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Report: Peyton Manning to be released (warm up the helicopter!)

Peyton Manning is going to be released by the Indianapolis Colts and a press conference to announce the parting of ways is expected by Wednesday, ESPN is reporting.

Next stop Miami!

Um, I mean, next stop Miami?

Once Manning is free, the Dolphins expect to involve themselves in the chase for the future Hall of Fame quarterback immediately. Manning is able to sign right away. He doesn't have to wait until the start of free agency March. 13.

How likely the Dolphins are to land him is unknown and opinions vary based on who is talking. But suffice to say the Dolphins are "very confident" they have a good chance to land Manning assuming he is healthy, according to one club source.

Of course, one almost expects that to be the feeling. The Dolphins were confident they would land Jeff Fisher. The Dolphins were confident they would be in the playoffs the past couple of seasons. Confidence is good. But confidences guarantees nothing.

I'm told the team has had unofficial and off-the-record conversations with the "Manning camp" the past three months, although my source would not say if that included contact with Manning or his agent. [CORRECTION: Got a call from my source who says the conversations were the past three weeks, not months.] I'm also told the team would deny any contacts whatsoever because it could be deemed to violate the NFL tampering policy.

I do not know if these touch-base contacts assure the Dolphins of anything. Manning is expected to be a popular commodity in free agency.

Kansas City, Arizona, Denver, Washington and possibly the Jets are among some of the teams expected to show interest in Manning, along with Miami.

Because of the interest, I would not expect a bargain basement sale for Manning's services. Although his representatives have leaked word that Manning would accept an incentive laden contract that does not include high guaranteed money, there is word among NFL people that can change very quickly.

The truth is Manning has been throwing better of late and that, along with the expected high demand, could drive up his price. And that includes some guaranteed money, although not as much if he was younger and not dogged by his recent neck/nerve injury history.

Manning, 36 in two weeks, would typically be worth around $20-23 million per year. One could expect that Manning signs a deal that through guarantees and incentives (if earned) lands in the vicinity of that mark.



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If we sign Manning, nobody will be more upset than Belichek/Brady. They may never see another SB together again.

Sign him! So, we can stop all of this nonsense!

That's right, go ahead and sign a QB who is one good hit away from being in a scooter the rest of his life. Manning should retire gracefully and we should be talking to the Rams about RGIII.

It would be nice to see someone who plays like Marino again, it sure has been a long long time.

So lets see some have him going to miami, wets, arizona, denver,so its a crap shoot.

Mr. Ireland, can we please get Manning and Randy Moss to go along with Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall?

Chances are that would result in one of the best offenses in football but regardless if they are or not, at least the team would generate a buzz and be exciting again!

Randy moss. If they get manning they need reggie wayne or garcon.

Mike Franesa of the Yes network is reporting that he believes Peyton will end up in Miami. I would rather have Flynn.

Get him! and Reggie Wayne. No Moss.

..What a nightmere trip..2.5 hour drive to the river. We never got the boat in the water. 5o plus degrees turned into a whiteout blizzard. The road through the park is closed, and I'm stuck in Bozeman...

...How big of a failure will it be if we do not land Manning? What will it say about the franchise should Manning end up in Arizona, Denver, Washington, or as a jet? I'm sure some bloggers will respond with a sigh of relief. But what does it say about the state of our team if we lose out on another piece the team has made clear is a priority? Personally, I have my doubts that Miami is the perfect fit for Manning right now. I mentioned this earlier today that should he pass(or accept) it will speak volumes to his view of the status of the players on our roster, and the system the team wants to run.

It would be a great addition if we can pull it off. Manning should be responsible for at least 4 more wins on a low estimate, perhaps 6 as a high estimate. Think about all of the close games this team has played the past 2 years. Our team has folded in more of these close games. Really the only game I remember where we were on the winning side of a fourth quarter rally was V Green Bay..Having Manning gives us a 4th quarter edge we have not seen here in some time.

Here is what I think.

Peyton Manning will be wearing a Dolphin uniform this season and the Dolphins WILL be entering in to negotiations by this weekend or as early as Thursday this week.

If you listened very carefully and didn't walk away for a beer in the fridge you would have heard ESPN Tom Jackson let out a very small "slip" if you may, that HE was one of the "few" that were privileged to watch Peyton throw and Tom said that Peyton looked like the old Peyton Manning with his performance.

Enough said yet?

