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Peyton Manning facts and speculation

Let's separate facts from speculation this morning because there is much of both swirling around the Peyton Manning derby.

Fact: The Dolphins are in lockdown mode. The organization has decided and orders have been passed throughout the organization that no one is to speak to the media even under the cover of background or off-the-record conversations. People that normally answer my texts or emails are ignoring me now -- beyond my family, I mean.

Fact: One source that ignored the orders at least one last time before also shutting down told me the Dolphins still expect to speak with Peyton Manning before he picks a team to play for in 2012, assuming he's healthy.

Fact: Peyton Manning himself has not said which team, if any, are the leaders in his mind on where to play. He has not eliminated the Dolphins yet.

Fact: ESPN reported this morning Manning's two "likeliest landing spots" are Arizona and Denver," and that Miami "isn't as high on the list" as the other two.

Fact: Last I spoke with someon in the Manning camp, which was Friday, I was told it was Arizona and Miami the likely spots with Denver needing to make up ground. Obviously this was before the Manning visit to Denver.

And now some interpretation:

The Dolphins are not out of this yet. The Dolphins typically operate by having general manager Jeff Ireland telling the agent representing the player Miami is interested in not to speak to the media about Miami's interest -- an approach that almost always gets ignored because an agent's agenda, by definition, is to drum up interest in his client not diminish it.

In this case, however, there may be nothing wrong with diminishing the Dolphins because there is so much attention on Manning and so many team interested that not including the Dolphins in the conversation is not a hinderance to his marketability.

Moreover, when the Dolphins have previously gone into lockdown mode it is never to cover that nothing is happening, but rather usually to protect something that is happening. I believe the Dolphins want to play this coy because they still clearly believe themselves in the game and don't want to risk being eliminated.

I think they also might have gotten spooked by that report that Manning was upset by all the media attention in Miami. Guess what, folks? He got the exact same treatment in Denver when he arrived Friday night -- complete with Helicopter chase coverage -- and the Arizona media hasn't exactly ignored his presence, either. So the attention concerns still feels artificial.

This is a concern: Denver, by sheer consequence of having John Elway as president, had someone who speaks the same language as Manning with him constantly. That's a plus. Arizona, by sheer consequence of the fact coach Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive mind and has taken a team to the Super Bowl and has a longstanding relationship with Manning, has someone with Manning who speak the same language as Manning with him constantly.

I'm not sure who the Dolphins would put in front of Manning who speaks the same language. Owner Stephen Ross doesn't. Ireland has never played or coached. And unless I am unaware of it, neither coach Joe Philbin or offensive coordinator Mike Sherman have any sort of previous longstanding relationship with Manning. This is troubling.

The Dolphins could address the issue by having Dan Marino part of the team working to get Manning ... but I don't know if Marino would do that. I don't know if it would feel contrived since Marino really doesn't work for the team. I don't know if that's the best or only way to get past the issue of making Manning feel he's got someone in the room that speaks his language.


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Much ado about nothing. Most QB's who change teams late in their career don't do well. Farve was a rare exception that also managed to stay healthy his whole career. No neck injuries to recuperate from.

To me this situation smells of sheer arrogance. Peyton should have class and not sign any contract until he is ready and can throw like before. Let him sit out another season if that is what it takes. He just got over 20 million from Irsay last season without playing a down. Now he says he wants to sign a multi million dollar contract this week and yet he is still not in game shape. It's not right.

UGH! Ok well I'd say paint the helicopter's tail with a number 18 then draft a QB to learn behind Manning if they indeed land him. I hope Flynn doesn't become the next Aaron Rodgers, cause that will sting for about 7-10 years.

Shula...Shula....Shula....and for good measure... Marino

The Dolphins are a joke. No way Manning joins this trainwreck.

I am hopeful that Miami lands Manning. There was report on another source that says Miammi's predicted win total goes from 7 to 10 with Manning. In the same report they say that our chances improve to 70 something % to get into the playoffs.

So I am very hopeful that it happens BUT won't feel like all is lost if it doesn't. But we better address the QB issue somehow and at some point.

Flynn is a nobody, he is no Rodgers just like Sorgi and Painter never became Manning. If ESPN reports any QB will be a sought after FA, then the fans immediately swallow the news and run with it. Moore is way better than Flynn. Getting Flynn is a loss. I will be really disappointed if they invest in another career back up.

