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Report: Peyton Manning to be released (warm up the helicopter!)

Peyton Manning is going to be released by the Indianapolis Colts and a press conference to announce the parting of ways is expected by Wednesday, ESPN is reporting.

Next stop Miami!

Um, I mean, next stop Miami?

Once Manning is free, the Dolphins expect to involve themselves in the chase for the future Hall of Fame quarterback immediately. Manning is able to sign right away. He doesn't have to wait until the start of free agency March. 13.

How likely the Dolphins are to land him is unknown and opinions vary based on who is talking. But suffice to say the Dolphins are "very confident" they have a good chance to land Manning assuming he is healthy, according to one club source.

Of course, one almost expects that to be the feeling. The Dolphins were confident they would land Jeff Fisher. The Dolphins were confident they would be in the playoffs the past couple of seasons. Confidence is good. But confidences guarantees nothing.

I'm told the team has had unofficial and off-the-record conversations with the "Manning camp" the past three months, although my source would not say if that included contact with Manning or his agent. [CORRECTION: Got a call from my source who says the conversations were the past three weeks, not months.] I'm also told the team would deny any contacts whatsoever because it could be deemed to violate the NFL tampering policy.

I do not know if these touch-base contacts assure the Dolphins of anything. Manning is expected to be a popular commodity in free agency.

Kansas City, Arizona, Denver, Washington and possibly the Jets are among some of the teams expected to show interest in Manning, along with Miami.

Because of the interest, I would not expect a bargain basement sale for Manning's services. Although his representatives have leaked word that Manning would accept an incentive laden contract that does not include high guaranteed money, there is word among NFL people that can change very quickly.

The truth is Manning has been throwing better of late and that, along with the expected high demand, could drive up his price. And that includes some guaranteed money, although not as much if he was younger and not dogged by his recent neck/nerve injury history.

Manning, 36 in two weeks, would typically be worth around $20-23 million per year. One could expect that Manning signs a deal that through guarantees and incentives (if earned) lands in the vicinity of that mark.



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JS in LA,

Are you a worrier by nature? Relax bud....it's football....entertainment! More important things in life than football. It's an escape.

Could this blow up in the Dolphins face? Of course! But so what....the sun comes up tomorrow. If it all goes terribly wrong maybe we get a chance at one of the three kids at QB next year. Matt Moore is our security blanket. People will throw his 6-6 record in your face and say he's mediocre but are we REALLY blaming him for the losses to the Giants, Cowboys and Broncos? REALLY? Geez, I didn't know he played defence too. You would think a good defence that was up 15-0 with 6 mins left could get it done.

Sign Manning, assuming he can pass a physical. Season is still 6 months away. Still time. I'm sure it wil be a HUGE financial burden, JS but we'll see.

For the guys saying 'trade up for RGIII, it's not that much', you have no clue! You don't know what the pricetag is. Obviously Ireland and the Dolphins do and they think it's not worth it. Don't say things you have NO idea about.

Really if you sign Manning and bring in his center Saturday you could move Pouncy over and use this whole draft on D.

You could also offer Minnesota say our first and second to get Blackmon.

Or you could trade back and pick up more pieces. To me the football goods are finally throwing us a bone.

Manning gives you two years you could really fix this franchise. Even if he goes down you could fix some poor spots this year and throw the bank at Landry or Barkley next year.

This is pretty much a win win for us Dolphin Fans.

Now Ireland needs to get it done. The Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

For the guys saying 'trade up for RGIII, it's not that much', you have no clue! You don't know what the pricetag is. Obviously Ireland and the Dolphins do and they think it's not worth it. Don't say things you have NO idea about.

Posted by: Craig M | March 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM

Well, you have no idea about this either really. Nothing is obvious. Media reports mean nothing until dotted lines are signed. Us fans have no idea what prices are or who has interest in who.

I'm not in favour of signing Saturday too but I would be interested in signing Wayne. The Dolphins aren't going to have a lot of money to spend on FA, so it's important they only spend where necessary. to me S is a more important need on this team. Not loving the idea of Bell returning, especially at his price tag but maybe a guy like Jones can spell him from time to time and he'd be better.

Just because Armando thinks the fins are high on signing Manning, doesn't mean they are. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren't. Everything is a shell game until proven otherwise.

3 weeks ago, Armando?....Sound like Tampering....be careful what you said....sorry what you write.

sign manning, he has something to prove....little brother has 2 rings. draft kellen moore in a later round (the future). id like to draft blackmon, but i don't see payton taking alot of money....that paves the way for reggie wayne( peyton's security blanket). that leaves the first round pick on an offensive lineman. sign a servicable fa guard or draft one in the second round.


You're right, I DON'T have any idea what the Rams are asking for RGIII. That's why I don't make dumb posts like 'trade up for RGIII. The price isn't that high'. If you don't know, don't post.