Being what it may be, Ross as a business owner billionaire wants to guarantee that his stadium seats are sold out. Ross wants to guarantee no blackouts for unsold tickets. Manning all but guarantees sell outs which in turn equals a ton of cash being generated from the cash registers at Sun life.

Now onto the rest of the story.

I really do NOT see Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland giving up the house for RGIII. I base that on his track record. RGIII is NOT a "value" pick and in fact is going to cost Jeff many, many, many picks if he can even get close.

HOWEVER I DO see the Dolphins somehow looking for depth at the QB position whoever that may end up being.

Here is how I see this play out. The Dolphins MUST complete the O line and they will draft a righty or a lefty who can play righty. The advantage of drafting a lefty is a security blanket in the event something happens to Long. I also see the fins going after WR Justin Blackmon if they cant make the RGIII deal.

Justin Blackmon will be a huge impact player and play maker for Manning. In the end we will be contenders as Manning at the helm is going to make the entire team "want" to play better.

Just my point of view.

I agnostic about this.
He will need to prove his durability before I become a believer that he is our savior.

Armando says "warm up the helicopter."

Did we ever decide what to name that whirlybird?

SIGN HIM ROSS! Come through for ONCE.

If Peyton is smart and wants to prove the world wrong (world, meaning Colts) he should sign for a bit less, and allow whatever can be salvaged to pick up a piece or two to help him in his task.
Regardless whether it's with the Fins, the Skins or the Cards.

Manning doesnt choke under pressure like Marino did.

I could see SF making a play for Manning and I think they give him his best chance of another ring.

I said before that Peyton would be in a Fins jersey before Easter.
Feeling good about my prediction right now.

Not looking forward to the Manning year (notice I didn't say years)....
...but I do like to be right.

That's right, go ahead and sign a QB who is one good hit away from being in a scooter the rest of his life. Manning should retire gracefully and we should be talking to the Rams about RGIII.

Posted by: PA Phins Fan | March 06, 2012 at 06:58 PM

In reality, every player on the field is one hit away from permanent paralysis. Ask Darryl Stingley.

ARE YOU KIDDING???? No really, are you kidding when you say the best fit for Manning is in SF???

Are you doing shrooms?

WHY in hells bells would SF want to bring in Manning when they have the below?

Alex Smith:

QB rating = 90.7%

3144 yards

17 TD


Enough said!

playing devils advocate:

* If Manning starts to fade/suck/lose, who is going to step up and sit Mr. Ross's dream down in favor of the rookie? Can you think of anyone with the juevos to do that? I don't see anyone on the staff or FO that is strong enough to.

* If Manning falls apart through new injury or old one, what is our course of action, as I'll assume he'll have a contract longer than 1 year. Will we waive him and rebuild? Or do we cling to hope, and keep trying for the next 2-3 years to get him back to full strength?

I see some turbulence in my crystal ball. Or is that a grease smudge?

In reality, every player on the field is one hit away from permanent paralysis. Ask Darryl Stingley.

Posted by: Reilly | March 06, 2012 at 07:17 PM


I concur 100% with that.

I agree the 49ers are the best fit for Manning. They already have the great D and the running game. Add a QB and they're SB bound.

NYG you think Alex Smith is better than Manning? Alex Smith has had one good season in his life. They have a far better team than anywhere else Manning could possible go. If they had Manning last year, they may have been a SB team.

Mando..keep the tampering info to yourself..sshh!! We have to sign him. For those of you that think he's a 2-3yr stop gap if healthy....so what? There is no long term building in the NFL anymore...unless you stock pile draft picks and pick wisely and have a boat load of luck. That means don't blow your future drafts on one guy that's unproven. We've built a solid defense and have some attractive players on offense. We are a QB away from the playoffs and just look what the NYG did last year....stuff happens and then you win the SuperBowl. Think of the close games last year that Manning would have changed...Tebow wouldn't have started his playoff run in Miami..that's for sure.

I think it was Jolting Joe who said: "Quit while you are ahead." Both, Payton Manning and The Miami Dolphins organization should heed his advice.

sign him

Tebow is a winner. Did you watch him in college. He's one of those guys who makes a difference and will have a super bowl ring or more soon.

You heard it here first.

Posted by: Mustache Man | March 06, 2012 at 04:43 PM

You also said Miami would franchise Henne. Get lost you putz.

Sign Manning ...freakin idiots !!

