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Peyton Manning to meet with Dolphins this week

The Dolphins will meet with Peyton Manning in the coming days, The Miami Herald has learned.

As I reported over the weekend, the meeting will be somewhat out of the box. It will not be at the team facility. It will possibly be at Sun Life Stadium, a source tells me.

[Update: ESPN is reporting this meeting will take place Monday night or Tuesday. ESPN, by the way, reported earlier today that the Dolphins were all but out of the chase for Manning and he would not be taking any more visits with any more teams. I credit them when they get things right or first. I'm going to tell you when they miss, too.]

The meeting will be led by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. Philbin may include offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in the meeting, although that is not yet clear.

The meeting is expected to be almost 100 percent about football -- Xs and Os -- and Manning and the coach or coaches (if Sherman comes) getting to know each other. The extra-curricular stuff, such as a requisite pitch from the owner and promise of Super Bowl wins may not be part of this Miami pitch because, in part, Manning may be tired of hearing that he is the final piece that will take them to the Super Bowl.

I stress to you this isn't exactly how the Dolphins planned things originally. They planned a more elaborate set-up that would include owner Stephen Ross. It is now possible Ross will not be included in this meeting. This is Manning's preference, I'm told.

This much is also clear: This will be the Dolphins best hope of landing Manning. The team considers it a good opportunity, although I must say from the outside looking in, it doesn't seem as great an opportunity as the 6-plus hour meetings Manning took with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins had planned an elaborate meeting with Manning that, as I reported earlier, was not going to happen at the team's Davie facility. So that is not an issue at play now. The Dolphins wanted to stay out of the limelight of media coverage, anyway.

But until we know details of the length and expanse of this pitch, we won't know exactly how serious the Dolphins are in the Manning scheme of teams vying for his services.

I will say this: At least they are in the game.


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Re-post from last blog (I think this is important for every poster to read):

Craig, I'm sorry you don't like my viewpoint (Kris too I guess). Believe me when I didn't write it to offend anyone, I just wrote it as a speculation of a possibility. I never said it was DEFINITELY going to happen or even LIKELY to happen. I simply made the statement because I was interested in thinking about what it would mean if it did happen.

It wasn't that serious (to me), yet, you and Kris have latched onto it like it was a directive from Moses on the Moutaintop. It's such an unimportant statement that I'm not even willing to debate it further with you (or anyone).

But what I'd like to point out to the both of you, is the negativity you're adding to the acerbic environment that has taken over this Blog. It used to be a place of fun and enjoyment (at least for me). But I'm losing that sense of Brotherhood here. Being in DC, I'm NEVER around this many Dolphins fans, yet, I probably argue more with you (posters here) than I do with my REAL (football) enemies.

Why? Why do people feel the need to degrade others who simply have a different viewpoint? Don't get me wrong, my hands aren't clean in this regard. I did it too. But enough is enough. I realized it's not healthy for me to spew hatred and personal attacks on people just because they think differently. I realized it's easy to get into that mentality.

I'm asking you and everyone reading this to look into yourself, and ask yourself that question: Why? And what can I do to improve the atmosphere, lessen the negativity, and bring some level-headed respect back to this "Community."

If you don't agree with me, then fine, it's ok. And we can respectfully debate the topic if you wish. But count me out on the acidic insinuations, the posts dripping with contempt, the aggressive attacking just to prove (to yourselves I guess) that your way is the only way to see anything, and everyone else be damned.

I'm done with all that. I'm doing things differently from here on out (hopefully, hard as it is). I'm offering up my opinions, and will interact with positivity and not negativity. It's time for the grown-ups to take over. Don't you see, we're becoming what we used to accuse the Trolls of doing to us. Unhinged. Irrational. We need a better way to relate to each other. We need mutual respect. Either that, or mutual destruction. I'd prefer the former.


Hopefully Philbin has the contract in hand when he meets with Peyton. Because if Peyton has chance to think about it. Our "snow ball's in hell" chance called "Philbin the charmer" will quickly melt. LOL

Moore and Flynn's body of work both show they are .500 qbs. Philbin won't be using their records to see who is a better fit in his system. That is a shortsighted way to look at it.

Great post by DC. all agreed...

Unfortunatly, probably opened the door for more insults and trolls.

And to Kris, I am taking this all in stride. Like Mando said, not sure how anyone puts a positive spin on it. It is what it is. Manning spent boatloads of time with all types of people from those organizations, and (reportedly, by Mando) just wants to come here and talk with the Coaches about the X's and O's.

But, "at least they are in the game." Beggars can't be choosers.

DC, you are such a tool.

Is there any confirmation that Henne was REALLY brought in today????

