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Peyton Manning to meet with Dolphins this week

The Dolphins will meet with Peyton Manning in the coming days, The Miami Herald has learned.

As I reported over the weekend, the meeting will be somewhat out of the box. It will not be at the team facility. It will possibly be at Sun Life Stadium, a source tells me.

[Update: ESPN is reporting this meeting will take place Monday night or Tuesday. ESPN, by the way, reported earlier today that the Dolphins were all but out of the chase for Manning and he would not be taking any more visits with any more teams. I credit them when they get things right or first. I'm going to tell you when they miss, too.]

The meeting will be led by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. Philbin may include offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in the meeting, although that is not yet clear.

The meeting is expected to be almost 100 percent about football -- Xs and Os -- and Manning and the coach or coaches (if Sherman comes) getting to know each other. The extra-curricular stuff, such as a requisite pitch from the owner and promise of Super Bowl wins may not be part of this Miami pitch because, in part, Manning may be tired of hearing that he is the final piece that will take them to the Super Bowl.

I stress to you this isn't exactly how the Dolphins planned things originally. They planned a more elaborate set-up that would include owner Stephen Ross. It is now possible Ross will not be included in this meeting. This is Manning's preference, I'm told.

This much is also clear: This will be the Dolphins best hope of landing Manning. The team considers it a good opportunity, although I must say from the outside looking in, it doesn't seem as great an opportunity as the 6-plus hour meetings Manning took with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins had planned an elaborate meeting with Manning that, as I reported earlier, was not going to happen at the team's Davie facility. So that is not an issue at play now. The Dolphins wanted to stay out of the limelight of media coverage, anyway.

But until we know details of the length and expanse of this pitch, we won't know exactly how serious the Dolphins are in the Manning scheme of teams vying for his services.

I will say this: At least they are in the game.


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Another blog says Manning doesn't want to play with head case Marshall.

Would the Fins trade Marshall if it gets them Manning?


You may well be right. I just hope to God the Dolphins don't start chasing Tebow. I think I'd have to stop watching this team if he became our starting QB. Great what he did last year but I don't see it over the long haul....pray it doesn't go that way.

I think Manning shocks the world and retires. Remember you heard it first here

How QB's have won a Superbowl for their new teams?
Here is the list in chronological order:

1 - Len Dawson, Chiefs in Super Bowl IV - drafted by the Steelers and traded to the Browns after 3 years. Played 2 years with the Browns before being cut and signing with the Chiefs.
2 - John Unitas, Colts in Super Bowl V - drafted by the Steelers and cut in preseason. Signed with the Colts the following season.
3 - Jim Plunkett, Raiders in Super Bowls XV and XVIII - drafted by the Patriots and, after 5 years, traded to the 49ers. Cut by the 49ers after 2 years and signed with the Raiders.
4 - Joe Theismann, Redskins in Super Bowl XVII - drafted by the Dolphins but could not agree on a contract. Played 3 years in Canada before coming back and signing with the Redskins.
5 - Doug Williams, Redskins in Super Bowl XXII - drafted by the Buccaneers and played 5 years there. Then signed with the rival United States Football League and played 2 years before coming back and signing with the Redskins.
6 - Steve Young, 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX - drafted by the Buccaneers and played 2 years before being traded to the 49ers.
7 - Brett Favre, Packers in Super Bowl XXXI - drafted by the Falcons and played 1 year before being traded to the Packers.
8 - John Elway, Broncos in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII - drafted by the Colts but refused to play with them. Was traded a week after the draft to the Broncos.
9 - Kurt Warner, Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV - signed with the Packers as an undrafted free agent but cut in preseason. Played in the Arena League for 3 seasons and NFL Europe for 1 season before signing with the Rams.
10 - Trent Dilfer, Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV - drafted by the Buccaneers and played 6 seasons before being cut and signing with the Ravens.
11 - Brad Johnson, Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII - drafted by the Vikings and played 5 seasons there before being traded to the Redskins. Played 2 seasons with the Redskins before being traded to the Buccaneers.
12 - Drew Brees, Saints in Super Bowl XLIV - drafted by the Chargers and played 5 seasons before signing with the Saints.