Mr.Ross please sign Manning & Vincent Jackson and finally roll out the orange carpet the right way. no more smoke and mirrors every pro team in this town has made a splash signing...we are waiting Mr. Ross...here is your chance

Doesn't it seem strange to anyone (besides me) that according to many internet sources, Chad Henne is wanted by more teams as their backup for 2012 than Manning is wanted as a starter?

Make the move as soon as we can.
Do you really think that Long, Dansby, Bell or even Marshall will not drop cap to sign Peyton or Peyton and Wayne/Garcon ?
Just asking.

Ross has to decide whether to:

A) Sign Manning


B) Buy boatloads of his own tickets

Pretty immature impostor....get a life!


Most people don't understand that the SI swim suit models of 30 years ago are no longer so hot today. They don't understand things like time and aging. Therefore they think Peyton today is the same as Peyton of years ago.

For you guys who say Miami will find a way to screw this up they all ready have. They announced they would keep ticket prices steady for 2012. Wonder if that will change once the calls start to come in.

Just a strange thought we got the Don from the colts and that worked out pretty good.

Now maybe we get Manning from the colts, just interesting to me how the football gods work some times.

I'M telling all my Dolphin Fans 2012 is my lucky year. Van Halen is back together with probably their best album since 1984, and now we actually might get a shot at the man who is the only guy with enough class to be placed on the same pedestal as Dan. I'm ready to go full circle and close that 13 into an 18. And maybe just maybe I'll get to throw a Super Bowl Party before I'm to old to do it right.

Go Dolphins!!! If the D goes to crap I am going to just scream. Maybe Jason should come back for one more dance.

Just got back in from work and read the Peyton Manning news.
Looks like HOME was right again!
Manning will be a Miami Dolphin!
The guy is scary accurate.
I remember when i used doubt HOME on Sean Smith who couldn't cover a baby with a blanket or Brandon Marshall becoming a Dolphin.
Now it is really true, Peyton Manning is going to lead Miami to the Playoffs!



No player in his right mind will restructure thier contract to bring in a player with 2-3yrs max left in his career. By the time Ireland assembles a roster capable of winning a sb. Peyton Manning will be telling nfl war stories to his grandchildren.

Home predicted I would pee this morning. Well I got up, and the first thing I did was pee!

Incredible that home.

I'm the opposite of "worrier by nature" actually, but I do see a pattern.
Anyway, I truly hope all the Manning cheerleaders are right.
We keep doing the left turn when we should've done the right turn. And all the history of us trying to sign everything from retreads, to wrong-choice draftees, to old vets, to shiny back-ups have all been left turns. We've tried, and missed. And after 17 Qbs Ano Domini Marino, we still haven't really learned our history. Pennington was a fair placeholder, and Manning will be a better placeholder. But make no doubt we'll still be requiring the one thing we've been missing since Marino left: A Qb that we don't have to question for years to come.

Manning does have baggage. BUT... IF, if if they draft the right young QB to succeed him, I can be at much greater ease.
It takes a while for a team to realize they need to rethink they're situation, and they finally have. They announce they are focused on finding THE QB that we've all been waiting for. And we find out the 36 year old questionable arm-strength vet is their top target. So tell me that's not a left turn.

But... if they draft a great young successor, it may turn right on it's own.

Can we at least dismiss the Wayne and Saturday stuff?
I can think of multiple FAs better than that bunch, and Peyton will deal just fine with whoever is on our roster.

When will home predict a "homeless" blog?

I will believe it after the physicals and the workouts.If Peyton's arm dies after 2 a days the Dolphins will still have Matt Moore.

Yes Manning's health and age are important, but they can't be the sole deciding factors. For me the bottom line comes down to this: who can give us the best chance of going to the SB soon: Manning, RG3, Flynn, Tannehill or Moore?


If given a choice between having 10 years of unknown with RG3 or 2-3 years of potential SB berth with Manning, then I'd have to choose Manning. We've been marginalized for too long and for once let's chase after that SB ring that Marino couldn't land for us.

Manning wants that second ring, he wants to add to his legacy, he wants to prove the naysayers wrong, and he wants to stick it to the Colts. And given his competitive personality, yeah, those motivations will go along way for us. I don't think he's as delusional or narcissistic as Favre and play beyond his capability. He's not going down tarnishing his legacy and embarrassing himself. If the reports are true that he's back to form, then you have to take him.
So if Ireland et al. can land Manning, then I'm all in. If not, then go after RG3. Be Bold!

All kidding aside, good freaking job Home!
You never wavered regardless of the idiot trolls.
You guaranteed us B-marsh, Dansby and now Peyton Manning.
Home for Miami Dolphin blog president!

