the table for miami(WHICH IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY) miami basically settles for a position 2 reciever.....WR is now a need, the front office has once again jumped the gun without a detailed looking plan to increase this teams potential at WR and instead subtracts one pro bowl, soon to be two pro bowlers in soliai..and we are left with unproven recievers on the roster....

Like it or not but a BAD marshall for us, was still the best reciever we had....that IS sad!!!!

Daaah Beeeearsh!

Phins78, newsflash, every 5th post of yours is the same too. Scolding other bloogers. How original!

Stop acting like your sh*t don't stink cause you know what? It does! Don't like what you read? Skip it & shut up. Everyone is entitled to say what they want just like your big mouth is. It's a blog!

Can't handle that? The door is over there--->

"Cowboys signed CB Brandon Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million contract.
The extra $100,000 is no coincidence, enabling Carr to top Cortland Finnegan's $50 million deal with the Rams. The No. 8 player on Profootballtalk's Hot 100 Free Agents, Carr was easily the top defensive back remaining on the market. Possessing youth (26), ideal size and press coverage skills, Carr will be a major upgrade on Terence Newman. The Cowboys did well to land their top free-agent target."
Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

This is EXACTLY my problem with the Dolphins in Free Agency as opposed to Snyder & Jones (two other high profile owners who think they know what they're doing but can't buy wins)--at least they had a plan & they got it done.

What was the Dolphins plan? Trade Marshall, let two of your starters on the D-line walk, & chase a 36 year old QB who isn't 100% who is NEVER going to sign here anyway????

mando writing blogs gives a clue that the herald is less talented with journalist.

I wonder how the Owner feels about going BACKWARDS in the desire to sell more tix.

Yes, things can turn around, but this year, I don't see people flocking to watch the Dolphins because they are a big question mark. Without that huge name, there's no reason to take a chance.

Looks like Ross will be digging in his pockets one more year. When bobbyd12 says things are looking dire, I'D BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID (as he is usually very high on the team).

Its been 2 days and we still havent signed one FA. Again I ask WTF are we doing!?

Whoever comes to Miami, whether its Manning or Flynn, now has nobody to throw the ball to. How does that make Miami more attractive to any free agent quaterback, elite or not? Redskins are kings of free agency. Dolphins are kings of mediocrity. GOOD JOB DOLPHINS!

Ive seen burger joints run far better than the Miami Dolphins are being run right now.

Ireland is STUPID.

Guys as some of you know I live in upstate New York. What you may not know is the Giants practice here at Suny Albany and the area is packed with Giants fans. So obviously I know a bunch of Giants fans, lots of blue fans in my family too.

I just spoke with three different fans all of whom said Manningham at best will become a #2 wr in this league. Good hands but route running and speed is mediocre. We lost a #1 and are going after a #2 and I HOPE they aren't going to try and sell us Manningham, being Marshalls replacement. Tread carefully there Jeffy!

This is the first day of Free Agency...R E L A X !!! There are trades that can be made and there is the draft!!! The draft has some talented wide outs so lets hope we get Flynn signed up and then we go looking for some more talent...some people cant walk and chew gum at the same time. How's that for a cliche, Phins 78?

Things are not as dire for Ross as one may think. He didn't spend the space he had last year as far the salary-cap space is concerned and he's not going to spend it on this year's team. He will go into the season spending nothing of the 15 million or so of cap Space they have.

Roberto Wallace is the same size and speed. He can do what Marshall did if given chance. Players are fungible. It's all about who's got the best coach.

Its been 2 days and we still havent signed one FA. Again I ask WTF are we doing!?

Posted by: Clue | March 14, 2012 at 04:36 PM

didnt you hear???, miami is still lying in wait for 36 year old hyped up neck surgically re-attached manning to OFFICIALLY tell ross thank you but NO thank you..

In the meantime miami is probably shopping up wake as we speak....

Say what you want about Marshall but he was only one of but a rare few nfl wr's who are open even when they are not open.

I agree with everyone here who say Ross/ireland are a joke,absolutely true. I posted they never get their man and now its true.In fact we might not even get Flynn who is currently talking to Seattle.As aQB why would you come here when your Number 1 receiver aT PRESENT IS HARTLINE this is just a total mess.I am going golfing and take my frustration out on the ball.