The only way I would be disappointed is if the FO of Miami does nothing to address the QB position.

Manning wants to play for a team with an idiot owner, classless incompetent GM, and novice HC. Manning aint coming to this pathetic franchise.

If the report about Philbin not believing in building his team thru free agency is correct, I really don't see the team making a serious bid for Manning. Despite all the hype, which could be a rouse to back other teams off of interest in Flynn.
If in fact they are making a serious run at Manning, I would have thought they would have already had a meeting, and I'll bet, Manning would have been very impressed with, Philbin. They are both VERY heady people.
I'm of the opinion, Manning makes no sense. Two years of good play and then who will the QB be? If Manning plays well, the Fins draft position will not be very good...I'm betting on Flynn being the next Fins QB.

sell the condo. Might be awkward to live in a community that you just kicked to the curb

Marino hates the organization. He never vocally supports the team or the pursuit of players - has something to do with his three week stint as SVP of Football ops in 04

The thing that stands out most in Armandos article is the point that Manning has someone he bonds well with on Denver and Zona. Who does he have on Miami? Is it humanly possible to bond with Ireland? Ross seems to do more to irritate people than attract them. Philbin and Sherman seem like good guys, but how does that compare to having your good buddy ex HOF QB Elway as the top gun?

Denver is way better than Miami right now. Let's face Tebow's completion percentage is atrocious. To say we gave NE a better game doesn't mean much. Also we now have a rookie HC and rookie DC. I think Miami is a long shot and I'd just as soon pass on a QB who is not ready to throw.

The Dolphins should officially drop out before they are stiffed yet again. Losing out on two head coaches, and their top targeted free agent would add to the awful perception of the ownership and leadership of this team. It would be nice for some top teir free agents to actually "Want" to play in Miami.

Bring Tim Tebo in,he will make a difference

Speaks the same language. What does that really mean? I am not asking for my own interest (could care less -was just hoping to find something meaningful this morning related to Manning's decision) . Just wondering if you are just talking out your backside with catch phrases buzz words and the word du jour (yeah that's French) that so many lame brain sportswriters and Espn pinheads rely on. You do know that Peyton speaks English don't you.

Yeah, sure, Armando. The clearest language to speak is $.

john, Miami is very far from a bible thumping town. It's the fast life of fun and sin. The last thing people in Miami want to see is a QB who prays on the field.

there is only one QB who left his original team that he won a superbowl with and made it again at his new team.

Kurt Warner (Rams & Cardinals)

He was younger did not have any injuries.

while Peyton is the master...I sense that Philbin would rather have a young QB he can mold into his own image.

Kolb maybe if AZ lands Manning?
Surely Flynn is there for the taking?
Draft a QB?

don't despair if we lose the Manning sweepstakes as there are other options that may ultimately be better in the long run.

PLUS Ross reputation is NOT TRUSTWORTHY!

Peyton is like most NFL players....he BONDS with money.....Peyton and MONEY speak the same language.....CONSTANTLY.....

Show him the green....and let the sparks fly....

I can't believe Manning would undermind Tebow like this.

This organization NEEDS to patch up things with Marino and Don Shula, in my opinion. What's done is done, but it's stupid to not have a better relationship with the two Hall-of-Fame names that come to mind when you think of the franchise! That's one of the reasons we've gone from a stand-up, classy, winning team to the depth and dregs of the NFL. Ross and Ireland need to make this right once and for all so this team can get back on track to winning football.

It is that the whole Draft strategy is predicated on which QB we are going to sign, if any. I wish all this hype to be soon over. One way or the other.

Sign Flynn, Finnegan and Solaia...draft Michael Floyd...of course feel needs using free agency !!

Forget Manning. Sign Fynn and Randy Moss and we will sail into the playoffs and superbowl!!!!!

i agree with the guy who said the dolphins should drop out. by leaking that arizona and denver are the likely landing spots, the agents are baiting ross to offer a huge sum of money so they can force the other teams to match. if manning was seriously considering miami, it seems this wouldn't be happening. it fits perfectly with how ross has been used in the past. please, don't damage the national perception of the dolphins anymore.

we've got some sweet revenge games on the schedule this season.


Can't wait to get this season going!

The Dolphins are like my Family, all they give me is problems. But it's my Family.

