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Peyton Manning facts and speculation

Let's separate facts from speculation this morning because there is much of both swirling around the Peyton Manning derby.

Fact: The Dolphins are in lockdown mode. The organization has decided and orders have been passed throughout the organization that no one is to speak to the media even under the cover of background or off-the-record conversations. People that normally answer my texts or emails are ignoring me now -- beyond my family, I mean.

Fact: One source that ignored the orders at least one last time before also shutting down told me the Dolphins still expect to speak with Peyton Manning before he picks a team to play for in 2012, assuming he's healthy.

Fact: Peyton Manning himself has not said which team, if any, are the leaders in his mind on where to play. He has not eliminated the Dolphins yet.

Fact: ESPN reported this morning Manning's two "likeliest landing spots" are Arizona and Denver," and that Miami "isn't as high on the list" as the other two.

Fact: Last I spoke with someon in the Manning camp, which was Friday, I was told it was Arizona and Miami the likely spots with Denver needing to make up ground. Obviously this was before the Manning visit to Denver.

And now some interpretation:

The Dolphins are not out of this yet. The Dolphins typically operate by having general manager Jeff Ireland telling the agent representing the player Miami is interested in not to speak to the media about Miami's interest -- an approach that almost always gets ignored because an agent's agenda, by definition, is to drum up interest in his client not diminish it.

In this case, however, there may be nothing wrong with diminishing the Dolphins because there is so much attention on Manning and so many team interested that not including the Dolphins in the conversation is not a hinderance to his marketability.

Moreover, when the Dolphins have previously gone into lockdown mode it is never to cover that nothing is happening, but rather usually to protect something that is happening. I believe the Dolphins want to play this coy because they still clearly believe themselves in the game and don't want to risk being eliminated.

I think they also might have gotten spooked by that report that Manning was upset by all the media attention in Miami. Guess what, folks? He got the exact same treatment in Denver when he arrived Friday night -- complete with Helicopter chase coverage -- and the Arizona media hasn't exactly ignored his presence, either. So the attention concerns still feels artificial.

This is a concern: Denver, by sheer consequence of having John Elway as president, had someone who speaks the same language as Manning with him constantly. That's a plus. Arizona, by sheer consequence of the fact coach Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive mind and has taken a team to the Super Bowl and has a longstanding relationship with Manning, has someone with Manning who speak the same language as Manning with him constantly.

I'm not sure who the Dolphins would put in front of Manning who speaks the same language. Owner Stephen Ross doesn't. Ireland has never played or coached. And unless I am unaware of it, neither coach Joe Philbin or offensive coordinator Mike Sherman have any sort of previous longstanding relationship with Manning. This is troubling.

The Dolphins could address the issue by having Dan Marino part of the team working to get Manning ... but I don't know if Marino would do that. I don't know if it would feel contrived since Marino really doesn't work for the team. I don't know if that's the best or only way to get past the issue of making Manning feel he's got someone in the room that speaks his language.


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Don't believe any media hype or lack of. Be happy we don't live in new York, Arizona or Denver. This deal was done awhile ago. Manning will be in Aqua and orange at 4pm Tuesday. Does this not sound familiar? (Heat)

i agree on that, if manning is health(and nobody knows if he is) miami would win div with him. just like zona or denver would

Manning will never sign with Miami why would he want to end the last few years of his career with with consecutive losses to Brady.

I said look at the Pats schedule. Then tell me I am an idiot. I wasn't talking about the Fins. I was talking about everyone else.

I don't think Peyton is a punk and is afraid to play Brady/Belecheat/Sexy Rexy/and the Jet's D. I think he won't play about South Beach's turnstyle. He already has a neck injury. Why risk getting injured again behind Colombo?

I have to disagree Miami is a better team than Denver. Denver went to the playoffs behind, arguably, the worst starting QB in the league last season. Yeah, he won games but not with his arm. Well maybe 1 or 2 games late in the game.

