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Peyton Manning to meet with Dolphins this week

The Dolphins will meet with Peyton Manning in the coming days, The Miami Herald has learned.

As I reported over the weekend, the meeting will be somewhat out of the box. It will not be at the team facility. It will possibly be at Sun Life Stadium, a source tells me.

[Update: ESPN is reporting this meeting will take place Monday night or Tuesday. ESPN, by the way, reported earlier today that the Dolphins were all but out of the chase for Manning and he would not be taking any more visits with any more teams. I credit them when they get things right or first. I'm going to tell you when they miss, too.]

The meeting will be led by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. Philbin may include offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in the meeting, although that is not yet clear.

The meeting is expected to be almost 100 percent about football -- Xs and Os -- and Manning and the coach or coaches (if Sherman comes) getting to know each other. The extra-curricular stuff, such as a requisite pitch from the owner and promise of Super Bowl wins may not be part of this Miami pitch because, in part, Manning may be tired of hearing that he is the final piece that will take them to the Super Bowl.

I stress to you this isn't exactly how the Dolphins planned things originally. They planned a more elaborate set-up that would include owner Stephen Ross. It is now possible Ross will not be included in this meeting. This is Manning's preference, I'm told.

This much is also clear: This will be the Dolphins best hope of landing Manning. The team considers it a good opportunity, although I must say from the outside looking in, it doesn't seem as great an opportunity as the 6-plus hour meetings Manning took with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins had planned an elaborate meeting with Manning that, as I reported earlier, was not going to happen at the team's Davie facility. So that is not an issue at play now. The Dolphins wanted to stay out of the limelight of media coverage, anyway.

But until we know details of the length and expanse of this pitch, we won't know exactly how serious the Dolphins are in the Manning scheme of teams vying for his services.

I will say this: At least they are in the game.


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DC....what in the heck are you talking about....

The "Moore's confidence' remarks to you were totally in jest.....seriously...I mean...I stand by that (to me) the idea is silly...but youi have EVERY RIGHT to state your opinion...and the defend it if you wish...change your stance....or simply move as if you have no need to justify it....

As far as the Trolls go....I should be offened that you even mention myself or Craig M in the same sentence....Our opinions ARE strong...but they are FOOTBALL related....an 99 times out of 100 my are football related...and on topic (of the past few post).....

I will NOT apologize for having the ability emphasize my post in a nature that SOME may find offensive.....Others find it commendable.....probably MOST don't even bother to read what I have to say....such is life on a football blog....

I have my favorites (PHINS 78 rught now)....but I have no allies...and my fair share of enemies (TROLLS)......and those are ALL things I have to consider when I DECIDE to post my thoughts out there for all to see......

I pay attention...to the best of my ability I pick up on writing styles....I try and figure out who is a troll...and who is ACTUALLY ONE person posting under ONE NAME.....I'm not always right.....but once I have a strong suspicion....I no longer type to that screen name....or writing style if I recognize it.....

Sometimes I am fooled...but.....even when that happens...i quickly end the conversation ON MY TERMS so as not to disrupt the blog with meaninless diatribe between myself....and someone who ONLY wishes to fight.....

However....i will fill up pages and pages of Armando's blog if the poster appears real....and we can argue/debate without insults...or over-the-top condensending remarks....

In any case...how YOU chose t conduct yourself is up to YOU....and nobody else.....same as the other posters....same as myself....same as the one's who decide to be....or become Trolls....

In short man.....Its weird that you even made the comments....especially since you KNOW that crap that CRAIG M has to put up with on a daily if not weekly basis...just because he thinks differently than the majority of posters....and you have the audacity to imply (in a round about way) that Craig M is acting Trollish.....c'mon man.....

I've called Craig M many names.....but one thing I know he is NOT is a Troll.....nor Trollish....he is stubborn....pig-headed....among other unkind adjetives...but he is by NO STRECH a Troll.......He is a real person with real opinions...that are consistent daily with the way HE thinks the FO can improve this team.....

and for all the things I said about Craig M above....The same could just easily be said about me.....

Have a drink on me.....you must have has a rough day......

wow kris , novel huh. how crazy is this process kris, its insane man!

Best part of this is that Clueless Ross is not going to be there. Now we have a chance.

I am finding nothing in RE to Manning scheduling a visit with the Texans. All of the most updated stuff I've been looking at says the same thing.....Denver and AZ front runners...Manning meeting with Philbin in Miami and Tenn HC.

I'm seeing nothing in RE to San Francisco...or Seattle and kc being back in the mix. Are some of you reading old articles?

Too funny...All we heard was how badly the Dolphins wanted Manning and what happens, Clown Jeff Ireland sits on rear end while Manning is courted by other teams.

Lets put it this way, Manning has already made up his mind and is most probably going to Denver. The Broncos made the playoffs last year and in my opinion are in the weaker division than the Dolphins.

Why would Manning want to come here with Laurel(Ross) and Hardy (Ireland)running the show,an inexperienced head coach and have to play in a tougher division against one of the best organizations in football, the Patriots. Not gonna happen. Meeting with Philbin is nothing more than a formality.

