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Alex Smith also not all that into Dolphins

More bad news?

How about this: Multiple sources tell me that the only way Alex Smith is going to sign with the Dolphins is if Peyton Manning goes to San Francisco.

That's right, even the jilted 49'ers quarterback would prefer to return to the team that jilted him over the Dolphins organization that on Sunday tried to recruit him to Miami. Smith's camp has made this clear to the Dolphins.

I suppose that is one reason they are today scheduled to host former Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard -- a quarterback that obviously does not rise to "franchise quarterback" status but is, well, a body.

I posted previously that the Dolphins should be wise in handling Smith because, frankly, he has been a good-not-great player in seven previous seasons. So the Dolphins must resist the temptation to go overboard on this guy because making a splash for the sake of public relations may soothe feelings short-term but is a long-term road to unemployment.

And there is definitely pressure on the Dolphins, particularly general manager Jeff Ireland, to give a public relations answer to what is a business approach. Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote in his Monday Morning quarterback column that Ireland needs to do something out of desperation.

These are King's words:

"In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. He needs to do something right. He doesn't even need to hit a home run. A seeing-eye single would do. That may make him more aggressive on Smith today -- and it may make Smith more inclined to go somewhere I don't think he really wants to go.

"Miami looks like the worst team in the AFC East right now. Would Smith rather rub it in 49er GM Trent Baalke's face and run off to a bad team, and would he rather pray for Manning to pick Tennessee or Denver and go back to where he's got the best chance by far of making a Super Bowl run? Ireland may have to do what he loathes -- overspend for an OK player -- just to deodorize the stink of the last few years in Miami."

So the pressure is on Ireland to pay, probably more than Smith is worth. Of course, if Peyton Manning decides to play in Denver or Tennessee, it is now clear he won't get that chance. Because Alex Smith doesn't want to play here that much.


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I'd classify Reggie Bush as a star player.

Meanwhile the Patriots just keep reloading...

I found it interesting that Flynn said the main reason he picked Seattle over Miami was the "feeling he got while in the facility"
Seattle was energized and positive, while Miami was not...you can't hang that on Ireland alone, there is some type of bad karma attached to this team that needs to be corrected.
Maybe it is Ross and his fakeness...he kinda reminds me of Mitt Romney, you can see him coming a mile away and you just know he's gonna try and sell you some swampland and rip you off.

Count....your doctor called. You need to pick up your meds. I'm sure I'm the reason people laugh at Dolfans and the Dolphins. People laugh at us because idiots like you support the morons who make the decisions around here. And the fact that you take every word literally is even more pathetic. But hey, since we're playing this game....can u get me Ireland's address so I can go bring him a cake and give him a foot massage? Because that's all I wanted it for. Happy?

Please god let manning sign for the titans so we can go get hasselback, I know its only a short term fix, a band-aid if you will, but come on, its got to be better that paying Smith franchise money or bringing Gerard in. The front office at the dolphin must be a laughing stock for the rest of the NFL...we trade away our best receiver for a pair of 3rds, we cant get a QB for love nor money and our season ticket sales are embarrassing.

Get hasselback, draft a QB and let him develope behind a good, if not great QB. Please Manning go to the titan and please let Flynn be a bust, i cant deal with another missed opportunity like Drew Brees

Bottom Line Folks ... The Miami Dolphins are right now in a Bunker Mentality --- Please note that there is not even an effort on their part to reachout to their fan base and calm their concerns. No ... I dont mean to give away any secrets ... No I dont mean tell us what the plan is ... I mean Ireland has the same Bunker Mentality that Parcells has, at least Paecells has a track record, but what does Ireland have to has such a high esteem for his body pf work.

Reggie Bush? A star player? A RB who has only eclipsed the 1,000 yd mark once in his career after being taken #2 overall 6 years ago??? Yeah....he's a star player. Right up there with Alex Smith in terms of value. The dolphins have no star players and no cap room. That is bad management and bad decisions.

Im tired of hearing " Trust Philbin"...The issue is NOT with Philbin..It's with the two idiots he works for...How can the man turn a team around when NOBODY wants to play for them...If Philbin was smart, he would retire...Ross and Jerry Jones are brothers...They wanna act like they know what the hell they are doing, always trying to be the ones making the decisions...BUT...BUT..Their record proves that have a lot of money but not a lick of damn sense!!!

