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Maybe Dolphins learning to manage expectations

One of the talking points the Dolphins had in their notes today was about transparency. The club wants to be more transparent. Owner Stephen Ross said it. General Manager Jeff Ireland said it.

I'll write more about it in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald because transparency by an NFL team must be managed. The NFL is no place to pull back all the curtains and reveal all your secrets and intentions. That's for suckers.

I pray the Dolphins know this. But transparency is good when it's used to manage expectations. And the Dolphins have done a terrible job of doing that in recent years.

Because of some of the more vague things the Dolphins have said -- such as Ross saying he wants to hire a young Don Shula -- the public has taken the statements and built expectations around them. And, of course, when the club does not actually hire a 33-year-old budding superstar coach with a jutting jaw and a planned three-practice-per-day approach, fans are understandably disappointed.

And it is not long before disappointment leads to plain old fashioned anger.

Same can be said with Miami's approach to free agency. When the club made it clear they thought themselves a couple of pieces away from playoff-caliber and a franchise quarterback from Super Bowl contention, many kind of assumed this offseason was going to be one enormous free agency shopping spree.

Even three weeks ago when I shared with you about the meeting Joe Philbin had with alumni in which he cautioned against free agency and stressed the draft, the Dolphins didn't do anything to make that public. I had to work for it. And not every single Dolphins fan reads this blog every single day -- beats me why, but that's another matter.

So some non-Mando readers were shocked when Miami didn't blow up the free agency pool.

"We haven't gone out and gotten major free agents like people thought we would have, but we look at it as if we're in the process," Ross said today, trying to manage expectations going forward. "Free agency has a period to run. There aren't a lot of major names out there but there's the draft and a
whole plan that we have set forth. Some things go well, and some things don't go as you would have liked. You know who I'm referring to from that standpoint -- Peyton Manning. We're looking to take this football team to a different level."

Um, better. Not promising the moon. Setting the record straight. Communicating.

Better than having everyone guess.


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Ask Kris, Phins78, Oscar, Clue, Dolfan Rick, or JS in LA what my real name is........I'm sure they'd be able to tell you :)

That argument didn't work either, got another?


Ha Rick beat me to it :)

Sorry guys, carry on with the Dolphin talk, I'm done with this guy

Haha, oh yeah, like I need to ask some blogger what your name is.

You are evading the fact that what you are doing is unethical. If your friend owned a restaurant, would you enter trying to sell his clients beverages? You apparently would.

Speaking of parasites, my site is:


and Ohio's is:


Of course I've been posting here all night and just a little on my site.

I will be creating another draft scenario when I have time. I feel like this may be a practice of teams around the league to cover all their bases so I thought I'd give a few of them a shot.


Please tell us once more that the coaches should draft players they like. Very insightful stuff. LOL.

Ross stated “it’s not like we’ve lost anything,” when talking about the offseason so far.

Since he's been owner, the Dolphins have been 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10. Maybe they need to lose some players (or a GM) other than the only decent WR on the roster? They are only five games better than 1-15 after four years of rebuilding.

If Matt Moore is so talented, then why have teams not been offering 1st round picks for him? Or why has Miami not extended his contract?

They know very well that Matt Moore is the former QB for the Panthers who was cut after an awful season. They know Gerrald was cut by Jacksonville and then he surgery on his back.

But Ireland is very happy with the Dolphin QB position? Really?

They have not got the 'breaks' because they have drafted the wrong players.

And while he said all the right things about building through the draft, it's not the first time the Dolphins have said they would build through the draft.

This meeting with the press was about PR; the Dolphins are getting better at that. But will they get better on the field?


I completely agree the entire press conference was about PR. I think they realize how massive the bad press has been this off-season (whether its deserved is another question)

Don't you think you're being a little harsh on Moore though? I thought he did pretty good with what was thrown at him. I'm not saying he's the answer, but I thought he did pretty good.

I'm not sure how Garrard will fare after back surgery and a year off.

A lot of folks were surprised though, when he was cut.

I believe he went to the Pro Bowl his last season.

One of the reasons I like Philbin, is something he says (and says consistently):
He wants to build through the draft.
Not fill holes. Not find acorns. BUILD.
That implies finding cornerstone players that you can build around. QB, MLB, RB, etc. Green Bay has a pretty good history finding these impact players. LBs and pass rushers in the 1st round, 2nd round. They drafted a top LB when they already had a good one. Drafted a better one.
If he does what I think he'll do, he go after the best impact players on the boad, and skip only the positions that have stars.

If not.. another bad predicition goes by. Happens ;)

Has anyone ever watched a press conference from a coach or GM that they said:
"Man, our QB sucks. We're going to replace him as soon as the draft/FA starts. Dude couldn't throw it in the river."

