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Report: Dolphins meet Manning in Indy

The Dolphins got their meeting with Peyton Manning. Tonight. Done.

The meeting took place in Indianapolis, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mortensen also reported the Dolphins were represented by four to five members of the organization. The meeting reportedly lasted between five and six hours.

This was definitely not a courtesy meeting with Philbin or phone call, as ESPN had earlier suggested.

I'll be texting/emailing/begging for clues in the morning on how the meeting went. It is assumed the Tennessee Titans are going to meet with Manning Tuesday.


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Barry Jackson just posted on the Herald. Interesting read. Apparently, Manning may still be entertaining other teams and won't make a decision until sometime next week!

Flynn's stock just dropped...

Some team in the Manning Sweepstakes has to think about him real hard now before his price goes up.

Wait on Manning...
Or, sign Flynn?
Pick your poison, gentlemen!

True, I wasn't saying to pull the trigger on thy deal...just that it could be done. I really don't know what MIA is going to do but I'm growing real tired of our boring football that our FO has fielded the last 15 years

There's a real chance Manning doesn't want to go through NE (more aptly, Brady) to get to the top this late in his career. This might be our downfall.

Seems that Yahoo Peyton Manning will be looking for a bigger shack with a much bigger cement pond to retire in. Probably his very own swamp for gator hunting too. Weeeeee-doggie Ellie Mae!

Or we can go with good ole Jeff Ireland's - Parcells theory of finding a Tom Brady in the fifth round. Acorns might be a fallin again in 2012... I really hate that acorn thing as much as I dislike Ross, Ireland, and Tuna

If you wait on Manning...
What do you do about the other Free Agents available?
And, what of the contracts that need to be restructured to afford Manning?
And, his buddies? (Wayne, Saturday, et al).
This is where the road meets the pavement.
Will Ireland balk? Will he make the right decisions?
Where the (blank) is Home?

Who said dumda s s JI is going to sign Flynn
He like drafting the in the late rounds!! But a miracle may happen still very little hope though!!

I offered your source on the Herald custodial staff a 40 and 4 loosies: now he's my source. Here is what happened:
At 5:30pm today Sherman drove Philbin out of Davie facility in Sherman's '99 Caddy DeVille.
At 6:20 they stopped at Hunan close to Peyton's condo so as not to show up empty handed.
Peyton did let them in and interviewed them. He questioned thier knowledge of Xs & Os.
They affectionately commented on the quality of the chinese food with each other.
Then Peyton excused Sherman/Philbin.
He threw the chinese food in the trash before those guys made it back to Sherman's '99 Caddy.

As of 15 minutes ago Sherman/Philbin are on 8th Street getting swindled.

Dumb Dolphins, should have met Peyton in the Everglades swamp. There he would have felt right at home.

Would have been just like old times growing up in the Louisiana bayou! Frog leg fry and all. LOL

TC..the reason I don't agree with that theory is no matter where he goes he's going to have to face good to great QB's...manning is a competitor..if not he would retire now with all his millions..he would relish beating Brady twice per year...

Peyton's offering a whole lotta behind to kiss for a qb on the backend of his career. With a much more likely chance to be watching his next sb than participating in one.

Can someone pass me that fried frog leg? LOL

YG..yeah and that meeting could have ended with MIA saying.."now if you don't sign a contract with us now, you just might reside permanently in the glades here"

A lot of people never "return" from there..if ya know what I mean lol

Who dat say dey gone sign Peyton Manning? Who dat, who dat? LOL

Maybe we can just sign manning to sit on south beach and play drive in movies on his forehead


They met with Peyton and I'll bet not one of those idiots brought along a bowl of shrimp gumbo.

To sign Manning you gotta know how to speak Louisiana.

For instance, they dont have alligators in Louisiana. They have auhli- ghey-duhs! LOL

Are you delusional?
Compare the Phins position-by-position with the Pats.
Let's say Brady and Manning are equal. What about all of the other positions?
Are Marshall, Fasano, Hartline & Bess better than Welker, Branch, Gronks & Hernandez?
Is our O-line better than thiers?

Put down the pipe yo
I don't even like the Pats

This is just too fuking funny. Rotflmao! Peyton does have a super-sized forehead.

Maybe we can just sign manning to sit on south beach and play drive in movies on his forehead
Posted by: C63-AMG | March 13, 2012 at 12:26 AM


Playing drive in movies off of Peyton Manning's forehead is just too funny! Ole boy's forehead does look as wide as a drive in movie screen. LOL

SMF..well i was speculating on us also picking up some better players in FA or trades...not our complete current roster

Hey yesterday:

Stop posting LOL at the end of every one of your not funny posts. He who laughs at his own dumb comments reveals himself to be even dumber than initially thought.

Now go do what you do best, smoke a boner.

With a forehead as big as Peyton's, the least you could do is be smart! There should be an awful lot of brains in that water tower. LOL

YG, yessir...we can even play those movies in original format...widescreen baby!!!

