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Maybe Dolphins learning to manage expectations

One of the talking points the Dolphins had in their notes today was about transparency. The club wants to be more transparent. Owner Stephen Ross said it. General Manager Jeff Ireland said it.

I'll write more about it in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald because transparency by an NFL team must be managed. The NFL is no place to pull back all the curtains and reveal all your secrets and intentions. That's for suckers.

I pray the Dolphins know this. But transparency is good when it's used to manage expectations. And the Dolphins have done a terrible job of doing that in recent years.

Because of some of the more vague things the Dolphins have said -- such as Ross saying he wants to hire a young Don Shula -- the public has taken the statements and built expectations around them. And, of course, when the club does not actually hire a 33-year-old budding superstar coach with a jutting jaw and a planned three-practice-per-day approach, fans are understandably disappointed.

And it is not long before disappointment leads to plain old fashioned anger.

Same can be said with Miami's approach to free agency. When the club made it clear they thought themselves a couple of pieces away from playoff-caliber and a franchise quarterback from Super Bowl contention, many kind of assumed this offseason was going to be one enormous free agency shopping spree.

Even three weeks ago when I shared with you about the meeting Joe Philbin had with alumni in which he cautioned against free agency and stressed the draft, the Dolphins didn't do anything to make that public. I had to work for it. And not every single Dolphins fan reads this blog every single day -- beats me why, but that's another matter.

So some non-Mando readers were shocked when Miami didn't blow up the free agency pool.

"We haven't gone out and gotten major free agents like people thought we would have, but we look at it as if we're in the process," Ross said today, trying to manage expectations going forward. "Free agency has a period to run. There aren't a lot of major names out there but there's the draft and a
whole plan that we have set forth. Some things go well, and some things don't go as you would have liked. You know who I'm referring to from that standpoint -- Peyton Manning. We're looking to take this football team to a different level."

Um, better. Not promising the moon. Setting the record straight. Communicating.

Better than having everyone guess.


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My sole purpose on Earth is to troll Phins78, AHHHHHEEEEMMMMMM here we go. Phins78 go f yourself, this is for the insult you gave us trolls in your last blog.


I dropped a huge skid mark in my panties

"We haven't gone out and gotten major free agents like people thought we would have, but we look at it as if we're in the process," Ross said today, trying to manage expectations going forward. "Free agency has a period to run. There aren't a lot of major names out there but there's the draft and a
whole plan that we have set forth. Some things go well, and some things don't go as you would have liked. You know who I'm referring to from that standpoint -- Peyton Manning. We're looking to take this football team to a different level."


Honestly???? This quote makes no sense. Just b/c you didn't sign Manning (still have no clue how you were planning on paying him with our cap space) doesn't mean the answer is to do as little as possible to address our other needs.

One day Ross is the biggest idiot under the tent & the next day it's Ireland. They both suck & they should both be suspended by Goodell for being incompetent.

The Smart Man Returneth!

we have draft picks is a wee light in the panties.

I'm sorry, but WHAT IN GOD's NAME HAS GONE WELL, Mr. Ross?

And the purpose of THIS blog is?????? USELESS, just like the previous two blogs.

NO new information. Ross and THE SCOUT hold a presser and ZERO new information so again... The purpose of these blogs is for Zilch, zero, Nada, nothing, waste.

Until tough questions are asked by Armando AND the media in South Fla, YOU ALL are controlled.

Just like President Obama, ZERO, Nada, Zilch, nothing TOUGH is EVER asked by the Liberal Media outlets. He will NOT and never will go on Fox BECAUSE he WILL be asked tough questions.

Do you want answers or just an owner and SCOUT that blows hot air up your butts?

ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS and NEVER and I mean NEVER be afraid to pressure them, Ross and company and if needed, allow THEM to squirm in their hot seats.

Come ON MAN!!!

I withhold all my anger/blame and venom to the FO until after the draft.

We draft well, I'm happy. Don't care what FAs we didn't sign.

We don't draft well ... avalanche of verbal abuse coming.

Everything we need is available in this years draft, if we do it right. Including QB. Yes, it's rebuilding, and yes it will take more than a season. Perfectly fine by that. Just want to ship to start sailing in that direction.

mando, the reason the fans don't like to read your blog is because usually fans like to read writers that are actually a fan of the dolphins instead of ones that hate the dolphins.
If for every 10 hate blogs you write a blog that actually is nice to the phins you'll see more people wanting to read your blog.

hooorrray beer

NY "G"...you mean real "gotcha" questions like, what magazines or newspapers do you read?

