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Alex Smith also not all that into Dolphins

More bad news?

How about this: Multiple sources tell me that the only way Alex Smith is going to sign with the Dolphins is if Peyton Manning goes to San Francisco.

That's right, even the jilted 49'ers quarterback would prefer to return to the team that jilted him over the Dolphins organization that on Sunday tried to recruit him to Miami. Smith's camp has made this clear to the Dolphins.

I suppose that is one reason they are today scheduled to host former Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard -- a quarterback that obviously does not rise to "franchise quarterback" status but is, well, a body.

I posted previously that the Dolphins should be wise in handling Smith because, frankly, he has been a good-not-great player in seven previous seasons. So the Dolphins must resist the temptation to go overboard on this guy because making a splash for the sake of public relations may soothe feelings short-term but is a long-term road to unemployment.

And there is definitely pressure on the Dolphins, particularly general manager Jeff Ireland, to give a public relations answer to what is a business approach. Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote in his Monday Morning quarterback column that Ireland needs to do something out of desperation.

These are King's words:

"In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. He needs to do something right. He doesn't even need to hit a home run. A seeing-eye single would do. That may make him more aggressive on Smith today -- and it may make Smith more inclined to go somewhere I don't think he really wants to go.

"Miami looks like the worst team in the AFC East right now. Would Smith rather rub it in 49er GM Trent Baalke's face and run off to a bad team, and would he rather pray for Manning to pick Tennessee or Denver and go back to where he's got the best chance by far of making a Super Bowl run? Ireland may have to do what he loathes -- overspend for an OK player -- just to deodorize the stink of the last few years in Miami."

So the pressure is on Ireland to pay, probably more than Smith is worth. Of course, if Peyton Manning decides to play in Denver or Tennessee, it is now clear he won't get that chance. Because Alex Smith doesn't want to play here that much.


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Get rid of Ireland now before he f up the draft!!!!!!


I really don't know what to think. I entered this offseason with optimism that Philbin would be reunited with Flynn to run the offense he knows. And now??? I just don't know what to think.

Ruh Rho Rhaggy....

Let the "TEBOW WATCH" begin...

no idea why they did not grab mallet in the 3rd freakin round last year.

draft weeden

I would hate to go into the Season with Moore and only an unproven 2nd year guy and a rookie backing him up. I think if Garrard comes relatively cheap and passes his physical, he might be the way to go.

At this point the Dolphins should just shut it down and try to get a QB in the draft. But in the end I don't think it matters. Next year, if not sooner, Ross will once againg clean house by firing Ireland. He will hire a new GM (Petersen?) and then the new GM will want to bring in his coach with his assistants. So this year will be another lost year. I can't beging to imagine what Philbin and his assistants must be thinking. My advice to Philbin would be don't sell your house in Green Bay. You will be back there again next year.

You know, your right. But it has gotten worst, no thanks to the present front office.


Are you serious??? Ireland is the laughing stock of the NFL. EVERY major football writer is pounding on the Dolphins' incompetence. This goes WAY past the fans & when players are ripping him for being an a##hole clearly there is a problem here.

maybe because Mallett sucks?

Go ahead and quit Peter... rookie owner and rookie (very) GM is a dangerous combination!! Who steps in and says 'that makes no sense' when somebody needs to. The owner has his personal ex-GM mentor, with by far more experience, who did not seem to be on the same page as the rookie GM who supposedly calls the shots. Ireland still seems like a dear in the headlights, when trying to play with the big boys. But he's got a huge problem now, if the perception of him has already become reality around the league.

Somebody needs to question Ireland about his Mother!

No idiots here. Perhaps you.

"You know, your right. But it has gotten worst, no thanks to the present front office."


I'm at the end of my rope with this team as well. I couldn't believe Ross kept Ireland after the season ended. It's like a nightmare that keeps getting worse....

Wow. Another failure are you kidding me. I have been a dolphin fan for well over 30yrs and i am ready to start cheering for the Patriots.
Every free agent in the nfl football universe is running full speed away from the CLUSTER F*** that is the Miami Dolphins.
Ever since that dumbo looking moron bought the franchise it has gone to hell. I hope this crap team he continues to command bleeds his bank accounts dry.
The Dolphins were never in the hunt for Manning it was a pipe dream that the media and the front office made up to get the fans excited. We lost out on a guy our HC coached for a couple of years a guy who has two starts under his belt. The next best tells the Dolphins only if Peyton signs and that is an if. So we are loooking at a guy who has needs a job but spurned the same team last year but now feels he can be the man so he is back.
SERIOUSLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE BEST THE DOLPHINS CAN DO! Was there not talk of Ross wanting to move the Dolphins maybe it was more than a rumor seems like he is running tge fan base away methodicaly.

but with mallett you wouldnt be in this mess.

you like weeden or no? year older than flynn...get 6 years out of hom.

yes...I'd sign off on drafting Weeden in the 2nd round.

"ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Broncos will try to trade Tim Tebow following the official signing of free agent Peyton Manning."

Don't do it Ireland. Please just quit now.

crazy how the phins can make you sick year round...not jsut during the season!

NFL Draft 2012: Why Brandon Weeden Should be 3rd Quarterback Taken in Draft

The way I see it, four quarterbacks will be on the wish list for NFL teams in need of a signal-caller: Incoming rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.

Luck is almost assuredly going to the Indianapolis Colts with the top overall pick. The most likely destinations for Griffin seem to be either the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins, though another team could step in.

Manning's future with the Colts remains uncertain, though the Miami Dolphins seem the most logical fit if he leaves. And Flynn will likely wind up with the team convinced it won't be able to land one of the two top rookies.

That's where Brandon Weeden comes in. Yes, the Oklahoma State senior is 28 years old, and yes, that will drop his stock significantly. But for a team that believes it is on the cusp of the playoffs and is a solid quarterback away from that goal, Weeden is the best option.


Ireland may or may not be at fault. Unfortunately the perception appears to be that he IS at the root of alot of these issues. It does not help Ireland that he has a guy like Ross as his owner. Ross is viewed as a star stuck goofball that has no business in the NFL.Ross has transformed the Dolphins, a once top 5 franchise in the NFL, into the new Lions and Bucs.

yes to weeden.


So that's the answer??? We sign a rookie who is about to turn 29??? There's NO WAY he can beat out Matt Moore to be the starter. This is not Andrew Luck we're talking about here.

nhfinfan, well i can tell you just him being near brady and belicheat for season makes him better then any one on our bench, so not sure how you can say that, plus, when brady goes down and or retires and its mallett's turn to own us for a decade or better remember your post.

NFL Draft 2012: Why Brandon Weeden Should be 3rd Quarterback Taken in Draft
By Timothy Rapp (Featured Columnist) on January 24, 2012 823 reads 0
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Christian Petersen/Getty Images
The way I see it, four quarterbacks will be on the wish list for NFL teams in need of a signal-caller: Incoming rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.

Luck is almost assuredly going to the Indianapolis Colts with the top overall pick. The most likely destinations for Griffin seem to be either the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins, though another team could step in.

Manning's future with the Colts remains uncertain, though the Miami Dolphins seem the most logical fit if he leaves. And Flynn will likely wind up with the team convinced it won't be able to land one of the two top rookies.

That's where Brandon Weeden comes in. Yes, the Oklahoma State senior is 28 years old, and yes, that will drop his stock significantly. But for a team that believes it is on the cusp of the playoffs and is a solid quarterback away from that goal, Weeden is the best option.

Consider the following from Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post (and Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated):

Weeden, who threw for 4,700 yards and 37 touchdowns this season, is 28 years old. He switched to football after a stint playing minor-league baseball. His NFL career won't last as long as the other quarterbacks in the draft, and scouts aren't sure if he was simply beating up on younger competition in college.

"He's probably a top-15 pick were it not for his age," said Pauline, who added that Weeden is probably the best of the group to run a quick-passing "West Coast" offense if [Miami head coach Joe] Philbin brings it with him from Green Bay.

Weeden has two major advantages over Matt Flynn—he has more natural ability and he'll come cheaper—with two major disadvantages, in that Flynn is younger and has spent the past four years studying an NFL offense.

And the teams that would realistically consider Weeden could use first-round picks to improve their team or the money they'll save to address other needs in free agency.

Let's use the Redskins as an example. We'll pretend like they don't trade with the St. Louis Rams to get the No. 2 pick to draft Robert Griffin III, and they don't make a play on Matt Flynn in free agency or via a trade.
Now, they'll be in a position to take the best player on the board at No. 6—maybe they can land a franchise running back in Trent Richardson, for instance—can snag Weeden in the second round and will have money to throw at one of their team needs in free agency such as a playmaker at wide receiver.

And wouldn't you know it, this year just so happens to potentially be a great year to find a wide receiver in free agency, with players such as Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Marques Colston, Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Bowe all possibly hitting the market.

Suddenly, the Redskins look like a team a whole lot closer to the playoffs than it was a year ago.

Perhaps the Seattle Seahawks will go after Weeden in the second round, unsatisfied with the play of Tarvaris Jackson. They believe they can be competitive in Seattle—after starting the year 2-6, they figured things out and went 5-3 down the stretch.

Using the money they saved not pursuing Flynn, they could re-sign Marshawn Lynch, who was an absolute beast at running back down the stretch for them.

