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Marshall trade ultimately means less talent at WR

Whatever you think of Brandon Marshal.l or the trade Tuesday to Chicago, or the current wide receiver market, or what is left of that market, or the amount of wide receiver talent in the draft, there is no denying one thing:

The Dolphins have wide receiver issues now.

And in this case we can define the word issues as problems.

To recap, the Dolphins rid themselves of Marshall pretty much because he got in trouble again and the team is obviously tired of his foolishness. Fine. But in getting rid of the foolishness the Dolphins also unfortunately had to part with their best WR.

And because the timing of the foolishness came just before the start of free agency, the Dolphins either didn't have time to plan or simply didn't plan well enough for replacing Marshall. So now the Dolphins are now diminished with few prospects of getting, um, minished.

(No, minished isn't a word. I mean the Dolphins have little chance of doing the opposite of what getting diminished is. Whatever. Work with me, here!)

Miami's first 2012 free agency move might have helped the team's chemistry and helped in keeping the team off the police blotter. But it also hindered in that it subtracted rather than added talent.

The Dolphins pulled the trigger on Marshall but by that time other No. 1 WRs were already spoken for because Vincent Jackson was already in Tampa talking to the Bucs, Pierre Garcon was already locked into Washington and other WRs were set up with visits elsewhere.

Fact is even Laurent Robinson, who the Dolphins view as an avenue for increasing the club's wide receiver talent, was already booked to Jacksonville. And although Robinson appreciates the attention from Miami and isn't eliminating Miami, he was not about to cancel his earlier Jacksonville plans. The way I understand the dynamic here is Robinson is only coming to visit the Dolphins if something goes wrong in Jacksonville.

Again, the Dolphins couldn't shoehorn themselves ahead of the Jaguars. It was apparently too late. And Robinson, it must be noted, was the Cowboys' third-best wide receiver and a luxury that team might not be able to afford keeping. He has never been a No. 1 WR.

With teams swallowing top flight WRs quickly, all that the market has left is No. 2 caliber talent. Mario Manningham is now on Miami's radar. He was the third best receiver for the Giants. Yet he's about as good as it gets on the remaining free agency market.

Indeed, the point here is Miami's wide receiver options are limited. They got rid of their No. 1 receiver and we should get used to the idea that they aren't getting one back in free agency.

So what does this mean?

First, it cannot help in the chase for Peyton Manning. That's right, the Dolphins are still hopeful of landing Peyton Manning even if signs point to him not coming here. The club is still in the sweepstakes and conducting financial business with an eye on not abdicating its opportunity to sign Manning unless he picks another team.

But it seems to me that when Manning finally sits down and weighs his options and looks at the Dolphins, the Marshall trade cannot possibly be considered a plus by him. He cannot believe that losing the best receiver talent on the team is good.

Oh, and please don't even suggest Manning will think better of the Dolphins because he sees one less troubled soul at wide receiver. To Manning, Marshall was an asset, a target, YAC (yards after catch) and touchdowns waiting to happen.

Unlike other QBs, Manning doesn't worry about prima donnas at WR. He eats prima donna WRs for lunch. Ask Marvin Harrison.

They fall in line.

I can see it now: Manning sits down and looks at Miami's current WR talent and sees Brian Hartline and Davone Bess and Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Clyde Gates. Two of those guys are coming off injuries. One is coming off an unimpressive rookie season. With all due respect to these men, not impressive.

The Marshall trade and Miami's apparent late jump into the WR market also puts draft pressure on the team to add at least one receiver. Suddenly a receiver in the second, or perhaps even first round has to be considered an option where it probably wasn't before the trade.

Things have changed. Everything has changed.

And from a purely talent level ... not for the better.

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Just do nothing and then next season can be fueled by M Barkley dreams.

Do you think you could report something positive for once? your job isn't to insight fan anger, or maybe it is since you're such a pathetic wrighter reguritating information already published from other networks

nice bobby, i hope to get down there this year

Anyone got the contract details yet?

At this point, Jeffy has really to pick and choose wisely for these FA's. We don't TB money to overpay.

It looks like the Miami Dolphins are gonna do things the STEELER way....re-sign their own players (solia)....dump divas (marshall)......and build thru the draft.....no more flashes in the pan....

I don't think we made our strongest play for Manning....and EVEN the media said ROSS wants Manning....I am yet to read a QUOTE....or hear an audio clip were ROSS says anything similiar....

