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Report: Dolphins meet Manning in Indy

The Dolphins got their meeting with Peyton Manning. Tonight. Done.

The meeting took place in Indianapolis, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mortensen also reported the Dolphins were represented by four to five members of the organization. The meeting reportedly lasted between five and six hours.

This was definitely not a courtesy meeting with Philbin or phone call, as ESPN had earlier suggested.

I'll be texting/emailing/begging for clues in the morning on how the meeting went. It is assumed the Tennessee Titans are going to meet with Manning Tuesday.


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I love our chances of winning on the road far better than at home. The Peyton Manning situation is no different.

Gotta love the Dolphins for this bit of trickery! LOL

WOW! 1st time Ive ever been 1st on this blog. LOL

Mando, this is good news imo. Historically we've been known to perform better on the road.

I don't see the meeting being held in Indianapolis as anything remarkable or a slap at the franchise.

It should be noted that the Manning's condo in Miami Beach is a VACATION getaway, not their primary residence. I'm guessing Peyton likely needed to return home after a whirlwind few days and the Dolphins simply extended the courtesy of meeting him there.

Non-issue, folks.

Is it possible that free agency starts before Manning signs somewhere?

Dr Roberts,

I do find it impressed Miami met with Peyton in Indy no matter who's idea it was. Our home win record is abysmal whether trying to land the coveted hc, fa, or simp-ly winning a football game.

Seems the best to win in Miami is to win outside of Miami. LOL

i think manning is a good guy, and followed through on his promise to meet with the dolphins. whether that translates to him coming to miami is a different issue. in any case, the dolphins avoided another public humiliation, which is a plus.

So do all the people lambasting the Dolphins for not even getting a meeting with Manning come back and admit they were wrong.

Nah. It'll just be the Brady Quinn deal all over again. Scream, yell, and pout about how "right" you are and then totally ignore it when proven wrong.

Bunch of frauds.

Glad Miami got their meeting at the very least. I'm sure Philbin did a great job no matter what happens. Philbin is going to be a great coach if we give him some talent.

Peyton is making every team that interviews him look like sniveling fools.

I like Miami's Dolphin and may want chance for Super Bowl year next. I am very large fan of them for three yeras now and i like for them big time. If the Petton Maning comes to Miami's Dolphin they go good to so many super bowls. Lets go Miami's Dolphin!

austin=alex=No balls=kris=Quilombo=Franciscan Otterman

one word...Flynn. Let's move on

LOL, pathetic really. Haul your arses up here to see me .I can't be bothered.Hey Ireland,go get me a capuchino,2 splendas.Is this meeting over yet?

austin=alex=No balls=kris=Quilombo=Franciscan Otterman=
Great Load Swallowers

Pensacola P olesmoker=Boynton Beach B onesmoker= Hialeah H omo

Saw a decal on a car today it said,

"My Other Ride Is Your Mom"

I photographed it with my phone right outside the liquor store. Word is bond.

Rather them go for Matt Flynn

Man, being a Dolphin fan has just become utterly embarrasing.Kind of like walking the red carpet at the Oscars with Roseanne Barr as your date. Its groundhog day for losers with this franchise..Ireland, please get yourself abducted by aliens..

How, exactly, is Manning making anyone look like "fools?"

There's mutual interest between him and a handful of teams (including the Dolphins). He meets with them, they make their best case, and then Manning decides what is best for his career and his family.

How is any of this unusual, controversial, or "foolish" on anyone's part?

It's how you do business.

Matt Flynn = A.J. Feeley

Who took lead on this Peyton meeting? Philbin
Therefore who is in line to be blamed for Peyton signing elsewhwere? Philbin
Whatever happens in 2012 because we don't have Peyton can be blamed on who? Philbin
And who will pointing the finger? Ireland

Matt Flynn = AJ FeelMe

Ground Hogfin day, my alarm goes off each morning and I watch the same loser team mess up all day.

Lmao seems mando is deleting a lot of comments what a douche your just as crappy as the Miami front office you won't even let fans (the ones who put money in the teams and yes your pocket) state their opinions smh what happened to south Florida we don't even have decent reporters any more how long before u delete this one too?? Oh wait I get it u deleted them so u can write about it tomorrow and say it was from one of your "sources" right

He probably wanted to meet in Indy because that's where his family is. They've already started packing, I imagine.

He's a very smart Quarterback! Smart enough to see that Miami gives him the best chance at further success in the NFL. Yes, we need help on our O-line. But, you bring in Jeff Saturday at center, move the kid over to RG and put Murtha at RT and then all that's needed is depth at the position. Reggie Wayne at WR, along with Marshall, Bess, and Hartline gives him a pretty good receiving corps. And, Bush in the backfield! Along with a good D! Then, Miami can spend their draft on a pass-rusher, safety and maybe another cornerback! Please! He HAS to be able to see that Denver and Arizona need more pieces than we do...because it's true! Now, if our Front Office and Coaching Staff haven't screwed this one up, he should announce that he's signing with the Fins tomorrow!

Otherwise, we go with Option B!

Whatever that is...