Was that a real event, or just someone stirring the pot? (Or smoking it. :p)

Sign Williams and have a dominant defense to beat up Brady and Dirty Sanchez, draft a QB to groom behind Moore, and let this TEAM move forward under the system Philbin/Sherman were brought in to develop.

Forget Manning & Flynn...shore up the many gaps & be smart, Dolphins.

DC, Jesus Christ you sound like a sensitve female. Do you really take what these idiots on this blog say. Screw some of these guys many of them posts things just to "wild" someone off, your posts seems to read like your really hurt by some of these idiots. Ignore them man.

You may well be right. I just hope to God the Dolphins don't start chasing Tebow. I think I'd have to stop watching this team if he became our starting QB. Great what he did last year but I don't see it over the long haul....pray it doesn't go that way.

Posted by: Craig M | March 12, 2012 at 04:10 PM

When you put it that way, this blog is praying "tebowing" that Tebow is on his way!

To be honest our best option is bringing back Dan Marino for QB. - Jeff Ireland

Thanks Poizen, you and I are the perfect example of what I'm talking about. I'm about as opposite in opinion from you on the Henne issue. But we've had respectful debates on the matter and left our differences on the table, agreed to disagree. We still get along, still speak to each other respectfully, don't denigrate each other. That's how it should be. For all I know you're right, Henne will go somewhere and become an elite QB. Or maybe not. But I need to accept that I don't have the definitive answer to that question, so therefore, I might be wrong, and I need to leave room for that possibility.

"OH NO!!! WE SUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!"

Read the palm post, Henne came in to get his stuff and left.

If Philbin can impress the FA brass, why can't he do the same with Peyton Manning?

i like matt moore. he is a good qb. trent dilfer showed us you dont have to be a superstar to win the big game. you just need a good defense and special teams. I say we go after reggie nelson and mario williams in fa. we trade our first round pick if we can if not take best player available. we can draft a qb in the latter rounds maybe weeden or keenum. who cares if peyton manning doesnt play here. great!!!! we dont need a premadonna qb to come in and try to run the show. let philbin draft his own players

This is starting to look a lot like the Coaching search,This front office SUCKS!

It's cool DC, I agree with ya. I am not sure about anything with Henne. He has the skills there, and "had" a good head on his shoulders. Not sure if the experiences rattled him or not.

The Dolphins hopefully move on, because this fan base spits venom at Henne.

that is why I was hoping someone was stirring the pot on that story.

But DC does have a point, there is no need to be throwing insults here, none of us really "know" each other. And we all "hopefully" are hoping the best for the Dolphins.

Isn't it just better to move on? Why invest in a stop gap with so many uncertainties? Historical evidence suggests its highly unlikely Peyton will lead his next team to a SB.

Meho, thank god, thank you for the update, I will take your word for it.

Poizen you love Henne, jsut say it you toadie!

DC you're right but the problem is there are too many children writing in here. They don't have the skills to communicate their opinions like a rationale adult. They are still fighting for their place in the world and anyone who disagrees with their opinion is their enemy.

It's either children or it's very ignorant immature adults causing most of the friction. I don't know what happened with you, Kris, and Craig but I'm shocked to read they did anything like that. I have never found either poster to be insulting or abrasive unless protecting themselves. But it is what it is, that's between you guys.

Just saying I would love if this were a civil place to discuss Dolphins football. You think you have it bad? Try living in NY bud! All New England and Jets fans! What, you have to deal with Redskins and Ravens fans? I ENVY YOU! :) But alas the children get to do whatever they want in today's society.

Every day I hear a kid talk to his parent and ask myself how they got away with talking that way. The Parent puts there head down as the child scolds them. WTF? In our day we never talked to our parents, let alone any adult the way kids do now. We had that FEAR. Anyone in here who grew up in the 70's? Remember that fear I'm talking about? You didn't know if you were going to get hit or what, there were consequences for our actions. So is it any wonder we can not have civil adult conversations in a forum with no rules or consequences?

The people who do wrong have more rights then we do.

Poizen, I thought you were pro Henne resigning. Flip flopper possibly?

i am a turd sucker

Quilombo, My only response to your post is this:

the Dolphins have a tremendous BLACK cloud hanging over them. It is only getting bigger. The more this team struggles, the less likley we will draw quality free agents, or maintain good rookies we draft.

There needs to be a winning culture shift, even if temporary. We need to get out of the "laughing stock" group of teams.

Taking a chance on manning only shows we are willing to take chances to WIN. That is a big part of what quality free agents look for, a winning type culture.

The others just pook for money... That is why I think this Manning thing is important.

Moore is a good player could lead us but might want to bring someone in to compete with him for the starting spit maybe henne maybe a rook philbin will let us know if flynn has it or not by getting him or not...