BTW - Only three QB's have ever won the Superbowl at the age of 36 or older. Unitas, Plunkett and John Elway did it twice. So the odds of Manning winning another Superbowl are not good, even if he ever plays at the high level he once did.

Oh....just found something in U.S.A Today....I'll take a read.

no wolfman its on yahoo, todays article

Yeah Dusty....this is crazy....

and sorry for the long post...but I felt DC dedserved a response worthy of the one he orginally posted....

Cyberflea, why would he go to Arizona, a team owned by the worst owner in the league.

Don't let peyton leave without a contract!

so lets cross zona off. so its down to denver,mia,tenn for now. id be scared if hou or sf enter the race. denver front runner but least philbin will get to make a quick pitch.

Ok, just read the USA Today article and Denver Post article....pretty much sounds like those teams have made inquiries, but nothing serious...no visits scheduled, etc. Sounds like it's still Denver, AZ, and Miami. Only other scheduled visit that I'm seeing is Tenn.....

Who needs Manning anyway, I serious do not think he can play a full season_______

There are still ownership issue in SF, but Houston...oh oh that's a problem.

u cant pressure manning to a contract. sell yourself and the team. then the city. tell him u will do everything possible to sign guys around him. let him run his offense. bring in wayne and clark if he wants. do whatever it takes because we dont want to fall back on flynn now that griffin is long gone. its manning or suicide now for ross. empty stadium or a crazy packed stadium on prime time many games.

I'm beginning not to believe any of the Manning reports. The 49ers are contract negotiations with Alex Smith and last i heard they were close.

I think i'll be happier than Peyton when he finally does sign. No matter where he goes to.

And all the complaining about Ireland I have to say the biggest thing that bugs me with him is the old tight lipped trick he learned from Parcells.

I mean we are in lock down? Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Your supposed to be running this thing not us or the media.

yeah wolf espn reported miami tonight or tomm and tenn wed.

yeah houston is already very very good. my super bowl pick either way next season

You know we get on Ross, but there are some really really really bad owners in the NFL.

weird thing rick is that no contract has been discussed anywhere but kc. say he picks denver and then they cant agree on contract, does he move on?

I agree with you Michael. Someone on here yesterday or maybe the day before actually said "I wish we had a good owner like Snyder".

I told you so...this has to be a FOOTBALL meeting. With FOOTBALL people and FOOTBALL places. You'll turn him off with glitz and galamor. He wants to get a feel for what it would be like directing the offense of the Miami Dolphins. What will the practice week be like? What will the game plan and game day be like. Can he opertate a his top potenial within this framework?

is mannings ego the 8th wonder of the world, sorry fellas but if he doesnt come here i hope he fails

Wow Dusty I can't imagine Denver would drool over him for 2 days and them try to low ball his contract.

No way, oh God. Snyder is the worst, no Bill Bidwell, no Bud Adams, no Al Davis oppps Mark Davis, no Wayne Weaver. Man that is a rogue's gallery of owners.

Here's what I know.. Nothing!! Like everyone else that isn't Peyton Manning

You know we get on Ross, but there are some really really really bad owners in the NFL.
Posted by: Michael | March 12, 2012 at 06:22 PM


Ross hasn't been around long enough to get on Ross, IMO. He's only been the owner for two seasons. Some people act like it's been decades.

Arizona just dumped their best offensive lineman on a poor OL. Miami did not have a good line due to Marc Colombo but can draft at number eight to pick up a starter at the position of RT. Denver will not have three defensive players for part of next season due to substance abuse suspensions. It's not over until it's over.

just sayin rick what if denver offers 50 mill and mia 75 mill

And he has a ton of money he's willing to spend to build a winner.

been a long 2 years,lol. kinda mad at my boy danny for not stepping in. elway done everything he could, warner was there to greet manning in a cards cap.

yes pro and denver has 50 mill to spend on players.

Forget Manning, Even if he met the two headed monster(Ross/Ireland) it's a bettermove for him to Denver(Or Arizona), A lot of people go there to retire.

Like i Keep Saying... NO WAY MANNING BECOMES A DOLPHIN! Not in this Lifetime or Anyother... Ireland & Ross are 0-4 on Getting Who they set out to get. Nobody Wants to Play for "Team Purgatory " . Ross & Ireland Could Mess up a Wet Dream.... They Have Completely DESTROYED This Franchise.... Its Sad.

Well I'm not the capologist but can you squeeze a 75 million dollar contract out of 12 million in cap space?

I guess if you did you would be broke for the next few years.

been a long 2 years,lol. kinda mad at my boy danny for not stepping in. elway done everything he could, warner was there to greet manning in a cards cap.
Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 12, 2012 at 06:38 PM


I think it feels that way for a multitude of reasons. It's been over a decade since Miami has been relevant for one....so it's like compounding interest on your CC.

Even before that, Miami fans were frustrated with only one SB appearance in 17 years of Dan Marino...no win. Last SB win was '74, which further adds to the frustration.