Point being this. Denver won a lot of games with all the other playmakers on the team. Pound for pound, Denver has more talent than Miami.

All these reports are meanless to me. If comes back to Miami and doesn't want to speak to Miami then he made up his mind already, and probably did this past Friday.

If he does meet with Miami, then Ross with the money, and Philbin the coach, hopefully will be enough.

Remember, you can't change what is in someone's heart! Period! If he doesn't want to play here, it will have nothing to do with the front office's push.

Denver, Arizona, Miami, and even KC...Miami scored more points last year than any of these teams with Henne/Moore.... they gave up the fewest points last year, going against Brady twice... not to mention the Texans and world champ Giants. I acknowledge Miami lost to Denver, but that was divine intervention and don't count! Denver was "on a mission from God" and if they dump Tebow, maybe God goes with him?

The Pats have 9 sure wins, and they will probably split the rest. Which means probably 13-3. Do you want to go to NE in January with miami, az, or denver. Hmm tough one.

i do not want flynn matt moore is proven just give him a full off season flynn has done nothing we dont need or want him!!!!!!!

Very tough article to read. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuations.

Whomever made the comment about 'displacing Tebow' in Denver, has a short memory. The Indy press conference 5 days ago displaced Peyton Manning. Then Friday 5 more Colts were released. Players are getting cut left, right and centre.

Peyton has earned a right to apply for a job. He's defintely qualified. Remember last year when a dozen QB's were shuffled and sent packing. Why should he feel guilty. He's being replaced by a promising rookie. Same way he replaced Harbaugh 14 years ago. The cycle continues and no one should be surprised or insulted.

Peyton has been cleared medically to play. He's merely rehabbing to gain strength. So are dozens of other players who suffered nasty injuries. He'll be ready months before some of them.

Quit being so judgemental, negative and nasty. Be patient and show the guy some respect. Last stop Miami. Don't screw up a good opportunity to fill your empty seats and win fast.

The visit is hush hush for a reason. He may be a Wanted Man, but he doesn't need to be harassed by the media. He's not looking for attention, just a job!

Is it possible that Marino would be the man to come in and talk the language with Manning? It's stupid to consider a move because Elway is attached to the team. This guy has done nothing to show a spec of loyalty to Tim Tebow all year long dispite going into the second round of the playoffs with him. Arizona did it with Kurt Warner with better pieces around him. They had a very good runningback and two marque wide receivers plus a defense that made plays. The defense is not as strong and only have one super wideout and are mediocre at running back. if that is what manning wants, more power to him. Manning will chose regardless of what Miami wants or where he lives.

How is this for a wonderful solution.
1. Manning goes to Denver.
2. Part of the deal is that Tebow goes to Miami for a 2nd round pick next year.
3. Dolphins hire Tebow's college quarterbacks coach to help Tebow.
4 Florida has Harpo Marx, Patriots would be left with Hypo Brady.
5. Miami in next year's super bowl against NY Giants.

All this speculation is just that.... speculation. No one knows where PM will sign except maybe PM but he might not have made up his mind yet. I think that PM will meet with the Fins and then make his decision. In most FA situations it's best to be first so you can sign the player before any other team has an opportunity to "poison the waters" but this is definately not your ordinary FA signing. This situation is much more business like and PM knows he is wanted by multiple teams so in this situation it would seem to most business oriented people going last is an advantage. In meeting last you have the opportunity to meet or exceed any previous offers and close the deal. Just my two cents.

Tebow, tebow, tebow, tebow, tebow!!! Pull the trade if Manning goes to Denver! Hate him or love him, heck, at least it'll be interesting at least for once every Sunday....


Reggie Wayne and Brandon Marshall are neighbors and friends in Broward.
Ross will get this deal done, he has to, the fans hate him and his sorry staff.
Peyton won the Orange bowl and the Super bowl here and he likes the area.
Expect Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garçon and/or Dallas Clark to sign on this week followed by king Peyton.
Last licks is a great advantage in baseball and in Manning-gate.
Time to share the stage LeBron.

