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Peyton! Some Miami fans are on their knees

Despite ESPN's reports that the Dolphins are losing ground in the Peyton Manning sweepstatkes -- how does that happen when the club hasn't even met with him yet? -- some Miami fans are continuing their fullcourt press on trying to convince Manning to play locally.

Will Lopez, Hialeah resident and lead singer of local band Guajiro, has posted this video below on youtube.com. It's pretty cool this ditty sung to the tune of Layla by Eric Clapton.

This is the latest shout out to Manning from Miami faithful. Dwyane Wade has shouted out. LeBron James has. Somebody put up a billboard before anyone else did. Just saying.




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DD, I realize its not your list. I myself don't profess to be a talent evaluater. I was just curious how accurate they were in retrospect.

If you take Reggie Bush off of this current fins team, we have the one of the most boring teams in the NFL. When you have been in the gutter for so long, like Washington, you bite the bullet and make a move. That's all. This has perpetuated way to long.

Ask yourself, when Parcells arrived, did you foresee still being without a franchise QB five years down the line? Three losing seasons in a row?

If Peyton dosen't go with, the fans should here in Miami should boo him when he returns home. So many NFL players live in Miami, but never seem to sign with us. Even when Dan was here back in the 90's.


Has any of these false reports found that Peyton Manning has acquired any real estate in Colorado or Arizona over the last few days?

Until then, no one can say Peyton wont meet with the Dolphins, until it comes from Manning's lips itself. Just freaking relax people! LOL

www.gossipqueen.com reports that Peyton just bought two mansions in downtown Denver. I wouldn't read too much into that though.

www.gossipqueen.com reports that Peyton just sold his Miami condo. I wouldn't read too much into that though.

I think Miami being last on the list of visits is encouraging.

But it really could mean nothing. Manning could have simply planned his visit this way for logistics. He had to travel, so why not plan your itinerary to land you close to home.

Finish out the interviews close to home. Then retreat to the condo to mull over the options and make a decision.

Either way, I don't think Manning or his agent tips their hand this obviously during multi-million dollar negotiations.

Steven Ross couldn't make it to the meeting so he sent Mr. Magoo instead. Same difference

Go Phins!

Last thought on RGIII. Maybe!

A lot of you folks claim Miami is a good team. Better than Denver and better than the Cardinals. Okay, lets go with that then. If they are good, would not RGIII have made them GREAT. At the very least, BETTER? So if they got BETTER, then any draft picks the Rams would have got would have been mid to late round anyway.

All the franchise players come in the first round. Remember Ginn? That was at 12 and he was a bust for the position they drafted him for. I still think we should have kept him as a special teams guy but its all about the money. He was getting #12 money for a #212 position.

Point being this. Recent history shows that you need a franchise QB to get it done in this league. Partly because they are just darned good most of the time. But the biggest part is their onfield PRESENCE. Yeah, Manning has a great onfield presence. Especially when he makes a mistake and blames others for it. I just don't see how a short term fix is what this organization needs other than filling seats.

If Fisher had come here, we'd be with a DC on the verge of suspension and the Jet's recently fired OC. I'm not sure that was such a loss. I'm not sure missing out on Peyton in rehab is such a great loss.

How will training camp go? Moore takes the snaps until Peyton can throw and then switch them? That kind of uncertainty does not breed success.

..My last point on this trade subject..You guys have to realize that I am saying that this is just one option..If you disagree that is fine. I do not think that we will go this route, just throwing it out there as if I got to play GM should we lose out on Manning. I want to clear this up.

If you think that there is a player out there that is a can't miss, we have to get prospect that is going to be available @ 8....Great. I just happen to have the opinion that there isn't one player that is that special we have to draft..Obviously. We have no idea how any of these guys will perform. I could be totaly off base, and the future of our team could be sitting right in front of our faces..We just have to grab him.

Clyde @5:52...YUP!

Go Phins!

Hey dumb azzes Peyton is scheduled to meet with Miami on Monday, that was decided before he even left for Denver. Now go and live your lives and stop whining about the Dolphins. It's not the end of the world if they don't sign him and just may be a blessing in disguise. Either way life goes on, for most of us.