F@ck peter king. Yea it would have been great for Ireland to over spend on kyle orton last year to shut peter king up.
The fact is non of these QBs are better than matt moore other than manning. So why pay starter money to a back up QB just to make a few fans and king happy? Draft a QB and let him develop with philbin.

Hell the Dolphins do not have to get better. The rest of the NFL just has to get a little worse. Sadly,this is the Dolphins best hope. I really hate what has become of this franchise. It really is pathetic and quite frankly,sickening.

And yes NHPHINFAN....Ross is obviously part of the problem, but we can't fire the owner. So the next on the totem pole of decision making is Ireland. Hence, the only place to start eliminating the funk that is the '12 Dolphins is to eliminate Ireland.

Could Parcells be mentoring Ireland behind the scenes? Does anyone else see his trademark higher than thou persona all over this?

You guys make me sick. Are you transplanted Jets fans? Give Philbin a chance. With the exception of Mannung there isn't a qb worth the money.

You guys make me sick. Are you transplanted Jets fans? Give Philbin a chance. With the exception of Mannung there isn't a qb worth the money.

AMEN LIPE32!!! It's not Philbin. I trust Philbin. But Philbin has no say over anything. Why do u think Fisher went to the Rams? Because of Ireland! Ireland makes the calls, not Philbin. Ireland is the cancer. We can all trust Philbin all we want but until the cancer that is Jeff "weasel" Ireland is removed, this organization is gonna have a dark cloud hanging over it.

dc, what did i tell u.remember.?

Hey THRILL....have another cup of coffee and wake up. IT'S NOT PHILBIN! IT'S IRELAND! We can't even get Philbins guys in here because of Ross and Ireland. I think I can speak for most when I say no one has a problem with Philbin.

I'm actually happy that Ireland did not overpay for Flynn. The guy had two starts in four years and wants top ten starter money?
On the Hasslebeck front, Miami had a chance to get him in his second year in the league but passed on yet another talented player in favor for I believe Joey Harrington.
Hasslebeck is in his twilight and IMO, not better than Moore in terms of quickness and mobility around the pocket.
Fisher, Flynn & Manning have all thumbed their noses at us, and can't wait for payback.

Thrill, the issue is that Miami will not expend the effort or money to land a QB. The best choice of all would have been RG3, but the Dolphins decided that Manning was preferable. They had to succeed once they made that choice and failed. By the time this is all done we'll be trying to lure JaMarcus Russell out of retirement.

Thank GOD that Ireland had the foresight to get us Moore last year...

remember how we laughed and lol(ed) that signing....

well who's laughing now....Moore will be the UNCHALLENGED STARTER when we kick off in SEPT....




Tony...we are luring Jamarcus Russell, well not him personally but someone who is in the same mold:

David Garrard

Yes, Ireland is getting him in for a looksee this week. Oh please lord, I promise to go to church every Sunday...please intervene and stop Garrard from coming to Miami, I'm on my knees begging!

kris, do u tink that moore will sign an ext. now,?

This once proud franchise is now just SAD!! No one wants to play here! And that stems from the OWNER and GM!! They are CLOWNS that don't know what the hell they're doing!!! Manning, then Flynn, now you're going to sign Gerrard?!?!?!?!? Are you KIDDING ME????? There is a reason he was out of football last year!! I can't stand it anymore!!! Elmer Fudd needs to sell the team to someone who GIVES A DAMN, get rid of ireland, and the celebrity owners (another joke!), and get this team back to respectability!!!

Henne starting to look better every day.

ryan f'n clark tweeted to the league that the phins r an f'n mess. did ya'll cover that yet.?

This once proud franchise blah blah blah

Don't you get tired of saying 'This once proud franchsise'?

Ancient history, only dead people remember that time.

Tonycane, I don't even think its about the $ anymore. It's about the culture that Parcells/Ireland/now Ross have developed down here. We have a losing attitude. A declining, angry, and un-trusting fanbase. There is a stink permeating from south Florida that started with the Ireland prostitute fiasco, progressed to the Harbaugh chase, the Sporano extension then firing, the Gator day Tebow miracle....now the Manning swing and a miss. The fact that Flynn said the "culture and feeling" was better in Seattle even though Philbin was his previous coordinator. Other teams players (Ryan Clark) openly bashing the organization. Channing Crowder calling out Ireland....it just goes on and on and it's all negative. There is no positive in this organization and it has been spiraling out of control for a while now. Every reporter is talking about what a disaster it is down here and everyone who isn't blinded with Dolphin love can see it. This whole organization needs a culture change from top to bottom. Unfortunately it's felt that way for a while but again....something needs to change. Because there is no light at this point and everyone with their eyes open can see it.