Me neither. Worthless talking, and all around time-tested lying. Who cares.

I always try to remember the 2 Smith's. Sammy and Emmitt.

Sammy was a physical speciman and Emmitt was not but he had 4 very productive years at Florida.

We all know the the rest of the story.

Dolfan Rick | March 26, 2012 at 08:03 PM

Sammie as he spelled it was a bigger player but Emmitt was always the more highly recruited. In high school out of Pensacola he ran for 106 TD's and rushed for 8,804 Yds. all American High School Football records. He did it in an ERA when Fla. Football was at it's highest peak even more than today and competition was tough given there were 100's who would go play big time college ball at a high level and countless who went Pro after and given all that he still led his School to 2 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in an ERA were guys like Jerome Brown, Irvin, the Blades Bros. and to many to mention were leading their respective High School teams.

It would be our downfall that Sammie saved his greatest game for one in which his Seminoles lost but is widely considered the greatest College game of all time with Smith running over the Canes vaunted D for over 200 Yds. and holding a 19-3 lead with less than 6 minutes to go Miami would storm back and win 26-25 with Bowden going for the old school 2 point play at the end and lost on alot of people was the fact that Miami came back on two bombs to Irvin of over 60 Yds each were Mike burned Deion "Prime Time" Sanders like toast on both plays.

Sammie was seen as the better Pro specimen based on size and work out warrior heroics but those that remember the ERA knew Jimmy got a steal in his 4.55/40 RB who also cracked 2,000 twice in College, sorry but that was Shula buying the hype on a one game wonder and the League putting a premium on Emmitt's speed because he wasn't considered workhorse material.


Philbin will be a different mind in our draft process. If he has some good ideas do you think they'll listen to him?

This team put a lot of time, money, & effort into building an O-line so they could run the ball! And, failed! It was Parcell's mantra...run the ball and play Defense! That was when we had Ronnie & Ricky.

Suddenly, the team realized that it was a Passing League! (took them long enough, huh?)
And, we didn't have a passing quarterback! We had game manager quarterbacks...most of whom weren't very good.

Now, we're going to install a West Coast Offense! Without a great passing game and without an O-line that can pass block! And, we're going to build this "new" team through the draft, which will take about 3-4 years!

And, we're being told to be patient because "Rome wasn't built in a day"! So, what have they been building? Sandcastles?

Ohio Dolfan,

Thanks for the compliments.

You're right, I was too harsh on Moore. He did do good in a very difficult situation. Maybe he will surprise again in 2012.

I'm just frustrated that this team has not really tried to invest in an elite and healthy talent since Marino retired.

Oh you're right sigh......settling on QB's has been a major issue for a long time.

I'm not set on Moore either. Although it'd be freakin awesome if he turned out to be a Diamond in plain sight!

all i gotta say is...keep building and stacking the deck....been a fan since 75..we had some bad gms...very bad gm's...this guy is good not to listen to half the ramblings in these forums...not ez building a winning team...just win and the fans will come back...


I caught the "Rome" thing too. I wonder how long did it take to build Rome???

I know I'm not getting any younger and i long for those rule the division days.

And I guess thats the reason for all the protesting, griping,whining,and all the questionalbe reaches by Ross.

This is a once proud franchise that cold be on the brink of ruin if we do get it turned around soon.

Some people like to bash Armando because he isn't a fan of the Dolphins. It isn't his JOB to be a fan of the Dolphins, even though he really is.

It seems apparent that they already are. Excluding Ross's interference w/ Manning (neither Irland nor Philbin were talking that one up), it looks like Ireland is clearing the table for Philbin to set it. if so, HOORAY!

If not, then Ireland has lost his mind.
Philbin has been very clear, and non-apologetic so far. Like it. Really do.
If, I'm guessing it right.

I hope your right too JS. Boy that'd be crazy if Ireland was doing his best now to get the team ready for Philbin to draft who he wants the next few years....and in the meantime Ireland is looking more and more like the bad guy.

Armando is a resentful newspaper sport page writer.His topics and opinions on Our franchise read like a jilted lover's poems.I for one am looking for a decent blog about the Miami Dolphins.I tried going to the one Ohio Dolfan comment about but was given a round-a round links.I've been to one other you-all might know about.Won't mention the name cause even bad publicity is free publicity.Ask that dictator in Africa about publicity.Nevertheless, Armando Salguero is just cashing a check.And I'm becaming aware that my participation in his blog is good for him.So,yes I am looking for another Miami Dolphins blog to give the ratings to,as long as it covers the Dolphins withou the bitter tone towards them.GROW UP ARMANDO,YOU S NATCH!

Not sure what the problem was Ozkar? Try just clicking on my name "Ohio Dolfan" from this blog......it should take you right to it.