If the Dolphins restructure the salaries of Carlos Dansby,Lack Long and Brandon Marshall we can keep Paul Solia for a long term sign, according to the new franchise numbers by position:

Quarterbacks: $14.436 million
Running backs: $7.742 million
Wide receivers: $9.515 million
Tight ends: $5.446 million
Offensive linemen: $9.383 million
Defensive ends: $10.605 million
Defensive tackles: $7.96 million
Linebackers: $8.856 million
Cornerbacks: $10.281 million
Safeties: $6.212 million
Kickers and punters: $2.654 million

Have you guys ever considered Miami may be the darling on Manning's list and he's just gauging his free agency value from other suitable teams before blindly signing with Miami?

Just relax, whether Manning signs or not, its not like he would have been a longterm solution anyway. peyton not signing could possibly be the best longterm solution that forces this franchise's hand.

At best, Manning only cloaks what's been so wrong for so long with this franchise. He isnt the "FNIAL ANSWER". Will evryone just get a grip! LOL

For the record. Great if he comes but I'm in the Matt Moore camp.

Go Phins!

Dolfans See: GetAGrip.Com! LOL

I couldn't agree more DD. If we don't get Manning, and maybe if we do, trade down as far as possible. Maybe out of the first round entirely.

None of the QBs left are worth anything close to eight. Hell, trade the 8th pick for some team's first in 2013 and 2014. Without a top end QB this team isn't close to the Patriots in 2012. Pick up Weeden, or the guy I still like for some reason, Russell Wilson in the later rounds.

Guess the silver lining may be that a few of these crappy teams are getting their QB position set for a few years.


Miami, Fla. The Miami Dolphins have announced they have officially filed papers for transfer to the Arena Football League where they think they might be competitive.


Be careful. If you get on your knees for Peyton Manning. Jason Taylor may get extremely jealous! LOL

Hey dumb azzes Peyton is scheduled to meet with Miami on Monday, that was decided before he even left for Denver. Now go and live your lives and stop whining about the Dolphins. It's not the end of the world if they don't sign him and just may be a blessing in disguise. Either way life goes on, for most of us.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 11, 2012 at 05:58 PM

So why are you here? Why don't you give Sparano a ring and wolf down some pasta al dente.

I JUST LOVE THE FOOLS WHO SAY THE FISH WON'T GET A MEETING WITH THE TOP FISH, HOW IN HELL DO ANY OF YOU KNOW THIS? THE ANSWER IS YOU ARE JUST RUNNING OFF THE MOUTH.You have no idea what is going on behind close doors, until Tuesday we need to wait and see what comes down. Bill

If we find someone that wants our #8 pick. Trade with them and get their 1St this year & 1st next year & a 2nd rd pick either this year or next.

yeah cashman so easy

Clyde..I would guess that the top 10 pre-draft talent scores(or whatever we want to label them) are fairly innacurate..i would be willing to guess that if we took a close look at the top 10 picks overall over the past ten years we would see as many busts as scores..The scores are just so large they are impossible to ignore...So I get that just because a guy isn't evaluated as an "Elite Player" means this will be his fortune..

To your second point about the quarterback issue.. I thought we were set with Pennington and Henne after year 1 of Parcells. I thought at the time Pennington would play for 2-3 years, and Henne would take over. Obviously it didn't work out that way. I also thought that the team had to give Henne last year to make it or break it. I though going with Henne last year was the right thing to do. Now avoiding a prospect at the position via the draft is a different debate.. To answer your question I thought we were in good hands. I would have thought that QB would have been figured out, and we would have been putting the pieces toghether for a contender for the cup..I would be a liar to say I thought we would be in the position we are today.

ncaa brackets out!!!!!!

They sent Manning a tape of Marshall's drops and tantrums with Jimmy Buffet blazing in the background...to be continued

Go Phins!

I was under the impression Peyton was going to decide by Tuesday when Free Agency starts. He didn't want to keep teams on the hook by taking forever to get a deal done.

If that's true, then Miami won't even get a sniff. Dude is in AZ right now. Probably won't leave until tomorrow. So at the very least, it would be a quick visit with Miami tomorrow night.

I'm thinking he's just not that interested in Miami because no player has any say in that organization.

manning will decide by tuesday

Ross has agreed to have the Dolphin jumping through a horse-shoe on the helmets! Duh Winning!!!

Go Phins!


Problem is Ireland doesnt think ahead. He's too busy looking for acorns. We all know Barkley's available next year. But question is does Ireland have enough foresight to prepare for it?

Preparing for Barkley next year means aquiring another team's 1st rd pick next year to arm ourselves with "TWO 1ST RD" picks next year.

