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Alex Smith also not all that into Dolphins

More bad news?

How about this: Multiple sources tell me that the only way Alex Smith is going to sign with the Dolphins is if Peyton Manning goes to San Francisco.

That's right, even the jilted 49'ers quarterback would prefer to return to the team that jilted him over the Dolphins organization that on Sunday tried to recruit him to Miami. Smith's camp has made this clear to the Dolphins.

I suppose that is one reason they are today scheduled to host former Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard -- a quarterback that obviously does not rise to "franchise quarterback" status but is, well, a body.

I posted previously that the Dolphins should be wise in handling Smith because, frankly, he has been a good-not-great player in seven previous seasons. So the Dolphins must resist the temptation to go overboard on this guy because making a splash for the sake of public relations may soothe feelings short-term but is a long-term road to unemployment.

And there is definitely pressure on the Dolphins, particularly general manager Jeff Ireland, to give a public relations answer to what is a business approach. Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote in his Monday Morning quarterback column that Ireland needs to do something out of desperation.

These are King's words:

"In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. He needs to do something right. He doesn't even need to hit a home run. A seeing-eye single would do. That may make him more aggressive on Smith today -- and it may make Smith more inclined to go somewhere I don't think he really wants to go.

"Miami looks like the worst team in the AFC East right now. Would Smith rather rub it in 49er GM Trent Baalke's face and run off to a bad team, and would he rather pray for Manning to pick Tennessee or Denver and go back to where he's got the best chance by far of making a Super Bowl run? Ireland may have to do what he loathes -- overspend for an OK player -- just to deodorize the stink of the last few years in Miami."

So the pressure is on Ireland to pay, probably more than Smith is worth. Of course, if Peyton Manning decides to play in Denver or Tennessee, it is now clear he won't get that chance. Because Alex Smith doesn't want to play here that much.


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This group don't like free agency they will go to the draft


This is playing out great. I do not like none of these BUSTER that were available. They are not what we need. IRELAND! You stick to your guns and do not over-pay for mediocrity. All of them were trying to use us and it was cool to check them out. Thanks, but no thanks.

Everyone is so desparate to put us in the poor house for some silly-ass BUSTER Quarterbacks. Sit back and let this play out. Matt Moore has always been the answer. YES, we need depth but don't over spend just because the media runs off at mouth (or text) and say "oh get him, get her". This is rediculous reading all this and hearing stuff on TV. I havn't liked everything we have done as far as players but this is sweet to me. Roll on Matt.

I did some research and found something interesting. Now that Peyton is signing with Denver, Denver then will trade Tebow, likely destination is Jacksonville. Tebow mania coming to Jacksonville. Jacksonville just signed Henne, and they trade QB Blaine Gabbert to the Miami Dolphins for a 3rd pick. You see, last year Ireland and the dolphin staff wanted to pick Gabbert with the 15 pick, but Jacksonville move from 16 to 10 to steal our QB. We now have a chance to get him back. The QB dominos are working in our favorite if that happens.

sometimes the best deal is the one you don't make. peter king is talking through his a**. ireland doesn't need to hit the panic button on a quarterback. there is no need to sacrifice the long term health of the team for short term fixes.

Gabbart?? Ok David that's good. So why would Jacksonville get rid of their QB? What does that tell u about what they think of him. I'm curious. I'm not sure about gabbart either. Well let's see what happens. I don't think Flynn was our guy anyway and neither did Philbin apparently. He knows him better then anyone.






I think they want tannenhill the offensive cord knows him

Armando: Smith was not "jilted" by the 9ers. They offered him a contract (after his 1st good season in 7 years) and then HE REFUSED TO SIGN IT.

AFTER THAT, the 9ers started taking a look at Manning.

And why is it some surprise or slap in the face that Smith would rather play for the 9ers than the Phins? There are probably about 30 other teams that would be treated the same way.

