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Peyton Manning facts and speculation

Let's separate facts from speculation this morning because there is much of both swirling around the Peyton Manning derby.

Fact: The Dolphins are in lockdown mode. The organization has decided and orders have been passed throughout the organization that no one is to speak to the media even under the cover of background or off-the-record conversations. People that normally answer my texts or emails are ignoring me now -- beyond my family, I mean.

Fact: One source that ignored the orders at least one last time before also shutting down told me the Dolphins still expect to speak with Peyton Manning before he picks a team to play for in 2012, assuming he's healthy.

Fact: Peyton Manning himself has not said which team, if any, are the leaders in his mind on where to play. He has not eliminated the Dolphins yet.

Fact: ESPN reported this morning Manning's two "likeliest landing spots" are Arizona and Denver," and that Miami "isn't as high on the list" as the other two.

Fact: Last I spoke with someon in the Manning camp, which was Friday, I was told it was Arizona and Miami the likely spots with Denver needing to make up ground. Obviously this was before the Manning visit to Denver.

And now some interpretation:

The Dolphins are not out of this yet. The Dolphins typically operate by having general manager Jeff Ireland telling the agent representing the player Miami is interested in not to speak to the media about Miami's interest -- an approach that almost always gets ignored because an agent's agenda, by definition, is to drum up interest in his client not diminish it.

In this case, however, there may be nothing wrong with diminishing the Dolphins because there is so much attention on Manning and so many team interested that not including the Dolphins in the conversation is not a hinderance to his marketability.

Moreover, when the Dolphins have previously gone into lockdown mode it is never to cover that nothing is happening, but rather usually to protect something that is happening. I believe the Dolphins want to play this coy because they still clearly believe themselves in the game and don't want to risk being eliminated.

I think they also might have gotten spooked by that report that Manning was upset by all the media attention in Miami. Guess what, folks? He got the exact same treatment in Denver when he arrived Friday night -- complete with Helicopter chase coverage -- and the Arizona media hasn't exactly ignored his presence, either. So the attention concerns still feels artificial.

This is a concern: Denver, by sheer consequence of having John Elway as president, had someone who speaks the same language as Manning with him constantly. That's a plus. Arizona, by sheer consequence of the fact coach Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive mind and has taken a team to the Super Bowl and has a longstanding relationship with Manning, has someone with Manning who speak the same language as Manning with him constantly.

I'm not sure who the Dolphins would put in front of Manning who speaks the same language. Owner Stephen Ross doesn't. Ireland has never played or coached. And unless I am unaware of it, neither coach Joe Philbin or offensive coordinator Mike Sherman have any sort of previous longstanding relationship with Manning. This is troubling.

The Dolphins could address the issue by having Dan Marino part of the team working to get Manning ... but I don't know if Marino would do that. I don't know if it would feel contrived since Marino really doesn't work for the team. I don't know if that's the best or only way to get past the issue of making Manning feel he's got someone in the room that speaks his language.


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Delusional fans as usual. Every other team offers Manning better options than Miami because it all starts with ownership where Ross is a bumbling fool. Second is management where Ireland is an incompotent bozo.

First harbaugh, then Fisher, maybe now Manning. What do you need? GOD to split the Heavens and spill it out for you people?

All you clowns talk about is the weather & offense & talent advantages when all those things come secondary to a guy like Manning or Fisher etc.. How many high profile coaches or players need to spurn you before you figure it out? Until Ireland & Ross disappear, this team will not reappear into relvancy.

You can all go back to your dysmanl lives now "blogging" about things that don't matter one iota. Hopefully you've been educated.

i say no nick? if manning even decides to meet with us it will be tomm. but nfl network is basically giving manning to the broncos already. hope they dont know something. but seriously where would u put our chances now? a week ago everyone in here was acting like he was a fin already. now id say 15 percent at best

i like to come real,

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 11, 2012 at 02:09 PM

with "real" weak posts.

RG3 was the way to go...That's history. Plan B should be stick with Matt Moore and draft a QB...Enough with the Flynns, Kolbs and Campbells...Those guys aren't even better than Moore. Stick with the guy who made some plays and draft a QB in round 1...

I think everyone should laugh...so watch this Phins video...


lol told u mik


I have a problem with someone who's been criticizing Manning for weeks and then all of a sudden flips the switch to says 'Manning will lead the Broncos to a 13-3 season next year'.

