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Peyton Manning to meet with Dolphins this week

The Dolphins will meet with Peyton Manning in the coming days, The Miami Herald has learned.

As I reported over the weekend, the meeting will be somewhat out of the box. It will not be at the team facility. It will possibly be at Sun Life Stadium, a source tells me.

[Update: ESPN is reporting this meeting will take place Monday night or Tuesday. ESPN, by the way, reported earlier today that the Dolphins were all but out of the chase for Manning and he would not be taking any more visits with any more teams. I credit them when they get things right or first. I'm going to tell you when they miss, too.]

The meeting will be led by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. Philbin may include offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in the meeting, although that is not yet clear.

The meeting is expected to be almost 100 percent about football -- Xs and Os -- and Manning and the coach or coaches (if Sherman comes) getting to know each other. The extra-curricular stuff, such as a requisite pitch from the owner and promise of Super Bowl wins may not be part of this Miami pitch because, in part, Manning may be tired of hearing that he is the final piece that will take them to the Super Bowl.

I stress to you this isn't exactly how the Dolphins planned things originally. They planned a more elaborate set-up that would include owner Stephen Ross. It is now possible Ross will not be included in this meeting. This is Manning's preference, I'm told.

This much is also clear: This will be the Dolphins best hope of landing Manning. The team considers it a good opportunity, although I must say from the outside looking in, it doesn't seem as great an opportunity as the 6-plus hour meetings Manning took with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins had planned an elaborate meeting with Manning that, as I reported earlier, was not going to happen at the team's Davie facility. So that is not an issue at play now. The Dolphins wanted to stay out of the limelight of media coverage, anyway.

But until we know details of the length and expanse of this pitch, we won't know exactly how serious the Dolphins are in the Manning scheme of teams vying for his services.

I will say this: At least they are in the game.


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Manning isn't "playing games," he's trying to make the best decision on where to finish out a remarkable career.

Sorry if he isn't interested in YOUR schedule or YOUR idea of how he should go about his affairs, but here's some breaking news:

YOU don't matter in this process.

Manning has always been (and remains) a class act. Far more of one than most of the people that post their inane, perpetually angry and juvenile ramblings here.

I would love to have him as a Dolphin. If it's not to be, I respect whaterver decision he makes as being the right one for him and his family.

I was going to add that none of you would ever make such a huge decision without doing your due diligence, but I forgot that most of your "big decisions" involve
what flavor mouthwash to buy or whether to get the Value Meal.

Kris, It was posted last blog, Q and A all together. It was funnier in my head. :)

Ross is not the problem - At least we have an owner willing to spend the cap - One that cares about being the BEST. Maybe not the best tact at all times, but he is trying. I am a lifelong 40+yr Dolphins fan - Lets give the guy a chance. BTW I also think Henne will be good somewhere. You all have to understand there was only one Dan. Hell, I loved Feidler - he just couldnt stay healthy - but he was a leader. What could Moore do with an entire off season?? Was pretty good last yr, once he got aclimated - should only get better. He is just a no name guy that could excel w/some support.

The orginal BLOG said...."COMMING DAYS"....

Thats IT....PERIOD....

Now it has been UPDATED to MONDAY NIGHT...or TUESDAY.....

Pittsburgh Jim,

With our luck of choosing 2nd rd qb's(Henne/White) that proposition still scares hell out of me.

Trading out of the 1st rd and gaining that team's 2012 2nd rd pick plus thier 2013 1st rd pick is appealling. Simply because it gives us 2 2013 1st rd picks and the ammunition to trade up for perhaps a Barkley.

Im also in favor of taking qb Kellen Moore if he falls to 5th rd or lower. Size, not ability, is a primary concern. his arm is "adequate" and he's the winningest qb in college. But still dont pull the trigger on him before the 5th rd.

Kris it did say Monday or tuesday night. That aside 4:01 if you want flynn ( I dont) you sign him and thats that, if not you can play ball with whomever else!

This manning thisng is a roller coaster... sigh

This sounds like a Toronto Maple Leafs comment thread!

Poizen...lol....most things are....for both of us...

Scott with all due respect Ross is an idiot. He has never spent their entire cap even when requested. He's more interested in hanging out with B list celebs than football. Like you, I'm a lifer. I never realized how good we had it.

mando, I applaud your coverage of the Manning saga. Listening to Omar Kelly has caused my brain to bleed.

