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Philbin hires former Bucs personal assistant

The man at Joe Phiblin's side most of the past few days at the NFL annual meetings? No, not general manager Jeff Ireland. Not owner Stephen Ross, either.

His name is Jayson Kaiser.

He is the Miami head coach's new personal assistant. Kaiser was recently hired by the Dolphins apparently to help Philbin with the day to day activities of being an NFL head coach. This isn't a new idea. Although Don Shula, Dave Wannstedt, Jimmy Johnson, and Tony Sparano didn't have personal assistants, Cam Cameron and Nick Saban did.

Kaiser, 38, served previously as personal assistant to since-fired Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris. According to the Bucs website, Kaiser's job was to manage "several elements of Morris’s off-field agenda, including the day-to-day agenda, player and staff communications and the football calendar, including the offseason programs, mini-camps and training camp.” 

It is believed Kaiser will fill a similar role in Miami. Kaiser also reportedly served as something of a driver for Morris in Tampa. The coach apparently used Kaiser to take him from social function to social function. This became a problem in Tampa when the coach's designated driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol last April.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, police said Jayson Kaiser, 37, was driving on N Dale Mabry Highway with the lights off in a white 2006 Hyundai when an officer pulled him over near W Osborne Avenue and noted his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and he smelled of alcohol. Kaiser was arrested shortly after midnight. He denied drinking and refused to perform any field sobriety tests or take a Breathalyzer test, police said.

Kaiser, also known as Jay, was released from jail after posting bail of $500. The car was impounded after he was arrested. Morris was not with Kaiser at the time of his arrest.

A Dolphins spokesman told me Tuesday the Dolphins are aware of Kaiser's history, including the arrest. Kaiser apparently has been forthright with the team about it and neither the club nor Philbin apparently had a problem with it.

One thing is certain, I'm told: Kaiser will not be serving as Philbin's driver. And he will not be taking him from, ahem, social function to social function. 


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So if the 85 bears win the NFL.com bracketology as greatest team of all time does that mean the 85 Dolphins were actually the greatest team of all time to not win a superbowl?

Sorry home,

I can never be a Jets fan. I'll root for Tebow but never the Jets. Still don't think he'll make it as a qb. He's a great kid. I have actually worked with him on the feild a couple of times. The college offense thing won't work in the NFL. If only someone would let him grow into being in a pro passing game. I mean he has the arm. If he could get with a good qb coach it might work but he needs work. He is not close to being ready now.

Apparantly they offered the job to three other people before settling on Mr. DUI. Sound familiar, they only come to this team if they have no other options.

So home,

I guess your angle is your a Jets fan that is trying to stir up trouble with dophin fans?

"The Dolphins have been looking for a veteran linebacker that can compete with Misi, with Philip Wheeler still a top target. “We would like to see Misi emerge a little more and be more productive and make more impact plays,” Philbin said. “He has played very well at the point of attack.”

Wheeler tweeted Tuesday: "I think I'm taking my talents to South Beach. Not sure yet, though." As of Tuesday afternoon, he had not agreed to terms, but that could happen at any point."

From Barry Jackson

I'd rather we added Jake Scott to start at RG. I'm not crazy about Wheeler, Westerman, or Hicks but I'm sure Ireland & his crack staff know best right???? LMFAO!!!

Yeah coach joe. Take time off from work and fly to Florida for a couple of slices and some super stupid conversations. You are a millionaire and have all the time in the world right?

Agree WHDP. Sanchez has hit his ceiling. He can get a ring with a great defense but no one will ever credit him with being a franchise QB.

Home are you really that stupid or is all that just an act? Everyone seems to be curious about this.

Homey.. Considering you have been on this board posting for 4 hours straight, one can assume you have no life.

But then again, I think reading your posts that is pretty obvious anyway.


I think he is wanting to be a clown. I just can't imagine spending this much time to do it.


Home loves Tebow. Tebow is known as some sort of "prophet" ( you know, because in 2012 there are still so many people in America who haven't heard of this guy Jesus) ,so now Home thinks he's the prophet for the Dolphins! Oh man it's so obvious! He wants people to "follow" him and he's trying to 'spread the word'.

Dude, Home, you are a psycho who is in need of immediate mental evaluations and probable hospitalization where you would be under constant supervision. You should not be walking the streets with normal folk, you could hurt someone.

Back to work, later people.


The problem with Tebow is that if he continues to run like that he won't last long. Too much to risk with your starting QB. Ever wonder why a rb's shelf life is so low? I know the stats on Tebow. I am a fan of his. But that style won't work in the NFL. The qb position is too valualbe to risk to injury. It's all about percentages.

Home, is phins78 right?

OMG 22 years? So that has to make you at least,, what,,40? And you have that much time on your hands? Hahahaha I don't even know what to say, I thought Home was a kid. Now I'm sad, definitely gotta go.

LOL. My just asked "how much can ya'll talk about the Dolphins"?

She said "they suck and they will probably suck again this year. End of story".

This coming from a Bucs fan. Kinda the pot calling the kettle black isn't it?

Hey maybe she's been talking to Home. What the XXXX?? lol.

Agreed phins78, I thought he was a kid too.

You know Home,

You don't need to make fake names. It's pretty obvious it's you in your fake posts.

Yes truly, this seems like its gonna be a lloooooooonnnnnngggg season indeed. Every time you read a post, something negative comes with it. The good news (and I hope) will be that this team will once again suck big time, and either ROss will sell, or he will finally realize that his butt buddy Iredick is a waste and will fire him. We'll see how good this new coach will turn out to be.



This is AnishB15 from the phinsider (you remember?) I saw you commented and just wanted to tell you that if you ever decide to come back, I for one, will welcome you back. Texascowpunk and all will welcome you and accept you.

I swear this is the Bizarro Dolphins - not the Dolphins I have been rooting on for the past 40 years.

If it helps him be a better coach, I'm all for it!


Either there is a new person writing under the name of Home, or Home has been instructed to change his antagonistic aproach to his writings. Which one do you think it is Armando.

Matt Moore is a back up QB, that's all he will ever be. Just another in the long line of BU QB's starting for Miami.

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