..It would be nice to believe any contract Manning agrees to(should he sign here)would include language that contains some sort of performance clause that would allow the team some leverage if Manning suffers an injury related to his neck.. It is easy to say we have to include this into his contract(again if he signs here). This may be difficult.

There have been reports that Manning would be game to play for an incentive based contract. I say hooey. One or two good throwing sessions will chum the waters for teams interested. I'm sure one of the teams will be willing to take a chance and offer Manning a contract that shows confidence that Manning can perform without any saftey net. Is this smart? Probably not. It may be the price, and gamble to net the big fish.

If you are an NFL fan, and still don't know how to spell Peyton's name, you should be castrated and sent to an idiot farm for the rest of your life.

That would eliminate half the bloggers here.

Tebow !!! He'll be benched next season....trust me !!! NO...you heard it here first !!( you got it ..DUMB..you said it not me )


By all means I am NOT a SF fan but you can NOT throw out the QB that took you to a 13-3 record and into the playoffs and the NFC Championship.

Here is a recap on the QB you want to replace.

The 49ers defeated the New Orleans Saints 36-32 after a touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis in the closing seconds of the game.

They lost to the Giants (so did Brady) in the NFC Championship with a 20-17 score in overtime after a critical fumble by back up return man Kyle Williams, ending their 2011–2012 season.

Alex Smith didn't fumble the ball.

Alex Smith:

QB rating = 90.7%

3144 yards

17 TD


Ross would love to have Tebow. Heck, he already honored him at our stadium.

...Speaking of Tebow. He is on a speaking tour in Montana now. Being that the Broncos are closest to a local pro team that we have(Ironically, there are almost as many Dolphin fans in the state..True story)Anyway, the local news is a buzz about the Broncos being the landing spot for Manning. The Bronco fans that are reasonable think it would be a great fit..Some are still drinking the Tebow kool-aid and think that he should be the guy regardless..Miami isn't the only fan base, or should I say media base that thinks Manning will be the guy next year.

Too F'n expensive. Draft Tannehill. Pass on the gimp.

get manning Ross.


Teams can do whatever they want. If they think Peyton gives them a better chance to win now, and they can handle the price, do you really think they are worried about hurting Alex's feelings? No way.

I agree Smith had a fine season. But only one. Peyton has done it for 13 years, several league MVP's, and if healthy will continue to do so. Peyton will elevate any team more than Alex Smith.

I'm not trying to predict anything, but if you ask me SF gives Manning a better chance for a Ring than the fins do.

..NY"G"...I agree that the Niners will stick with Smith. The Ravens released Trent Dilfer after he won the Super Bowl..That team won with a similar recipe as the Niners..Take away the New Orleans game(probably the game of Smiths life) and the Niners won by playing tough defense, and by protecting Smith. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, and it would be tough to compare as Dilfer didn't start the season as the number 1. But I would bet the two players numbers were pretyy close as far as completion percentage, TD-to Int's Yards per game..I could be wrong.

Back to the point..I can't see the Niners being a factor in the Manning chase.

Brett Favre's last contract was 2 years for 50MM, and he was older.

I think Peyton will ask for same contract or more.

Alright you guys I got feeling were getting manning for sure!

This is a huge mistake. Get RG3! The asking price is not that high right now. Cleveland and Washington are being cheap with their trade offers to St. Louis. We can get RG3 for good value (2 1st round picks, a 2nd, a 3rd, and maybe one more pick/player).


If you were in the twilight of your career wanting one or two more trophies to match your peers Brady and Rothlis, would you choose the fins or the 49'rs?

If SF makes a play, I say he has to seriously consider them.

Gas up the copter Rossy!!!!!

Bring him home!!!!

Pretty frickin' exciting! After all it is Peyton friggin' Manning.......in a Dolphind uniform...awesome!

Sign the man...we can suffer the conswequences afterwards. Sometimes I think the fans of this franchise and the fans themselves can overthink things. Manning makes this team better and if not there's always Matt Moore. Couple that with a young QB and we should be in good shape for some time to come.

My feeling about Manning hasn't changed: the best thing about signing him is that we have Matt Moore.

RGIII would be an upgrade, but the price would be impossibly high. Plus, the only way we'd have leverage is to wait while Manning/Flynn signs, hoping one or both went to Cleveand or Washington. At that point, we could be out in the cold.

Furthermore, there's no sure reason to feel Flynn or Tannehill is an upgrade over Moore. It's quite possible those would be lateral moves from a talent standpoint. But the urge to start the new-comer, not to mention the pressure, would be great.

