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Peyton! Some Miami fans are on their knees

Despite ESPN's reports that the Dolphins are losing ground in the Peyton Manning sweepstatkes -- how does that happen when the club hasn't even met with him yet? -- some Miami fans are continuing their fullcourt press on trying to convince Manning to play locally.

Will Lopez, Hialeah resident and lead singer of local band Guajiro, has posted this video below on youtube.com. It's pretty cool this ditty sung to the tune of Layla by Eric Clapton.

This is the latest shout out to Manning from Miami faithful. Dwyane Wade has shouted out. LeBron James has. Somebody put up a billboard before anyone else did. Just saying.




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DD, when was the last time the fins took a truly dynamic, exciting, game changing player in the draft? And how many more years do you go drafting like a conservative grandpa?

This teams mantra is always next year.

Next year never comes.

This team procrastinates like no other in sports history. Next year, next year.

I dont think Philbin wiil make any guarantees on Matt Flynn based on two great starts. First he knows very little about Matt Moore to definitively annoint Flynn as being better.

Philbin's probably watching ton of tape on Matt Moore over and over again painfully trying to make that assessment. Im sure Philbin's a very wise man and isnt ready to annoint Flynn anything just yet.

Im sure that if Philbin was so sure Flynn was ready to become such a sure fire elite status qb. We wouldnt be chasing Manning with such ferocity right now. Flynn could only be Matt Moore in "wolf's clothing".

YG...Seriously. I think trading out of the first round should be a considered should we lose out on Manning. I'm sure it will not be a popular choice, I'm sure that the team would be lambasted. Looking at the prospects. Is there a player that we must have at 8 that we can't afford to pass in favor of securing our future? Obviously none of us know how any of these drafties will work out. We can only go by the speculation of the people in charge of doing the evaluations. It just seems to me that this year the pickings are slim once you get out of the top 6 guys(I could be wrong, there could be a hall of famer in there)..We need a franchise quarterback, it may take another year. But if we can get one. There is no price that is to much.

Hey Zach...
Your garbage long post here had more speculation in it than all the posts combined! How do you know manning is one hit away from a retirement...as a matter of fact, how do you "know" anything man?

Let's trade down, trade down. The problem is we never get quality, only quantity. At some point you need quality, and you have to pay for it, that's the way it goes.

This team operates like they are shopping at kmart waiting decades for a blue light special. Oh, no, don't over pay no, wear the budget clothes. Replacing the budget clothes over and over never gets you invited to the Oscars and is more costly in the end.

The organization is gutless. To fearful of ever taking a chance,.

My problem with Flynn is also if GB saw Rodger-esque greatness in Flynn. Why not at least make him a restricted fa to get a decent bounty out of him leaving.

This way they stand to at least turn a 7th rd pick into a 1st rd'er, or 2nd rd pick in the least. Allowing him to walk for ZERO compensation has to make you wonder.

Now they want to gamble on a QB who won't even throw the ball, who is still in rehab. They choose the worst options to gamble on.

Clyde you are right on...it's always next year, next time... Give us your money fans for another garbage team we field for you... It's old Ross...especially after 15-20 years...


we know how you feel about Manning but that clip was a blow below the belt.


Yes, it works even if we dont get Manning. Moore starts and gets his big chance. Because we wont draft a starter ready qb this year anyway.

Trade otu of the 1st rd this year and have two 1st rd picks next year. No matter how we finish in 2012 we still have a legit trade up opportunity for Barkley or whom ever the qb's are in the top 5 of next year's draft.

Clyde..Wouldn't trading out of the first round be a "gutsy" choice? Is there a player we HAVE to get at 8 that trumps the opportunity to solve our problem at quarterback in the future? Is there a first round uarterback in this years draft that is available to us that will be a day 1 starter? No. Anyone we draft will be sitting anyway(barring an injury, or a total colapse by the incumbant...I am just suggesting this as an option. I don't see a player out there that is so dynamic that we couldn't afford to pass. Also, if we could aquire an additional second round pick. The talent level from the first round to second round isn't such a HUGE difference as it may have been in years past..

Again, this is just one idea. Will it happen? Probably not. IMO I would rather have the ammunition to go after a true top tier quarterback then settle for another offensive lineman.

This is just another disaster story for the dolphins. Passed up on aaron rodgers in the draft a few years back, lost out on brees, lost out on harbaugh, lost on fisher, and now will lose out on Manning! Been a fan for 35 years. A very painful 35 years and nothings getting better. Miami Dolphins are cursed. It is what it is. Ireland..you suck! Tortured fan living in new england.

