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Philbin hires former Bucs personal assistant

The man at Joe Phiblin's side most of the past few days at the NFL annual meetings? No, not general manager Jeff Ireland. Not owner Stephen Ross, either.

His name is Jayson Kaiser.

He is the Miami head coach's new personal assistant. Kaiser was recently hired by the Dolphins apparently to help Philbin with the day to day activities of being an NFL head coach. This isn't a new idea. Although Don Shula, Dave Wannstedt, Jimmy Johnson, and Tony Sparano didn't have personal assistants, Cam Cameron and Nick Saban did.

Kaiser, 38, served previously as personal assistant to since-fired Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris. According to the Bucs website, Kaiser's job was to manage "several elements of Morris’s off-field agenda, including the day-to-day agenda, player and staff communications and the football calendar, including the offseason programs, mini-camps and training camp.” 

It is believed Kaiser will fill a similar role in Miami. Kaiser also reportedly served as something of a driver for Morris in Tampa. The coach apparently used Kaiser to take him from social function to social function. This became a problem in Tampa when the coach's designated driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol last April.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, police said Jayson Kaiser, 37, was driving on N Dale Mabry Highway with the lights off in a white 2006 Hyundai when an officer pulled him over near W Osborne Avenue and noted his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and he smelled of alcohol. Kaiser was arrested shortly after midnight. He denied drinking and refused to perform any field sobriety tests or take a Breathalyzer test, police said.

Kaiser, also known as Jay, was released from jail after posting bail of $500. The car was impounded after he was arrested. Morris was not with Kaiser at the time of his arrest.

A Dolphins spokesman told me Tuesday the Dolphins are aware of Kaiser's history, including the arrest. Kaiser apparently has been forthright with the team about it and neither the club nor Philbin apparently had a problem with it.

One thing is certain, I'm told: Kaiser will not be serving as Philbin's driver. And he will not be taking him from, ahem, social function to social function. 


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Does anybody know if the Miami Dolphins players are doing any OTAs or are they vacationing?

Whoa what happen to everybody? I'VE NEVER BEEN THE ONLY ONE HERE.

Philbin hires former Bucs personal assistant?? Hmmm.

I don't think Kaiser's DUI should prevent him from being succeesful.But what would be the REAL reason he's being brought in as a personal assistant coach Philbin? Health? New city? So he just concentrates on football matters? Seems odd.

Does that affect in any way the product on the field?

My first two post were deleted. LOL!

Philbin hires former Bucs personal assistant? I'm speechless!!


Lame article.

Can we stop polluting the blog with useless mock drafts by bloggers that have no contact with any GM, player, coach or scout?

Only the three bloggers here in love with their own blog and mocks care, the rest of us could care less. Stay on your own blog.

Home you are on first.

On the list of asssholes that is.

I would imagine there are some that care and probably enjoy the reading. They know we that have sites are not a scout and where the writing comes from. That is why my site is called: nfldraftfan.com The site name does not imply scout, coach or GM.

I really don't care whether you care or not. Your balls haven't dropped yet. But don't worry, one day they will.

Best wishes on the ball dropping!

Sorry to the Regulars on here I don't normally post to the trolls and this will be my last toward non football BS!

this just gets more bizarre every day

will allen is awful. bell was slow and never made a impact play. those arent the bad moves,lose the bias

ummm what to write....

Home I have a better idea.

How about you just STFU like a good little girl.

Not sure which is would be worse ... hiring this dude without knowing his history or knowing his history and hiring him anyway.

God, I'm starting to hate my team!

I guess this info is important because he could make our team look bad if he gets into trouble.

But at the end of the day, he's just the Coaches personal assistant.

Mando, I'm going to check out this guy's record. I'll email you if I find anything juicy.

Philbin should of hired a bombshell chick as his PA, gives him more incentive to work more hours :)

Glad bell is gone and I think jones will fill that spot quite nicely. Allen at his best was an above average corner. Good cover skills bad hands. And he was fast but short. Once the speed left he couldnt keep up and always got outmuscled. Pats picking him up is a definite band aid situation.

Can we get Ross one of those...

philbin has groupies dont u worry about that, problem is in south beach most of them are males

Sorry to the Regulars on here I don't normally post to the trolls and this will be my last toward non football BS!

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 28, 2012 at 11:14 AM

Everyone you childish posters don't like you resort to calling a troll.