Peyton already has chosen Miami, he is talking to other teams just in,case

Seriously though....how can the FO address the QB need tomorrow, if they are looking forward to talking with manning next week?

....and this crap from Manning re: "not sure exactly how this FA deal works".. is so much smoke and mirrors..

.. he knew damn well he wasn't hot for the Phins, and his feigned absence of knowledge was a clear indication of that..

....and Coach Philbin has already said he basically disdains signing an FA, and that building from within is his method..

...so look for us to sign NOBODY in FA, and we draft a QB from the 8th hole.....

...just my sense of it...

Craig M,

Thanks but perhaps I was not clear on what I was trying to say earlier.

What I am saying is that some on here are posting that we have to sign Flynn by 4:01pm tomorrow. What I say is if it were so easy then it could potentially trigger an investigation on tampering as to how quickly the deal was accomplished.

If the Dolphins signed Flynn by 4:15pm tomorrow then the details would have been sent to or meet with, read by his agent and player and no need to negotiate sign on the dotted line.

Philbin knowing Flynn just may have paper in hand to get that done but the other side would require time unless the Dolphins make Flynn an offer he cant refuse.

What I can't understand is all this lunacy over Flynn the guy has had ONE, count em, ONE good game in the NFL and now some people here are fitting him for a gold jacket.

Our incumbent starter has 4.5 times the NFL experience of Flynn why is everyone so quick to toss him overboard?

The guy went 6-3 in the final 9 games of a lamentable season, that's a .750 winning percentage on a team of underachievers with a clueless coaching staff.

I think Moore deserves a chance to prove whether or not he can do the job, we gave Henne almost 4 years to prove he was worthless, and we're only going to give Moore 12 games? Moore is 5 times better than Henne ever was.

Moore has tremendous accuracy on the long ball or was everyone asleep last year? The guy has presence in the huddle, on the field, in the pocket. He is mobile can make all the throws and way too many of you folks are ready to toss him in the recycle bin. His accuracy on the run is excellent.

I think we have the makings of a very good to possibly great QB already on the payroll, why all this insistence on a replacement?

If we grab a true #1 receiver in the draft that catches the ball instead of dropping it like BM 5 or more of last years drops turn into TD's this year! We don't need to break the bank on Flynn or Manning, we need to continue building upon what we have now!

The scientific method says that to determine the cause of an event, an experiment can have only one variable (the thing that changes). Otherwise the experiment is not valid.

The Dolphins have sucked, for the most part, for 6 years. During this time we have kept changing *both* coaches and starting QBs. So we have failed to conduct a valid scientific experiment.

And now we're doing it again. We have a brand new coach. Sparano sucked. But now we want a new QB too.

We should get a new QB only if our new coach wants it because of his system. But otherwise, we don't know whether Henne's career has been mediocre because of the coaching.

We saw Moore be the 10th best QB in the league last year, both under the misleading "QB rating" measure and also as a *winner*. Moore got us to the end zone and won games. Could easily have been 8-1, in fact.

Also agree with Craig on the negativity. Folks, we finished 6-3 the last 9 games last year.

If you think we are not "close," you are stupid. Witness, also, last years 49ers. Us in 2008. Every year is a new year because of the new contract/cap rules. It's parity.

A team can go from 1-15 to 11-5 and win the division.

There is no loyalty and it's a new, exciting year, every year.

It is very possible that Matt Moore, aged 27, will be a star in this league. We already know he can throw more TDs and INTs and win games. With the exception of the top 2 picks this year, the other QBs taken after that would be considered *successful" if they have the career Moore has had already as opposed to being out of the league.

Think about that.


The issue isnt Ireland's afraid to take chanmces. The issue is time after time he takes chances on the wrong players. It would be huge mistake breaking the bank for Flynn if he doesnt beat out Moore.