Under Wayne H and S Ross, Dolphin ownership has "underestimeted" its fanbase. Ross has seen it the last couple season in home game ticket sales.

If the Manning signing goes sour in either direction, we could finally see complete death of franchise with the fanbase spitting on its grave. Sorry to sound so unsympathetic, but it can see it as a possible reality.

DD we could pick up a very talented WR, like Floyd. Who gives a hoot if the board has him a bit lower.

Every year people say this draft is not as talented as next years draft. It's bs. Didn't everyone say this years QB class would be far superior than last years? I guarantee you there will be fewer QB's picked in the first round this year.

Franchise hierarchy just cant continue having total incompetency year after disastrous year. Then expect to continuity to have the total loyalty of its fansbase.

The clock is oh so close to striking zero on this franchise with its fanbase.

Bleepin' hysterical. He flies down here immediately and now we can't even get a MEETING with him? Pat Riley could sell snow to an Eskimo. Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland couldn't give away pardons on Death Row. That's why the Heat are where they are, and that's why the Dudphins are the laughingstock of professional sports. I hope Flynn tells the Dudphins to bleep their sad faces and sign elsewhere. Another year with DoorMatt Moore. Great. To hell with this franchise.

U might be able to land Floyd with a mid rd trade back... I like him as a prospect if it weren't for the injuries he may have been the top WR in country...

There is still no report out there of a meeting with Peyton. It could very well be they met in secret while he was here. It could very well be they did not want to face the public embarrassment of losing out on Manning, so there 'was no meeting' if he chooses to go elsewhere.


The Pats are kings of this division. Our current answer to Brady is to bring in a qb(Manning) who's longevity will be shorter than Brady's.

The Pats have already addressed thier future at qb by grooming Mallet behind Brady. We've spent the last 4yrs neither adeqautely addressing the "what now" nor the "what next". We're so mired in incompetency!

I'm not buying the strength of division arguments(49er's, Pats, Jets, etc, etc). A competitive guy like Manning knows you have to beat the good teams whether reg. season or playoffs. It might come into play during the decision making process, but very minimally in my opinion.

Darryl I agree with your trade down scenario to a degree. EVEN IF WE SIGN MANNING. I would still trade down provided we find a favorable situation. Meaning we stay somewhere at the end of the 1st round and pick up a 1st for next year and a 2nd(that could be used this year or next in moving up for a QB).

Finally, I just can't help dreaming about Manning and Bush playing together. For all of Manning's strengths, the one that gets overlooked the most is how he uses a good Bush type of back. Manning never looked better than when he had a great receiving back behind him. Addai was OK(not really)but he wasn't a Faulk or an Edgerin James.

With Bush coming off his best season as a Pro and Manning possibly landing here, oh the Humanity!

PS: I think Bush and Marshall are bigger factors for Peyton than which teams play in whose division.


So some turd at ESPN is making a prediction. Again, someone knows more that the guy making the decision does. Did he read his mind? Was it Tarot cards?

I would rather we didn't get Manning and I don't want to see us draft a qb in the 3rd round.
Can we just build a team like the Giants? Great defense and decent offense. Moore can run the offense and let the defense win games for us. Next year if we are in a better draft position we draft or we pick up a FA qb that is available. Build the team. Win with the draft and don't do anything too stupid.
If we did sign a FA qb then that is better than drafting one right now considering we might get the last guy available. The one nobody else really wants.

Ireland spends far too much time trying to find the next great acorn. Than he does properly evaluating the obvious which stares him directly in the face.

This FO just not seem to have any sense of urgency. Every action is extremely deliberate, cautious, over thought. Avoid all risk at all costs. At their rate half the team they have built will be in full decline by the time they build up the rest. Its a recipe for 8 and 8 forever.

The way Ireland goes about his "acorn business" is like dreaming what you're going to do once you hit the lottery. But never winning it. LOL

Acorns are guys you sparringly pick up on the waiver wire. You dont design your draft around finding "acorns".

Did you hear that Jeff?

Guys, relax, it's been clear from the start.

Manning's first choice is Miami after many long discussions in the past with his golfing buddy Dan Marino.

However, he has told Ross and Ireland that before he makes his final decision he has to do some diligence to some other teams which have shown interest. Just in case there's an offer out there which is too good to resist, or which will squeeze some more out of the Dolphins.