I think we were ALL DUPED by the media again....myself included on the Manning train.....

@ this point....I am not so sure we will even go all in on Flynn...and that may be a good thing.....I swear if Flynn were our QB...and Moore played for the PACKERS....that we would ALL be drooling for Moore after his stellar one game....and trying to kick Flynn to the curb.....i think they may be one n the same....If I'm ROSS...i'm not spending 50-60 million dollars to find out....

Way too much CLS (Chicken Little Syndrome) on this blog!

Miami finally has a coach that can, and will, change his scheme to match the talent that he has; whether the starting QB is Manning, Flynn, Moore or whomever. And, he'll spread the ball around, like they do in Green Bay. The same way that Peyton made household names out of no-names! And, he has Sherman to help him with learning the ins & outs of being a head coach.

The only person that really concerns me is Ireland. He still stinks of tuna, in my opinion. But, this draft will either make him or break him. So, he'd better get at least half of his picks right this time!

Miami's gonna be just fine...I hope!

Captain Oblivious

go s**k a c**k

Yes, all I have to offer is ranting about other people. None of my other posts about the Dolphins and what is going on in free agency, draft, FO, none of that matters. It is the 2 to 3 posts that I write telling you you're a fool that matter.

It's like you're from another planet and don't understand logic. My "rants" take 20 seconds to write, I know how to type using more than two fingers. Once again, please ignore my posts if you don't like them. This will be the last time I address you Captain Oblivious (THANK YOU FOR PICKING SUCH A PERFECT NAME) so you will now be talking to yourself, no one cares about any of this anymore, including me.

prob shouldnt kris, but my moneys on them signing flynn

Boom and that is the bottom line Mando

Good to hear the Dolphins signed Soliai. It is now reported that they are interested in Mario Manningham.

Change the billboard!
Manningham to Miami!

Captain Oblivious,

this will be the last time. I just had to apologize for earler when I called you stupid, I want to say how sorry I am that I didn't emphasize that enough.

Seriously kid, no one cares, stop wasting your time. Go change your name and talk to someone else.

And the word would be replenished

Fins signed Soliai.


were on the same page here...i'm not positive Flynn is differnt OR better than Moore....

How can anybody be....

The Bucs signed Nicks, the Cowboys signed Carr, the ? sign ?, the ? sign ?, and the Dolphins front office jerked off today. Ahhh right Miami!

true kris

odin it was sarcasm bro,lol and i agree on the marshall thing. i think they knew after meeting they had no shot at manning.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 05:58 PM

Sorry Dusty........I should have known.

I guess I'm the one that needs to understand what I'm.........responding too ;)

Just a little upset and flabbergasted lately!

Know what I mean?

dbmfins Manningham would be a nice #2 but don't get too excited. Word is he doesn't have a lot of upside and we still need to replace Marshall. I would rather save the money for a true #1 if I had my choice.

"Miami finally has a coach that can, and will, change his scheme to match the talent that he has;"

And what makes you so sure of that Tracy474? I'm all for giving Philbin his shot but I'm not willing to anoint him the next young Don Shula just yet.

Somebody actually said, 'relax it's the first day of free agency'

Ever played ball in grammar school? There's this kid on both teams that picks the best players FIRST. Get it?

And now for the AHOLE blogger of the month award!!

It's a tie between Michael and Phins78. They just come on to ridicule others. They tell us they are smart yet act stupid.

Dammit, Ireland is the worst! Get rid of ur number one player right after scandal so u get literally the least for him.
Someone needs to inform mando that we ALREADY HAD wr problems! Not its just a catastrophe, too late in free agency of course, and it guarantees we won't get manning, not that we were anyways.
Btw, does anybody in the world hold ESPN accountable? They have literally speculated with their 'sources' that whatever team manning is visiting now is the favorite (Denver, Arizona, now titans (a deal could be done in 24 hours!!!)) .....I done trying to get truth from them.

I look at our 2 most recent owners, Wayne H and now Ross (BTW, I think change of ownership on a frequent basis is BAD) and I can't help but question their passion for for the franchise and their passion for being an NFL owner in general. I can't help but think that this is no more than a "hobby" for them....another notch in the "I'm a billionaire guess I'll buy a football team" belt.

I realize that there are really only a handfull of teams out there, like the Steelers....where it's a family business of sorts...but it just seems that so many others have much more passion for their "hobby".