Those are never asked by the "lamestream" media?

maybe if the fans keep up the pressure on ross he'll get frustrated and sell the team. just don't go to games and keep up the protests. this guy is a joke. in the middle of a coach search he's holding a fundraiser for romney??? pay attention to the team or sell the damn thing. i always have supported the owner of the team untill this incompetant jerk bought it. for him it's about making money not winning. he has scewed up anything he has tried. just disgraceful. run him out on a rail .

this blog makes the testes tickle

LISTEN.. Just that the sheer FACT that Owner Ross brings out his failures Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland and others is a CLEAR indication that the pressure from all the protesting and National Media coverage on how much of a joke this owner and Ireland are is starting to get to him.

When an Owner, CEO, President needs to confront the media for HIS peps, things aren't going good in Ross land.

We MUST keep up the pressure, protesting, letters, blogging to get Ireland Fired.

DO NOT STOP until Ross throws in the hat and fires that POS Ireland. Porky Pig can do a better job as a GM then Ireland has.

We should trade for Tebow and employ the Run 'n Shoot, like Jerry Glanville's Falcons circa 1992.

2 Legit.

2 Legit to quit.

Bum Bum.

Hey DC, JS and other Mando regulars. I created a 7 round Miami only mock on a site I created. Check it out when you have a chance and let me know what you think.


We are reading your blog daily, Armando !

Please do not quit this blog !

We have d p, we've covered this, it's like ur closed minded or something...the cap space is easy....u restructure contracts, u make the manning or new contract heavy ended or bonus.....theres a reason why Arizona had no problem and they were 15 million OVER their cap space....it's a non issue

Mando, none of what Ross or Ireland says anymore, NONE of it, is what we want to hear. I'm not saying they aren't capable, I'm saying it is the same bs that they have been pushing since day 1. So get it through their thick arrogant skulls that we only want to hear one basic point, and that's this: we want an apology. We want them to admit how they have completely failed in every major aspect that was promised not only this year but last year as well.
But no. They won't even give us a 'we have failed the fans so far, but we promise we have a solid plan to make it up through free agency and draft.' that not what we deserve, we deserve a humble plea with no more promises that will undoubtedly be broken, but we won't get that.
As a fan, I, and I'm not alone, live the timing of their failure. Due to the tragedy that is our economy, it basically doubles the losses they are JUST BEGINNING to feel due to their running what we love into the ground.
Don't call a fan and try to explain what you're doing, talk to all the fans through the media and take responsibility for what you've done. Bottom line: Ross and Ireland need to understand that it may be bad to admit you screwed up, but what they are doing, not admitting fault, it is the same as lying to our faces over and over, and THAT'S why we r so angry.

did you wonder if your mom ever gave dad a popsicle lick before she kissed you goodnight?

Ross stop stealing Dolphin fans money.

Inimounts is one of the beer gutted, clueless protester "fans" who protested the team in March.

quit the blog... quit the blog

The NFL has never seen a worse GM then Ireland.

The artist blah Blah....apparently u haven't been a dolphins fan long, and don't really belong here...it's okay, alot of people here shouldn't be, like trolley moley....I wish this blog would kick people that don't talk about dolphins, are purposely annoying or rude, etc.
Not u, artist, ignorant or stupid, as annoying as it is, should be permitted if its just an absurd opinion, it's ur right

Phins, from last blog, yes, I was here when people were posting pics. I think a lot of posters changed their names since then for whatever reason.

Texas, about to head to the gym, but I'll take a look at your mock Draft and let you know what I think about it.

Ohio, I'm coming to your site too to represent.

Good work to all who are trying to create avenues for diehard fans to go and try and have a civil conversation about their team. Nice work!

Fins are garbage, u r right about Ireland, but overall u should change ur name, pretty awful

Texas, read your mock and I like it. Hope ours resembles it .

Do the Fins even have a PR Department?

If they do, it was emasculated by Parcells.

Ross just needs to keep negotiations quiet.

Once a decision is final, let the PR department announce it and answer the "why" it was made. This will stop fans from speculating "why" and allow them to get a better grasp of the big picture and manage expectations.

Most of the current roster should play better this year. I believe the Fins will turn the corner this year.

Just don't move up to #3 to get Tannehill like other blogs are speculating. I'd get Blackmon or Clairborne if they do move up to #3.

I've been a fan since 1983, when I was 8 years old. Would you like to talk about Troy Stradford, Lorenzo Hampton, Jim Jenkins, the Marks Brothers, Ferrell Edmunds, Keith Byers, John Offerdahl, Hugh Green, Louis Oliver, Jarvis Williams? Rob Konrad?


Hey Texas Nice job. I like your mock and would only change the last pick from an ilb to olb if they really plan on trying to move Misi inside. I was surprised at first that you had DE ahead of WR. But after I put more thought into it I realized the draft is deep in WRs but DE not so much. And that is obviously a big need seeing how we need a pass rusher opposite Wake and aren't sure if Odrick can be that guy. Great read and thank you.