Why not try to sign Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday, if they'll do it, Tuesday? Because if they'll do it, and we get them, then manning either plays with us and them, or goes somewhere else and doesn't, and I think that locks us in.

Today is Here,

Is this better?

Hey "Today" you must not come here often enough to understand why that "lol" is there. DoH!




Im gonna Throw this out their for you.. What do you think the possabillity is WE might be able to Land Tim Tebow from Denver once Manning signs with Denver. if that happens.. No Way that they Keep Both.. What do you think?

I photoed a window sticker on a car today it said:

My Other Ride Is your Mom

The question would obviously be would Wayne and Saturday do it? I think Saturday would for sure. I can only hope came Wayne would.


Word is bond.
I was outside the liquor store at Towers in Roanoke, VA

I photoed a window sticker on a cqar today too. It said: "c63 and yesterday like to smoke the pole"


I dont know, Henne has Manning beat. Henne's chin alone is as wide as Peytons forehead. Who the hell told Henne he needed to play with a helmet?

Engineers could use Henne-head technology to build better helmets! It may even totally eliminate concussions.

You got to love these guys who just love to hate the Dolphins, you are like all football addicts, you keep coming on this blog and saying you hate this team, then like the addicts you keep coming back for your fix, go away, the jets would love to have you. Bill

Aother dumass with absolutely nothing constructive to offer has signed in as "Today Is Here". Was "Doomsday" already taken? LOL

The Nfl makse Chad Henne wear a helmet for the safety of the other players! LOL

Today I bought a bumper sticker for my truck that reads:

"Yo momma only brakes for me pimp"

PS...Stafford had the best game that day. Y'all think Flynn would have had 6 TD's if Suh was playing?

That game was a Pro Bowl Game.

Funny how every single poster stops posting at the exact same time here.

The Herald "blog hit" trolls must be on lunch break. LOL

Don't think Peyton ain't playing because he's jealous of his little bro.

People are still missing the MAJOR POINT! This team should be head and shoulders above where its at right now. We've spent 4 years drafting, plugging and keeping our head above water with absolutely no results.

We've regressed over the last 4 years.

Refresh already iPhone app

49'ers signed Moss...will he have a breakout season..or be irrelevant ??

YG, yeah that poster "today" is def someone else...he probably his own mom posting...that would be weird

Forehead Manning had an a n a l rape baby with Henne...that kid would come out looking like the bad guy in the movie Cobra with Sly

Jack, you are correct... Absolutely zero "playmakers" drafted. It's been eons since we actually got a playmaker. Instead OL are gotten in top 10 to 15...ummm ok I understand the need but really? Baffles the heck out of me

Now we can officially move on from manning talk to real free agency.....it was a nice ruse for a few weeks but now that manning and miami have met as a COURTESY(yes mando, I said courtesy*LMAO*) meeting...both sides can FINALLY move on to the future which doesnt include each other...!!!!

Manning is not in our future...blessing in disguise? Maybe, trade Soliai, draft Tannehill, Weeden keep Moore. Get rid of all other QBs. Use draft and FA to fill O and D. Simple!

Actually, if Manning & Flynn fall through, drafting two QB's this year makes a Loy of sense. Keep Moore and let them slug it out in Training Camp. Hedge your bets, so to speak.

"Lot" of sense (not Loy). Stupid spellchecker...again! WTH is a "Loy" anyways?

yayyy...the dolphins get to save face. I bet Ross called in a few favors to get Archie to tell Peyton to talk to Philbin.

No shot at Manning~~~Losers!

Hey Buffalo B!tch - You do know your team got swept by the Dolphins last year don't you?

Did you like that 35-8 shellacking on 11/20/2011?

So tell us what a broom tastes like!

Good Morning slaves,

MVP QB Peyton Manning has in fact come to decision last night after meeting w Miami

MVP QB Peyton Manning has decided to sign with the Miami Dolphins in 2012

Details will be made public aprox :) 3:00 PM today

ThanX 4 stopping by

Go Phins!

It is also possible he wanted to avoid all the hoopla here in Miami. And he has to travel to Tennesse now.

Really, Home? Given your "gift", I don't doubt you.

The local media obiviously have no idea on whats going on! they get all their info for espn just like anyone else could. And when they do guess they are way off ... Manning was never in Miami!! After Az. interview he went st8 to indy. They were wrong about that.. Then in a attempt to make the miami media look even stupider they fool them into believing that the meeting is going to happen tomorrow (which is today) .. wrong! they also make the media think that only Joe Philbin is going to meet with him out at the beach somewhere for like 20 or 30 min.... All wrong they met for over 5 or 6 hour with 6 people who they still dont know who they all were...LOL.. BOY DOES MANNING HATE THE MIAMI MEDIA OR WHAT!?!
Just goes to show for now on dont believe what anyone says in the local media.Wait untill ESPN reports it.

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