Hey Armando

It is obvious you are just a reporter and have no business savvy or have a knack for reading people.

Ross wants to be last on the list. He will know everyone's hand and be in a better position to make the best deal. Why do you think he brings in minority partners with big names? You think he needs the money? He wants big names. Manning is that name, not for how he throws the ball but for how the Dolphins become a target for free agents and instantly fills the seats. An immediate marketing sensation that no advertising agency can match.

Now, why would Peyton come to Miami, unload his baggage at his condo then start his NFL tour in Denver? Why did he head west first when he was already in Miami? Its obvious he wanted his last stop to be in Miami. Manning will announce his deal with the Dolphins on Tuesday then just take a short drive to his place on the beach.

The only reason someone buys a vacation home is because they love where it is located. Anyone who gets a chance to make a living and still be at his favorite spot will take it.

Now get your bearings straight and tell the public what will inevitably happen.

i also agree that miami should patch things up with marino and shula. they need some gravitas. you have two hall of famers, including one of the greatest coaches and quarterbacks ever. it is mind-boggling that they are not being used as assets for miami.

Stephen Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Cant figure out the hatred and judgemental nature from people regarding Ireland. He has done a better job of building a roster then anyone weve had in years. The reason why Miami could be attractive to Manning is becuz we have pieces in place right? Who put them there bud? huh?

I will be shocked if Manning picks Denver over Arizona and Miami. Cant imagine Peyton wants to deal with snow and Tebowmania at his home stadium. The fans will be split and there will be lots of controversy. He goes to Arizona or Miami as a hero. DENVER JUST MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. He will fail miserably in Denver.

Heck, idiot Ross honored the opposition (Tim Tebow) just to sell some seats.

I't amazing to me that the New York media has Miami written off and Manning hasn't even met with anyone from Miami yet. Some things never change. I've lost a lot of respect for Adam Scheffter over the last few months, who I used to like a lot. Most of these guys are trying to be the 'first' to get the story, when in reality, nobody knows at this point in time.

I'll wait until I hear from Manning before I write off the idea that he's coming to Miami. He's said nothing on the subject to date.

1. We missed out on the coach Ross wanted
2. Now it looks increasing like we'll lose out on his No1 QB in Manning. I hope I'm wrong.
3 We've allowed RG3 to go to Washington (he was my first/only choice)
4. What next? Flynn, who has only started twice? Not the franchise defining player Ross or the fans would have picked!!!! Is he any better than what we've got already?

Let him go where ever he wants. I am in a dolphins fanforever I would love to see him come but if he's going to be a prima donna I'd rather not have him in miami. He is a great quarterback and if he doesn't come to miami I hope we get the chance to play against a team he goes to. We have a pretty good defense and when wake puts him on his back he would of wished he came to us.

Its not undermind you ninny. Its undermine.

Squandering 3 draft picks for a backup RB was INSANELY STUPID!

I know Shula didn't care for JJ and Marino communicated well with Huizinga. Haven't read about any enmity for this Administration.

yes, it does seem a bit strange that manning (a) would like to play in frigid weather with a nerve problem and (b) would want to be known as the guy who displaced tebow in denver.

The Dolphins should hire Pat Riley to do the presentation to Peyton Manning and his agent.

Yeah, Ross honored the Gators on the Canes home field. What a moron. Canes fans now hate Ross.

The Dolphins should hire Mayock or Kiper to do the draft for them.

In response to cavemana on the hatred of Ireland. How many winning seasons has the team had under Ireland? How many playoff victories do they have under Ireland? Those are the reasons that Ireland is disliked so much. And he is about to show us all once again by squandering an oppurtunity to land a player who would immediately make the Dolphins a contender. Get ready for another wasted draft, and another losing season. Miami is nothing as long as Jeff Ireland has anything at all to do with them.


You're right. Manning's the guy I want and I'll be disappointed if we don't get him. But it's not like he guaranteed us a Super Bowl. There will be other options and I'll say again for the 100th time, Kevin Kolb in this offence could make this team competitive. He and Moore would be good until we develop that 'franchise' QB.

Oh no, not Canes fans, whatever shall we do? How will the Dolphins ever recover from offending a bunch of college football fans? These are the same idiots who say they don't watch pro football because the players make too much money.

Sign Reggie Wayne and let Reggie sign Manning.

