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Maybe Dolphins learning to manage expectations

One of the talking points the Dolphins had in their notes today was about transparency. The club wants to be more transparent. Owner Stephen Ross said it. General Manager Jeff Ireland said it.

I'll write more about it in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald because transparency by an NFL team must be managed. The NFL is no place to pull back all the curtains and reveal all your secrets and intentions. That's for suckers.

I pray the Dolphins know this. But transparency is good when it's used to manage expectations. And the Dolphins have done a terrible job of doing that in recent years.

Because of some of the more vague things the Dolphins have said -- such as Ross saying he wants to hire a young Don Shula -- the public has taken the statements and built expectations around them. And, of course, when the club does not actually hire a 33-year-old budding superstar coach with a jutting jaw and a planned three-practice-per-day approach, fans are understandably disappointed.

And it is not long before disappointment leads to plain old fashioned anger.

Same can be said with Miami's approach to free agency. When the club made it clear they thought themselves a couple of pieces away from playoff-caliber and a franchise quarterback from Super Bowl contention, many kind of assumed this offseason was going to be one enormous free agency shopping spree.

Even three weeks ago when I shared with you about the meeting Joe Philbin had with alumni in which he cautioned against free agency and stressed the draft, the Dolphins didn't do anything to make that public. I had to work for it. And not every single Dolphins fan reads this blog every single day -- beats me why, but that's another matter.

So some non-Mando readers were shocked when Miami didn't blow up the free agency pool.

"We haven't gone out and gotten major free agents like people thought we would have, but we look at it as if we're in the process," Ross said today, trying to manage expectations going forward. "Free agency has a period to run. There aren't a lot of major names out there but there's the draft and a
whole plan that we have set forth. Some things go well, and some things don't go as you would have liked. You know who I'm referring to from that standpoint -- Peyton Manning. We're looking to take this football team to a different level."

Um, better. Not promising the moon. Setting the record straight. Communicating.

Better than having everyone guess.


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Hate getting cut off, quitting blog!

The Dolphins have been losers for many years! Enough is enough!!! Ross and Ireland wake up!!!! This blog proposes better options than the Dolphins!

No one cares anyway! About the Dolphins, Heat, Panthers, or Marlins! Tell me different!

BTW Obama sucks!

Wow, that article Armando wrote was kind of horrible. He says the saints, jets, etc are in worse positions....ummm, no. Never mind that voices around the league say we are the biggest joke, credible voices, but the saints have recently won a sb an went to the playoffs. The jet went to afc championship two of last three years, I could go on but my point is proved.
Again, Armando, will you please do your job and write about how Ross and ireland refuse to see what everyone else does, they are stubborn and arrogant and not used to being so terribly bad at something.
Or, write an article saying u are afraid of telling the truth about them for fear of ur Job. If not, you have to admit it's pathetic your articles contradict each other on a daily basis almost.

Ross refuses to see what he's done, it must be an asset to be able to ignore ur crushing defeats, but not in the nfl. Ironically, if this were another business Ross would not let his ego get in the way, and he would cut losses, every smart businessman has to do that. But because it's so public, his failures, he keeps burying the team!

Posted by: BoulderPhinfan | March 26, 2012 at 04:36 PM

Why would you say Mando hates the Fins? Today's blog was a fan first commentary, regarding the FO's often obfuscation, or downright misrepresentation of THEIR message.
I would suggest your comprehension skills are lacking.
However, what Mando says is not nearly as important as what this FO DOES.

Mando's job is to fill us in, not cheerlead.
Uh, that would be the fans job.
Unfortunately, there hasn't been a whole to cheer about, on or off the field.

Ireland rascist comments crack me up. He trades a headcase who only shows up for the show bowl and cuts a ss who I got tired of constantly getting burned by any and all tight ends we faced. How many times did we see him just miss swatting away a td or crucial drive stopping pass? Keller owned bell and you all know it. ireland buddies up with a white guy he is a biggot and if he cuts a black guy a rascist.dude just cant win. Philbin will give ireland quality input to what he needs and ireland will do his best to acquire it because he is feeling the heat . He will draft in conjunction with a coach who knows offense and knowd what he wants to do.i think philbin will involve gates more putting him in motion and bubble screens. I want miami to win bit give these new coaches a chance.

Ireland has a dreadful drafting record...even Sean Smith must now be considered a BUST...
This year they MUST pick a QB early.Any other strategy is incorrect....even if the QB doesnt work out, that is the correct strategy....QB is 50% of the game....invest heavily in a QB...

I am astounded that they cant get the OLine right after 4 years....its imcompetant....not acceptable









I think Aloco just about summed it up perfectly.










Mr. Ross go f.u.c.k. your self wiht Ireland,PERIOD.

well, what a joke it was seeing Groucho, Harpo and Chico spouting another load of crap. Ross supporting our pathetic GM, saying they have a plan and are in the middle of it. What the plan is I cannot fathom, seems easier to understand the mind of a woman than Ross and his cronies. We have been lied to by Ross, Ireland has no idea of talent, he has that much idea that he would probably have traded Marino in his prime for a 7th rounder. The sooner Ross exits the phins and Miami permanently (taking Ireland and the rest of his cronies with him) the better, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Back in the early 80's there was a pop group called the Fun Boy Three, and they had a with a song called The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum. Looking at those three sat at that table giving that press conference, I rest my case.

The teams that have won after making use of free agency used it to plug a few holes, not buil a team. We have needed to build a team for a very long time. These teams that use free agency use it to plug a hole or two, but mainly to resign their own players, and are quick to dump players they think are asking too much. That is why they always have money to spend on free agency, where we are always strapped for cash and lose out on the players that might actually help this team. The draft is the way to build a team. Just ask GB,NE,Pit. Three teams that are on top almost every year.

When drafting a QB and complaining about how a QB will work out in the NFL I hope everyone remembers that none of the experts thought Marino would work out well in the NFL. That on top of a poor senior season caused his stock to drop in the draft. Miami was lucky to get him.

As far as that receiver we traded away, what was his name? How many games did we lose because he dropped a touchdown pass. He caught what 6 and dropped 5 or more. Several of those would have turned those games around

I loved what Ireland had to say about the new transparency policy. If I remember correctly he said he did not want to talk about it. Hahaha

Mando, I do read this blog dailey, sometimes twice a day. Im not relenting. I dont believe Ireland is the man, nor do I have any faith in Ross. Ireland was asked questions yesterday and didnt answer them, he seemed alof,,,,oh really, Ireland being alof,,dont believe it. The main question is why they danced with Manning knowing full well they didnt have the structure to compete for Manning. And Ross said it wasnt to boast tickets sales, what poppycock. Manning would have gotten killed if he signed with the Dolphins and he knew it. Ross is an idiot. And the Dolphins ARE the NFLs laughing stock.

I'm offering a different perspective from the view
of the fan who is usually working at game time, or who
cannot afford to buy a ticket to the game. I meet that criteria. I do happen to have to drawers full of Dolphin paraphenalia and the last thing I bought was a
cap as a gift. I believe that those who are in my situation just want to feel a part of the "Dolphin-Nation". We want to hear from the ownership, management, coaches, (and yes the ) players daily if we could. We are a restive bunch, and we feel ignored and frustrated that because we aren't celebrities, we are treated as peasants. Why would we otherwise come to this site everyday hoping for meaningful posts ?
Everyone writes about our team during the season. It is the off-season when we need to feel that the team is working to become better. Coach Philben is doing a good job of it so far. So, throw us a nugget on a daily basis so that we can feel " a part of".

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