Defend him if you will. dusty's not even a fan of this team because a fan would be 'balanced at the vert least on he approaches his team. With dusty it's 'constantly' the glass is half-full. This is a forum for him to get his frustraions out abot life and nothing more. If you want to celebrate that with him DC, be my guest.

now id say 15 percent at best

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 11, 2012 at 02:12 PM

Show us the math that resulted in a calculation of 15%.

The only way we have blew getting a franchise QB this year is Sparano winning a bunch of meaningless games in the 2nd have of the season last year to try and save his job. Which was an exercise in futility anyway.

We could have been in the catbird seat to select Luck or RG3 with just one pick.

I have to agree with Craig that getting into a bidding war with Washington and Cleveland and mortgaging our future for the next 5 years when we've already sucked the last 10 was just not a good option.

Sorry, should have said 'With dusty it's constantly glass is half-EMPTY'....

i don't care what nfl network says, until manning says it, i'm not buying it...
i still think the phins are in this. i hear you bottoms, but espn says arizona and denver advantages are that he knows elway, and plays golf with wisenhunt...
hardly anything substantially groundbreaking to suddenly shift the tide.

Per Armando:

"I'm not sure who the Dolphins would put in front of Manning who speaks the same language."


Perhaps this is where Carl Pederson's great value may come in. Remember it was Perderson who landed Joe Montana in KC. He's the one most experienced to land this big fish we'll call Peyton Manning.

I just hope Ireland and Ross realizes this. It also wouldnt hurt to have Dan Marino in the room also.


I totally agree with you. I think Ireland has already met with Manning. Everything is too quiet and too secretive. I think Manning has insisted it be that way. Let's see when it all comes out...


I was talking us possibly talking to him prior to Wednesday. He's been down here practicing with Reggie Wayne as i'm sure you know.

Marshall was on a morning show talking about his BPD and he was very classy about the situation. He endorsed Manning but at same time didn't forget Moore...

No doubt dusty. There's just way too much uncertainty in the future for anyone's opinion to be outright discounted right now. Miami can be relevant next Season, but they also can continue mediocrity. There's reasons for either occurrence. I'm not ready to accept what anyone says on the team's future (because no one has a clue what might happen).

I tend to be more pessimistic in the offseason (especially after a mediocre year) and more optimistic the closer we get to the Season. That's just my nature, no scientific reason for it. I assume it's just your nature too dusty, and if I want others to accept me being me, then I gotta accept you for being you. Then again, we both have to accept other counter positions to our own (that goes without saying if this is gonna work).

Dolphins haven't played their cards yet. I still believe they will get their chance. Why would Manning make a decision without talking to Miami first? If nothing else manning would use the Dolphins for leverage somewhere else.

Philbin is an impressive guy that Manning would want to meet first and as YG says, I believe Carl Peterson will bring a lot of credibility to the Dolphins pitch for Manning.

I totally agree with you. I think Ireland has already met with Manning. Everything is too quiet and too secretive. I think Manning has insisted it be that way. Let's see when it all comes out...

Posted by: Craig M | March 11, 2012 at 02:18 PM

Haha, now lets imagine and make stuff up. Geez what a bunch of loonies.

If you guys remember it was La Canfora with the NFL Network who predicted Harbaugh would sign with Fins last year.

Think he got that one wrong.

That's another aspect not referred to on here. Peyton said he had been working out with Reggie Wayne and other now former Colts in Florida.
I am sure they've talked about the situation...
Reggie Wayne comes out and says he'd love to play with Manning in Miami...
Reggie has been silent ever since...
I still think Miami signs Manning, tell the NFL Network and ESPN I said so...lol...


I liked the Marshall statement too. He said, "We still have a qb under contract in Miami named Matt Moore."

So he gave Matt some pretty good kudos!

Reporters can only report the latest buzz they get from their sources. It will never always be true. They do the best they can, and they change their story as the information changes. I doubt anyone has a clue what Peyton will do. If he is leaking anything there is motive behind it you can be sure.

Ross and Ireland are not that big of factors at all... Ross hasn't done anything that wrong besides the fumbling of Harbaugh and extending Tony. He should have fired him from the get go. But internally that doesn't mess with the team as bad as people say it's been. Yea Crowder was hurt by Ireland and hates him but as far as player aquistition goes he is just another GM, I doubt players care which GM they play for. It's the coaching that matters most. Philbin I believe is going to impress and that is what will sell. Ireland has made mistakes but what GM hasn't?

Good to hear Marshall has got some class. Agree with Beerfin and Yeaterday.

Bess recently threw Moore under the bus, just yesterday, saying Miami needs a QB.

