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Peyton! Some Miami fans are on their knees

Despite ESPN's reports that the Dolphins are losing ground in the Peyton Manning sweepstatkes -- how does that happen when the club hasn't even met with him yet? -- some Miami fans are continuing their fullcourt press on trying to convince Manning to play locally.

Will Lopez, Hialeah resident and lead singer of local band Guajiro, has posted this video below on youtube.com. It's pretty cool this ditty sung to the tune of Layla by Eric Clapton.

This is the latest shout out to Manning from Miami faithful. Dwyane Wade has shouted out. LeBron James has. Somebody put up a billboard before anyone else did. Just saying.




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Creepy voice. That will scare anyone away.

Do we even know if an interview has been scheduled with Miami or was it done escondido while he was here?

Cool song.

Would have been better if they had computer generated Clapton's voice but I still like the song.

Song was horrible...the idea is great.....

The music sounded like a midi file. Besides the trite lyrics did not rhymed anywhere. Try to find other things to do than this crap.

Making us fans look like desperate fools.

Try trusting in Philbin, why else hire him ?


Im a fan, Im not on my knees for Peyton Manning. Im not ready to give him a "kneel down slurpee".

If Manning doesnt wanna play here let him move on. Just like Brandon Marshall said, "We do already have a qb under contract in Miami". Matt Moore.

There's always the option to enhance that by trading down, picking up a extra 2nd rd pick, and then using that extra 2nd rd pick to grab a qb to groom behind Moore. This franchise would be no deader by Manning's abscence.

that was awful...


We should have sold the house for RGIII.
Matt Moore will be our week 1 starter. That's sad, but we'll feel better when we see Manning going down after a few real games and see Flynn becoming the next Kevin Kolb...

I just want the Fins to have a crack at him.

Groom behind Moore??? That was the funniest thing I've heard yet! We cannot go into next season with freakin Moore as our starting QB!

Also, Manning coming here means Matt Moore will be going into fa next year. Im sure Moore feels he's earned the right to become a starter in this league. So I doubt he'll be signing an extension that allows him to sit behind Manning for 2-3 more season.

His biological nfl clock will be ticking closer to its end too. So signing Manning definitely means drafting a qb 2nd rd, if we're looking for any kind of quality post Manning era in Miami.

Signing Manning could also mean trying to trade Matt Moore before this final year of his contract is over. If not Miami, I believe Matt Moore will be a starting qb somewhere in this league in 2013. Those thinking Matt Moore will just sit behind Manning for 3-4yrs could be in grave error of judgement.

He'll sign with Denver for sure if he sees that.

I'm guessing Manning will play at most half a season and then retire. The risk/reward is just not there on this one.

Tuesday begins free agency. What's been over shadowed by the Manning hoopla is Henne still isnt resigned.

My money says Henne becomes a Jet to give Sanchez competition. Sparano will be fistpumping the Jet fo to sign Henne! LOL

Where do I get one of those crystal balls that says Matt Flynn is the next Kevin Kolb?
Nobody, I mean nobody knows how Matt Flynn would do under Philbin & Sherman's coaching!
Philbin has said in private that he would prefer to not bring Peyton on due to him being set in his ways with regards to schemes and play calling.

Said it before and will say it again....Philbin & Manning would clash heads.


Where do we get one of those "CRYSTAL BALLS" that definitely says Matt Flynn nis an upgrade to Matt Moore based on onmly two nfl starts?

Its looking like Moore will be our starter next season. Of course that's just an assumption, but the way things have been going Im going to lean in that direction. Until Manning proves he has an arm still, can pass a physical, and sais he is coming to Miami. The longer this drags out the less options are left. Im not putting Moore down, with more talent on the OL and another WR who knowes. I have not bought into the whole Manning sweepstakes anyway.

Armando, Honestly was this subtle sabotage?

Matt Flynn is A.J. Feeley the 2nd. A career backup.

I think some folks read too much into Peyton and his wife having the condo in South Beach. It's a vacation retreat, not necessarily a place they want to spend their entire lives.

South Florida isn't as appealing a place to live fulltime as many of you seem to think it is. To be honest, the weather might actually be the most overrated thing about it.

In any regard, vacation pad is a lot different from "home." And it doesn't appear Manning will be choosing Miami for that designation.

I Don't want Peo Manning here, we have a QB under contract and we must draft another more, Cousins from Michigan in the 3rd. round. to develop under the new coaching staff.


You're more realist than most here. Even if Manning does sign here Ireland/Ross better have the foresight to draft a qb at least 2nd rd. IMO, Manning signing definitely means Moore walks in fa in 2013.