Coming to Armando's blog to promote your own blog is lame and disrespectful. Armando responded to me to say he does not approve of it. Eventually he will catch up with your posts advertising your blog and whack them like he did with your boyfriend Ohio yesterday.

tebow is just another awful decision by the jets. ill relish how bad they will be this year and seeing rex ryan fired after season

id say tebow failed all right. 8-8 team getting destroyed 45-10 by pats.

Home, if you keep running off everyone else all you will have left to talk to are your fake names. It's like you are having a conversation with yourself. You have some issues.

If you sit back and read a day's worth of posts, we (as a group) are SUCH HATERS. We hate Mando's reporting. We hate the team happenings. We hate each others posts.


I hope people don't treat their significant others like that. Or that could be the reason 1/2 of American marriages end in divorce.

However, there's hope for some of us. Both Home and Timmy Couch (if they are 2 people) have agreed with me today. And they NEVER agree with me. Shows people CAN come together if they want to.

By the way, if you don't like what posters write about (be it mock drafts or promoting other blogs or whatever), just ignore it. Won't hurt you in the least. Doesn't mean other people won't be interested.

We CAN actually get along if we try!

dc im off the hating. its a rebuilding year, ill accept it. and pray ireland gets fired. and take this year to love watching the jets go down in flames

Home tebow beat the steelers who were missing ryan clark the playcaller and enforcer of that secondary so just stop.

Home for Christ's Sake,

Tebow is not your QB, Sanchez is. But it doesn't matter you Rex Ryan kiss ass disgruntled Jets lovers/Miami haters, Cameron Wake will sack them both into Ryan's mouth! Oh, good luck with your wild cat.

Anything Home does to help get Ireland out of Miami has my 100% support.

now that would be awesome if the jets signed garbage crowder. that guy was so bad

Take Blackmon at 8 , he'll still be there, he's not as big or fast as Calvin Johnson. In the second round get Weeden. After that change the Dolphins name to Oklahoma Cowboys.

Perfect post for "Home" to share his insights.

tebow was the worst qb in nfl. numbers were the lowest ever for a qb. was hilarious. elway got lucky finding manning. tebow made a solid team horrible. manning will have them 12-4

Hey whatever tools he needs to succeed I'm all about it. Especially since the boss is loaded.

Not sure all the info on the DUI was necessary and I'm certain one your patented ahem's weren't.

You have really been doing a great job with the post lately though. Seems like the Dolphins have been more forthcoming with info lately.

Shoulda hired me!!!!!


If Blackmon is there at 8 and we don't take him I'll be posting with Home. Not Timmy though, can't do the Jets thing.

If we didn't take Blackmon Ireland would be seeing those protests daily. Mando's blog would be going crazy.

But if the draft Blackmon at 8, they can not say in the press release that they drafted Blackmon and Family. :)

Because Marshall and/or his wife, family and friends always seem to be victims. Either dude just doesnt know how to stay away from bad situations or has incredibly bad luck. Either way, have fun in Chicago!!

U R in my house

So Get Your feet Off My Coffee Table !

and Protest FIRELAND 3.29.12

Home, I'm serious. Look back on all the posts. It's only you really posting to yourself. Is it your goal to be the only poster on the site? What are you trying to accomplish?

Home did not agree with you, it was the anit home. Home still does not agree with you.

Armando responded to me to say he does not approve of it.

Posted by: Who cares | March 28, 2012 at 11:31 AM

yea I'm sure he did, lol. You guys doing dinner this weekend too?

You guys could start your own TV Show.......Armando & the Trolls

Home is not doing anything to help Ireland get fired. He and the other handful of bozos are only helping to make our fanbase look foolish. Ireland will not be fired because 30 people stand on the side of the road eating pizza dressed in clown outfits.

Ireland will be fired if his draft picks from this and last years draft fail miserably. Or if the team loses more than 10 this year and Ross gets worried about free agents not signing. Right now Ireland is the fall guy for over a decade of mediocrity and nfl people know that.

This is not an official Dolphins site. Most of the people in here,( and there aren't many) are from other states so advertising a local protest is useless. One or two times mentioning it would have been enough to get the 6 people ,who can actually attend, to go to this little half azzed roadside brunch. Therefore home the idiot, sitting in here all day, attacking the Dolphins for EVERYTHING they do while praising the mighty Teblow and the Just Not Yet Jets is a complete and utter waste of time. Hes trying to get Dolphins fans to protest the Dolphins by praising their most hated rival daily in a Dolphins related blog. Let that sink in for a minute.