“You can’t help but follow it,” Bess said. “Every time you turn on the TV they’re talking about it. Everybody down here’s excited, just about the position in general. We know we have to get somebody, and we’re just looking forward to making changes and getting things done.”

I guess this means Moore is a nobody?

Samantha, I'm sure Lande likes RG3, but it comes down what you have to offer, and not what one of these posters think we should have offer. There was no way we had enough ammo. The Rams wanted no player. They just wanted choices. These guys can speculate all they want and play Madden, but it is what it is,

Willing to bet just as soon as Manning's plane starts to head south there will be some media outlets predicting the Dolphins chances have increased.

ESPN is biased against everything Miami


See? That's why many should bite their tongues if they aren't media savvy especially. Marshall responded correctly and Bess didn't cover all the bases...if he had his thinking cap on, he talks about the success the Phins had with Moore, but that there's always room to improve...
Leaves it up to interpretation and not looking negative to Moore.
I think the best thing the players can do is shut their traps.

Between the Cards and Dolphins, Miami has the superior run game and rb's. Beanie Wells is more of a glorified D Thomas. He's also had injury issues since coming to the league.

Beanie Wells isnt close to the Reggie Bush category. Bush could take a swing pass or handoff and go 70yds at any given moment. At this stage in his career Peyton will have the most success with a team that has the best run support game. Cards dont have a rb on thier roster nearly as dynamic as Reggie Bush.

I believe Bush was just scratching the surface last season as to his true rb upside. I believe Bush could break out and have a 1600 to 1800yd rush season this year.

TigerSam, I was with you all the way on that that 1:59 post. I don't I agree with it but you constructed your argument very well. Then you mentioned you would rather see Devlin rather than Weeden. There was a reason that Devlin went undrafted; weak arm, pocket awareness.

Craig, that's fine, sounds like a legitimate gripe to me. That's why I said I believed dusty was right big picture. Or his pessimistic views just correlated well with the last few years of mediocrity.

I'm just not ready to discount ANY way of looking at these things while trying to figure out what they mean and how they will affect the team.

Who do you guys think Manning has a better relationship with Elway or Marino? I don't know but I'd guess Marino.

If you look at experience in management and coaching, Denver has us beat hands down. None of us really know how much weather is a factor for him. If he thinks one team gives him a better chance to get another ring, that's where he will go.

I don't know how much Peterson helps, he is not part of the organization. Ross/Ireland may be the most unpopular duo in the league, and our coaching staff is brand new. I think those will be strikes against us.


From what I gather, Marino was Manning's idol growing up and they are VERY CLOSE friends.

Manning would be a Dolphin now if it wasn't for Ross and Ireland. He's too smart to subject himself to this inept circus. We'd better hope he doesn't ask Marino for his opinion, because if he does Marino will probably tell the truth, which will result in Manning getting as far away from this joke of an organization as he can.

YG i agree with that Bush will only get more comfortable and that "bust" monkey is off his back now after last season. If they can get the right side of the line squared away I think we'll easily see another 1000+ yrd season. Jerry should get a shot at RG/ RT this year imo.

I'm out, still think we get Manning, so don't go jumping off your roofs tonight.

Yesterday's Gone, Marino said he would not get involved in negotiation with Manning unless Manning requested it. Marino was offer a FO job by Ross last year but declined saying he was satisfied at playing golf during the week. But he and Ross have gotten pretty close.

Elway is the VP of a team. Marino is no longer part of the organization. I wouldn't assume he has a better relationship with one or the other, but Marino is irrelevant here.

Doen't matter what any of us think about the RGIII scenario. We can gripe about it from now until the cows can home. Dan Synder was NOT going to be outbid for RGIII....that's a FACT. Anyway we look at it, he held the upperhand. So we can continue with the 'Ireland has no balls' and 'this team never takes a chance' BS, the reality is it was never going to happen.

Was Synder right? We'll find out soon enough. Interesting talking to a lot of 'Skins fans though and they are VERY nervous they gave up too much. Synder's been wrong far more than he's been right....so let's see. Biggest coup by one team for a single draft pick in NFL history, according to Peter King.

Who would go to Marino for advice anyway? He was naturally a great QB but let's face it, beyond that he is dumber than a rock.

I happened to listen to Omar talking on wqam yesterday and apparently he's n the Flynn bandwagon.

Funny thing is today he is basically saying Cleveland will outbid us for him.

So we have Mando saying we won't get Manning and Kelly saying we won't get Flynn.

No wonder we're so negative..lol.

Lets go Matt Moore!!


Marino never said "unless Manning asks". You got it wrong. Marino said he wouldnt get involved unless "he's asked". Reread it, he never said Manning had the ask. He was referring to the Dolphins hierarchy asking him.