Oh yeah,one last thing.Lest We forget.Matt Moore is a back-up folks.A BACK-UP QB.The only thing he's going to lead us to is Our next franchise qbs front door.AND SO GARRARD,WHO WAS JUST SIGNED TO PLACATE OUR AFRICAN-AMERICAN FACTIONS.

Um, I think Garrard signed because we ran out of options for a backup and he had no other options

so by default....

I'll try again Ohio Dolfan.

Actually stay.......I don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to steal you

Like I said before, Ohio,
It's all about the draft.
Philbin has made it known that's our future. So I'm excited.
If Irleand screws the pooch, then no more excuses.
If Philbin makes a poor choices for draftees, then he's the one who put the pressure on himself.

I'll give Philbin more passes than Ireland. But if THIS draft kicks butt, I can forgive an awful lot.
I just want us on the right path. I can wait a few years for a Superbowl. Just want the genuine hope we are heading that way.

Not just hype that FA player X deserves another chance, or maybe he'll work for us even though he was kicked out of his last team... et al.
Genuine player building strategy. Philbin says he has it. So we'll see.

Hey DC, JS and other Mando regulars. I created a 7 round Miami only mock on a site I created. Check it out when you have a chance and let me know what you think.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 26, 2012 at 04:42 PM


Watch Cousins and watch Tannehill. It's like night and day; there's no comparison. Cousins is so much further ahead of Tannehill it boggles the mind why Tannehill is projected to go high first round and Cousins is projected in the 2nd.
I still say, come draft day, all the guys on NFLN and ESPN are going to be sitting their talking about how surprised they are that the draft is in the teens and Tannehill is still sitting there.


I have to admit you are the most excited about the draft of anyone I have talked to you. Nice to have you around, it's lifting my spirits.

I'm very interested to see who they land each round

On the subject of Sammy Smith v. Emmitt.
Hey, i'm a Gator, so of course I knew Emmit was way better.
But at least Sammy had some cred, and it didn't seem bad on he surface. Can't win every draft bet.
However - I give no quarter or excuse for the drafting of John Avery. Bad, bad bad bad bad. JJ must've been high on his yacht when he made that call. Still sore about it. Set us back quite a ways.

First of all, to rebuild, you must have a very solid plan. There are only two right ways to build a powerful championship team.

1. Balls to wall offense.

Franchise qb. must eb abl;e to throw the ball all over the yard and be euqlly adept at putting points on the scoreboard too.

2. Balls to wall defense

See 2000 Raven. A defense of this type of formidibility can allow you to win a championship without a franchise calibre qb. He just has to be a great game manager.

I want insider info on the Dolphins, but it's a damn shame that it has to come from some prick devoid of writing talent.

Tim Tebow is a GREAT game manager.Too bad We were a day late and a dollar short for him.The jests got a helluva deal and player.Coach Sparano FINALLY got the right player to run the Wildcat.Look who has egg on their faces.Must be Us perennial bottom dweller Dolphans.


Tebow may be of the game manager mold. But last I checked we're no where close to becoming the the 2000 Ravens defense.

Game manager qb's are a dime a dozen. The franchise calibre qb's are rare.

Let's face it. Stephen Ross is a bad owner. He's not ok. He's not mediocre. He's bad. Very bad. The Dolphins will be bad until he's gone.

It's almost comical that he's pointing to the draft. Other teams have the draft, too. Its not like the Dolphins have two first round picks and three seconds. At best, they'll come away with two starters out of the draft. Meanwhile, teams in their own division (read Cheatriots) have multiple first round picks and other extra picks. The Dolphins are already behind the Cheatriots and they figure to fall even further behind in the draft. Buffalo has the draft plus Mario Williams. The Jets have the draft, too. The Dolphins have had no edge on other teams in the past five drafts. Why would anyone believe they have an edge in this draft.

None of these articles or anything Ross/Ireland said today did anything to change my opinion of them or our team. As a matter of fact it made it worse. Ross really said nothing..nothing new, nothing exciting. So he was going to just cut Marshall if the beats didn't make an offer?? Really! After paying two number 2 picks for him...not smart idiot. Whatever, he keeps going along this line and he's going to continue to lose fan support even more. FA, Draft, whatever...just do something. And yes we can blame Ireland too, and it IS justified you idiot Ross. We are tired of all the fake promises...you won't be getting any of my money for games or merchandise until things change for the better...and it appears you haven't learned anything yet so it gonna be a while Ross...You and your GM and staff have ruined my Dolphins. And yes we are a laughing stock...every time i get asked who my team is...it's followed by either laughter..or "I'm sorry bout that"... Think again Ross, you messed this up...