F@ck peter king. Yea it would have been great for Ireland to over spend on kyle orton last year to shut peter king up.
The fact is non of these QBs are better than matt moore other than manning. So why pay starter money to a back up QB just to make a few fans and king happy? Draft a QB and let him develop with philbin.

Posted by: BoulderPhinfan | March 19, 2012 at 08:57 AM

Do you live in a bubble or something? Don't you get it? Try seeing the BIG PICTURE.

The Phins can't lure ANYONE to play for them with any real value! Ryan Clark tweeted that no one wants to play for the Dolphins because of the guy making the decisions! That opinion is RAMPANT in the NFL!

Open your eyes & wake up! It has zero to do about whether they are better players than Matt moore. It's that we can't even get these marginal players to wanna sign with us!

Some of you phin fans are homers & you keep defending this pathetic excuse for a franchise. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!

Ross & Ireland are the problem & until they're gone, this team is worthless!

On the receiver front, we should sign Ted Ginn and T.O. This will give us veteran receiver help to fill in foe the loss of Brandon Marshall.

I agree the way to build a winner is via draft. Three 1st rd picks for RG does not sound so bad now, does it? Besides it was just two, this year's was a swap. There is NO plan, there never was. At 0-7 last year we had more time than anyone in the NFL to prepare for this offseason. At 0-7 a competent GM should know we were not a player away from contention. At 0-7 we had a golden opportunity to undone all the horrible deals we inked for Marshall, Dansby, Bell, Fasano and even Long since considering our precarious cap situation is virtually impossible to sign him next year anyway.

I'm pretty sure you can not reveal your sources but you mentioned some agents being baffled by Miami's brass. I have a good hunch one of the them was Winston's. The guy wanted to come here, he preferred grass, played at the U, likes it here. You really have to wonder how Ross and Ireland turned off players like Winston (and Flynn) for them to take similar deals elsewhere. Simply put it is inexcusable not to sign a stud 28 year old RT at 4 years $22 million, an insurance considering Long's high possibility of leaving the team. Unforgivable.

If the "plan" was and still is to build via draft, why are all those overpaid underachievers still doing in Miami's roster when they could have provided much needed draft picks and cap room if dealt elsewhere? In fact we are doing the opposite by bringing another overpaid player like Smith, what kind of rebuilding is that?

Ross can not get a pass as a rookie owner anymore. Today the reality seems to be that we are maybe the worst franchise in football; I say seems because who knows maybe there is a master plan (I do not believe that for a second) but make no mistake the perception everywhere is that we are a second class organization no one wants to be part of.

So it's come down to wherever Peyton goes, we make a play for the QB that gets kicked to the curb.

Denver - Tebow
SF - Smith
TN - Hasslebeck

Whatever, just eat crow, get some warm bodies into camp to compete against Moore, who I believe will be the starter in week one.

Okay, so in a year where the Oakland Raiders gave up a 1st round AND 2nd round pick for the likes of Carson Palmer, and the Washington Redskins gave up THREE 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder just for the opportunity to draft an unproven RGIII, the Dolphis refused to pay a couple million more for Matt Flynn when he was clearly coveted by them AND other teams? This organization is coming to be known as a joke...

I figure I have to remind people that they were once good....I've heard stories from my grandfather! I haven't lived long enough to see it for myself...have to take other dead peoples word for it! They've been nothing but sad in my lifetime, and it's only getting worse!


Who's going to pay for the new stadium in south Dade?

The rebuild appears to be officially on. As long as it's for real I'm OK with it. That means creating cap space and developing drafted players.

"They are CLOWNS that don't know what the hell they're doing!!! Manning, then Flynn, now you're going to sign Gerrard?!?!?!?!?"

Posted by: Mike H | March 19, 2012 at 09:15 AM

You forgot Ryan Clark, Fisher & Harbaugh to add to your list. All Ross had to do was fire Ireland with Sporano. Problem solved. He's a talent scout, he knows nothing about building & running a franchise or assembling a team.

Ross is the only 1 who doesn't see it.

Philbin doesn't stand a chance here unless he's the next Lombardi. Come to think of it, Lombardi had talent to work with. So many people are talking about Ireland's ineptitude yet people here still say the sky isn't falling.

Pretty astute observation when it's already fallen!

2 Watt....

If Moore plays well...and we SHOW HIM THE MONEY....I think he stays....