Just as an example...Robert Kraft is one of those billionaire owners that decided to buy a team...but he bought the Patssies because he "loved" them....he was a huge fan, and couldn't imagine the team being moved (as was about to happen when he bought them). He overpayed (by most peoples estimate at the time), but fully vested himself in turning the franchise around. He took a lot of risks along the way....he didn't always go after the "saviour" or "messiah" that was going to "save the franchise". He turned that franchise around through hard work and vision.

There are many owners out there that make the stupidest of mistakes....but so many that seem to learn from them and build none the less...because they have a passion for their franchise.

I just really question if their is any true passion on the part of Ross for the Dolphins, just as I questioned that for Wayne H. Personally, I think it's a huge factor in where this franchise is today. Very sad.

Odin @ 6:11.....

was that a shot @ me...and if so...why......

Fins sign Soliai for 12 mill/ 2 years SWEET!


Your right. I just hope they Dolphins can sign a OT in free agency so they can use draft picks on offensive skill positions.


The one thing everyone is missing is to run the GB system, you need top notch O-Lineman. They love to send everyone out. They need Winston regardless of Manning.

And like I said for the 10 time on this blog, this draft class has a lot of very good WR's in it.

I got a feeling Jeffy is going to push to make a move for Blackmon if he can.

If Cinn can do it with a rookie QB and WR Miami can.

I would love to see Winston and Reggie Nelson signed.

Another thing, Incognito is now spring chicken either. He needs to be replaced at some point.

Kris, I left but came back to tell you great point! You're right in that we never heard it from Ross' mouth (the fact that he may have been targeting Manning) so I obviously had been going on something I was told by the media and should know to take that at face value. But good point made there, you got me thinking! See ya guys.

Well...We re-signed Soliai & Laurent Robinson didn't sign with the Jaguars to there is a LITTLE hope.


It's not ESPN, its Adam Shefter. Two blogs ago I stated he should loose credibility for his reporting. He must have been an oil speculator before working for ESPN.

Moreover, it's probably best that Marshall is gone as he faces game suspensions now. Who would replace him when he is suspended if he were still on the Dolphins roster?

A good option would to be to use give our 1st rounder to the steelers for Mike Wallace. He is a proven pro bowler that is young and has no off-field issues. I would much rather have him over anyone we are going to get in the draft...

Now laurent Robinson goes frm the cowboys #3 wr to the fins potential #1 LOL at posters jacking off to the idea of landing this kid to replace Marshall.

"If Cinn can do it with a rookie QB and WR Miami can."

Not going to happen. Cincy nailed both of those picks. Plus AJ Green was a higher rated prospect than Blackmon & was right there for Cincy & then Dalton fell in their lap at the top of the 2nd round. Don't discount Jermaine Gresham either who they hit on the year before.

If we trade up for Blackmon it would cost us a TON of picks like it did for Atlanta last year by getting Julio Jones.

Later Phins 78....

look forward to reading your stuff later.....



Re: Roster & Talent Update

From: J. Ireland, GM
To: S. Ross, Owner

The trading of WR B. Marshall has been completed. The Bears gave us two acorns that we can use to trade up for a RB.

WR talent is now a deep concern as teams will more easily stop our projected 2.1 yards per carry running game and defense our QB (whoever it may be, but see below). Remaining WR talent in FA is limited as they signed when I was in the chopper stalking P. Manning.

Looking back, questions to Dez Bryant concerning his mother were a serious mistake on my part as it cost us not only the services of Mr. Bryant but led directly to us trading premium picks for B. Marshall.

Consultations with Giselle leads me to conclude that P. Manning or M. Flynn, like T. Brady, cannot both throw and then catch ball on same play. So there's that. May need to consider signing T. Owens.

In other FA activity, I can confirm reports that I'm considering signing a center! Although we just spent a 1st round pick on one last year and the draft is stocked at Center, I believe that one cannot over-invest in the OL. Our four year (and counting) rebuilding plan led us to the 30th ranked O-Line last year, and I predict improvement in this area. Return of M. Columbo is now a possibilty since he can run block on occasion and we have no one who can catch passes anyway. A 2.1 yards Bush run up the middle and a cloud of dust is the way to go.

Oh, QB. We are on target to fill this position by 2015 since it appears that P. Manning may wish to sign with a team with pass catchers. The self-centered brat! We may find value in Round 6 of draft for QB.