In RE to the current ownership coming in, timing couldn't have been worse. Two years into a rebuild and a new owner comes in....he has his own ideas, his own vision, etc. It didn't mesh with Parcells. Essentially, these last two years have been an attempt to purge and for Ross to try to make his vision a reality.

I've been through one acquisition at a company I worked for. I would never wish it upon my worst enemy. It's at least 2-3 years of complete chaos before the dust starts to settle. That's a lot of what is going on with Miami right now.

I'm still in disbelief at this pathetic front office not making a play for RG3. Clearly a franchise QB prospect. In all seriousness what does it have to happen for these inept people to see that.

My niece could have told you we need a crack at a potential franchise signal caller. Yes it is a gamble but QB is by far the most important position on football, without that unless we have a 2001 Ravens kinda of defense -we do not- you can get a shot.

If RG3 pans out we will be hearing the same stuff we've heard about Brees when we passed on him. I can no longer defend Ireland, he must go if his only mission with this team is to be Ross' fall guy, enough of this charade.

For any experts out there.

In years past FA started at 1 minute after midnight the day of FA. Is it still the same or does it start say at 8am tomorrow?

I don't think manning will go to any NFC team because he doesn't want the brothers to knock each other out of the playoff.

If he wants to go down in history as better than brady than it's miami.


Sorry i can't say I agree with you on the RG3 thing. I watched too many seasons when we wished we would have traded away our 1st or 2nd round pickst time come draf.

Not to mention 2 first and a second. Besides, It would have cost us more to outbid the Skins.

And apparently the Redskin organization doesn't even understand how the cap works.

Meant to say wouldn't have traded away our picks.

This is getting ridiculous ... I dont want Manning but if anyone can change his mind it's Joe Philbin. he is a smart, articulate guy. with a funny charm. Like i said i dont really want Manning to come here ,but it isn't my decision to make. Whoever they want they better get it right cause if they miss i think it should cost them their jobs if they are wrong. Maybe Joe wants Manning and is going to draft a guy to groom behind him... I guess that answers everyones question on if Joe Philbin thinks Matt Flynn is the real deal or not. ... guess it's NO he doesn't think Matt Flynn has what it takes.

@ Michael, I never said he was going to Arizona, I said Denver bro.

This is just a ploy by Manning and the Broncos to screw everyone else over. Denver already knows what they'll pay him, and what they have left to spend tomorrow. The plan is to keep the phins, titans, cards, texans, etc. waiting so that they can't make any moves to get FA's.

Philbin, make your pitch, an offer, and tell Manning to S*** or get off the pot, we are not waiting around.

When he turns it down, get Mario Williams and Levi Brown in FA. Keep Moore, draft Tannehill.

TigerSam, no more, people are going to start thinking you're a fool.

Not a bad idea Seattle.

Mcnab is the answer!

Jeff Row,

My guess is Philbin is probably ok with the Manning thing because he understands the organization is in a win now mode.

Being that he is a first year coach he would probably prefer Flynn or a draft pick for the long haul but the nucleus of this team is 5 years old and ticket sales suck.

Dolphins gotta rock and roll now.

No Levi Brown ... i'd rather get Carl Nicks... seattle ... but i guess we have no say in it .. we will just have to be happy on who they go after and live with it.

LOL @ Michael @7:03. Dude's entitled to his opinion though.

Dusty why the comment on Mannings ego? Of all the things we don't know-- like whether he can still throw for example-- his ego really? He has always come across as down to earth to me, where would you put Brady on that scale then? He is picking the team where he will finish his career, what else should he do.

I hope the boys in the suits have enough sense to be courting Flynn and never stop courting Flynn since this Manning thing sure is taking a turn for the worse.
My preference has always been Flynn I hope we get him......

This is so hysterical. You guys are all over each other for this guy when it won't be ANY different than culpepper. These guys blew it when they punked out on the rg3 deal. We are looking at years and years of losing. Get used to it. Until dumb and dumber are gone, we are screwed

IF he can even walk on the field, manning makes MAYBE a one game difference. Doesn't matter where he goes. He won't even finish the season.

I don't get it!!!!!

Are we that crappy? We lost out to Denver??

This is a good team!! With Manning coaching any young QB we would be instant wildcard favorites for sure!!!

What is he looking for??!?!?!!
A top 5 WR?? A good left tackle?? A top 10 defense?!? WTH?!?!

Where is Pat White these days? He'd be perfect in the West Coast offense.

And to be frank Flynn is a bigger joke. He's green bay's chad Henne. And since they are many times better than we are, he will suck here too. We had a golden opportunity and blew it. Getting to be a habit

Also, everyone seems to have the same tone until 12 months from now when we're fighting for Matt Barkley!!

amsmith965, I bet u were one of those dumbasses who said don't take Gronkowski, because of his back to.

Phinsman, you're looking with your heart and not your head. We have a head coach who shouldn't be one, a control freak and stupid GM, and an owner who's biggest priority is D list celebrities.

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