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Marshall trade ultimately means less talent at WR

Whatever you think of Brandon Marshal.l or the trade Tuesday to Chicago, or the current wide receiver market, or what is left of that market, or the amount of wide receiver talent in the draft, there is no denying one thing:

The Dolphins have wide receiver issues now.

And in this case we can define the word issues as problems.

To recap, the Dolphins rid themselves of Marshall pretty much because he got in trouble again and the team is obviously tired of his foolishness. Fine. But in getting rid of the foolishness the Dolphins also unfortunately had to part with their best WR.

And because the timing of the foolishness came just before the start of free agency, the Dolphins either didn't have time to plan or simply didn't plan well enough for replacing Marshall. So now the Dolphins are now diminished with few prospects of getting, um, minished.

(No, minished isn't a word. I mean the Dolphins have little chance of doing the opposite of what getting diminished is. Whatever. Work with me, here!)

Miami's first 2012 free agency move might have helped the team's chemistry and helped in keeping the team off the police blotter. But it also hindered in that it subtracted rather than added talent.

The Dolphins pulled the trigger on Marshall but by that time other No. 1 WRs were already spoken for because Vincent Jackson was already in Tampa talking to the Bucs, Pierre Garcon was already locked into Washington and other WRs were set up with visits elsewhere.

Fact is even Laurent Robinson, who the Dolphins view as an avenue for increasing the club's wide receiver talent, was already booked to Jacksonville. And although Robinson appreciates the attention from Miami and isn't eliminating Miami, he was not about to cancel his earlier Jacksonville plans. The way I understand the dynamic here is Robinson is only coming to visit the Dolphins if something goes wrong in Jacksonville.

Again, the Dolphins couldn't shoehorn themselves ahead of the Jaguars. It was apparently too late. And Robinson, it must be noted, was the Cowboys' third-best wide receiver and a luxury that team might not be able to afford keeping. He has never been a No. 1 WR.

With teams swallowing top flight WRs quickly, all that the market has left is No. 2 caliber talent. Mario Manningham is now on Miami's radar. He was the third best receiver for the Giants. Yet he's about as good as it gets on the remaining free agency market.

Indeed, the point here is Miami's wide receiver options are limited. They got rid of their No. 1 receiver and we should get used to the idea that they aren't getting one back in free agency.

So what does this mean?

First, it cannot help in the chase for Peyton Manning. That's right, the Dolphins are still hopeful of landing Peyton Manning even if signs point to him not coming here. The club is still in the sweepstakes and conducting financial business with an eye on not abdicating its opportunity to sign Manning unless he picks another team.

But it seems to me that when Manning finally sits down and weighs his options and looks at the Dolphins, the Marshall trade cannot possibly be considered a plus by him. He cannot believe that losing the best receiver talent on the team is good.

Oh, and please don't even suggest Manning will think better of the Dolphins because he sees one less troubled soul at wide receiver. To Manning, Marshall was an asset, a target, YAC (yards after catch) and touchdowns waiting to happen.

Unlike other QBs, Manning doesn't worry about prima donnas at WR. He eats prima donna WRs for lunch. Ask Marvin Harrison.

They fall in line.

I can see it now: Manning sits down and looks at Miami's current WR talent and sees Brian Hartline and Davone Bess and Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Clyde Gates. Two of those guys are coming off injuries. One is coming off an unimpressive rookie season. With all due respect to these men, not impressive.

The Marshall trade and Miami's apparent late jump into the WR market also puts draft pressure on the team to add at least one receiver. Suddenly a receiver in the second, or perhaps even first round has to be considered an option where it probably wasn't before the trade.

Things have changed. Everything has changed.

And from a purely talent level ... not for the better.

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look we all know flynn is gonna sign here and be a bust. flynn wants miami badly. he will sign here.

Here is what's funny. All this hatred of Ireland would not be as bad if we had that #2 pick in the draft. Yeah, there would still be some folks wanting to pistol whip Ireland. But not as many in my opinion.

Was RGIII too expensive? Probably... Is he worth it? Probably...

Look, gas is pretty expensive also. But we all pay it because we have no choice but to pay. OR WALK OR TAKE THE BUS. Miami is crawling right now. Not even walking or taking the bus.

Those celebrity movie stars are not owners. THEY ARE INVESTORS! They want a ROI. (look it up) It would not surprise me if our movie star investors start dropping out and Ross is forced to sell the team.


First of all, coming in Flynn is not a proven upgrade to Matt Moore. Secondly, if he doesnt prove to be an upgrade to Matt Moore, Dolfans are going to have a field day grilling on him.

Flynn comes to Miami it will be boom or bust. There's nabsolutely no inbetween room for this cat. Dolfans will only hold him to standards of greatness or he will be a total bum in thier eyes.


I won't argue with you about Ross tying Ireland's hands by demanding we wait out Mannings decision.

The thing I don't get is HOW do Ross or Ireland trade Marshall and not think it slams the door shut on Manning?