We should try to recruit Jake Plummer. He should also be 36 right?

Clue, No flip flopping, I am pro-chad Henne being a good NFL QB. Not elite. He is good to have on your team, and in my opinion is a very good Starter, could be elite? possibly.

That being said, I have said it here many times, he is not wanted here by the majority of the fan base. The "orton chants" said it all.

For his sake I hope he moves on, and for the 1 millionth time. I don not care what the name is on the back of the Miami Dolphin QB uniform, I just want to win.

I would like Henne resigned, but I would hate to see this blog if it happened.

So just so we are clear: Manning is going to interview Philbin about Philbin's knowledge of Xs & Os?
At Manning's condo probably because Peyton's not wasting his time driving to Davie to meet with Philbin there?
That's encouraging.
I've been pointing out for weeks that we need a scapegoat and now we have one:

Joe Philbin

If Manning doesn't sign it's Philbin's fault.
That means whatever happens next season can also be blamed on Philbin and his fumbling of the Peyton interview.

Ireland that is Masterfully done!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Had a guy verbally assaulting me and attacking my Italian heritage in here last night, saying the most vile things. And was I protected? Well they removed the original posts but the guy just continued to attack me, they didn't remove him or ban him from the blog, he was just allowed to say whatever he wanted and the only way his posts were removed was if I tattled like a 5 year old. So I'm all for a better community, I'm on your side. Unfortunately the people in charge couldn't care less. Otherwise there would be a rules list and code of conduct like 90% of every blog on the net installs. I've seen people banned from all kinds of blogs but don't think they do it here.

DC do you hang out with a lot of children? As in go to movies and parties with them, spend time talking about music and other social media? I suspect the answer is no. And it's because as great as children are sometimes, we are just not on the same level mentally.

Yep, you don't get that chance in here. So the next time someone gets upset because you don't agree with their opinion and they start making fun of you thank our politically correct system that kisses childrens azzes in today's society. We are raising a generation of know it all know nothings. Ans everyone just smiles and hands them trophies for coming in last, big pat on the back and a brand new i-phone!

Professor Philbin will educate X's and O's to Peyton Manning?

I think Ireland and Ross should attend the tutior session on Football.

Well said Phins. Not just Craig and Kris. Not just on this blog either. It's unfortunately the downside of this way of communication. People don't see each other, therefore miss context, body language, all those things that add perspective. Also, I've found people will say some things (on a blog) that they'd never say to someone's face in person. It's easy to become sanctimonious and holier-than-thou.

"DC, you are such a tool."

See what I mean DC? Another child allowed to come in and hang out with adults. Doesn't know how to relate but understands the most important thing and the only thing he needs to know. There are no consequences for his actions therefore he can and will say whatever he wants.

Just reported that the Texans are now interested...Let me say this...There is no way we can compete with the Texans for Manning...They have EVERYTHING he needs...We should go forward with the meeting but move forward with a full court press on Flynn at this time as our chances on landing Manning are slim at best!

Also, I've found people will say some things (on a blog) that they'd never say to someone's face in person.

Exactly. It's easy to be a tough guy from behind the soft glow of your computer screen as you sip a juice box. In the real world, not so easy to say some of these things.

I get caught up as well and take offense. Like last night when I should have just ignored the ignorant person who was insulting me. Sometimes we're pi**ed off about something the Phins are doing or aren't doing and someone just says the wrong thing and sets someone else off. It is the hardest thing to do because like you I too really have no Dolphins fans to speak to up here and quite enjoy finding out what you guys think or if anyone has heard anything.

The easiest thing to do is make a list of your favorite posters and only communicate with them. Add and subtract people accordingly and ignore all others. I know it sounds elitist but it's the only true way you can protect yourself from senseless attacks on your person and character. I'll stop now.

I know,,,thank God some of you are saying. Have fun guys, talk to you later. :)

Flipper that report was said to be a mistake, it was the Titans who want to talk to him unless that's changed in the past hour.

Good luck Manning fans, either way I'm afraid you will be disappointed.

The Dolphins are so pathetic. If Peyton were a chick, the Dolphins would clearly be in the 'friend' zone which means we got no shot.

They can't even get the Wednesday "charity f..."

Stay with Moore... draft Tannballs...

If PM is really concerned about ownership, KC, and Seattle would still be in the hunt, and Arizona and Tenn would be out. Bill Bidwell is usually recognized as the worst owner in the league. The reason Jeff Fisher isn't in the league is because Bud Adams rammed Vice Young down his throat. Plus his penny pinching ways. In KC Clark Hunt is regarded as one of the best owners in the league along with Paul Allen of Seattle. Evidently ownership is not a big deal to Manning.