Let just say we get Peyton, Wayne and Nelson in FA then
play the draft and fill the D, TE and young QB ( not against the guy that is too short to play in the NFL, so was Flutee and Brees), both had the it factor.

I am sooooo freakinh happy about Peyton Manning.
Home , i didn't think Indy would release him.Thought you were blowing hot air.
All i can say is YES! YES! YES!

Nice job Home!

YG...Saying that Manning may have 2 good years left may be correct. But who is to say that those great years start next year. It is reasonable to think Manning could have an "off" year by his standards next year? Leaving some wiggle room to build within to put the pieces together we ultimatley need to be a Super Bowl contender. Put it this way. No other guy out there gives us a chance in the same time peroid as Manning does. You have to recognize that. Also, it isn't unreasonable to believe that Manning can play well for 3-4 years. Plenty of time to build a Super Bowl contender.

Wasn't RGIII the fourth best QB when Barkley and Jones were still in this draft class???

Just saying we have blown this RGIII kid way up since October.

Go Dolphins!! Wasn't Manning Like Up for League MVP just 12 months ago?? These people who want to say we just do not understand aging seems crazy to me. Manning isn't going to be running the ball, he is going to be disecting the d's and throwing the ball. I'll be more than happy to get the Manning from 12 months ago.

I am sooooo freakinh happy about Peyton Manning.
Home , i didn't think Indy would release him.Thought you were blowing hot air.
All i can say is YES! YES! YES!

Nice job Home!

Posted by: Steve Wilkinson | March 06, 2012 at 08:53 PM

Home is faking posts again to make himself appear knowledgeable.

I'm never wrong, deal with it!

Normally agree with you but unless those (or some of those players) want to remain a part of of a marginal team at best team) they will extend and and reduce cap or be traded to Cleveland/Tampa or in one casevat least be released.

Not getting Fisher was the best thing that ever happened to us so there's no point whining about it even to be whiny!

Who are you to talk about our beloved Home, Master of Miami Dolphin predictions this way?

You worthless despicable little troll with no name!

You are a disgusting pile of vomit!

Home once again stands by his amazing insight despite maggots like you.

Once again our Home Miami Dolphin Super fan is absolutely 100 correct and Mando was dead wrong.

Way to go Home!

Awesome Home, I too was hoping all along it would be Manning 2 Miami.
I was a little nervous Home, but you saw us thru this whole Manning thing.
Nice job!

Just signing Manning will change a lot of pictures.
Only the next few days will tell.
Like, extremely like, RGIII but we must do everything possible to sign Peyton regardless.
The deck is beginning to be dealt to Mr. Ross and the GM.

JS in LA,

It's true there will be better FAs out there than Wayne and Saturday but the Dolphins won't have the money for them. Why are guys even talking about Mario Williams or Vincent Jackson? The money won't be there. The team will still have to sign Wake and it won't be cheap, they'll need another S, Manning will eat into the cap and there will be draft choices to sign. It's not a great situation. Wayne could possibly be had for a reasonable price, espeically if Manning is in Miami.


One thing this Manning/Brees 2012 situation has taught present players. Is that you take "ALL" the money when you can. Management has "ZERO" sympathy when it has the player bent over the barrel, even if you're Drew Brees or Peyton Manning.

Hell, the Saints gm said Brees was a "very good", not "great qb". What the hell was he smoking? Bottomline, Manning doesnt even come close to guaranteeing a sb championship with the present makeup of our team. So why should a "smart" player take money off of his family's table banking on that longshot?

Sure, Peyton draw a little closer to being a better football team. But do you realize how wide that gulf was before Peyton? Even Peyton isnt big enough to bridge that gulf. Especially coming in as "damaged" good and Father time hanging between his legs.


What a loser!!

By the time Miami assembles a real sb calibre football team. Peyton Manning will be telling nfl war stories to his grand kids!

If Peyton comes Miami will have had the two best quarterbacks to ever play the game, or at least the two best "passers."

Drawing a little closer to a better team.
So you believe Matt Moore, who by the way is a good backup, is on a level with Peyton.
Somewhere, I am missing something.

20-23 mill. a year! Bro, that's a lot of dough.

Sorry, but I really don't care about a 33 yr.old slot WR.
nor an old center.
We have better men already in those positions.
If we were to skip Manning, we would have the cash to hire a few decent FAs. But not with him.
Whoever we draft waits for us to sign FAs (pretty standard procedure), then we sign our draftees to whatever without penalty.
Moot point prob as I do think manning is coming.
The only FAs I was really interested in anyway are a RT, and maybe a safety. Nelson fits my safety bill, and won't be too expensive.
RT? Who knows? But with Manning, we'll have to draft one, or coach one up that we already have. Hopefully the latter.