Im willing to bet the house Moore feels he's nfl starting qb ready. No way he sits 3-4yrs behind Manning allowing his nfl biological clock to tick down. He's just entering the prime years of his nfl career now(age wise anyway).

Every year he sits behind Manning lessons his chances of ever becoming an nfl starter.

Mando, take a deep breath. Manning would not make the Dolphins better. A better OL, WR and others would make the Dolphins better,,now. The Dolphins can win with Matt Moore, so all you Dolfans who drull over Manning, it aint gonna happen. Manning is like Jeff Fisher, he wants a team with a good to better chance of playoffs and the Dolphins aint it. Manning is old and cant wait five yrs to get the Dolphin engine running and he wants it ALL in place NOW or he aint coming. ITs just the facts dude and dudette. :-)

That song was crap. If Peyton needed a reason not to play for the Dolphins here it is.

Playing for an idiot owner, clueless GM, and novice HC, cant be too appealing for anyone with a brain. Dont be surprised if Manning cancels the Miami visit.


Manning already stated he isnt selling his home in Indy. The condo makes it more convenient on him during traikning cam and regular season games. He doesnt have to stay at the hotel.

Peyton still plans to keep Indy as his home residence. Just that signing in Miami gives him the luxury of not having to stay at hotel during training camp and home games.


So the city is saying the right things and he already lives here but...

The Cardinals have a good stadium, great WR and an easy division.

The Broncos have a good Defense, some nice pieces on Offence and a legendary QB in charge.

What have the Dolphins got to offer other than, perhaps, more money? What will they present? A half decent O line, good weapons on offense, a decent defense? Anything else? The Dolphins have a better history than either the Broncos or Caridnals, would this make a difference?

By the way Armando, the singer- you know if he is collecting unemployment pay check?.. bcuz the voice is horrible, better get another profession.

I agree. I think he has earned his chance. But, of course what I think matters, well, not at all. If they have any other plans (should the whole Manning thing fall through) for the QB position, their window is very small, and the choices (in my opinion) very limited. I think Moore has proven more than Flynn, is better than Orton and Kolb. But again, who am I?

If we dont get Manning you can kiss next season goodbye.

Sign Flynn !!

It happens because Peyton had scheduled meetings with both other teams and there are no scheduled meetings with Miami, though he says he intends to see Miami. Doesn't sound very high priority. He isn't coming here lads.



Kissing 2012 season goodbye isnt a horrible thing. It would allow a chance to get a legit young franchise qb. Especially if we finished 4-12 or worse. Then Matt Barkley would be realistically on the horizon.

Totally sucking in 2012 could be a good thing. Asked the Colts how thier "LUCK" turned out. LOL

After having hopes of Andrew Luck, then RG3, then P Manning......the thought of settling for a Matt Flynn is nauseating.

YG, I agree. But we could easily be 6-10 again and have no shot at Barkley. And Ireland doesnt know what to do.

Move on Miami...He probably be in AZ...dome and weather !! Sign Flynn ,Cortland Finnegan and Brandon Lloyd and keep Soliai !

Was that commissioned by Ireland? Cause it was a mess!!

Right now Matt Moore looks far more appealing than signing Matt Flynn. IMO, based on overall performance and body of work. It makes more sense to sign Matt More to a $40-$50 million dollar contract than Matt Flynn. There "far-Moore" to base it on.

If Flyn is worth $40-$50 million, then based on body of work, Matt Moore must be worth $100 million. We all know this isnt true. Signing Flynn would be like a direct slap in Matt Moore's face!

Brandon drop marshall that name is great if he or the rest of,the dolphins could catch henne would be our starter and sparano the coach wow how,life goes got to roowith the blows matt moore is good starter good gamer philbin knows if flynn has it or not we will have good year next year world will change

YG, it only takes an ESPN report saying Flynn will be a sought after FA to make most elevate him far beyond his real worth. Media hype is powerful. There is no sense in bringing in any FA that is not clearly better than Moore, and I'd say Moore is clearly better than Flynn.


We spent the most of Marino's prime in the same "no man's land" situation. Never bad enough to draft him premium weapons on either side of the ball. While never good enough to win it all.

We've basically been in no man's land for the past 20yrs. Never bad nor good enough for any consistent period of time to become a great team again.

Yes, Matt Moore deserves to be rewarded for a great performance. That being said, he still is not "the guy".