I wish I can slap the taste out of Ireland mouth.

"for the love of all that is holy...shut up"

Awww how sweet. I knew you would follow me around you piece of garbage. Bwaahahahahahaha go f**k yourself dumbazz. It's not my fault your a ridiculous moron who can't follow his own conversations and opinions, blame the school system for your stupidity but ultimately your parents. Don't be mad at me because you can't string together two thoughts and remember them 10 minutes later, that's on you sally.

So by my score card, Miami has given 1 player away & signed no one. Net -1.

Washington & Dallas got cap money taken away or whatever they were fined & they are making a splash.

By the look of things, you'd think Miami was the team that lost the 10 or 36 mil.

Clue actually free agency started 24 hours ago. But yes, wtf are they doing?

Guys as some of you know I live in upstate New York. What you may not know is the Giants practice here at Suny Albany and the area is packed with Giants fans. So obviously I know a bunch of Giants fans, lots of blue fans in my family too.

I just spoke with three different fans all of whom said Manningham at best will become a #2 wr in this league. Good hands but route running and speed is mediocre. We lost a #1 and are going after a #2 and I HOPE they aren't going to try and sell us Manningham, being Marshalls replacement. Tread carefully there Jeffy!


I live in NYC so I've seen Manningham play a LOT & it's definitely true. Good player when healthy but he's not very big or dynamic. Having watched both players I would prefer Laurent Robinson to be our Number 2 & we're going to have to get lucky in the draft to find a Number 1. Vincent Jackson (& we'll see on Garcon) was the only proven Number One available & he broke the bank.

The season isn't even near and I am dreading it already. The only thing that would make me happy is get rid of that bum Ireland . I have no front office experience but am going out on a limb here and am saying I could do a better job than this piece of wok.

It would be nice if some die hard dolfan went to a charity event that Ireland was attending and just say" Heres my 30 $ for a good cause jeffy,Oh yea and heres a kick in the fuc%ing nuts for being apart of the miami dolphins organization.........Just sayin!!!

Phins78, It seems like 2 days already


regardless of how one feels ab out the trade.....it would be hard for one to find fault with your assement of our currently decimated WR corps....

In the span of a few days, Dolphin fans have gone from dreaming about the real possibility of Manning, Marshall and Wayne to.... Matt Moore, Brian Hartline and Roberto Wallace.

Way to go, Ireland. Brilliant plan for the #1 pick next year. GM of the year!

Trade down with this 3rd round pick and get Blackmon, issue resolved.

Marshall was a bum from the beginning and we should've never dealt for him. He cost us at least 3 games with all his drops last year. He caught for over 1,000 yards but only got 6 touchdowns to show for it. Good riddance I say. Laurent Robinson got 13 touchdowns being a 3rd receiver, enough said. Let Chicago deal with his shenanigans.

According to an article (i think here on the herald) Miami had already considered trading Marshall. They ended up pulling the trigger after the club incident. So MAYBE they have a plan (although I don't count on it). Im not sure what plan they have, unless its trying to move up for Blackmon. Lets just hope they have a plan, if they are as clueless as we are the fins are in real trouble.

Thus far in fa:

1. Traded Marshall for two acorns.

2. Tendered a bunch of players no one but Miami wants.

3. Waiting on 2 qb's who probably wants nothing to do with this organization right now.

That big splash we're waiting on is now looking more and more like a big drowning!

Laurent is going to sign with the Jaguars b/c we suck.

Guys it's pretty obvious why the team isn't signing all of these players you want. At least it seems obvious to me. They need all of the money to sign Peyton and are waiting on him. THAT, is their mistake.

They are actually doing exactly what a couple of us were scared of, waiting out Peyton. They can't sign anyone because they think they might need the money for Manning. Ross' hand prints are all over this one. And that is why Jeff Ireland will remain the gm next season if this is true. Ross will apologize for handcuffing him in free agency and tell him it's not his fault while also letting him take the fall with the fans. Hey what else are we going to do when the organization keeps us in the dark?

Time to speculate!

Art is correct.

And those saying we got nothing are beyond stupid. We have not used the draft picks yet, obviously. We might draft the next Jerry Rice.

