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Peyton! Some Miami fans are on their knees

Despite ESPN's reports that the Dolphins are losing ground in the Peyton Manning sweepstatkes -- how does that happen when the club hasn't even met with him yet? -- some Miami fans are continuing their fullcourt press on trying to convince Manning to play locally.

Will Lopez, Hialeah resident and lead singer of local band Guajiro, has posted this video below on youtube.com. It's pretty cool this ditty sung to the tune of Layla by Eric Clapton.

This is the latest shout out to Manning from Miami faithful. Dwyane Wade has shouted out. LeBron James has. Somebody put up a billboard before anyone else did. Just saying.




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Not being proactive and signing Soliai to an extension at the end of the 2010 season is looking even more boneheade this year. Had Solia been resigned to say $6 million a year, instead of getting franchised for $14 million in 2011. We would have $8 million more in cap money right now.

Being proactive and resigning Soliai($6 million a yr.) before the end of the 2010 season. Would have given us $13.8 + $8 million = $21.8 million in cap money this year.

Seems there's great consequence to evry move this fo makes!

maybe right, im just not a fan of paul, lazy and takes a ton of plays off. hope he has fun in pittsburgh

Greatest problem with Ireland, yes he's made "some" good moves, just that his "bad" moves are catastrophic.

You can never become a great team like this. It like 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards.

the 2 best, and most realistic, QB options have been, and still are, Flynn and Tannehill--not saying you gotta like them, (or that I do) but thats a fact--RG3 was never a realistic play because of the cost to move up, and Manning, while sorta cool to have him as your QB, is 36 with questionable health--I'd be ok with Manning, but not crushed if he signs elsewhere

Therefore, it is impossible that my posts or anyone else's will ever show up in blue. You were seeing things ;)

Posted by: Clyde | March 11, 2012 at 06:44 PM

Your secrets safe with me. I not much of a Golf fan myself ;)


I now see where you are coming from. You are suggesting my posts showed up in blue (which is impossible as I've explained) to insinuate I was working for the Herald. There seems to be a few posters here quick to imply silly things when someone irritates them; they are trolls, jet fans, paid blog hitters.

If something I said has irked you, lets deal with that. To insinuate other things is childish.

For you few paranoid bloggers that believe the Herald hires people to make blog hits, you are in total fantasy land. For one there is no way the blog hits they could generate would earn them enough to even pay the salary for such a person, unless maybe the blog hits were 10,000 times more than they are now. Secondly, newspapers are notoriously cheap organizations and would not have such a luxury to lose money on a blog hitter.

So whoever put that idea in your minds, you can forget it. It's fantasy.

Odinseye, if you have any dignity you will retract your silly, ignorant accusation. There is no way you saw what you saw. All posts are always in black, and every one here knows it.

I never see this franchise moving forward under Ireland. He just isnt a very strong "PRO-ACTIVE" thinker.

To be a great leader you have stay at least "one step ahead" of everyone else. This includes within your own organization. Ireland's getting "snowed-under" in his own doo-doo! LOL

I don't know about all this tracking of People in helicopters and cars. Mighty uncomfortable it should be. Hire a satellite. Much better. Believe me.

you see that dusty? (and mik)--here again just to talk QBs, and suddenly in the middle of blue blogger weirdness--and mik or b bottoms or whoever......no, I'm not dusty

On our knees? Maybe you, Bro.

To clarify some of the fighting you people are doing about trolls and blogging and hyperlinks, - refrain from refering to any of us as bloggers. We do not blog, we post. If you have an owner site on blogspot or something, and you link it here with your handle that's one thing, but anyone who chicken-scrawls on this page is not a blogger. Armando is the blogger/writer. Not that I care, just sayin.

Screw Manning. He lives in Miami and his family likes it there. They offer the best chance for him to win now. If he doesn't want to meet with phins screw him. Get Flynn and let Moore and Flynn duke it out for the starting job. Let's go into a direction and get a guy that wants to be the starter in Miami.

I thought it odd that Miami was snubbed when the King started to make his rounds. Makes since now since he's ready to pork over Tebow or maybe rob Kolb of his starting job next year.

Russ Lande is high on Tannehill. Why don't we give him a shot?

Or, YG, Ireland always thought of this situation we are in now and he will release Soliai out right and save us all that $ and add it to the cap. Was it 14 mill. or 12 mill.? There's a difference.

oscar canosa,

The cap money this year is what we have without signing Soliai. He was franchised last year(1yr contract). So as of right now Soliai hyas no contract with us, therefore he doesnt count against this year's money unless resigned.

Do you get it now? LOL

It has already been reported that the Dolphin's Front Office is in Lock-Down! No info should be going out to the public, including when Manning interviews with the Fins. This is to minimize media attention this time around. Unlike when he was released by the Colts and was followed by News Teams and helicopters!

So, since there is no news in Peyton Manning, some media guys, who HAVE to have copy if they want to keep their jobs, speculate and create controversy out of thin air! Using the old "inside sources say..." ploy they attempt to manipulate the puppet strings of the masses into believing whatever they want them to believe all for the sake of selling a newspaper, promoting their columns, blogs, and radio shows.

Get a grip people! Don't believe half of what you hear and only part of what you see!

He spent 30 hours with Denver and 7 with the Cards. probably about 7 with the Fins if any? Seems odd to spend that much time with Denver only to go with another team he only spent 7 hours with.

Odinseye, if you have any dignity you will retract your silly, ignorant accusation. There is no way you saw what you saw. All posts are always in black, and every one here knows it.

Posted by: Clyde | March 11, 2012 at 06:59 PM

Chill out Clyde.

For the record, two of your posts did have blue link phrases in them. For whatever reasons, I could care less. The posts were there. Shortly after I mentioned it to you, they WERE deleted. Make of it what you will.

Other than that, I was just trying to be humorous by implying that you were Armando posting here, while being bored to death at a golfing event his editor ADE him attend.

Lifes to short to be so uptight-C'mon Man!

Will Lopez and the Guajiros they sound like a cat in heat.

Peyton coming here would be fun. Something the Phins haven't been in a long time. I also think this song is fun. Something some posters forgot how to be a long time ago as well.

I think the deal with Miami is all ready done. They are in lock down mode becasue they do not want that deal slipped till Manning is ready.

This means about 35 or 40 million to Ross. And money talks.

I really do not think Manning would want to be in the middle of the Tebow thing. Seems just the opposite of what I think Manning is.

You think the media went crazy when Indy cut him, just think what they are going to do when Tebowmania is unleashed on him.

I think Manning will sign by mid-week with Miami. And if he does not, we are no worse off right now then we were last week. Mannings money could probably be better spent in other spots.

Go Dolphins!!Still pulling the wagon!!

my feelings on the Dolphins have apparently been removed from this comment section perhaps due to length, or perhaps a little too much real talk. No worries. Its simple. Fan base: You suck right now. You are just as much of the problem as anyone else. Im sure Manning wants a supportive fan base. Not one that holds grudges over management. Support Ross and Ireland. Give them a chance. You want us to be the next Redskins? Keep painting Ross that way and it will happen. #supportrossandireland

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