If he plays above average...and shows he will be able to challenge the PATS in a year or two (Brady getting older)....then I think we should commit to him long term....

Thats right...I said it....

I'm of the opinion that the Dolphins need to buy out the last year of Ireland's contract (i.e., fire him). Give Philbin control of personnel until a new GM can be hired. Philbin is well liked and the Dolphins need to stop the PR nightmare that is affecting their ability to build a respectable team.

Ryan Clark strongly implies the reason he didn't come to Miami was Ireland.

Peter King has a long section in his column today about all that has gone wrong in Miami. He states:

"Clearly, when Huizenga brought in Bill Parcells, who imported Jeff Ireland from the Cowboys, he didn't expect the disastrous personnel run that has ensued. (And the man who bought the Dolphins from Huizenga, Stephen Ross, didn't expect Ireland to ask Dez Bryant the sordid question about his mother's occupation in the run-up to the 2010 draft either.)"

and conculdes, "It's absolutely amazing how much failure the Dolphins have endured in the last 10 years. And the way this year is beginning -- losing out on Fisher, Manning and Flynn -- I'm amazed that Ross is putting up with it without blowing a gasket."

Ireland may be a good person in his private life. But as the GM of the Dolphins, it's just not working out. Both he and Dolphins need to part ways and start anew.

Frankly I am appalled at the number of people here STILL defending Ireland and Ross, maybe after we do deserve to be the laughing stock of the league. For the 1000th time: It is not about NOT signing Flynn. It is NOT whether you agree or not with the Marshall trade. It IS about how we got there in the case of Marshall (should have been traded at 0-7) and if Flynn wasn't really so high in the radar, why going through the charade to bringing him here and all that?

I can see them offering $3m/year now, what kind of business are these people running? Anyone could have told you that deal was not going to fly. The cost alone to revamp this franchise's reputation will cost more. These players (and coaches, agents) DO talk to each other. This very hour the name of the team is being used to mop a gas station restroom all over the media. The Ryan Clark tweet I guarantee you happens a lot.

Go ahead keep ignoring all these things, I am fken sick to see anyone defending these people.

Where is Miami spending all its money? Who is tying up all the cap space? Bad management? We need to be spending money on skilled positions for playmakers not lineman. Ross must know by know he needs to find a GM that can get him the players he wants, Ireland is fielding a team that will not win more that 4-5 games next year and will be in the running for 1st overall pick again. Philbin should resign since he is being given a team that can't win.

The front office stinks Ireland & Ross should in the como stability center for retarded people,and we as a franatic fans should dont buy a f.u.c.k.i.n.g seasson tickets PERIOD.

I see the front office blind faith defenders are always here.

Matt Moore is just average and mediocre...

You fools love mediocrity.

The Packers build through the Draft and do not spend money in Free Agency, but if you notice they draft really well. We don't draft very well and that is why we are a perrenial loser. Tannehill will be gone either at #4 or #6 so we are going to have to concentrate on Weeden or Cousins as our QB of the future. Matt Moore does not have the mobility to run the WC Offense.

This team has been crap ever since crater face bought the team from Joe Robbie. What a shame.

They are running the team exactly how consistently successful NFL franchises do, no overpaying for players and no panic moves. This draft is deep at QB, WR and at DE.... Once the Manning stuff gets settled we'll get a QB to compete with Moore and we'll likely draft one as well. What's more of a negative for South Florida are all the idiotic sports writers and dumb sports' fans!

I won't buy a ticket to even one game until Ireland is fired!

It's not all about Ireland. There is more going on here than the twit mob is willing to see. This community is too myopic and egotistical to be called a "community" at this point. The best move for the Dolphins is going to be a move out of town if this keeps up. I see lots of complaining but very few solutions beyond a lynching. This guy is doing a job. You don't like the way he is doing it, fine, but attacking the guy to try to find out where he lives and eats is just plain wrong. You want to know why no body WANTS to play here, LOOK IN THE MIRROR TWITS! This city doesn't deserve the Dolphins!