Great!!! This represents Miami's best possible opportunity to land Manning. They needed Philbin doing the pitch and nobody else.

If you get even slightly angry or agitated here, of if you worry about having your feelings hurt, you are a tool. You are too earnest. You need to read "The Importance of Not Being Earnest." This board allows anonymity. You are crazy, therefore, if you expect something better than 60% trash.


Yeah, Poizen called it Phins. Said I'd be attacked by Trolls, and sure nuff...

But I EXPECT it from the trolls, they aren't the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking to the regulars (they know who they are). We've got to change it ourselves unfortunately (because you're right, there's no one supervising this blog). We need to bring the temperature down. It's not about having tougher skin, it's about learning to express yourself and broadening your horizons to accepting others' opinions.

And, believe it or not, my first experience with Craig was in his defense. It was 2 years ago, after the disastrous Pats game where Henne was taken out. After we lost, people came here and were furious. I mean wanted Henne gone, Sparano, Ireland, EVERYONE! You can imagine (tough loss to end another mediocre year). Craig comes on and tries to defend Henne and say give him a chance and stuff. Oh, fuggetaboutit (that wasn't meant to be stereotypical or a slight by the way, I have family from Jersey, just dialect). People just were tearing the guy apart, from every angle. I hate seeing mobs take on 1 person, so I defended him. Saying he had a right to his opinion, people should just give him the space to express it. I think we need more of that. Sure, debate each other all we want. But allow each other the room to express themselves how they want to without having to fight everyone about it. It gets old, and NEVER changes any minds. Just keeps everyone in their own corner.

What's that saying, eye for an eye and we all end up blind!

no mistake phins, that was just posted on pft. it's not surprising, given the titans interest. i must say that it's not coincidental that manning agrees to meet with the dolphins and titans, given his personal connection to both places. he is nothing if not politically astute.

Miamis like the fat chick who you definately arent interested in but you really dont wanna be an @ss to......kinda fits this courtesy meeting they'll have with manning...its all over but the shouting(or in this case meeting)...so can flynn to miami still be cheap costing??!!!...just sayin!!!

Let's see, SB ready team, play in a dome, best owner in the league, good not great HC, great receivers, very good running game, warm weather city, hummmmmmmmm might be the Texans.

Moore has a far larger body of mediocre work compared to Flynn's small body of very good work. Will Flynn be a franchise QB? Maybe - maybe not. Will Moore all of a sudden turn into a franchise QB when he's shown time and time again that he is average? Almost surely not. Philbin may not want Flynn and we may get stuck with Moore, and if so I hope you Moore loving bloggers on here aren't as delusional as I think you are. I tend to agree with Clue on this one. YG and Mustache Man are drinking the Moore kool-aid. I'm not big on Flynn, but I'd rather take a chance with him than roll with Moore if Philbin decides he wants him.

Miami fans are like the chick that hates herself and cuts herself to make herself feel better.



I was a fan that thought PM would come here, but it might be time to move on. I don't think any of the original finalist had anything on Miami, but Houston would be hard to beat.

Swamy, it's against league rules.

should make craig happy, for once im speechless. this is insanity at its best.

michael your wrong on clark hunt, hes a joke. hated here in kc. very cheap. he cares about soccer, not football

wheres the houston thing coming from? with a healthy manning, houston wins super bowl. that team is loaded with talent

dusty bottoms, I know you thought it would be KC, and I can't understand why they are at least a finalist aside from weather they have most of what PM wanted.

dusty bottoms, really he didn't learn from his dad, although he was just named to the competition committee wasn't he.

guy is more hated here than carl peterson now. they said he offered manning a contract on the first day just so it looked like kc least tried for manning. low ball offer to boot

I have it on very good authority that money is secondary to Peyton. He has enough. He wants superbowl rings. He wants an organization that will work with him- and buy the talent- necessary to win. And Peyton is an honorable guy who knows it is not fair to leave these teams hanging. Expect a decision very, very soon.

basically i have no clue what to believe anymore, yahoo still says seattle and kc and now the niners are still alive in this


Am i the only one who thinks Manning would NEVER go to a team in the same division as the Colts (Titans/Texans)?

He loved playing for Indy and no doubt he loved the fans but just imagine if he's the starting QB for the Texans and he throws a TD against his former team....he would hate it.

Guys,trust me on this...Peyton Manning will be the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins.

If he had such a great feeling about either joining Denver or Arizona (which ESPN reported),why is he still setting up meetings with other teams?

Peyton has known for ages he wasn't wanted back in Indy and yet there are people who think Peyton hasn't even thought about where he wants to play? Please! Peyton will be a Dolphin because not only does it make the most sense to him,but also his family would want to stay in Miami...

Im out, have a great night all.

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