Its funny how the dumb posters here who have nothing credible to post. Only try to lure those who do post "credible things" into childish internet catfights. LOL

I don't even think Ireland wants Manning, he still has Parcells stains on his blue dress. People don't change, Ireland wants to run the ball be a .500 club and keep his job as long as he can, rather than become a passing Marino style team.

The truth is, Manning is scared to death to have to play the Patriots and Brady, twice a year before the plyoffs even begin.

Yea I like how Mando has covered the Manning thing too....he's seemed to be more controlled on this one that the rest of the media who is spouting off at the mouth at every little bit of (mostly incorrect) news

Kris and Poizen are gay lovers. And Tiger Woods is a putz

Truth Hurts @ 3:38 - Well said!

Wish the Dolphins did this trade.

Posted by: Clue

Clue>>> Miami would have had to give up more for RGIII as they draft lower then Washington. Anyways, Washington may have no money to sign Vincent Jackson or another top WR as they got him with a major salary cap violation. I guess they could put it out until next year, but then will be in major trouble next year. I feel bad for RGIII. No young draft picks and the Skins won't be able to sign any high profile free agents. Washington is in BIG trouble even with RGIII.

skins LOST 36 million in cap space for front loading their contracts, maybe they will need to trade rg3. ha ha

...Clue. I agree with you that The Skins hardly overpaid for Griffen. It is crazy that teams gamble on what the ceilings of these prospects. The investment in Griffen means the Skins believe he is everything and more that the hype machine created. Good for them. Even if it fails..they had to try. It's not like they can get much worse right? The interesting thing about the Skins that may hurt them more then this trade. Is that they along with the Crackwagon alledgedly broke league rules pertaining to the salary cap..Supposedly both teams are going to lose millions in cap space to be divided among the rest of the league.


I gotta take issue with you saying Mario williams should be priority number one if Manning doesn't sign. How? He'll be the most sought after player out there and we don't have NEARLY the cap room it will take to sign this guy. I just can't see it happening. I agree he'd be great opposit Wake but how are you going to make the room to sign this guy. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the Pats chase him.

And I did not say his post did..FA starts Tuesday, you can already assume come Wed. we will still be waiting for Manning. If your a team in dire straits for a QB, you dont brush off the first day of FA nad wait for a gimp arm QB.

IS IT JUST ME or does ANYONE else see ANYTHING wrong with the below which was posted on pft by Mike Florio.

READ THIS AND YOU DECIDE >>> And there’s no guarantee he will decide after meeting with owner Stephen Ross and G.M. Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin that the right pieces are in place to allow the Dolphins with Manning to overcome the Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.<<<<<

I mean nothing from nothing... If Peyton Mannings decision is going to based on playing the jets or Pats (in this case Pats) and he's basing that decision on Playing the pats twice a season and hs's WORRIED aabout that..


I DO NOT want ANY QB or Player or HC or Coach that is going to base playing in our division as a deal breaker, by all means dont let the door hit you in the butt on your way out AND THAT INCLUDES MANNING.

And if Peyton Manning is basing his decision on the calaber of teams he will face. Well folks, THAT should be a clear indicator that he is NOT secure enough with his body to face competition.

Flynn is in no rush- he'd be smart to let the Manning soap opera play itself out. Manning is pushing the price up for all QBs, Flynn included.

That trade is going to KILL the Skins because of the salary cap violations. They are not going to be able to surround RGIII with any talent. Washington is SCREWED!

They must DRAFT a QB, period.
Tannehill likely that guy. Stupid to sell the farm for RGIII. Luck is going to Indy, nothing short of him being arrested before the draft will change that.
Manning is the stop gap needed to sell seats while the draftee is developed. Manning is required in this equation.
That's how it was done in GB. Drafted Aaron Rodgers, let him develop behind Favre for a few years

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 08, 2012 at 11:11 PM






Only the 1ST poster stated WEDNESDAY...not Armando....and if your relying on another poster for INSIDE/RELIABLE info....


lets trade down, pick up extra picks and draft Tannehill middle to late 1st rnd.

One thing we can agree on, no matter what happens, we'll be starting over in 3 years from now. So who cares.

No Balls, ok the Skins were at 6, Dolphins were at 8, throw in a 3rd rounder or 4th rounder, which is eqvalent to Gates lol. Should have got it done.