78, I don't troll people. Especialy weak minded clowns like you. I told u on the last blog. You have the attn span of a wet sponge! Its hurting you knowing someone else finds you annoying. I'm not the only one pal, you can take that to the bank!

Good one Captain Crunch! :) But don't bring up that post, someone else got their panties in a bunch over the content.

Remember Acorns are more like Turds.

Remember To Ireland Acorns = Dallas rejects

The Dolphins suck!!!! They haven't done a damn thing!!!
Everyone else gets better while we get worse. I'm done wwith this team.

I wouldn't mind if we moved into the late 1st with a trade of 2nd and 3rd.

Give up the late 1st for Mike Wallace (RFA). That would still leave us our 1st and our 3rd.


By the time Peyton tells us no. There wont be anything left to sign but acorns. Just the way ole Jeffy boy likes it!

The following people are stupid:

DC Dolfan, Captain Obvious, Phins78, Craig M, Kris, Clue, yesterday's gone, and especially dusty bottoms.


Add Armando and the Amigo to the list of Stupid People.


Are you really Jeff Ireland under a troll screen name? LOL

Well now that Moss is gone they can put all their efforts into signing TO. That was supposed to be a joke but now that I think about it these fools just might do that. Pepto anyone?

There is no plan. Miami has yet to make any good helpful moves, only thing we can rely on is the draft. And something tells me they will mess that up to smh

Why would we want the Cowboys 3rd reciever....

sounds like an ACORN that so many people dread.....

Yes...a WR can and should routinely beat SS and LBs in coverage.....the question then becomes.....can he beat CB on a consistent basis....can he get off of REVIS press coverage....can he beat the Bills Man to Man jams....is he smart enough to beat the Belicheat zone.....

I don't want to find out....

1) If Denver was so strong Manning would have pulled the trigger by now.
2) If we get Manning we draft a WR at #8.

Free agency 2012 is only a little over 24 hours old so I wouldn't blame the Dolphins for their "late entry"into the WR pool. What good is a top WR when there is no QB to toss to him? We will lose out on the Manning sweeps. Bowlen was there in Denver, Bidwell in AZ, Adams in Tenn. Where was Ross when Peyton came to towm. I'm losing my patience with this team, if we don't score BIG in this FA pool Ross better get outta town.

Truthfully, we can only hope this snowballs into a replica of 2007, if we were to pick #1 overall we'd be in good shape, we'd have a franchise QB to build a team around, and a bunch more good draft picks.

Sadly this team will probably win just enough games to keep us from getting a QB or top notch WR, and we'll be singing the same tune next year. Been that way for a decade now, with no end in sight.

I say give up our first pick to whoever will take Ireland

Reader, please add Reader to the list of stupid people.

"Barring a miracle, the Dolphins might come out of the first burst of free agency looking worse than when they started."


PS...the opposite of diminished is replenished. But I like the word minished more.

Phins/Draft Picks, let me triple that emotion. My wife is a Giants fan, and she wasn't too upset at letting Manningham go. Plus he's a Michigan guy, and I'm a longtime fan, and he was NO Braylon Edwards even (who's now out of the league I think).

GB had an elite QB, probably one of the top 5 WR's in the game (Jennings), a used-to-be #1 (Donald Driver), and young whipper-snapper (Jordy Nelson), a helluva TE (Finley).

Now Philbin has a .500 QB, Bess and Hartline, a couple of backup WRs and Clyde "I'm Not Ready for the NFL" Gates.

Are they TRYING to make him fail, or what?

Once Jeff Ireland's tenure in Miami ends. He will be lucky if someone gives him a job building leggo building blocks.

I say give up our first pick to whoever will take Ireland

Posted by: sean37 | March 14, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Throw in a 3 from the Marshall trade to sweeten the pot!

Melfin a wr can make a quarterback take culpepper and moss for example culpepper was garbage without him

Waiting on Manning could be (highly doubtful) a possibility, or there letting Philbin have more control with this. As has been stated he is not an FA person, he likes to draft. Could go either way here.

) If Denver was so strong Manning would have pulled the trigger by now.
2) If we get Manning we draft a WR at #8.

Posted by: Phin4Life | March 14, 2012 at 04:56 PM

Stop...Just Stop!!! Please...its people like you that keep ross/ireland in football business....

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