And the draft looks great! Our late wins against the Buffalo similar powerhouses have left us in perfect position to pick up another OL in the first round!!!

Ted Ginn and his family are still in FA!!!!! Will try to work on getting them signed to a 40 - 50 million over three years.

I'm worried about our new coaching staff. I heard one say you can make a West Coast Offense out of chicken something or other.

We are fine a CB. S. Smith can cover any WR on our roster in practice. It's unknown why that does not carry over on game days to other teams WR.

Finally, I was wondering if we could meet to go over an extension of my contract through the 2017 season since by that time all the groceries should be ready for the playoff appearance run.

Jeff 'Squirrel' Ireland


Soliai signing ultimately means more talent at DL. He promises to be in better shape at the beginning of next season (for Philbin).

What about Harold Lloyd at WR? Any good?

Ok i know that a lot of people are crying about the Marshall trade, and it does not look good, but has anyone considered that IF we end up getting Tannehill they didn't want Marshall to ruin the rookie. Just a thought!

Robinson already signed with jax, and according to mortenson manning has not ruled out any team yet, and he is open to talking to other teams and will throw for teams who he chooses as finalists.

definitely lost a good player but he wouldn't have been playing anyway. he is going to be suspended a long time. this way we have another 3rd rounder to get someone to replace him or use the 2nd on it. in our new west coast offense, we only need several good receivers which we are well on our way too. don't need the barn burner number one receiver. brandons stuff was getting old. he apparently even spiked a ball off of vontae'e head in practice. he needs to get help

Odin @ 6:11.....

was that a shot @ me...and if so...why......

Posted by: Kris | March 14, 2012 at 06:15 PM

Not at all Kris. I don't even know what would make you think that.

Dusty responded to me with some sarcasm and I TOTALLY missed it.

We can get pissed off at each other later, right now I'm saving it all for Ross and Ireland ;)

I can agree with that finfan23, and what would happen with a new qb (maybe flynn or Tannehill) in a system that spreads the ball around and how would he act?


Laurent Robinson signed with the Jags.

This might actually help in getting Blackmon. They pick in front of us.

Jaguars signed WR Laurent Robinson, formerly of the Cowboys, to a five-year, $32.5 million contract.
The deal reportedly includes $14 million guaranteed. It's a hefty chunk of change for an injury-prone journeyman, but a necessary risk for a team that fielded one of the worst "receiver corps" in recent memory last season.


I thought all the ....'s were for me.....i'm extra sensitve right now.....

my bad.....I aplogize.....

we need Winston at RT and Chad deserves another chance with our new staff

Wow the Lions redid Calvin Johnson's deal for 7 year 132 million with 60 million guaranteed. That's a lot of love

It looks like its time to get on the Flynn bandwagon as that is supposedly our 2nd option.

The scary thing is that it doesn't appear to many other teams are interested n Flynn.

ArmandoSalguero profile

ArmandoSalguero ESPN is reporting that Laurent Robinson has signed with Jacksonville. Getting approximately $6.5 million a year.

Ehhh...Who needs WR's anyway right??? Unbelievable.

I guess there's still Brandon Lloyd but Manningham would be a waste of money IMO.

I can't believe you dopes are crying over the departure of Brandon Marshall. Besides leading the the league in dropped passes and falling out of bounds with no one in front of him, what else did he do?
Good riddance to the liar!





Manning won't even look good with Bess and Hartline on the outside and Fasano at TE.

Whoever starts at QB for us this year will be CRUCIFIED by US, The Fans!

Henne and Flynn trade Moore, Manninham and Blackmond, Winston at RT

with us resigning Solai you have to think Tannehill and a free agent Olineman? or Flynn and a drafted O lineman since we can't have too much left for Free agents if we got Flynn.

I always try to be the Optimistic Homer, but this is bad.

Tying up our plans to fit Mannings decision and then jettisoning our best WR?

I think I'm going to jet down to Detroit and Drink myself into a local Drunk Tank somewhere!

Bottom's Up!!!!

If I still lived in Detroit I might join you odin

I really think that the fins were not ready for the free agency frency last tuesday. I would like to know how Mario W got to the Bills at 4:01 when free agency open at 4:00 that same day.

No Septum I think the truth is we didn't have the chips to get any top free agents

Best quote of the day comes from Tampa Bay GM after all the free agents they signed

"I think we are tired of rebuilding" said Dominick GM Tampa Bay.
Get it Jeff??

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