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on team’s critics: ‘Rome was not built in a day’


Ireland has said he has been trying to sign Garrard for 2 yrs now

Wonder why Ireland is the only one trying to sign a fired back up QB from a losing team who just took a year off while recovering from back surgery

Well hey we lost Safety Y- Bell our leading tackler of four yrs in a row and CB Will Allen was immediately signed up by the Super Bowl runner up New England Patriots

but wait for it, .... Ireland kept sean smith LMAO!

Protest FIRELaND 3.29.12

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on team’s critics: ‘Rome was not built in a day’

Ross you moron you're in year 5 and you stink,

1.1 Billion dollar pile of unmitigated trash was not built in a day

Ross bought it and is further watching it decay

Oh the stench from the stinky fish

Fireland Protest March 3/26/12

5 yrs of stank fish

one year Pennington fell into our lap and dinked and dunked his way into the playoffs b4 getting humiliated by Baltimore

Go Tebow!

Go Jets!

Ross has hired the cheapest GM, HC, and QB's he could find. That will get him cemented in the cellar every year.

Goodell said their will never be another Super Bowl in Ross's 1.1 Billion dollar trash heap and certainly no more national games for Miami because they embarrassed themselves greatly pretending to be a football team with the world watching

Laughing stock of the NFL = Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland & the Dolphoons

Patriots & Jets should have very good yrs and be in the Playoffs this season

Miami Dolphins should dissolve this franchise

Go Pats!

Go Jets!

Dolphins = Mets

Ireland = Racist

Ross = NFL Idiot

Ross is a horrible owner. Lets be honest. The Dolphins will stink for many many years.

Ross is a complete idiot, does he actually believe this low stank franchise is the best NFL team to play for?

Seems to Home any good player that makes the mistake of playing here cannot wait to sign with a real team and a professional organization

Will Allen said, "This is the happiest day of my life signing with the New England Patriots, a real class NFL organization that get it, unlike the other team i had the misfortune of playing on."

The Dolphins Suck


I seriously believe that the only Miami Dolphins fans that consider Jeff Ireland a racist are Our African-American Dolphan brethen.YES! His ???s about Dez Bryant's mother were inappropriate.But some people are too fuc king sensitive.It was as it usually is with some news overblown to make another look bad.

Mando, you bought into this weak excuse

I'm not ready to call Ireland a racist but his total mistreatment of a number of black players is curious.

Mando.. How about countering Ross's bad answers with facts... Like why is our O line being re-built again..it's been under construction for 4 years since he took over...
And excuse me Ross.. It isn't just one or two people, players, media, saying how bad Miami is...it's a whole load of people..did you see Will Allen's take recently??? That's just the most recent one Ross... Explain that ? We're waiting!!

Those are just the tip of the berg that Ross steered our Dolphins into..there are so many other things you could have..should have slammed Ross with Mando..come one man..be our VOICE !

"ArmandoSalguero The Dolphins have been talking with Jake Scott and both sides have mutual interest. Talks go on."

What is there to talk about??? He's interested in coming to Miami & we need a starting RG. The guy has been a starter for a LONG time, he's incredibly durable, & he's only 31. Just pay the guy so we can focus on trying to fill our other needs in the draft.

"ArmandoSalguero The Dolphins have been talking with Jake Scott and both sides have mutual interest. Talks go on."
What is there to talk about??? He's interested in coming to Miami & we need a starting RG. The guy has been a starter for a LONG time, he's incredibly durable, & he's only 31. Just pay the guy so we can focus on trying to fill our other needs in the draft.
Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | March 26, 2012 at 11:32 PM


Ross is a cheap SOB

But Armando when this new coach would rather go threw the draft. That means we are rebuilding. Most NFL experts like Peter King thought the Dolphins would be very aggresive in NFL Free Agency. Now all the big time Free agents are gone. Draft picks take years to develop. Where back in last place and rebuilding again.He is not a smart football owner.

Mando, you bought into these Dolphin weak excuse

Shyyyt I'm repeating myself! Mando must be drunk!

But Armando when this new coach would rather go threw the draft. That means we are rebuilding. Most NFL experts like Peter King thought the Dolphins would be very aggresive in NFL Free Agency. Now all the big time Free agents are gone. Draft picks take years to develop. Where back in last place and rebuilding again.He is not a smart football owner.
Posted by: Mike Gentile | March 26, 2012 at 11:50 PM


We dont have anyone that can do the draft so forget that.

"managing expectations" sounds like a nice way to say "accepting that the Dolphins are going to be a bunch of losers for the next several years".

Just accept that we're not going to spend money to get a QB.
Just accept that we're too cheap to get the best fee agents.
Just accept a 6-10 record every year.
Just accept that the Dolphins are in permanent rebuilding mode.

Those are your updated expectations. Don't you feel better that you're complacent in rooting for a bunch of losers?


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