With Kolb the media waited to the 2nd week of the season before they turned thier back on him en masse.
With Flynn they've already started turning thier backs.
It'll be funny if he gets a 1A contract $4mil or so.
It'll be funnier if he gets a straight backup contract like Mooreand Thigpen @ $1mil/season.

Now that Vegas has learned we met Peyton outside of Miami. Vegas has now installed us as 3pt favorites to win the Manning Derby! You here that fistpumpers? LOL

Haha Flynn is feely. God I hope not. I hope Manning comes to Miami and we could be like the 08 Cards. With ab experienced QB and relatively new HC who was an experienced coordinator of a powerhouse franchise. Except the Fins D won't allow a last minute TD.

Or maybe a bug?? If so my apologies mando but something's up here

Typing with an iPhone at times prohibits writing a coherent sentence.

If Peyton signs it mean another "ROAD VICTORY" for the Miami Dolphins! Vegas as now listed us as "FISTPUMP FAVORITES"! LOL


Flynn being Feely isnt the worst thing that could happen. Flynn could also = Curtis Painter.

Indy thanked Curtis Painter for Andrew Luck by immediately showing him the door! LOL

Tracy474, put the bottle down,time to go to bed.Lol,I hope your comment is an attempt at humor.PM is not coming to this black hole.Get a grip,take your meds,put your jammies on,brush your teeth,go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning and get ready to worship your N- No F -frills L- losers Dolphins team.

IndyStar reporting Manning has chosen Denver.

Mort reports also that Manning never traveled home to Miami like all reports said. He flew from Arizona to Indy to set up meetings with Dolphins and Titans.

How ironic would it be if we signed Peyton, also signed Curtis Painter. Then Peyton goes down, Moore goes down, Curtis Painter becomes the starter and we win the 2013 Matt Barkley sweepstakes. LOL

The media has no clue what Peyton will do. I have said all night I like the Dolphins chances.

The Bethelehem Star just reported Peyton Manning chooses Jewish rye over American white!

Skins signed RG3, Niners signed Moss. WTF have Miami staff done other than blow each other?

Tomorrow night is going to be crazy. Manning and FA beginning

What a circus!

No matter what this is great now The dolphins can focus on talking to potential free agents can we say mario williams and reciver maybe colston or wayne...cause now at 4pm et they are on the clock.

Death Row Gazette reports Peyton Manning not on the itenerary!

The Minneapolis Minny reports that at 6'7 Peyton Manning to tall to become a minny!

Sometimes one new thing leads to another and the next thing you know it's a whole new lifestyle.
And you're happy!

April Fool's Crier reports Manning will announce his Dolphins signing at 12:00 AM April 1st!

Size: We joke but we don't judge :D

Exactly... The media doesn't know anything. People were all worked up because of false reports based on here-say. Just wait until he makes up his mind because anything else would be just garbage reporting and false statements just to get tv ratings or web hits..

Why did YG and Hialeahomo show up at the same time?
Either YG is holding HH by the ears or HH is holding YG by the ears.
What up with that?

Mario Williams, are you nuts? for starters this is what it will take:

Julius Peppers and the Chicago Bears agreed on a six-year deal to bring the top free agent to Chicago.

The contract is worth $91.5 million with $42 million guaranteed. Peppers will make $40.5 million over the first three years. The number could increase if he makes the Pro Bowl, records a certain number of sacks or is defensive player of the year.

Now how in the hell are the dolphins going to sign Manning and Williams? Based on Julius Peppers contract we dont have the money to sign Mario Williams even if we dont sign Manning.

If Peppers(OLB) got $91.5 million, $42 million guaranteed. Williams will get about $100 million with at leastb $50 million guaranteed.

YG...it could be done..anything, any deal could be done. There are ways around everything my friend

Also, the problem with an incentive laden contract is if a player hits the incentives. The NFL charges the paid out incentive amounts to your salary cap.

Even if we struggled to get Mario Williams under the salary cap(incentives). Once he hit those incentives it could put us over cap and be penalized by the league.

Yeah but Ross is a billionaire... I'd rather have all of the monetary penalties and have great players.

Ross can afford it was my point..sorry YG, didn't mean to confuse you my friend

It's tough, I hope Manning winds up with the Fins at least we know that Moore is an excellent fill in the event of an injury.

If the Miami Dolphins spent $100 million on any player. It had better be a young franchise calibre qb. We dont have the luxury of spending that kind of money on any other position. Especially still needing a franchise qb.

Only teams really having the luxury top sign Mario Williams. Are teams that already have a franchise type starting qb and at least $25 million in cap space. We only have $13.8 million in cap space and dont have a franchise qb.


Every owner in the nfl can afford it. The nfl is the billionaires club. But we're not talking bank accounts. We're talking salary cap. LOL

Well there is plan b grab flynn and as much offensive power as possible.

We would have to cut an aweful lot of big salaried players to bring in Mario Williams.

Problem with that is now we would have to bring in lessor and cheaper talent to fill those spots. So even after signing Williams the overall improvement to your team was absolute nil! LOL

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