All this speculation is garbage. To begin with, Manning is not 100% and is a hit away from calling it a career. He is going to be 36 years old and his best years are behind him. Sure he would make our team better. He is a true leader and one of the best QB's of all time. He'd be a HUGE upgrade over anything we currently have, but that doesn't mean we still can't be competitive without him. No one knows Flynn better than Philben. If he thinks he is worth the investment, he will let Ross know. If we don't go after him, well, then I guess he is no better than Moore. I personally think we will draft a QB and create a QB competition of some sort if Manning signs elsewhere. Sure, it's not the ideal situation, but we can get even better this season with a solid draft. We have all of our picks, so it's entirely going to be on Ireland's shoulders. His future as GM will ride on this draft. The only person that will be on his knees for Manning to come to Miami is Ross. He is bleeding money from the lack of ticket sales. Something that this organization is not used to. By signing Manning, Miami is sure to sell out every game. Ross wants that! Ross needs that! At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if Manning signs with Arizona before even visiting Miami. I just have a gut feeling. I hope I'm wrong. If I'm not, we'll still be just fine! Trust me!

Moore did a fine job considering especially he had only been on the team a few weeks. With a full training camp, he can only get better, and the offense did seam responsive with him.


Manning signs and clearly we need to draft a qb 2nd rd. This being the final year of Moore's contract, I definitely believe Moore walks in fa next year(2013).

Moore may not be the guy, but he might be our best option for 2012. I certainly don't see Flynn or Kolb or a draftee beating him out this year.

YG, of course Moore is going to walk after this year unless we decide he will be our quarterback of the future, he's our bridge right now to a better QB, we have this year or next offseason to find that franchise QB before we're out of a decent (meaning Average, he isn't "good") QB and in a bigger rut. If Peyton comes to MIA Moore instantly becomes disposable. If we draft a QB that even appears to be headed in the right direction then We will voluntarily let Moore walk at the end of the season. Money and cap space have very little to do with Moore being on this team in the future.

Clyde, I agree.

The closer we get to draft day the more I get the feeling that we'll be drafting Tannehill with our 8th pick

The problem is not the dolphins brass. Its the patriots in the same division; fisher was scared to face them. Manning wants to win now its not that Denver and Cardinals are better than us they play in a weaker division. If Manning likes competition then he should big us!

It aint happenin.....all this hype over the name manning..not his actual physical condition which is still a HUGE question mark...im laughing all the way to the bank if im in mannings camp...absolute nonsense over someone who may or might not even throw at the same rate as before...

Welcome to Favre Hype PART TWO!!!!

..First off. I'm sure this point has been made already. But insiders can report whatever they want. Untill the deal is done. Anything can happen. Remember. The same guys that are reporting that Miami seems to be falling out of the Manning chase are the same guys that said Fisher was destined to be the Miami choice..It was a done deal. We have yet to make our pitch. Sure it seems Denver-Arizona are favorites now. Lets wait and see what the reports are after Manning visits the Phins(If he does)..

All of the teams have their pluses, all have their minuses. For any of us to say that one team has an advantage is hooey. We do not know the true story, just the stuff on the parifary. From the outside looking in.

If we do miss out on Peyton. I said this last week. I think it may be wise to trade OUT of the first round to aquire an additional first rounder next year. There are only 6 players that have ELITE first round grades. So if we could aquire an additional second round pick this year, and another first next year. It would set us up better then signing a free agent. Philbin has said he would rather build from within..

This strategy would be risky. We would probably end up sticking with Matt Moore. For some this would be unacceptable. I would rather have the pieces to go after a true franchise guy on our own accord then reach for a piece..Just my opinion.

Im beginning to get the feeling the only reason Ireland's still gm. Is because he's submitted himself to being Ross' "PUPPET". Im beginning to feel Ross has elevated himself to being "De-Facto" GM. Ireland is now only the face of the position with no real power outside of what Ross demands what he does.

Ireland has been demoted to chief scout with GM only being a paper title. Guys. Im willing to bety anything Ross now truly runs the GM office. Everything Ireland does probably now has to first be cleared thru Ross.

I think they may go after Flynn on Philbin's say so, only to find out in midseason that Moore is better.


I posted the same idea yesterday. Trade out of the 1st rd for an extra 1st rd pick next year. Then we have 2 1st rd picks as ammo to trade up for Barkley.

Which would also probably cost as much as RG3 did this year. But at least we finally get a young franchise calibre qb.


At this point, we should just build around moore in free agency..see if he can build on anything from last year...flynn looks like a much bigger risk even with philbins ties to GB...Moore isnt the future and honestlty I dont think he's that good but if you put more pieces around, he may not need to be....

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