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Report: Dolphins meet Manning in Indy

The Dolphins got their meeting with Peyton Manning. Tonight. Done.

The meeting took place in Indianapolis, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mortensen also reported the Dolphins were represented by four to five members of the organization. The meeting reportedly lasted between five and six hours.

This was definitely not a courtesy meeting with Philbin or phone call, as ESPN had earlier suggested.

I'll be texting/emailing/begging for clues in the morning on how the meeting went. It is assumed the Tennessee Titans are going to meet with Manning Tuesday.


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DC, does anything lead you to believe Flynn is an upgrade over Moore? I am perplexed about all this attention Flynn is getting as a FA. I can't see who would empty the bank for him.

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If it's true the Texans and 49ers are now involved, Manning would have to look very hard at either. Easily could take either team to the Super Bowl---which can't be said of the others.

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No, I don't particularly see Flynn as an upgrade. But reports have said Miami 2nd option if they don't get Manning is Flynn. Since Ireland is the GM (not me) I'm just saying for the team's sake, this timing thing could hurt.

I'd probably rather go through the Draft (Tannehill or Weeden) and develop those guys behind Moore this year, but again, that's me. Ireland is most likely (who knows) thinking something totally different.

In the end, I don't care one way or the other, as long as it leads to more wins, a better team, etc.

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Judging by all these non-posts kindergarten must have let out early today. Curious but have any of the other adults that occasionally post here noticed that there are a lot of decent quality offensive available in FA at the moment?

With one one or two decent FA pickups we could have a dominant OL this year. I hope we save the draft picks for game changers and upgrade the OL and DL through FA, looking forward to 4PM.

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As is the case with most of your post...I coudn't tear my eyes away from the screen....I GREAT POST...and very well written....Ofcourse I come from the point of view of one who agrees with you....so I am biased....

still a well written post regardless of the thought process of the reader...imo....

If you want Flynn, you are a sheep. Period. You get all of your opinions fed to you by the mainstream media. There is no reason to go after Flynn when we have Matt Moore and other needs to fill. Matt Moore is 27 years old and shows great promise.

Some of you (e.g., DC Dolfan) fancy themselves as "intellectuals," but your longwinded analyses are the *worst* in that they are simply spoonfed to you by the mainstream media.

There is zero reason to pay for Flynn. Same with Weedon, who's OLDER than Matt Moore, who has 5 years of experience already.




If you chose to respond...I think we should keep it on the same board....that way we can have some semblence of privacy...we can both check our ego's....and talk a bit more openly....

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