Last year, the Eagles signed one big name FA player after another after another...and I can't remember a single move the G-men made in FA last year. Who won the SB? How many years in a row did Daniel Snider try to buy a SB ring? Big name FA signings do not build a winning team for you...all they do is empty your cap space.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

Watch the link below.

I have conducted a scientific experiment. I followed the scientific method perfectly. My experiment has determined that Tim Tebow possesses roughly 5,000 to 25,000 times more class than any of you who are reading this right now.


Jim Jenkins = Jim Jensen?

I am happy that he didn't sign a 3 a day coach. Are you nuts? In this day and age. The team quit playing under ts last year when he was tiring them out before games.

They probably hoped that Manning would just come to Florida or a cool 5 mill a season.... Are you kidding me? A 4 year 95 million dollar qb with a questionable neck? The Broncos are crazy.

Didn't Philbin coach in Green Bay? Maybe they are going to keep building but use the draft? You ever think of that? Why would you go outside your organization and find out you paid a lot of money for what is basically dried turd that no other team wants.

The Phins will sign their draft picks and pick up some drops from other teams but basically they are doing it the right way. Not the quick fix way.

Philbin will tell Ireland what he needs and Ireland will confer with his scouts and they will get Philbin the best player for that particular position.


STFU Phins78

Tried to post this on texas' site. not sure if it went through.
So here's my mock draft:

1st Ingram/Upshaw * I keep flip-flopping on this one. Either is fine.
2nd Cousins *Weeden also just fine here
3rd Nick Toon *Walter football has him to us, and I'm good w/ it.
3rd Brandon Taylor (FS) underrated. Solid safety.
4th T.Y. Hilton (WR - KR)
5th DT (whoever is left)
6th-7th BPA


Will FO allow HARVEY GREENE, SVP for Media Relations, do his job of keeping the fans informed?

I've never heard a word from this guy.

4 out of 5 losing seasons...3 straight losing seasons....The national perception of this team is that it's run by a pair of clowns...Jeff Ireland has zero respect around the league. The reality is that you better get ready for a 4th straight losing season which will be the first in franchise history.

JS good job. It's a tough call with the Tannehill thing. I do have to say if they take him first I'm not going to freak out because who better to know what Tannehill can become than his college coach? Hopefully if we take him it's because Sherman absolutely thinks the kid is a future top 10 qb. He's already grading out better than Ponder and Gabbert and would have been the 2nd qb taken in last years draft which is saying a lot.

I like Weeden a lot and don't care about his age because I want to draft a QB every year from now on. We should be doing what the Pack did for years. But if the pick is Tannehill in the first it tells us exactly what Sherm and Philbin think. THEN if he doesn't work out by year 3 or 4 we can start yelling at Sherm I guess! :)

yeah jensen

I do not think anyone is happy with the way things are going. I will say however I am happy that we are not making a " big splash " in free agency. I do not really ever remember a free agent signing that helped make it to the Super Bowl. Most have just been average, but no real game changers. The draft is the best way to go, as long as we make good choices there. I also think the fans are as much of a problem as management. Booing our team in our own home stadium does not help team morale. I realize we have to make our feelings know, but we must show our support for our team publicly and show our disappointment in management through the media. Let's show the players our support. Stand behind the players when the take the field.

Thanks, Phins78.
As I said before I trust PHILBIN, but not Sherman. Sherman HAS NOT proven himself a winner, hence he's not HC, and fired from A&M. But Philbin I like. So if Philbin digs Tanny, and Sherman gives thumbs up, then OK (still don't like it, but won't whine).
But considering I think Cosuins and Weeden are better than Tanny, AND we can grab a top 1st round pass-rushing beast also - makes more sense to me.

"### Ireland, asked if he believes if he has found starters at right guard and right tackle, didn’t directly answer. “We have added depth with Artis Hicks. He has started 70 games in his career. We needed to address more depth at tackle. We have John Jerry, Nate Garner, Ryan Cook returning. We feel good at that position. We’re going to continue to address the offensive line needs. That’s one must we need to address.”

I just read what Ross & Ireland said. It's just more of the same bullsh#t IMO.

If you read this one particular paragraph it makes no sense. If they wanted to add a starting RG they would have never signed Hicks & instead signed Jake Scott. Scott hasn't missed a start in 7 straight seasons, he's three years younger than Hicks, & is considered one of the better RG's in the NFL.

As for RT??? Well they also had one of the better ones sitting in front of them & in their infinite wisdom didn't decide to pay to get a premium player.

What is there plan to address these positions if they aren't willing to pay starter money???? Ross is talking like we have 15 picks in this draft. I can't take it ANYMORE!!!!!