I am a 49er fan posting about the Alex Smith situation. Sorry for not being in the Manning sweepstakes. I was hoping he'd go to Miami so then your team could get over the hump. But Peyton is scared just like every other QB and couch to go to Miami. It's more because they have to play so many tough teams. They're scared. That is all. Well if the niners take Peyton (I'd rather have Alex Smith) then your team will be getting a good QB. One who's underrated in the NFL. He is an extremely hard worker and has improved every year since he's been in the NFL(even though he's switched couches and coordinators every year of his career.) Trust me I've watched every niner game on DVR many times and the niners wouldn't have won so many games without Smith. For starters he's only thrown 5 interceptions and has come back and won games in 6 games last season. Alex is extremely versatile. Many people see him as a pocket passer but he's much more than that. Your talking about a guy that can move out of the pocket and can switch from passer to runner to passer again quickly. He can make every throw deep or shallow and does it well above average. Another thing that can’t be said enough about Alex Smith is his toughness both physical and mental. He took a lot of sacks last season something like the most in the NFL. 44 to be exact and this guy will brush it off and get up ready for the next play. Has that Tim Tebow type toughness(he did come out of Urban Meyer’s offense) but with a much better arm and footwork. He will also stand in the pocket and make the tough throw. I could probably go on all day talking about how good Alex Smith is but if you guys a get him then I hope they utilize him to his full potential. Because Alex Smith is so intelligent he needs to be challenged with the playbook early on. Also his offense should be vary multiple in it’s design while at the same time structured therefore to make decision making more easier. Well I’m interested in what you think. If you have any questions holler. I’ll be around until this all gets sorted out.

Yes our front office is a bit dysfunctional, but we will field a team in Sept made up of players and new coaches that just might win a few more games than last year.
...winning cures everything and if we get a quick start out of the gate, all this hate will blow over and be replaced with joy and happiness.

I love to wake and bake! It changes your perspective on things'-)

Go ahead keep ignoring all these things, I am fken sick to see anyone defending these people.
Posted by: TigerSam | March 19, 2012 at 09:28 AM

Tiger, it's pretty clear, anyone defending Ireland & Ross know little to nothing. And that's being kind.

Ross & Ireland's record is indefensible. It's horrific. This franchise is more of a luaghing stock now than it was when it was 1-15.

Those in denial should look into therapy.

Armando's articles would fit well in the Boston Herald or Globe. He is actually more negative towards the Phins than most Boston writers are. King is a Pats guy through and through, so why quote him? Guys like King and Florio love to trash the Dolphins at every possible opportunity.

Also, lots of teams are swinging and missing on Peyton. Why aren't all those teams getting crucified by the media? As for Flynn, he was there for the taking. The Phins just don't feel he is that great, so they passed on him. I guess we'll find out if that was a good decision. My sense is that it was.

Moore helped us to a 6-3 finish last year. He played very well in 7 of the last 9 games. Personally, I would rather stick with Moore than overpay for Flynn.

Why not keep henne, he was actually playing pretty good before he got hurt, henne, moore draft tanneyhill. I bet we regret letting henne get away.

I just saw a piece by Chris Mortenson on ESPN2 and he was talking about Flynn signing and others and he said that fins have a plan, but he can't figure it out yet, he said the fins are definitely up to something. I just about choked on my eggs and bacon.

Looks like we will move down on the draft...

I love the Dolphins, I bleed teal and orange. But I have made the very personal and difficult decision to boycott the Dolphins 2012-2013 season. Mr. Ross will not learn his lesson until the people of South Florida hit him where it hurts. Worst case he sees the error of his ways. Best case he fires Ireland and then sells the team to someone who is as passionate about the team as we are.

I have started a facebook group for all those who want to join in boycotting the season. No games on TV, no merchandise, no going to games, no visiting the Dolphins website. Just search for "Boycott the Miami Dolphins 2012 Season" and join.

I will still follow my team, and will still cheer them on. But I will not do so in a manner that sends one red cent to Mr. Ross and his lackey GM.

Moore helped us to a 6-3 finish last year. He played very well in 7 of the last 9 games. Personally, I would rather stick with Moore than overpay for Flynn.

Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 09:37 AM

You don't get it do you? It's not about over paying anybody. It's the fact that that NONE of these marginal FA's even wanna play here!


The Dolphins have NO plan on what they are doing that is the problem. If they had some sort of plan that remotely seemed reasonable then I would have a little faith that they knew what they were doing but at this point we all know they are scrammbling to come up with a plan to get a QB and other needs. Unless they plan on moving up to draft Blackmon they won't be able to get a WR that can start in the NFL year 1 and there are no good QBs to get later on, Weedon is old already and the other guys all have major flaws to succeed in the NFL.

scholar49...you said Peyton was 'scared' to come to Miami because he'd have to play so many tough teams?

Since when did Peyton walk away from a challenge in his life?

Fear was NOT in his thought process when he made his decision to turn down Miami & Arizona.

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