"MiamiDolphins Congrats to Director of Field Operations Rick Wright, who is retiring this week after 20 years with us. Enjoy your retirement, Rick!"

Let me tell you something Rick--you deserve a hefty golden parachute after suffering with this organization for the last 10 years. With all the losing going on under Huzienga & Ross the two excuses I haven't heard are the weather & the field conditions.

umm home dont you remmber marshall got stabbed last offseason and ran away from a cab driver this offseaon oweing him 150 bucks. He also fought with someone and got his arm smashed through a tv in denver and lied about it. O yea he aslo was responsible for getting a teamate KILLED.

But he has always posted like this. Even before this protest stuff. I mean he answers his own posts with fake names and attacks other posters who are regulars. I think he is trying to run everyone off so it's just him in here. Maybe he doesn't like Mando and is trying to kill his blog?

If I read the statement "once proud franchise" again I'll puke....there....I just puked

1. David DeCastro, (Steve Hutchinson 2.0) (Miami about led the league in QB hits last year)
2. Alshon Jeffery (Brandon Marshall who?)
3. Vinny Curry (Perfect 3/4 - 4/3 LB/DE)
3. Harrison Smith (It's a matter of when, not if, Miami will draft a safety)
4. Best available (there is always a guy that slips into the 4th)
5. Kellen Moore (Drew Brees 2.0) Note: Matt Flynn was drafted in the 7th round
6. Best Available
7. Best Available

Note: Tannehill almost threw for 20 INT's last year. He would have had he played 16 games. Do you really think he'll be that much better in the NFL?

"You have really been doing a great job with the post lately though. Seems like the Dolphins have been more forthcoming with info lately."


Perhaps more forthcoming but still inept in terms of addressing the teams needs. I understand that Philbin comes from GB where they build almost exclusively from their drafts but this front office draft's (other than maybe last year's) have sucked.

Yeah, they signed Sparano who we now know Parcells didn't have faith in after year one (hmmmmmmmm why did the vp in charge of turning a franchise around allow a bad coach to keep his job? I guess the ego wouldn't allow him to admit he made a mistake so instead he just stole our money) AND signed a mentally fragile qb to a lucrative multi year contract. To make it better on Mark they signed the biggest sideshow in football basically guaranteeing Sanchez will fail. Then they will be forced to run the ball in a passing league where players like Manning and Brady can throw tds in under 30 seconds. Boy the Jets are so smart.


WHo knows what the Jets are doing. What a circus they are.

Tony Sep,

I would not complain if we took DeCastro BUT I don't believe the FO will draft a Guard @ Number 8. IMO--I've heard the arguments against taking a RT that high & last year I recall people saying that Pouncey was taken too high BUT that's a bunch of bullsh#t. If a Guard or a Center or a RT can come in & start from Day One & make a substantial improvement in how the O-line plays (which Pouncey did) then it's a very good pick. Much better than totally missing on a player that plays a marquee or skill position like a Ted Ginn or being stuck with a mediocre guy like Michael Crabtree.

Oops, look like the men in white coats are here. Time for MEDS.

Rex, can I tickle your toes?


I love Tebow. I went to Florida and love the gators. But the jury is still out wether or not he can be an NFL qb. I hope he becomes the best qb the NFL has seen. But as a coach for over 20 years I have some serious doubts that he can do it. He might be a good fullback someday. But you need to let this Tebow thing go.

tony sep - My only issue would be with Kellen Moore. I get to see a lot of him as he (Boise) plays in the MWC against my alumm UNM Lobos....it's a cupcake conference at best and that's been his primary competition, thus all of the record setting.

I do not believe he's Brees 2.0.....K Moore has virtually zero athletic ability and no mobility. If he actually stands 5'11" then I'm 6'4" (I'm really 5'11" and have stood next to this guy while I was wearing flip flops). His arm strength is no where near NFL standards...not even Pennington type standards. Despite what a lot of people think, he can't make all the throws; he can't send the ball deep on a rope....he can't throw outside to the hashes and he lacks any zip to fit the ball into tight NFL windows.


Sanchez would have failed anyway. He's just not that good. There's no doubt that Matt Moore (who was signed to be Henne's backup) played better than Sanchez last year.

Yeah, how happy is Marshall to be out of this cespool? lol


I'm with you on Kellen Moore. I've waitched him play a number of times the last two seasons. Very effective college player & he seems like a good kid but he simply does not possess an NFL arm. If you want to take a risk on a smaller guy then I'd rather draft Russell Wilson who is a much better athlete.

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