Why does everyone cry about FA? FA should be used to fill holes and maybe add a player or two to try and put you over the top when that time comes. That time isn't now. If indeed the Phins are rebuilding (more like a major remodel) then the draft is the way to go. It's senseless to spend millions on big name FAs when you're just not there.

To boot, I've never seen a team be able to buy a championship by signing a bunch of big name FAs...didn't work for Philly last year and has never worked for the Skins. It hasn't worked for the Jets and never worked for the Phins during the Wanny years.

They just need to hit on some draft picks and hopefully this coaching staff knows how to develop the talent. I think that was a major issue with Sparano and company...didn't know how to properly utilize or develop the talent they had.

What is the deal, did theses kids get out of school early, or is there no school today, perhaps they are all drop outs? Bill

be an interesting year, hopefully we develop talent and end up with another solid draft position

i sure hope parcells does comeback and coach the saints this year and fails big time

JS and Phins -- Yes you can post and create a member ID if you'd like. I am fairly new to doing something like this so I am working with permissions. Your posts should be visible now. They were set to needing approval first. I may change that in the future so guests can post whatever and I would just remove the post after the fact if not football related.

Any ideas on that would be great.

Thanks for posting.

is ross and his sidekick totally clueless or what??? i can't take much more of this. i can't understand "gibberish".

wolfman, you couldnt be more wrong....
just as many superbowls have been won with free agency than with the draft. green bay is the only team in years to win the sb without free agency, and they draft well, while we are the worst drafting team in the league.
so to everyone saying we will build through the draft....STOP SPEAKING YOUR NONSENSE. to build through the draft you have to take chances, move up on picks, draft playmakers, draft steals at your position, put more value than the experts do on saturday's performance, and draft underrated gems in the later rounds that surprise everyone. those are the basic elements to the draft, and how many of those do we do? NONE. not. one.
before you defend it, ill break it down some more, and i'll just stick with the ireland era: we have never moved up, except to take thomas which was the most ridiculous move ever, ireland has never taken a chance, WE DON'T HAVE ONE STARTER FROM THE SECOND ROUND ON!!!!!! (if you say koa misi i swear i will shoot you, i can even clarify, we dont have one LEGITIMATE starter after the first round), if ireland would spend a second to watch the games on saturday we might have JPP or jermaine gresham or dez bryant or justin blackmon (i can speak future tense too), and about the later round gems, i have already answered that.

from now on, if i read a fan saying we will build through the draft, im going to assume he's never actually watched the miami dolphins on the field or read an article besides this one.

i just read the ross article.....i though i couldnt hate him more, and then something like that comes up....
rome wasnt built in a day. wow. thats the problem. us as fans havent been patient enough. we have watched while the most RESPECTED names in professional football all agree that the miami dolphins have not only gone from one of the elite teams in the nfl to the leagues disgraced siberia, but we have the worst gm in the league now if not in the history of the game....
however, it's just fans being impatient bad eggs.

If you create the member then you don't need posts approved. Creating a member ID only requires e-mail address so not too invasive.

I am going to be going through different draft scenarios for all rounds and that includes the third where I have Sanu falling. I kind of doubt too that he'll fall but I went to a number of sites and his rating was at 70 or higher. That was rank as far as all players coming out.

Walter football combines several sites and does an average. Sanu's average rank was 70. So it will be close.

This is art of an article in another site.

"Harvey Green has been with the Dolphins for 21 years and in that time many things have changed in the world of media relations. It is a sad time for a man like Greene who has been with the Dolphins dating back to Don Shula, but it is obvious, Greene has either no voice in the organization or his personality is not dominant enough to effect change."

The hysteria over landing Manning was unfortunate. Who knew Manning would insist on twenty million dollars that we didn't have?

On the 'young Shula' comment; most people seem quite optimistic with Philbin and more than lucky that we dodged a bullet with the Fisher.

i cant speculate on a mock draft i haven't seen, but with our lineup, drafting a DE before a qb or wr is ridiculous, and it speaks to the problem at hand. we did that with odrick, same with anyone putting a big need at LB, with our line, drafting a DE first round is the same as the bengals drafting a receiver first round......

we don't have one legitimate wide receiver (we have a couple fairly decent slot receivers at best), and blackmon is going to be as good as calvin johnson, you can quote me (if he has a stafford-or-better qb to throw to him, which people don't take into account enough when talking about wide receivers)

To read the entire Harvey Greene article go to:


This article clearly explains what the Fins could have done differently to avoid all the #@%# that's gone on since free agency started.

Toon and Sanu sound similar, so either is fine.
As long as they can run AFTER the catch.
Whoever it is needs to be strong receiver capable of speed, but tough enough for inside slants, and YAC.
YAC is the key.
But the ability to beat CBs downfield will open the middle for everyone else.
Toon and Sanu has similar size, speed, etc. so either of these two, or similar prospect is great.

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