So are guys on the Flynn bandwagon at 4:01 pm tomorrow? Myself, I'm hoping that the Dolphins are involved in talks for Flynn but if there's a gun to their head tomorrow and it includes something like a $50 million contract I'm saying no thanks. I've said it before, there will be other QBs available at some point in FA, that aren't any worse than Flynn and don't come with a big price tag. If Flynn gets a big offer from Seattle or Cleveland at 4:01 tomorrow, depending on how big it is, I think you let him go.

lets trade down, pick up extra picks and draft Tannehill middle to late 1st rnd.

Posted by: cavemanna

Cavemanna >>> Tannehill will go in the top 10 whether or not you believe he is a top 10 talent.

ALoco, LOL

"Manning is the stop gap needed to sell seats while the draftee is developed."

Posted by: ALoco | March 12, 2012 at 03:48 PM

What part of this phrase says I didnt want Manning to come here? LOL

((Buffett Of Correcting A Dummy))

Jora Ving, Dont waste your money going to any Dolphins game, the majority of the crowd would be the opposing teams fans anyway.

Let's hope Miami meets with Manning BEFORE the free agency opens tomorrow at 4pm so we know whether or not to go after Flynn...

Truth Hurts...great post..

Craig M...I don't exactly know how much cap space we have. Everyone has a different amount. Example I have read from 12-20 million. My math says we are closer to the 20 million mark with huge cuts to come. IMO we could easily get under the number by cutting Bell(6 mil) Fasano(4 mil) there is an extra 10 million to use.

How do we replace those 2...That is the part where we play GM..I believ we have Bell's replacemant on the roster. Jones, or Wilson could easily step in and do what Bell does. IMO(we will see if the team agrees..i could be way off base)..Through the draft aquire a tight end.. We don't have to use a high draft pick on a tight end..We have to find a guy that can block, and catch a bit,..then use Clay in the Hybrid spot, where size doesn't matter as much..This is my recipe.It alsoi gives us PLENTY of cap space to sign other free agents..sign Williams.,sacrificing Bell ,and Fasano to do it is worth it.

No Balls,

No question. You had to like the Redskins trade from RGIII ONLY if they were successful in adding talent to help him in FA. It's going to be difficult for them to do that now. Apparently the $36 million lost can be taken over two years. I wonder if they'd had any inkling that this was coming if they'd still have made the trade. Regardless, would it have hurt them to wait to make the trade today, rather than Friday. They've kind of tied their hands now.

Ahhhh, Aloco, That's what DB/YG Said?, If so I retract my "Flip-Flop" Comment, That's not flip-Flopping at all.That's stating a clear cut stratergy for a young QB. My Apology YG.


With only two starts, I would prefer resigning Henne far cheaper, than breaking the bank for Flynn. Flynn is guaranteed as an upgrade to Moore and we at least already know what we have in Henne. A career backup.

We dont need to spend $40-$50 million on Flynn only to find he's a career backup too. If Ross does this he could be falling into the exact same AJ Feely trap Wayne Huizenga fell for.

I don't get why everyone is posting about tomorrow 4:01.

Prior to that any team, HC, staff, GM, owner talking with anyone is considered tampering.

So with that, there is going to be plenty of frenzy talk about all the FA players available just like the Fisher and manning frenzy.

Craig, not on the Flynn wagon either. I think the best available starter is allready on our roster. we just need to be smart with other FA moves, and make some to good draft choices..

This explains what Redskins and Cowboys did and why they are getting hammered:



I like the plan. I'm all for chopping Bell and Fasano is no great loss. However, the competition will be fierce for Williams....think something along the lines of what Peppers got a few years ago from Chicago. I'm thinking at least $12-15 million and I might be on the low end by saying that. On top of that we'll have to sign Wake to a contract and I think you can count on another $10 million or so. Not as high on Wilson or Jones, as you and I think we'd need to add a safety in FA. Also not really liking what I hear on TE's in the draft, so I'd be more inclined to add a John Carlson or Bennett from Dallas and play him with Clay or Fasano.

IMO, because of what it would take tho sign this guy, I'd be very hesistant. Like the idea of getting one of the kids at 8 and paying them a LOT less.

I second the lesbian ownership idea....

...anybody getting all that pootang is okay by me...



ALoco is one of those posters just like I said, who has very little positive to contribute except his very dry sense of humor.