I believe Ross had to be in on the decision to trade Marshall, but it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

UNLESS..........unless.........I dunno...........

The ONLY thing I can think of(the shred of hope I'm clinging to)is that tampering or at least some insider information has been passed along. Manning told Ross/Ireland that Marshall has to go and Reggie will be signed along with Manning himself.

Otherwise, regardless of who wants to blame whom, explain how we put all our eggs in the Manning basket and then cut our best, our no. 1, our ONLY Pro Bowl receiver?

Explain it any other way? PLEASE!

PS: I'm not calling you on anything, just hoping someone, ANYONE, can make me understand this move.

should convert soliai to DE, or WR, or maybe safety, would solve alot of our problems....right??!! Can he throw a football?...just sayin!!!

soliai is a lazy player who once signed wont play at a high level, no thanks on him

This organization dosen´t have a clue of why they doing. Ok trade Marshall for any reazon but at least have a plan before trading him, there´s no one on the market to replace him.

If we saty with Moore at least he already have a conection with Brandon. Now we dón´t have anything. This will be another stupid year.

YG what do you mean Flynn would be wise not to come? Come on now, I know we're all getting anxious but you're really bashing us so much that the mighty Flynn should be too good for us? Philbin is well respected, people are forgetting that. They don't have to play for Ross, just get their checks from him.

The only reason you're saying Flynn shouldn't come here is because we got rid of Marshall? Or were you saying no one should come here before that trade? I suspect it was after Marshall left that you now feel like there is no hope.

I will counter that Marshall did little to instill hope in any of us the entire time he was here. He wasn't a game changer and his stats are mediocre at best. There is still a chance that we can upgrade the WR position so don't give up on finding a new QB yet! Either way we need a QB to build with ya know?

Fins fo in damage control mode by resigning Soliai. After trading Marshall for 2 acorns, it would be disaster to let Soliai walk.

I view this as a "damage control" move only!

winston was the best free agent we had shot at now

There are alot of good receivers in this draft. Better to get them there than in FA. Especially since that is where our QB will come from.

It's already done, Solali has been re signed by the Fins.

id bet quite a bit of money right now that flynn is a dolphin, for good or bad. im thinking its not a good thing

and with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft the Miami Dolphins select...... (Barkley?)


See my upper post to ALoco.

and i have no problem with the marshall trade after getting into another bar fight

PS: Phin78,

I agree with you about Ross making more and more calls, while keeping Ireland around for a puppet.

Having said that, I still feel he needs to upgrade his Pinocchio!

I see Ross very rapidly morphing into a cross between Al Davis and Jerry Jones!


There are alot of good receivers in this draft. Better to get them there than in FA. Especially since that is where our QB will come from.

Posted by: let the Badger out | March 14, 2012 at 05:34 PM

Understatement of the offseason, we kinda have no choice NOW, theres no one left to take as a #1 unless you count wallace or bowe as franchised players, if miami does consider a wide reciever in the first round, they would be worth a look...just sayin!!

And the Fins are talking to the Free Agent Center from the Packers and also Jamal Westerman, DE from the Jets

wow that would be awesome odinseye, a ton of super bowls between those 2

If Flynn comes here and isnt an immediate upgrade to Moore and doesnt play at a superstar level right away. The Miami media and dolfans will want his head served up on a silver platter.

Flynn doesnt even have a clue whats waiting for him when he signs here. The expectations are boom or bust. No inbetween.

Aloco come on ow. You know Ross wants Peyton so badly he probably has a poster of him in his sauna. He needs to sell tickets and knows Peyton will sell out the stadium by next week. Every season ticket will be bought and Miami will be the big news. Of course it's about money, Peyton makes Ross tons of it if he comes here. But it's not happening so no sense in discussing thank God!

fins are talking to alot of people. maybe the fins could sign t.owens

agree yesterday, and he will come here. flynn is our starting qb


look we all know flynn is gonna sign here and be a bust. flynn wants miami badly. he will sign here.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:30 PM

elaborate on EXACTLY how you know this

im going with tenn now, with adams giving him a blank check and a job in front office after he retires

fins are talking to alot of people. maybe the fins could sign t.owens

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:39 PM

who are these people that the Dolphins are talking to?

Manning needs to choose...Miami move on !!!

maybe ross shouldve agreed to sell the team to manning in their meeting...oh wait, Ross wasnt even there, tells you the kind of reputation ross holds to even the best of players...just sayin!!!

still say outbid kc for winston over the center from gb. and please find a corner, marshall is solid

no doubt superphin

Marshall was an Idiot , but he could play, we will miss him for sure , no way we get manning even before the trade, but now definitely not going to get manning now. They should just full court press on Flynn if they think he is up to it.The things these guys do seem crazy but you never know it might work out just trying to be optimistic here.

Its been this fo's manna over the last 4 seasons to create more needs without first adequately filling existing needs. So what's new about all of a sudden now needing a #1 wr all over again?