He will be back in town tomorrow to fine tune the deal, and Ross will do what he has to do to get him.

The worst part of waiting around for Manning as if he were Elizabeth Taylor in her prime is having to hear about what "a disappointment" it was to lose the mediocre Fisher!

Manning will chose the team he feels gives him the best chance for a ring. I don't think there is any more to it than that. He doesn't need money. He has his whole life to live in whatever kind of weather he wants. Manning is playing again to win it all, so, by default we get his first hand evaluation of which team he feels is closest.

..Clyde... To your point about when the last time we drafted a dynamic playmeker the team thought the did when we choose Ronnie Brown in the first round, Ted Ginn(It didn't work out, but at the time these were considered dynamic playmakers..)

I just cannot see the team drafting a reciever @8..I get it that some will say..This is the problem. There are playmakers available that we constantly pass on in favor of "safe" choices like lineman on both sides of the ball. All of these points are fair.

I can only go by the ratings that are presented by the so called experts who give the grades..There are only 6 players with true elite grades in the top 10. I didn't make this list. If you disagree that is fine, I'm sure some teams will agree with you and see greatness where the pundits do not. I would think that if the team stays at 8 we will be forced to take a pass rusher(which we need) or another lineman(which will drive me nuts, but again is a need)..

It is easy for us to sit back and say take this player or that guy. He will change the landscape of this team for the greater good. And it could be very possible that the team has the same conviction with a certain player. At the risk of sounding redundant, and because this is just a blog to share opinion. If I were the guy that as making the decisions I would consider trading out of round 1 an opition.

Losing Fisher with Ireland still around would not have been a disappointment. Ireland still would have had a stranglehold on "incoming" player personnel decisions.

Fisher would have come complete with a set of Ross/Ireland "handcuffs".

DD, Ronnie and Ginn were both enormous mistakes and they were not dynamic game changers ever, so those don't answer my question. Look at AJ Green, he was drafted higher and I don't think they regret it. To suggest we blew it a couple of times doesn't mean we should be fearful to try again, because great players are going to be pricey in the draft or FA. You seem to be echoing Irelands mentality of being too fearful to take a chance.

Regarding your elite lists, go back and evaluate how accurate those elite lists turned out to be over the last ten years.


I never understood how Ronnie Brown rose so high that year when he wasnt even the best rb on his own team(Cadillac Williams). Then we went and spent the 4th overall pick on him. Wow!

The common theme among every possible star player is its too expensive to trade up, or they are not worth that high of a pick, or the FA cost is too much. Yeah, well you don't get a Rolls Royce for the price of a Honda.

Some of you are against spending on anybody and would only take a high round pick on those rare occurrences you would be drafting in the top five. I ask you, where has that gotten us?

Suck for luck was better, this one is just pathetic and desperate, just like the organization is!

Clyde, I agree with you on the "next year" mentality. I'm also sick of hearing " it is too early to get a franchise QB because we are 3-4 other good players away.". PLEASE! It's like Stockholm Syndrome around here. Defeatist statuses everywhere you look. News flash...guess what's happening to your "stars" you already have while your trying to fill those last couple holes before getting really serious? They are getting old and becoming irrelevant. Look what happened to the likes of ZT and JT. Never got a chance...

If you're not even the best rb on your own team(R. Brown) youre 4th rd grade at best. The only exception I've ever seen was the "pony express" with Eric Dickerson and Craig James.

This franchise doesnt only make mistakes, it makes astronomical mistakes.

Meant defeatist attitudes, but whatever.

This sucks! The Dolphins aren't even going to get a meeting with Manning because he knows that our owners is a joke and the Dolphins are now the laughing stock of the NFL. We are the new Lions.


I think Moore can win in this league. I think like the 2 I mentioned above he is a late bloomer. Let him have some time under Sherman and the gameplan from day 1.

Anyone remember the great Manning toss the game losing pic to the Saint's defender in the big game. Sure rediculous statement. But when our beloved Mariono started to detiriorate physically it started to look sad. It goes quick! He showed games, drives and glimpses of the young Dan but in the end it was time and we all knew it. My prediction is that it will be the same for Manning. As was for Montana and Favre.

Go Phins!

I'm not even sure he will meet with the Dolphins. Seems odd he didn't meet with them first since he flew to Miami the day after he got cut.