What would you pay for RGIII or Flynn?
And which is better than Matt Moore?
I do not know, do you?
Also beleve we can get Manning for less.
Let it play out.


I'm not in favour of Saturday but I think Wayne would be a good number two on this team. I think you're undervaluing Wayne by saying he's a 'slot' receiver. Garcon was more of the slot receiver on that team. Take a look at Wayne's numbers from last year. He almost hit a 1000 yards with Painter and Collins as his QBs. Imagine what he could do with Manning again, as a number two opposite Marshall. Sorry, for my money he'd be an upgrade over either Hartline or Bess.

How about if we get Payton and draft a QB to be groomed by Payton for the future. Kind of like Brett Farve and Aron Rogers in Green Bay. If we can get that kid from Texas A&M without giving up any draft pick. If we are gonna give up any pick, it should be for R G 3 or Luck IMHO.

How much less for Manning, Tampa? We have to pay the rookies and maybe a FA. But I do want Peyton here. Would be a huge improvement for the Team.

Murtha, Garner, Jerry and a 2-4 draft pick can fill the right side (unless Carey comes back for a minimum salary). That is not as big of a problem with good coaching as it seems.
Let the additions in FA play out. Nelson will be picked up.
The D and TE will work out. Young QB to learn behind Peyton and Moore will happen.

If Peyton decides to come here, then our #1 priority will be a RT.

RGIII will be a better pro than Mike Vick. Arm strength coupled with unheard of mobility and athleticism. There will be no qb coming out of college in the next 10 years with his physical tools. Landry Jones is trash...erratic and immobile. Barkley is immobile...has a average arm and is a product of a well documented USC offensive system.

Does any one remember what happens when USC qb's come in to the pros??? Let me help you..."THEY SUCK". Hoping to get a better qb in next years draft is crazy. Tannehill is over hyped and will be a horrible pro qb. Funky release...poor footwork....zero accuracy.

NT and Tampa,

I agree with the points you guys are making. Right on!

I like Carey even if he's not flashful. But you have to give him incentives.

If we get Manning I'll buy a couple tickets.


Eli Manning threw 40 td's and The Giants were still a wildcard playoff team. Eli played great, but what really put them in position to be sb champions. Thier "PASS RUSH" defense began to rise up and resemble the pass rushing force of thier previous sb win over the Pats.

This tells me, Peyton can throw for 40 td's with the Dolphins and still just make us a wildcard playoff team. I see no way a rookie pass rusher alongside of Cam Wake tranforms us into a GIANTS calibre pass rushing force. The Giants also have a much better than secondary than we do.

Still believe that we can get Peyton for less guaranteed money than Flynn or RGIIi in year 1 and deal with incentives in 2013. We know what we get with Peyton whether it is is 80, 90 or 100% of what he is capable of.
We must go all in or we may end up with nothing in the end.
Cleveland takes Flynn in FA, Skins take RGIII in draft and Manning goes to Cards/Broncos/ Hawks. Fins are 8-8 in 2012. Just my thought, but am only a tired fan like many.


Guess my point5 is that so many6 bad personnel decision have bheen made before Peyton Manning arrives in Miami. Even Peyton Manning isnt able to overcome them all because of the way this roster is presently constructed.

Do not disagree with your position but it is all about winning now.
Let the the coach, like calling him simply Coach Joe, build the team around Peyton and for the future. Peyton would would make the current much easier.

I just don`t see how the Dolphins can get Manning.The Dolphins have maybe 16 million in cap space. Washington and KC both have 40 million. How can we possibly compete?. If Payton as has been said "Wants to put the Band back together "does anyone really believe that we could possibly sign Manning, Saturday and Reggie Wayne?!? No chance in Hell!!!!!
Hopefully we havn`t alienated Matt Flynn. He`s our only chance other than absolutely selling the farm for RG# to imp[rove the QB situation this year.

Between Bob Griese and Dan Marino, both 1st rd drafted qb's. Miami had the best win-loss record in football.

Between Dan Marino and Bob Griese the Dolphin appeared in 4 sb's winning 2, countless afc east titles, and playoff appearances. We still had 1 sb appearance with David Woodley in a strike shortened season.

Post Marino we have 2-3 playoff appearances total and 1 afc east crown. Sounds to me like even if we land Manning we still need to be doing everything possible to move up for RG3.

We have to play the game to be in the game.
Not saying we will win this hand but we have to play this hand with the belief that we can win this hand. Again, I will say, you do not have to have the best hand to win, you just have to believe and make the other players believe you do.
Other options will exist but go for it like you are the team that he wants to be a part of.

If you think Ireland is not moving around right now, you better think twice. Simply put, Ross wants Peyton in Miami and we need more cap space. Regretfully, goodbye Soliai, Bell, others with high salaries except the indispensible ones(Long, Marshall, etc).

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