At least resigning Henne would be a clear cut backup qb move. If Henne beat otu Matt Moore, it would be far less "CATASTROPHIC" capwise. Henne would come "FAR CHEAPER" than Matt Flynn.

This is what my post was based on. Flynn is a "HUGE" unknown as far as what his production would based on ful season wise. If he doesnt beat out Moore, we're totally screwed capwise based on the numbers it would cost to sign him. Henne's far less expensive, we know what to expect, and if he beat out Moore it would be more boom than bust for us.

It's like you are going on a job interview and four or five employers stressed their interest . You have already picked the company you want, but just in case you don't want to second guess yourself you at look and see what the others have.

YG...Flynn may be an 'unknown' to you, but he is a 'known' entity to our new head coach and that's all that matters.
If Philbin believes in him and how he can perform within his system...then that's good enough for me.

Not Looking Good at this point...

Rebel..I agree....let Moore have his full season...
.....draft a QB for the future....

.......build up the right side of the O-line..

....then go from there...

...maybe lile some new cheerleader uni's :-)

Yell, why dont you check the records of the team Matt Moore beat, and come off your high. He's a serviable QB at best, will never win a superbowl

Aloco,What type of Soup "Du Jour" Do they serve at "The Buffet of Knowledge" Lounge?, If It's Iquana I'am there.

Rebel Yell is correct. That's what I've been saying. Moore is our man. He's ready to enter his prime.

YG...I get what you are saying now..Pretty good point. I hadn't thought of that...I'm thinking that Henne could be "any" quarterback in this scenario?

I assume that if Flynn he is brought in he is brought in to be the starter. I hadn't given any thought to the possibilty of Moore beating him out, and the consequences of this....again good point.

For thougs of you who said Moore is the answer, did you forget the teams he beat?

Clue...in fairness..he didn't have a full season, and didn't get the majority of snaps in what was an abbreviated pre-season...

...I say let him have a go at it as the starter, with a drafted rookie in the learning processs behind him...

If Matt Moore were on the fa market with Flynn this season. Im sure many smart gm's would be looking at Moore as the more attractive fa qb acquisition.

There far more "body of work" to base that on.

If Moore were a fa qb right now. This is what the ranking would look like:

1. Peyton Manning
2. Matt Moore
3. Matt Flynn

So why spend $40-$50 million on Flynn when we already have Matt Moore? Moore had at least 4 qbr rated games of 100 plus last season. Are you guys kidding me?

Manning doesnt want to meet with Ross oe Irescun. LOL

Miami is a better team, if you put the same QB on each of these teams Peyton is visiting, a Peyton lead team on either Denver, Arizona, Titans or Miami...the Peyton lead Miami team would when.

thanks for all the inside info mando!

Clue, brings up VERY important facts to consider on Moore.

I agree Y G...good post...

....but I also agree with Clue that the down-the-road answer is still to be found if Moore can't beat the better quality teams...

If Philbin brings in Flynn there is no way he has Moore and Hannie compete against him for the starting position. If Philbin does that and Flynn gets beat out consider turning in his resignation.






...and where does the 40-50 million dollar estimate come from?.....he certainly hasn't justified being paid that much...

NY "G",

It's not uncommon for deals to happen right after FA opens. Are teams talking to players head of time?....no question.


"Flynn is a known entity to our new hc".

That's what scares me most. Philbin has seen far more of Matt Flynn than Matt Moore. This only means there a high probability he "hugely underestimates" Matt Moore.

He hasnt spent as much time around Matt Moore as Matt Flynn. He hasnt seen Moore in practice and he hasnt seen Moore in entirety during games. He can make a for certain ascertation that Matt Moore wont beat out Matt Flynn if he's signed.