Maybe Miami won't want to overpay in a trade to snag Griffin, or won't want to overpay for Manning or Flynn in free agency.

Weeden can step in capable of running Philbin's offense, and the team can draft a much-needed right tackle such as Riley Reiff out of Iowa.

For a team that feels it is close to the playoffs, the talented Weeden must be a consideration. He may end up being the sort of cheap and reliable consolation prize in the quarterback raffle that allows a team to make the other moves necessary to reach the playoffs.

And in a year with such a drastic drop-off in talent after the first two quarterback prospects, he also seems a far less immediate risk than any other quarterback on the board.


You're talking out of your a##. A top 5 franchise??? This team went 1-15 before Ross even bought the team. Get your facts straight. Not to mention that this team hasn't won a SB in 30 years & hasn't even been to one in 20 years!!!! That's all Ross' fault??? Sure he sucks but so Huzienga.

The Dolphins should draft Weeden over Tannehill by the mere fact that Weeden, by all reports, is a 1st round talent BUT because of his age he has been downgraded. Moreover both Ireland and for that matter Philbin might be on a one year contract. Weeden is more NFL ready than Tannehill who most veryone concedes is a two or three year project. Ireland and Philbin wont have two or three years to come up with a QB.

Manning to Denver...

Good luck in the freezing cold....

We have Draft Picks,

The Dolphins were a top 5 franchise back when Shula was our coach. Stop and think before you go flying off the handle.

randy mueller was the worst gm the team ever had.even shula made mistakes.some of his 1st round picks in the 80's-90's=
jackie shipp
lorenzo hampton
erik kumerow
sammie smith
randell hill
marco colemen
billy milner
don the gm did not do right by don the coach.we had the best qb ever but no running game or defense worth mentioning around him. he also hired bad coaches like studley and olividatti.it is a testament to his greatness that he was usually in it at the end anyway.having said this,i am not an ireland fan but i like this man philbin. i believe he has the right stuff & he is nobodys fool. let's see what he brings to the table if we get osweiler,weeden,tannehill, or cousins.
i've been bleeding aqua & orange since 1970 and will always be a fan.

What is this, a Black Caucus to run Ireland outta here? Just because he asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a crack/whor(not justifying it), but which it was probably true either/or?

You run away from Reality, It will meet you further on.

We have Draft Picks,

I don't know how long you have been a Dolphin fan but I have been one since 1966 and a ticket holder since 1971. I don't need some goofball, knuckel head like you to tell me to get the facts staright. If you would of read some of my prior blogs you would of realized that I have ALWAYS said that the demisse of the Dolphis started under the watch of Wayne H. Huiezenga. He totally ruined this franchise and put the final dagger in the heart by selling to an even bigger idiot in Stephen Ross.

If Ross wants Tebow, will Philbin and the new staff buy in or will we start hearing from unknown team sources that the coaching staff isn't happy, yadayadayada.

My last post for our future Miami Dolphin QB Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State – Weeden (6-3, 220) will be 29 years old when the 2012 NFL season starts, which is a big strike against him. However, if he was your typical 22 year-old coming out of college he would be mentioned right along with Luck and Griffin. Weeden has a very strong arm, is a great decision-maker, a mature leader and has high football intelligence. He put up eye-popping numbers in the Cowboys' spread offense, but no one questions his ability to transition to a pro-style system.

Weeden did throw a lot of interceptions (13 per season during his junior and senior years), but he threw a ton of passes so these numbers are a bit deceiving. Just check out his statistics from the last two years:

Junior year – 342-for-511 for 4,277 yards (69.9%), 34td and 13int.

Senior year – 409-for-565 for 4,727 yards (72.4%), 37td and 13int.

Those are sick, sick numbers against some very good defenses. Weeden does have some mechanical problems...he throws off his back foot when under pressure and tends to take unnecessary chances...but he has a high, quick release and hits his receivers in stride. I like Weeden a lot, and think the Browns do as well.

what ever happened with marc bulger? ravens still hiding him away or did he retire? just curious, thnx

Some weird stuff in this Blog. Nobody talking bad about Philbin even though as a HC he's less proven than Matt Flynn. Hmm..

It would be nice to have Blacmon fall into our hands , than we draft Weeden in the later rounds.

Bulger retired last year.

jaksin. to many shots to the head. he doesn't want to be a starter no mo.

david, i like weeden too.sick stats the last 2 years and if he was 22 he might have been taken ahead of rg3.only trouble is he's got to start almost from day 1. what do you think of drafting either osweiler,cousins or tannehill, and letting philbin & sherman coach the pick up for 1 year behind matt moore.

so hard too keep rolling with these clowns.....
we are the laughing stock of the league we suck ireland sucks bad...we need a whole new fo starting with owner..
might as well pack up and move because no one,no one will be their for games on sundays..
why too see matt moore.or richard marshall...??art hicks??
hate the fact we are brain dead....really im done with football at least miami football...so bad too watch..
i have had direct tv football package every year since 2001..not this year screw it im DONE.........
PS.STILL FINS 4 LIFE............