1st we have to sign Reggie!

I tell you, if Blogs are representatives of a community's feelings, there is so much negativity in Miami that, if I were Peyton, I wouldn't come here. That simple.

Manning has played his ebtire college and pro career in cold weather. Denver has San Diego, Oakland, and Seattle(dome) in their division. And the Dolphins play at the Jets, Buffalo, and NE. So the weather is really no different.

I doubt we'll get Manninf, Denver playoff ready but Tebow sucks and Arizona is in the NFC west. Easier path to winning the division. Wasn't there a report that Manning didn't want to play in the NFC? What gives

For those who think Peyton only BONDS with money, how do you explain he denied interviews with several teams? If it was ONLY about money, he would interview with all of them and take the highest bidder. Above and beyond anything, Peyton wants to go where he feels he has the best shot at another ring. Miami seems too dysfunctional for a guy like him.

I have defended Ireland on this post constantly but I just ran out of bullets. He is just not GM material. He clearly lost a great opportunity to land a potential, legitimate franchise QB in RG3, a perhaps once in a generation talent and for what? For not having the fortitude to send a comparable package to the Rams like the Skins did.

The Washington Redskins who are just two positions ahead of us. We could have easily proposed two 1st rd picks and V. Davis (essentially a 1st rd pick and with 2 yrs NFL experience and in many ways better than an actual gamble pick), a 2nd rounder and even Hartline to sweeten the deal (please remember the Rams are very thin at both positions so do not tell me they would not have considered such deal). That was for all intended purposes a comparable deal if not better than what the Skins offered. We lost, AGAIN!

As other poster -Geez- noted 40 years of 1st rd picks since we won our last SB has given us ZERO champioonships. So why not pulling the trigger when a talent with such upside as RG3 was available when we were at a position to make the move. Which brings me to that position precisely. Ireland -and Ross- could have effectively make the future better for themselves and this team last year by FIRING Sparano earlier and ordering the interim coach to see what we had in players we had rotting the bench b/c Pizza Boy was a terrible evaluator.

Pizza Boy did not think Moore was better than Henne and barring injury he would have never played him perhaps. WHY on earth when the season was clearly lost we did not find what we really have in our roster? WHY this team did not even let Pat Devlin sniff the field and instead brought JP Losman and Sage Rosenfels? Why the other WRs were not given more playing time, including a pick like Gates?

WHY? Because Ireland simply lacks leadership. All we accomplished last year was yet another mediocre record and worsen significantly our position in the draft. All we accomplished was to watch some overpaid players underperformed when it mattered and overachieve when we were literally a dead fish in the water. Ireland lacks the guts to make the tough choices, he is still there because he is Ross' fall guy. He is by all accounts a good scout but he is not a good GM, a mediocre one, and until we find a good one, or worse a competent owner, we will be just that, MEDIOCRE.

There is a very real possibility we do not even sign Manning, and will end up with Flynn (not an elite QB let's face it, read Pennington), or Tannehill (a very long term prospect, read Henne). Some things never change.

Why has this blog turned into a Ross and Ireland bash fest? Did they do something wrong in this or are ya all just so miserable in your own lives that you need to fabricate drama to make yourself feel better. Stop blaming others for your lot in life, make it better and then perhaps you won't give a f#$k that Ireland used 3 picks on a running back or that Ross didn't sign Fisher. It's just a game, get a life.

It might just boil down to who he feels most comfortable with.

Tiger, Flynn is not even half of what Pennington was. That was an insult.

Speaks his language? Philbin is very impressive in my opinion and actually has some of the qualities and similarities in my opinion as a former coach Manning played for...Tony Dungy...a MAN, not just a coach. Someone that oozes integrity and intelligence...
I think the moment Peyton sits down with Philbin, Miami has something NONE of the other teams have...
Miami will still end this tour and they WILL close the deal and sign Manning! To those jumping off their roofs right now, you're going to have to change your feelings about this NEW Dolphins front office and coaching staff...

My gut feeling is they don't want Flynn and won't take him. He is no clear upgrade. Philbin doesn't even sound so high on Peyton, but it could just be orders to keep a tight lip. This way if they lose him they can say well we never made him an offer.

Panting Mangled, thanks for the information on my posts. I call them as I see them. You must live a pretty boring life to count my post. Get a hobby.

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