Manning would give us a binary situation. If Manning is healthy we have one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. If not we have Matt Moore.

Frankly, it simplifies everything.

It's not overthinking, it's not knowing with any certainty the state of his throwing arm. Clear that up and everything else clears up.

As long as we DO draft a good rookie to replace him, then yeah it's ok. Otherwise, its the same circus.
I'm really no expecting much from manning. He may surprise me, but a QB's arm is his everything, and that's the one thing that is questionable.
But signing Manning comes with heavy financial baggage. Baggage that I hope doesn't cripple us from rebuilding this team.
IF ..if, if, if we draft well, we can forgive this. But with Manning comes a dire need for our draft picks to fare well. Our history doesn't suggest it.
But, we will at least be attractive (assuming peyton can still throw well) for a year or two. But can we afford the FAs?
I really don't know. This whole thing worries me a lot.



3) stick with Moore because Flynn is nothing more than an overhyped bum.

..Reilly. That is a no brainer. The Niners all day. I totaly understand where you are coming from. Perhaps you will be right, and the Niners will be in play for Manning. I'm not saying it wouldn't be a perfect fit. I just have not heard that SF has shown any interest. This could change.

Actually. I would say the Phins aren't the best fit of the teams that have shown interst so far..IMO. Arizona makes the most sense. Manning and Whisenhunt are good buddies. Manning would meet little resistance as far as running the show. The team showed massive improvement through the season. Plays in a division where he would be the best quarterback, and would have a very very good chance of winning..To your point about Smith. It was one good year, where he wasn't asked to do much except manage games.

Denver would be the next logical landing spot. Another division that is winnable. Very young talented team that would thrive with Manning behind center.

Hearing that the owners and the player's union are discussing raising the salary cap because of the increase in costs for player benefits which apparently go against the salary cap.

Maybe Mando should write about that! You know...actual NFL news stuff. Like a real reporter...

Let's do this! I am willing to endure another 10 years of mediocrity after Peyton for a Superbowl in the next 1 or 2 years.

Armando - all you need to know is this. I'm a 25+year dolphin fan. IF the dolphins signed Manning, I'm aware of all the potential negatives. BUT! I would be the most exciting thing to happen to the team since they signed Culpepper (which was only marginally exciting) and I can't think of an event prior that would rival this. THAT is all that matters. If the experiment fails, at least they tried...up to this point it has felt like they haven't even tried.

Just to recap from my 7:08 post on Manning.

Peyton Manning will be wearing a Dolphin uniform this season and the Dolphins WILL be entering in to negotiations by this weekend or as early as Thursday this week.

If you listened very carefully and didn't walk away for a beer in the fridge you would have heard ESPN Tom Jackson let out a very small "slip" if you may, that HE was one of the "few" that were privileged to watch Peyton throw and Tom said that Peyton looked like the old Peyton Manning with his performance.

Enough said... Consider the deal done and he will be signing on the dotted line once he satisfies the Dolphins Physical and Medical.

In fact, Manning will be getting his old #18 which currently belongs to WR Roberto Wallace of which he will be relinquishing.

It was fun but I'm out, enjoy gents.

go get him!!! Playoffs here we come!!!


..NY"G"..I hope you are right. Something tells me it isn't that automatic. It would be exciting knowing Manning was going to be a Phin come next year.


Weren't you the same fellow endlessly predicting Cowher would be our next coach? You do remember the outcome of that prediction, don't you? So maybe predictions are not your forte?

This Manning talk is just a smokescreen to try to drive down the price of Flynn a little bit. If the Phins really wanted Manning so badly they wouldn't be broadcasting it to everyone - gives them no leverage at all. I think they hired Philbin with the idea of bringing Flynn with him, otherwise it makes no sense to hire an OC as coach only to run Manning's tired Colts offense.

If we do bring in Peyton and Wayne, Saturday, and the rest of the over-the-hill gang (very appropriate to load the Miami franchise with NFL senior citizens) we will suck for another three years, then start over again from zero.

Sign him Moore will be a great backup. Bring in Reggie Wayne also from Indy and sign Reggie Nelson for the defense. If they want to fill the ol need trade down #8 is to high of a pick to take ol. This years draft is very deep at ol. Dump Columbo and memo to yes man Ireland don't sign bad players cut by the Cowboys I know you are from the Parcels school so you don't know they are cut from Dallas for a reason.

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