First Ross is a Developer. A business where you lie and cheat and are as cheap as tin unless spending other peoples money. So I'm not surprised. I will say Ross made a good business decision to put a club in Dolphins stadium. With the team sucking so bad you can forget the game and go to the club. Maybe you can rub with Mark Anthony. REALLY? This is where we are now.
How bout this. Dolphin fans are now looking ahead to next years draft-NO NOT THE 2012 but 2013 DRAFT!. "With the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Dolphins select Mat Barkley.............oh no, wait, that's offinsive lineman..........."

I will never watch another game if they get Tebow. I will root for the Jets. maybe...

Gabbert was a big time bust called it before the draft and he still is a bust.

Garrard is a bum , I would rather have nobody , he is the pits we don`t need that washed up turd!!!!!!

FEEL A RANT COMING ON (OK--deleted a lot of it, but just getting my frustrations out helped!)!!!!!!!!!!!

Been trying to digest all of this. I, too, have waffled about my opinion of potentially signing Manning, Flynn, selling the farm of draft picks, etc for RGIII.

I would absolutely like to see Tebow in Miami--BUT NOT AS OUR #1 QB. Hell, why wouldn't even Denver want to keep him with a new plan of use (sure--money, money, money) Who cares if he isn't happy about it--he is under contract like anyone else)--He is smart, athletic, talented, etc., and would be a really great Offensive weapon in a receiving or running sitution (gee, not like we wouldn't benefit from anything like that, and hewould be great in a WCO)and can give interesting options for occasional QB plays (NOT WILDCAT!!!). That is a risk reward scenario well worth considering

And--Moore did a very credible job--no one labels him a "Franchise"type, but he outplayed many others and we coudl be worse off, no matter who they ultimately draft or sign.

Not going to rant about Ireland/Ross, my head hurts too much, but we still have a long way to go before seeing how this draft turns out. And, not every FA results in gold, so...

I think we have a chance at either Tannehill or Weeden depending on the circumstances coming up to the Draft.

BTW, neither Tannehill nor Weeden look like 1st rd prospects to me.

The fins situation is not great but I dont see what Ireland could of done. Clearly Philbin did not think much of Flynn or at least not for the money he wanted. As we all know if you spend too much on a qb and he does not produce then you are looking at atleast a 5 year set back. Manning signing with Denver does leave the fins with one clear football decision. Stick with Moore, draft DE in the 1st, draft a qb in the 2nd. Yes I dont think the fins should trade up to Tannehill and I am not sold on him as an 8th pick in the draft. Ireland is building a team and if you look at what he has done without equating the Qb position then its not bad. I know the qb is the most important position and he does need to get it right there but not at the expense of taking someone just for the sake of taking someone.

I don´t understand this dolphins organization they can´t address any important player to the team in the free agency, but they trade the only one we have it for only two 3rd rounds. This guys are freaking unvelaible we are the humor notes on the NFL.

Stop doing stupid thingsand don´t waste another draft choice on a QB that won´t be work as Chad Henne and Pat White

We just informed the Dolphins today we will not be renewing our season tickets. We have a group of ten friends that have had the tickets for ten years. We've had enough!! We will NOT be giving anymore of our hard earned money for this sorry excuse of an organization. We've become the new Cincinnati Bengals!!!!

Dolphins need 2 desperately fire Jeff Irelands, He's been a baine to the Dolphins existance!

Who is this maoriii guy? So the only reason the fins suck is that Joe Robbie built the stadium too far from your house? Get real.

I've been a dolphin fan since 66. Watched the opening kick-off run back for a TD. Went to see them play the old Oilers, because they were as bad as we were. Was thrilled in 70 because we had a real team for the first time. My son is 30 and doesn't even remember them being good in his memory. This mess has to end, but it will take some years. We're the new Detroit Lions of the 90's and 2000's.

Ireland is a cancer and needs to be cut out.

Sucks they finished last season off well, I wished they would have tanked to get a better position in the draft.

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