Hes meeting with Philbin either tonight or 2moro morning perfect timing to go after Flynn in free agency if we don't like what we hear

I read several sources stating flynn will command a 40-50 million, wont be like kolb, and cleveland and Seatlle will push hard for him. Let him go, save our cap money

From all the teams the lost to either the Patriots or the Superbowl Giants, Miami gave them a run for the money...don't let folk fool you. Ladanian Thomas, said the Miami defense was the toughest he seen while with the Jets and ask Mark Sanchez about our defense. The Dolphins problem, without an (s), was the redzone play. The kicked butt up and down the field, but could not get 7. All Peyton has to do is when the ball gets in the redzone is put up 7, we have defense and offense personal to win now.

NY "G",

It's not uncommon for deals to happen right after FA opens. Are teams talking to players head of time?....no question.

Posted by: Craig M | March 12, 2012 at 04:27 PM

Craig M,


wolfman is correct re Henne

What do you mean we never draft a QB....here's our QB history:( I totally forgot we drafted Joe Theismann).
Not many names worth mentioning on that list.

Year Rd. Name School
2009 2 Pat White West Virginia
2008 2 Chad Henne Michigan
2007 2 John Beck BYU
2001 6 Josh Heupel Oklahoma
1998 6 John Dutton Nevada-Reno
1992 11 Mark Barsotti Fresno State
1990 4 Scott Mitchell Utah
1988 7 Kerwin Bell Florida
1987 12 Jim Karsatos Ohio State
1986 10 Jeff Wickersham LSU
1984 5 Dean May Louisville
1983 1 Dan Marino Pittsburgh
1981 4 Brad Wright New Mexico
1980 8 David Woodley LSU
1979 12 Larry Fortner Miami (OH)
1978 2 Guy Benjamin Stanford
1978 12 Bill Kenney Northern Colorado
1976 17 Jeff Grantz South Carolina
1975 14 John Graham Colorado State
1974 10 Gary Valbuena Tennessee
1973 5 Don Strock Virginia Tech
1972 8 Craig Curry Minnesota
1971 4 Joe Theismann Notre Dame
1968 6 Kim Hammond Florida State
1967 1 Bob Griese Purdue

And all this was with Matt Moore, we are returning at least 95% if our starters. The better hope Peyton signs somewhere else, fear the fin

If you want Flynn, you are a child. We already have Moore. Try to learn about football, then come back.

Clue...in fairness..he didn't have a full season, and didn't get the majority of snaps in what was an abbreviated pre-season...
...I say let him have a go at it as the starter, with a drafted rookie in the learning processs behind him...
Posted by: Buster | March 12, 2012 at 04:22 PM

Buster, You were'nt on that Henne Bandwagon by any chance saying he needs 2 full seasons to "Blossom" Were you?, Just wondering.


Exactly! Right now, based on body of work, its much wiser to believe Moore has a better chance of being the better starting qb going forward than Matt Flynn.

I liked what I saw from Moore. 4 games with a qbr of 100 plus? Henne doesnt have a total of 4 100 plus qbr ratings in his entire career here.

Matt Moore doesnt need a full overhaul. I believe Matt Moore just needs some fine tuning. If he gets that, we may have finally found our best remaining option at qb and he's already on the team.

As Brandon Marshall said, "We already hyave a qb under contract". Thats Matt Moore.

Matty Moore, throws the ball with his eyes close ENUFF said.

YG...Brandon Marshall also said at the pro bowl it nice to catch balls thrown by elite QB's...they know exactly where to put it. Not a ringing endorsement on Moore.

I say pass on Manning and sign Flynn. If we wait, then Flynn is going to sign with either Cleveland or Seattle. If he signs with Seattle, we are in trouble, because then I can really see Cleveland taking Tannehill at #4, leaving us with Moore and a FA as our QB's. Tell Peyton and his entire family to go pound sand.

Tannehill @ #4...really?
The guy has like 13 starts or something like that.


IMO I don't see it.

YG is correct about moore.


"YG...Brandon Marshall also said at the pro bowl it nice to catch balls thrown by elite QB's...they know exactly where to put it. Not a ringing endorsement on Moore."