I had the opportunity to watch Luck and Weeden compete in a Game against each other and for me it was no contest. Terrible mechanics as compared to Luck. But Weeden won the Game. How about that, uh?

Looks like I'll probably have to start rooting against the Phins about 4 games in again next season. Not to worry though they'll probably win 7 and give us no chance at a franchise QB once again. I'm sick to my stomach today. I hate the Broncos, hate Peyton, hate Ireland, I need to have a drink.

Please as a long standing Phins fan from over the pond...even we know that Ross should fire the joke of a GM (ie Ireland)....his record over the last 3 years speak for itslef and the various catastrophes he's made speaking to individuals.....



Hey, People, talk something bad about Philbin. What's that?, there's nothing bad to talk about him as a HC? Well, there is nothing good either. Yes.


OK, no problem. Get Garrard and draft Tannehill. So it will be Moore, Garrard and Tannehill in training camp. That's not so bad. Moore or Garrard will start initially and Tannehill will emerge mid-season, just like old Number 13 did in '83.

well aside from a major move in the draft, which would require someone to step up and show they got a pair. all i can say is it's entirely to early to be such a downer already, sad thing is, im really not surprised or that upset as i suppose im getting used to the senseless regresion, man im losing it. i feel everyone's pain and yes its hard. good luck in the draft fella's!

You'd better believe that Philbin will name starter the best decision-maker QB he has available.


Watch Cleveland is going to trade up and get tannenhill cuz I think thatis the dolphins plan is to get him and they might even lose that one too. And if they sign Gerard that will prove again their ignorance !!!!

This is from the G.M. of the Cleveland Browns

.Scribbles from Tom Heckert's Browns draft briefing ...

1. Maybe it's more pre-draft diversion, but Browns General Manager Tom Heckert made it sound as if the team is sticking with its basic plan of building mostly through the draft ... and not trading away picks. Rather than discuss the possibility of trading up for someone such as Robert Griffin III, Heckert brought up the idea of trading down.
2. He said there were "four quarterbacks" in the draft that he liked. He refused to name them, but as he talked about different quarterbacks, it was clear the four were Andrew Luck, Griffin, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden.
3. I asked him about Weeden, and he probably talked more about the 28-year-old from Oklahoma State than any other player discussed. Heckert said, "I like him a lot ... He's 28, but he's mature ... he's won a lot of games, thrown for a lot of yards ... A great kid, super smart."
That does make me wonder if perhaps Weeden would be someone they would consider at No. 22, or more likely in the second round. That's especially true since several draft experts have Tannehill moving into the top 12.

Well it is official we struck out on everything we set out to do this year, get a name brand coach, upgrade the QB position. I am embarrassed to even wear my Dolphins hat out in public. Hell the Bills talked Williams into playing for them and what have we done? Not a dang thing, oh yea we traded Marshall away.....Ross is proving to be a forgetful owner as is Jeff Ireland, guy needs to be 86'd!! At least we have college football on Saturdays cause I wont be paying a bit of attention to the third rate last place Dolphins.

ROSS knows that the only QB left which can create a splash is Tebow.

How much could he improve with a full pre-season?

GARRARD???? Are you kidding??? GARRARD? OMG THAT'S A GOOD ONE!!!!! Ireland. You are a total IDIOT!!!!!

I said it last week and it is up to the people in So. Florida. If you want results as a fan; Don't buy a single ticket. That'll make Ross and Ireland Sh@@!2 or get of the pot!!!!!!!

SOMETHING!!!! There are too many people that won't do it!!!!

Another 49er fan here, Smith led us to 13-3... with only 2 weapons on "o". Smith is only 27yrs old and has helped bring us from the toilet. Don't sell him short. Us 9er fans are ruthless and im sick and tired of seeing this kid get kicked in the junk. He deserves better!! All he's done for us is help bring us back to they top. 13-3 is no accident!! GOOD LUCK ALEX!!! Ill buy your fins jersey. Ill wear it under my niner jersey of course!!!

Hey Folks Maybe we are over reacting.
We did go 6 and 3 the last nine games.
It's a new coaching staff lets give them some time to put a team together.
There are no quick fixes all Fin fans should know that.
Matt Morre played the best any QB has for us in many years.
I rather keep him than get any other retreads.
So lets be positive and go get a WR and a few other players that we need in the draft. Free agency is overrated.
This all being said if they bring in Tebow My head explode

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