Doen't matter what any of us think about the RGIII scenario. We can gripe about it from now until the cows can home. Dan Synder was NOT going to be outbid for RGIII....that's a FACT.

Posted by: Craig M | March 11, 2012 at 02:38 PM

9 times out of 10 a blogger uses the word FACT, its an opinion, just like here. Some people will find any excuse fathomable to defend there side. Whatever. We could have given 4 1's. That would have outbid him.

Great news...

let him go wash up his career with thr broncs and have him compete with teblow up in denver or have him go to arizona and while him and fitzy would be nice to see, the rest of their team at this point will not and add that to the fact SF will be bull rushing his @ss on top of every other team out there when manning drops back to pass.....

Do people think that DC's out there will not send massive blitzes peytons way to prove once and for all if this guy can take a constant pounding...and I doubt he will....if i was miami I would just tell peyton thanks but no thanks...we need a future, not a hof'er past his prime....

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, does he want to be overshadowed by Marino or Elway for that matter? He'd have to win a superbowl in order to even be in that conversation. If he goes to Arizona he'd be the best QB that franchise has ever had but that wouldn't be the case in Miami or Denver. Atleast not IMO but some would argue Manning had a better career with a superbowl. I'm not one of them. I'm biased about that I admit.

Bullwinkle, No that has been reported as fact in many media outlets.

RG3 is now ancient history. He wont be a Dolphin. I've already moved on. Would have been nice though.

Also, if we dont land Peyton, hopefully we finish this season in a reasonable position to land Barkley. Or even better, Matt Moore rises to the level of elite qb. LOL


That would only have outbid the offer that was accepted. That wouldn't have outbid the 'Skins. BIG difference! If you know ANYTHING about Synder he gets what he wants when he wants it. That was the case with RGIII. Tell yourself differently if you want but they already knew Manning had said no, they don't like Flynn and they didn't want Beck and Grossman again next year. Why don't you tell me what other options they had. RGIII or bust, my friend....that's the Dan Synder way.

Michael, media outlets do not have any factual idea what any owner will ultimately do in any given circumstance. Media doesn't lead, they follow.

UM.. I have no clue where you all are saying that Manning " SIGNED WITH" the Broncos.

Manning is currently in Zona and next is Miami so unless I missed something, Peyton Manning is NOT a Bronco at this time.

With FA starting Tuesday and the 'Skins with a lot of money to spend it was IMPERATIVE that the 'Skins get RGIII in that deal, in order to start luring FAs to Washington. They have done that. Mission accomplished. Now it's on to adding talent in FA.

Craig, I only said it was not a FACT. If we offered 4 picks then they offered one more, then we offered one more, who can say where it would have ended? You can not know where his tipping point was, but everyone has one.

Let's reserve the word FACT for what it actually means.

question is IF you were a GM building a team which QB would you prefer to build around Manning, Elway, or Marino? All of them in their prime.
I'd go with Marino without a doubt...

Armando, great job this all makes sense. Shula-Marino but Marino seems to be close with Elway. Let Reggie Wayne do the talking since he really would like to come to Miami. Arizona can not afford much more than Manning. Moreover 3 of the Denver Bronco defenders will miss substantial time next season due to being suspended for substance abuse. Manning has perhaps only a 2 year window to play.


Whatever you say brother. It's a FACT that the Dolphins reached their tipping point and I for one am gald that it didn't come at the expense of all the picks. Tha OK with you?


I build the team around the QB that faked the spike and tossed the winning TD against the Jets.

Craig, now that can be called a fact. Not your original statement :)

Sorry man your wrong this is what Armando reported.


Marino never said "unless Manning asks". You got it wrong. Marino said he wouldnt get involved unless "he's asked". Reread it, he never said Manning had the ask. He was referring to the Dolphins hierarchy asking him.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 11, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Marino not recruiting, advising Manning unless asked
Dan Marino would love Peyton Manning to sign with the Miami Dolphins. Proof of that appeared on Marino's twitter page Thursday when the Hall of Famer tweeted, "Shout out to #18, Indy will never forget your legacy. Can't wait to see you back on the field doing what you do best."

Marino is a Manning fan. Marino thinks Manning would be a great wherever he lands, including Miami. But, you know, actually recruiting Manning to the Dolphins?

Probably not unsolicited.

“I probably wouldn’t do that unless he asks for some advice,” Marino said at a charity golf tournament today in Aventura. “And he has plenty of people that he’s working with to help him make the right decisions.”

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