I still like ALoco, but take everything he says with a grain of salt and "dry humor". LOL

Flynn looked like a Pro during his couple of games and he made the passes and controlled the O like a leader.

With that I will only feel OK on Flynn and that entirely hinges on Coach Philbin as he knows Flynn best. if Philbin says he wants the kid i say take him. I don't believe that a new HC is going to risk his own neck on a QB that is going to be a flop or just mediocre.


I'm with you on not signing Flynn but I'd rather it be Kolb we sign than Henne. I think both guys need a fresh start. Henne's had his chance and it just hasn't worked. IMO, Kolb is still salvagable and would do well in Philbin's system. He's also be a LOT cheaper than Flynn.

Repost from last blog (didn't see the new blog up)

"du jour (that means today)"

Does Miami not know what du jour means? Or is Armando in the minority on this one. I mean, you couldn't tell me that people didn't know what 'soup du jour' meant this whole time either

I agree with you Craig M --- I am not offering Flynn a crazy contract (especially if it comes from the Browns). I would rather take my changes with Tannehill at the #8 spot. Of course Seattle may try and leap frog us then in the draft and I don't want to have to trade ANY additional picks to get Tannehill.

Otherwise wait to see if Manning goes to Tennessee (possible) and then go after Matt Shaub.

No Balls,

What are the main factors the Dallas and Redskins lost there cap space? I have no time to paste and read

NY "G",

FA starts are 4pm tomorrow. It's different than past years where people couldn't talk to other team's players until midnight. New start time next year. 4:01pm tomorrow, everything's legal.

No Balls...This has to do with what I mentioned above??

Yesterday..Sorry. I would take the chance on Flyyn before even THINKING about Henne as an option. A lot
of people say that Ireland has no guts, and is afraid to make a mistake, or the big move. Flynn at least has the great unknown which is potential..The greatest commodity teams bet on..With Henne. We know he is garbage. Let him go...

There is nothing that says the Phins have to structure Flynns contract that will give him garaunteed money after year one...Like the Kolb contract you can have an out..If Flynn is ends up being Chad Henne 2013...You part ways...I still think we should trade out of t.he first round like we talked about yesterday

Foul ball!

remember a decision wont be made until late in the week... he visits KC wednesday! Don't let him hold you hostage... make a splash with another position if you have to!

BTW Kris you are a numbnut.

I have to say this. I don't know why the Dolphins are going to take this interview with Payton Manning. He is not a long term solution for the Dolphins problems. You just need to add 2 really good pass rushers and a RT and this team is in the playoffs. Yes we need a long term solution at QB and not a short term makeover. Instead of paying Payton, Dolphins should try to get Mario Williams, retain Paul Soliai, get a good enough RT and try to get another pass rusher via the draft. In 2013, then the Dolphins will be in a better position to get a better QB through the draft for a long term solution.

No Balls,

Looks like we're on the same page. I think you meant Manning to Houston, but regardless Schaub would be a nice pickup too. I'm also on the bandwagon for Tannehill. I think he'd be a nice add for a few years down the road.

If we get Manning it's possible he can teach Steve Ross how to be a classy football owner. I'm sure Ross would salivate at the opportunity to take football advice (meaning Ross should stay out of all football operations except when his wallet is needed) from Peyton Manning.


If Manning says no to Miami, I believe he chooses Denver over Arizona. 2 Reasons why:

1. Afc team. Never has to prevent Eli from reaching the sb.

2. Broncs showed they can be versatile in quickly designing an offense tailored to the qb. See Tebow

This would mean Arizona will keep Kolb. No Manning.

While manning would have been nice, give Matt Moore another chance. Looks like a couple people here were wrong about him certainly being a dolphin. Oh well, let's get Mario Williams. Matt Moore 2012!

Who remembers what happened last year with Nnamdi Asomugha? The Eagles were not even mentioned! F*** ESPN and there un-confirmed reports, they want all of us to WATCH every minute of every day to find out what is going on!! They have no CLUE as to what Manning wants or why he is doing his recruiting this way. 2 hours ago the Manning trip was OVER reported by ESPN, and Now as ARMANDO has been reporting all day... He WILL meet with the Dolphins... I will rely on Mando's reporting and updates on this story over ESPN or any other media outlet!! Mando, Kudos to you for keeping us very well and properly informed on this!!! Keep the good news comin!!

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