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Report: Dolphins meet Manning in Indy

The Dolphins got their meeting with Peyton Manning. Tonight. Done.

The meeting took place in Indianapolis, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mortensen also reported the Dolphins were represented by four to five members of the organization. The meeting reportedly lasted between five and six hours.

This was definitely not a courtesy meeting with Philbin or phone call, as ESPN had earlier suggested.

I'll be texting/emailing/begging for clues in the morning on how the meeting went. It is assumed the Tennessee Titans are going to meet with Manning Tuesday.


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ESPN is just like dan dierdorf when it comes to commenting on Our beloved Dolphins. Even if I wasn't a Miami Dolphins fan,I would still consider Us a better fit for Manning than AZ or Denver.Most people seek the warmth of the sun when they get older and their body aches.I believe Florida is the most sought after.So Denver is not ideal from that perspective.And Arizona has more holes to fill than We do before they start thinking playoffs.We need Manning so We don't once again squander talent that won't wait for a qb to develop.

Great post by Shula. Second that notion.

ESPN is mainstream illuminati crap.

As I reported immediately after the news that Randy Moss wanted to pay again broke, all reports indicate that Moss is in great shape and we are stupid to have not gone after him. Marshall and Moss, Bush, Matt Moore, we'd have been set. But football people are not rocket scientists.

You heard it here first: Randy Moss's stats this year will be as follows:

75 receptions
900 yards
12 TDs
* His team will go far in the playoffs. He will score several TDs in the playoffs.

Write it down. We should be going after Moss and other weapons on Defense and prepare for Matt Moore's breakout season instead of fantasizing about Flynn.

Jason Cole told me personally that I was correct that I'm smarter than most football men. There is a reason they are in football and not rocket scientists. They do not have a 125 IQ. They're not that smart, even when it comes to football, their specialty.

Anyone who has a brain knows that OF COURSE you want Randy Moss on the Dolphins.

Mando, please give us your thoughts on Randy Moss.

LOL. Update. 49ers, who were 13-3 last year, signed Randy Moss.

Which organization is smarter? Them or us? The answer is obvious.

I told you morons 2 months ago that we needed to go after Randy Moss.

Look for 49ers to get to the super bowl this year, starring Randy Moss. THey almost did it last year.

I can see a franchise chasing a talent but there is a limit. Do Manning and the Phins a favor and tell Peyton "good luck but we are no longer interested". Then concentrate on Flynn,M. Williams(Texas),Finnegan(Titans), Mincey(Jaguars),Lowery(Jags), Pierre Garcon(Colts) even without Manning. This guy is special. Don't forget a bunch of Large, Aggressive offensive tackles...we need large aggressive people on offensive line. Let's build a team that will be a perennial power house in the division instead of a two or three year flash in the pan!

You know your franchise has hit rock bottom when you are celebrating a meeting with a FA. Not a signing. Simply a meeting. Pathetic. I guess when you haven't won a meaningful game in 10+ years or had a qb in the pro bowl since 1995 this kind of stuff is worth celebrating. Maybe you should print off some shirts to mark the event. Way to go Miami! Dumpster fire > Miami Dolphins.

Would love to see us land at least one of the following 3 in FA, Jared Gaither, Carl Nicks, or Eric Winston.

Either of those three and we immediately have a formidable OL. I'd love to see Nicks most of all because we could really use the help at guard, but Winston is a natural RT as well and would be an awesome replacement for our former turnstile at RT.

Super Bowls are decided by the studs on the line just as much as the ball handlers and defenders. A big upgrade to our OL would go a long way towards finishing the season with more W's than L's, regardless who takes the snaps from center.

So the DoorMatt Moore Error is going to continue for another season, huh? Screw this (dis)organization.

Home-o, oh Home-o, it's time for our sensual bubble bath!

I hate it when the Trolls take over. They never REALLY want to talk football. It's all about an argument with them. They think they're right and you're wrong and they run when faced with actual facts. They call you names and use vulgar words because of their limited vocabulary. They post as other people and make up names for themselves. They even hold conversations with their fake personas. And, if you try to defend another poster, then they call you a troll or claim that you're that person. Trolls really have no social life, other than this blog, I guess. I feel sorry for the trolls...living under bridges and all. So socially disadvantaged. So needy. So...troll-like.
Posted by: Tracy474 | March 13, 2012 at 10:27 AM

You do realize you just desribed homer, right? The blog idiot troll!