Get your facts straight --- Ireland did play football. He was a kicker at Baylor University. You'd think he would have had the inside track on RG3.

For the person who asked why Peyton doesn't want to play in the NFC --- he doesn't want to play against Eli and prevent him from going to a Super Bowl. Now, meeting Eli in the Super Bowl? That's a different story. That's one of the reasons Eli didn't want to play for San Diego.

The last time Armando proofread his stories before posting them? No one knows.

With a healthy Manning the Dolphins would become a strong playoff and Super Bowl contender. I have been a Dolphins fan for thirty years and this would put them over the hump. Very good defense, solid running game and one of the best wide outs in the game. I hope the organization does it's best to get #18

Manning might not be able to return to the form he had before his injuries. If he does it will only be for a short time due to his age. The Dolphins have a new coach and system to implement and should not be viewed as being one player away from the super bowl. Both Manning and the Dolphins would be better off if he went elsewhere.

Why not Tennessee?

It's the Dolphins. Why would he go to a team that has horrible management, First year head coach, and a consistently losing/soft team. Did anyone hear Peyton Manning say he does not like "the Limelight/Hollywood"; I heard it. Lets get Flynn if the new coach thinks he is up for the job. If not, Keep stacking the Dolphins team with future stars on offence and defence. Dolphins Fans waited this long, we can wait a couple more years.

Maybe peyton has already spoken to dan and Danny told him hell no this place is no good.......just saying

They should make a bold move and sign Flynn even before Manning decides so that they show him the vote of confidence and they don't look like nobody wants to play there.

Remember when Fisher was a lock for the Phins according to the "experts". He interviewed with Miami first and then went to St. Louis and took the job. Maybe that happens in our favor this time.

Dolphin fans (me included), just sit back and watch Ross and Ireland screw things up for Miami fans yet again. If it wasn't so depressing it would be laughable how badly they try to lure someone to Miami and fail miserably. Are Ross and Ireland lepers? Or do they have a secret conspiracy to destroy the Miami Dolphins organization? Obviously, Manning has no interest in Miami and I probably can't blame him.

Maybe Manning is saving his visit to Miami for last because this is where he wants to play. I don't think Marino will or should reach out because he is friends with Peyton and he wants to keep it that way. Miami is a good team and I feel a better team than Denver. We had them beat last year and we also lost a lot of fourth quarter games against the leagues best teams. What is the difference here you ask? #1 coaching we were a poorly coached football team yes Sparano was a good guy but he was not a good head coach. He had all the talent in the world on both sides of the ball and couldn't find a way to win in the first seven games. This speaks volumes about the coaching staff having a solid game plan and executing it. Manning or not even with Matt Moore behind center I think we are a playoff team this year as long as the right coaches are in place and we have a good draft and find the right free agents.

The secret to starting this year will be running the football well and playing at worst top 10 D to keep us in games while the system comes to life, I want to see Edmund Gates coached up and that speed put to good use, if any of you remember Henne over threw him on several deep balls where he blew past defenders in stride. Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace always seemed to contribute the few times they were on the field never understood why they didnt get a greater opportunity to prove they could play a larger role. Here is where Phillbin must prove his worth by getting maximum effort from the talent he has, something Tony never could do.

In order to flourish in the GB offense you need quick WR`s that run crisp routes creating space fitting the ball into those sometimes very tight windows, Phillbins offense runs allot of short to medium horizontal patterns and is very effective when he opens up the 4-5 wide package, that is why he does not need a true alpha receiver its an equal opportunity offense that creates confusion because you never know where the ball is going exactly, 5 guys could have 30-40 plus catches and be a top 5 offensive unit in the NFL at the same time in this system. I think that works into the strengths of D. Bess and Hartline, expect Fasano, Clay and Bush to have a bigger roles in the passing game he likes to line up his tight ends/backs wide and match em up against linebackers I foresee Clay having a good sophomore season. Pass protection will be the determining factor for this offense to show its full potential.

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