Long as you are OK with some F-bombs, this is the short vid that says it all about what Peyton should do.


Where's All Of This Dolphins "Are Not Going To Get A Meeting With Peyton Manning" Stuff Coming From?

I havent heard any reports substantiating this!

Clyde..Very very good point about this years quarterback class.. I was definitley was one of the guys that assumed this years class would be aces. I was not totaly wrong..The top 2 guys are very good. There just isn't the depth that I thought would be available. I think there will be 3 possibly 4 first round guys this year...Anyway.

I totaly get the point that we are always in the position of wait until next year..Or next years class will be better..blah, blah. I am guilty of this. To my defense. If we could secure the proper pieces to secure the opportunity to go after a top tier guy...I think it would be to our benifit. much like this year, there will be at LEAST 2 worthy quarterbacks that will be sought after. I know that trading out to aquire more first round ammo does not automatically mean we will be able to aquire one of these blue chippers. That there will be factors out of our control that come into play..I get that 100 percent..but this is part of the gamble..

this is suicde for ross if he doesnt get manning. that stadium will be empty. so glad the baseball infield is finally gone btw

Maybe he's going to meet with MIA last because he already has his mind set to play for the Phins. Logistically it makes sense. He was just doing his due diligence by going to Denver and Arizona. Is it likely? Who the hell knows? Weirder things have happened.

Peyton not meeting with Miami first is a good thing. Meeting with Miami first then leaving could have been more defeatist.

It leads me to believe Miami is tops own Manning's list. He's giving other teams he would consider the courtesy of seeing what they have on the table. I still feel Peyton is Miami's to lose.

I also wouldnt be surprised if Ross/Ireland finds a way to screw it up. Fisher was Miami's to lose too. We saw how that turned out didnt we?

i agree still a chance, but the so called source that said manning might not even meet with miami and was very close to going to denver already was a "family source" kinda scary but lets just let the chips fall where they may

whatever is going on its def stressing me out,lol


Clyde..The elite list isn't mine. I did not make it up. This was talked about on the NFL network friday night by Lombardi..Take it for what it is worth, I'm not a talent evaluator for a mjor network so feel free to disagree. Also..I realize Brown, and Ginn were major mistakes..That isn't the point. None of us, the teams included know exactly how any of these prospects will perform..Like the teams, we make our best guess by the information we have..You asked when the last time the team went drafted a dynmic playmaker...I can't remember. I sighted those players because the team believed at the time these players were dynamic..Just as you may think a player like Flyod is a a dynamic player..We don't know. He could fall into the category of a Brown, or Ginn just as easily..

Dome or Florida, I don't see him going to the Mile High city. Look at his stat differential outdoors and on the road.

Go Phins!


great article today on how miami can get manning

Ok, the prom's coming up. 4 desirable women ask you for the date. In your mind you know who you would like to take the prom first(Dolphins).

So you go to the other 3 girls first(Broncs, Cards, etc..). You wanna find out which girl will get you laid. Now you go back to the one you liked most to find out if she's willing to get you laid. If not, then the decision comes down to the other 3 girls who may promise to get you laid.

Peyton's Miami's to lose, but they have to promise to get him laid. LOL

i disagree martin, i think its denver or miami


Regarding Peyton and Miami meeting, we knew about the Denver and Arizona meetings in advance, yet there is no mention anywhere of a scheduled meeting with Miami. It's strange, with a day to go before Tuesday.

As I suggested, it could be he met with them in secret while here, to save Ross the public embarrassment if he chooses another team. Or, he will meet with them on Monday. Who knows.

What i can't seem to understand is how Miami was supposedly the front-runners and now they r out of the running?

So, lets get this straight. Stephen Ross jumps on a plane and flys to Stanford to lure Jim Harbaugh. Then the whole helicopter thing with Jeff Fisher right away. I am supposed to believe he and the Dolphins are going to just sit back and let Manning get away without any comments or their position?

Sounds weird guys. just makes you wonder if there is an actual meeting tomorrow but it has been hard pressed to keep it sealed. ?

I would like to include myself on the list of fans who WON'T go down on Peyton.

Arizona-Dome and weak division and more domes.

Denver-too fricken cold

KC- fuggetaboutit!

Seattle- When Hell freezes over!

Miami- Chance to bring a traditional winner back from the dead. Owns a home there. Gets Brady twice a year. Lots of question marks though from Ireland to O-line and new staff?

Go Phins!

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