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | March 12, 2012 at 04:36 PM

One Question baby, Who the hell declared Matt Flynn an "ELITE QB"? ROTFLMAO!

YG - touche'

Now Matt Flynn's an "ELITE QB". I think I've now heard it all. ROTFLMAO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

tannehill at 8, now at 4 you peole are going nuts over this 3rd rounder at best

Everyone just assumes Flynn is in play (primarily due to media over hype)...what if Philbin has already told Ireland and Ross to steer clear of Flynn?

BTW, same media hype that basically had the Phins as a lock to land Manning. Grain of salt people....grain of salt.

I'm out. Too much stupidity. If you advocate going after Flynn you are stupid.

I don't want ANY QB including Peyton Manning who is going to base his decision on who he needs to face in his division such as Brady or the rex.

We need a fearless leader QB who respects Brady yet he knows that he can destroy the pats or Jets or Bills.

I want a QB and HC with killer instinct. Don't want a HC that deploys the Prevent D which gets you nothing but another number in the L column.

If Manning is scared of facing Brady twice a season, then by all means don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out, we don't want or need that mentality.

If Manning come to find out DOES base his decision on that, then we can all feel good that he went elsewhere as that in itself says it all about his own comfort level and we dodged a bullet.

Anyone can be great at anything over a very capsulations of time(Matt Flynn). But the true indicator of success always has been and always will be "consistency over a sustained period of time."

"SUSTAINED" being the key word here folks. LOL

Good! I'm glad Manning is meeting with Philbin, not Ireland. Philbin is a charmer, Ireland is a putz. I was completely sold on Philbin on his first introduction to the media. The guy can woo Manning better than Ireland and Ross can.

People advocating selecting Tannehill at #8 should be barred from even filling out janitorial job applications. LOL

Clue I agree with you to a point but also don't forget that a phantom pass interference penalty on BM in the Giants game could have meant the difference in us posting a W in that game instead of an L and the SB champs may have been the Pats instead of NYG. Also it wasn't Moore that snapped that shotgun snap over his head in that game that put the NYG right back in it.

This is a team game and those 3 losses attributed to Moore could just as easily have been 2 wins if it wasn't for 2 very costly rookie mistakes by our center!

cosmodo @ 4:47,

That is the most optimistic post supporting why Manning may choose to come to Miami I've seen since he's become available. Philbin is a charmer.

Great Post!

You have all lost your mind. He is on, he is off and not once did a word come out of the man's mouth.
Why have a big party every time he walks in a room? I think the guy like burgers and everywhere he goes it is chateau neuburg this and french white wins squeezed out of some young virgins ass. So he makes a quick stop with the coach to see if they are going to get along.

Wake up and relax. Do you think Flynn is going to make a decision before Manning? No ya bunch of yahoo's, Flynn is gonna wait to see what sucker is going to pay him 50 million dollars for Henne like numbers.
Calm down and see what he does and what he gets. What a bunch of numbnuts.

Guys you have to understand that any evaluation we make regarding Moore and Flynn and who has the better chance of success is being done by amateurs. None of us have a clue what we're talking about, we're just hoping we are right, hoping for the best.

Philbin,McCarthy, etc. are professionals at evaluating talent. They do not go into a room with a lap top and look at each QBs stats and argue on those merits alone. It is a painstaking process in which many factors are taken into consideration. Release time, height, footwork, scrambling ability, pocket awareness, arm strength, intelligence,leadership, accuracy, size of contract, work ethic, injury history, throws on the run, throws the 15 out, throws the hitch running to the opposite side of the field across his shoulder, reads all his checks, and on and on and on.

So unless you have been watching these guys play in person, have intimate knowledge of the NFL and it's players, know which way you want to go in the draft and thousands of other factors you have NO CLUE who would be the best fit for this team. For the love of God just admit that none of us know more than the people making the decisions and hope for the best. It's getting silly now with all of these proclamations of knowledge. Ya don't know jack squat!

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