You do realize he has already used 7 different names today to talk to himself?

"This is not home. The guy constantly ragging on him is annoying. Home's posts are entertaining, at a minimum."

Hey andershrimp, if you think that moron is entertaining, your the biggest idiot on this blog!

Kris, ok responding,

First off, I wasn't trying to imply you guys were being trollish. I was trying to get at the acerbic nature of responses (in general). I see you do it with posters, Craig does it, I do it, we all do it. I'm just saying it's not helpful to a discussion.

Let me give you an example. When you say something to the effect of "you've been down graded," what do you think my response is gonna be? It's not gonna be "gee Kris, let's discuss this in a civil manner." It's gonna be something like "I know you are but what am I." You know, a tit for tat. But it does nothing to further the discussion, try to persuade someone to think differently, it just sets up a confrontation. That's what I'm likening the trolls to. They just want to confront people, they don't care what the topic is, or what you have to say, they just want to irritate people.

I just think us, as regulars, (and by the way, I no longer even talk to the trolls, because I could care less about them. I'm talking to you guys because believe it or not, I actually respect your RIGHT to your opinion, and don't mind going back and forth (civilly) with you guys since you offer a different perspective (from my own) and I have learned some things from you guys), need to step back from time to time. I think we get too involved and worked up, and into our own perspective, and we don't allow others to have their views (and not have to be so defensive all the time thinking people got knives out for them).

I agree with you on the way I choose to conduct myself. You don't have to listen or do anything different. That's why I'm not TELLING you, I'm ASKING you to look inside yourself, are YOU enjoying having to fight off people left and right (Clue, others)? I see it. I see Craig fighting off others. But I also see Craig going to EVERY SINGLE poster who says ANYTHING critical about Jeff Ireland or the team and asking them why they are fans and maybe they need to choose another team. That's not his role. He's not the team's bodyguard on this site. If people are critical, then respond to their criticism, but there's no need to question people's level of "fandom" for the team. All that does is piss people off, and makes them antagonize Craig.

Like I said, this is supposed to be an outlet for all of us. I'm pretty sure none of us are professional posters or work in any way related to the NFL. We all have our professional careers. I'm assuming (at least for myself) people come here during the day to A) stay up on the news of the team, but B) as a release from the grind of work. And, yeah, you're right, I've been feeling the drain from fighting with folks here for a while now. And for what? Because I want to express my opinion on some issue with my team?

Yes, I understand this is a place where ideas and opinions get debated, thrown around, crushed, destroyed, ridiculed, whatever. I'm fine with that. You don't like my opinion, have at it. Tell me why. But tell me why in a way to try to change my mind or have me think something differently. Don't tell me why in a way that's going to make me not even think about what you're saying because I take it as a personal attack. That's not helpful to the overall conversation is what I'm saying. Then everyone goes to their corner, the fight ensues, and no one is really better off. People just leave upset or frustrated. It's happened to all of us (you, me, Craig). I've seen it. Craig says all the time, "I'm out, I don't need this" or something to that effect. He shouldn't have to feel that way, none of us should.

All I'm saying is we all have trolls (at least us 3). We have to take it from them, not much we can do. But we should at least be able to communicate with each other without any of that nonsense. That's the point I was trying to make. That's all I'm suggesting. And, I'm willing to take the first step. I'm not going to call someone a stupid freaking idiot because they don't think we need a QB upgrade, or if they think Miami's in a terrific position right now (2 opinions counter to my own). It doesn't hurt me for someone to have that opinion. I can try and state my case why I don't agree, but I'm not going to get personal, or make my argument too confrontational. I'm not going to call you a conspiracy theorist, because that's a direct attack intended more to insult than to win an argument or defend an opinion (even if made as a defensive reflex).

I'm going to try to make this a better community, and the best I can do is work on myself. I'm just asking other adult posters here to do the same, but that's all I can do, ask. If they don't want to, they don't have to. I just think it would make this a better experience for all of us, that's all.


Miami Dolphins still kissing butt. Why? They need to grow up and make the right decisions for the long-term. If they can't wait, then sell the team and get out of town. Fans are not looking for two or three years of good performance. The risk of investing so much in Manning far exceeds the expected return, which is questionable any way. This may be another Daunte Culpepper kind of deal. Sickening to see them begging for mercy.

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