I can almost guarantee Ireland wont do this based on his past tendancies! Oh, what the hell-o! LOL

Nobody loves Peyton this week more than Gregg Williams.

come on manning, change your mind when u land. your wife wants u to be a fin!!!!

I have not heard not "ONE REPORT" from Peyton himself that he will have his decision wrapped up. Stop being "MEDIA PUPPETS" people! LOL

"wrapped up by Tuesaday"

cap is 120.6 mill for this year, any idea where we are at?


Just curious, how do you get certain phrases in your posts to show up highlighted in blue with a link and all?

That's very similar to certain phrases that show up that way in Mando's blogs.



I've read reports nobody really knows what the cap limit is this year. Figures now are still based on last year.

This year is already having a strange beginning with fa beginning and no definite cap number yet in place. Get with Rodger Goodell! LOL

odinseye, Huh? I didn't know that. Show me an example, all I do is type in this typepad thing on the blog.

Dusty, Cinci wants Richardson and actually has the 17th & 21st pick in the draft. They might would want to trade up to get him.

I have never seen anything I've written show up in blue.

Maybe Ross needs to ask JT to come back. He could talk to Manning. That could help


That's we keep hearing reports the Dolphins are $15 million under the cap. The exact same as last year's figure. The league has yet to announce a 2012 cap limit.

yesterday they just announced it, its 120.6 mill

ok cash, the price to move up from 17 to 8 is a third rounder

again yesterday they just announced it today



also just announced manning will return tonight to fla and meet with fins. also titans owner adams now begging for manning meeting

Maybe Ross just needs to sell the team to someone with a clue.


Ok, thx. This is on The SS today per Omar Kelly:

"The NFL is on the eve of unleashing a new year (YEAH!) and it begins by setting the budget for every NFL team, which is $120.6 million.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has a budget of $14 million to work with in 2012.

That’s a $225,000 increase per team from 2011.

However, each team can borrow $5 million from future funds within a two year period to increase their spending limit. BUT, they can only take $3 million the first season, and $2 million the next.

The Miami Dolphins used the $3 million allowance in 2011, and will likely use the remaining $2 million this year.

Every NFL team can also apply to have their unused salary cap space carried over into the next year. The Dolphins have requested to do so, and will carry over $4,142,190 into this season.

That figure was larger but the Dolphins had a $4.8 million adjustment levied against them (I’m ASSUMING that is bonuses paid to players for Pro Bowl appearances, incentives reached, and playing time incentives).

The bottom line is the Dolphins have approximately: $11,816,017 to spent BEFORE borrowing another $2 million. That brings us to an estimated budget of $13.8 million the Dolphins have to use before restructuring contracts, or cutting players."

There you have it. The Dolphins have $13.8 million
in cap room for 2012. Solia looks like a definite goner if Manning signs!


It's Cool(wink, wink). Your posts with the blue links above were "mysteriously" deleted.

HEY! Your not just getting bored because you're covering a boring golf tournament.........ARE YOU?


Manning now = Marino, Favre and Montana's last final 2 years. Flashes of the old greatness but in the end a shell of their prime.

Don't set the franchise back again.

Go Phins!

and denver has 50 mill. not a good sign

Yo Peyton, hows sex with J Lo sound?..... Stephen R.

So it looks like Miami has about $10 million to actually spend and will have to keep about #million in thier coffers in case they need to sign players during the season(injuries or whatever).

Looks like Soliai's a definite goner because the money isnt there to give him a big new contract unless Manning isnt signed. Or they could face a cap hit penalty, whatever that would be.

Ireland- "Peyton we have to do our due diligence here. Was your mother a crack smoking prostitute?"

Arrrrrrrr Fail!

Go Phins!

Peyton, or a threesome with the Williams sisters.

Peyton, let Ireland shine your shoes.

yeah yesterday we all knew paul was long gone.

Manning- "Mr. Ireland, are you still playing for field goals here? Because I like to throw touchdowns with all due respect"

Go Phins!

odinseye | March 11, 2012 at 06:33 PM

Let me give you a lesson in Internet 101. That blue text you speak of are known as hyperlinks. A hyperlink is a highlight word or words that is 'linked' to a url. When you click on the highlighted words, you do to the url. The blue sign in names and time stamps are also hyperlinks.

Armando may use them from time to time. He as that ability. They are however not supported here on the blog. There is no way possible for any of us bloggers to create a hyperlink inside any of our posts here.

Therefore, it is impossible that my posts or anyone else's will ever show up in blue. You were seeing things ;)

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