One step forward, two steps backwards. This should be the franchise's new "mission statement".

Fins resign Soliai...NO DOUBT MANNING IS NOT COMING!!! While I like the signing, that dries up the money! What are these guys thinking?

How much did Solia just cost us of our CAP?, hope a lot of up front money cause we have four more singings to make, QB, OL and WR...I hope they get Winston tonight too.

"The ONLY thing I can think of(the shred of hope I'm clinging to)"

odin, that cracked me up because it's exactly how I feel, and many others as well! Clinging to hope. Hoping there is a plan in all of this.

I don't know what to tell you. Have no answers. The Marshall thing is baffling. We will have to see how it all plays out.

I just can't blame Jeff for things that are happening when I'm sure they are Ross' doing. If they were talking about trading BM they were doing it before they even knew Peyton would be released. Jeff might have had another deal in the works to replace BM and Ross put the brakes on it because he decided to go after Peyton. We just can't start pointing fingers when we have no clue what's going on and who is making the calls. There is no structure in that front office and that's Ross' fault. I just don't know what the timeline or the thinking is on any of this. We're all in the dark and have to wait.

I see the Dolphins as a Mackeral trying to get at a large bait ball of anchovies , while tuna , sharks , wahoos dorados have eaten the bait ball before their eyes , in reference to other teams making moves snatching up free agents.

winston would be huge, but i dont see the money now. the rest will be spent on flynn

I was listening to excited Buc's fans calling in about their awesome FA haul on our local sports radio station here in Tampa on my way home.

A caller called in asking the host about the possibiliy of the Buc's getting Winston from the Texans.

The host replied "2 words Peyton Manning". His theory is Winston is part of the Dolphins strategy to protect Peyton.

He added that his sources say the Dolphins are 50/50 to sign Manning. (and he added his source was a good one??)

Does Miami trade their #1 pick for Mike Wallace ???


I posted a couple days ago Ross is Gheppeto and Ireland is Pinnochio. All Ireland wants is someday to be a real boy.

Also Ireland(Pinnochio) doesnt like doing press conferences because he's afraid if he tells a lie his nose will begin to grow. Right in front of the press cameras!

Ross needs to do whatever it takes to sign Manning. If Flynn is the QB, Ross might as well rent out parking spaces and run a shuttle back and forth to the New Marlins Stadium.


winston would be huge, but i dont see the money now. the rest will be spent on flynn

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:47 PM

tell us more about exactly how the Dolphins will be spending money and on who.

go on the record.

50/50 nfl network said miami totally out of it. was between 2 teams, den and tenn. tenn front runner with the adams offer of ownership and front office options

bobbyd another solid post, how u have changed

I agree Bobby. The only way we salvage this mess without a top flight wide recieving corps is Manning. Flynn won't cut it.

With Marshall still on the team, drafting Blackmon(#1 pick) was more of a luxury. Now even if we give up the #1 pick for Mike Wallace. #1 wr has now become a pressing need.

Way to go fo!

have u seen the new stadium bobby?

78, can't leave it alone can ya? Any excuse to post a page long rant. That's all u have to offer. Ranting about other people. What a hack lol

Okay well at least we don't have to worry about our run defense with big Paul coming back. He spurned the Patriots,Bengals,Denver,San Fran, and others to remain a Dolphin. Could have got more money elswhere but took the home team discount. Thanks Paul, tear em up in 13'!

I guess not everyone hates it down there. :)

if they wanted any shot at manning they should of at least held onto marshall until peyton signed

wow that would be awesome odinseye, a ton of super bowls between those 2

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:38 PM

Try not to space out on me here Dusty. I never said it would be awesome, YOU DID.

What I asked is: How does this make sense? If Mannings the top priority(they determined it, not me), then how do you trade away what would have been his no. 1 target in Marshall?

I wasn't offering any opinions one way or the other Dusty, try to understand what you're responding to before you......respond-LOL.

I'm just having trouble following the logic going on here, and that's VERY SCARY!

Well it is loooking pretty unlikely on Manning I agree but I quit listening to La Canfora when he predicted Harbaugh to Miami last year.

if they wanted any shot at manning they should of at least held onto marshall until peyton signed

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:55 PM

explain why your argument is true and not just an opinion.

odin it was sarcasm bro,lol and i agree on the marshall thing. i think they knew after meeting they had no shot at manning.

Damage control? To resign your NT who 7 other teams wanted to sign? Your PRO BOWL nose tackle who hinged the number 4 rushing defense in the league?

IMO we would have seen major damage control happening had we NOT signed Solai. Need that big man in the middle, there are very few that can do it and Solai is now considered top 5 in the league and still young. Great free agent signing imo. All of the sudden I'm not worried about our run defense, that's a good feeling.

Yes, the New Stadium is awesome!! The home run display is corny but it is hard to complain. This is an A Stadium for baseball.

Dusty, try to understand what you're responding to before you......

Posted by: odinseye | March 14, 2012 at 05:56 PM


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