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Report: Peyton Manning to be released (warm up the helicopter!)

Peyton Manning is going to be released by the Indianapolis Colts and a press conference to announce the parting of ways is expected by Wednesday, ESPN is reporting.

Next stop Miami!

Um, I mean, next stop Miami?

Once Manning is free, the Dolphins expect to involve themselves in the chase for the future Hall of Fame quarterback immediately. Manning is able to sign right away. He doesn't have to wait until the start of free agency March. 13.

How likely the Dolphins are to land him is unknown and opinions vary based on who is talking. But suffice to say the Dolphins are "very confident" they have a good chance to land Manning assuming he is healthy, according to one club source.

Of course, one almost expects that to be the feeling. The Dolphins were confident they would land Jeff Fisher. The Dolphins were confident they would be in the playoffs the past couple of seasons. Confidence is good. But confidences guarantees nothing.

I'm told the team has had unofficial and off-the-record conversations with the "Manning camp" the past three months, although my source would not say if that included contact with Manning or his agent. [CORRECTION: Got a call from my source who says the conversations were the past three weeks, not months.] I'm also told the team would deny any contacts whatsoever because it could be deemed to violate the NFL tampering policy.

I do not know if these touch-base contacts assure the Dolphins of anything. Manning is expected to be a popular commodity in free agency.

Kansas City, Arizona, Denver, Washington and possibly the Jets are among some of the teams expected to show interest in Manning, along with Miami.

Because of the interest, I would not expect a bargain basement sale for Manning's services. Although his representatives have leaked word that Manning would accept an incentive laden contract that does not include high guaranteed money, there is word among NFL people that can change very quickly.

The truth is Manning has been throwing better of late and that, along with the expected high demand, could drive up his price. And that includes some guaranteed money, although not as much if he was younger and not dogged by his recent neck/nerve injury history.

Manning, 36 in two weeks, would typically be worth around $20-23 million per year. One could expect that Manning signs a deal that through guarantees and incentives (if earned) lands in the vicinity of that mark.



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In Sparano's 1st season Chad Pennington fell right into our laps. We won the afc east and had a one and done playoff appearance and the rest went downhill from there. Now it seem Peyton will fall into Philbin's lap. Could history be repeating itself?

If so, we all know how its most likely to finish playing out. Another 4yrs, new hc, and maybe another qb on the backend of his career falls into our laps. Hey, at least this way, we make a playoff appearance once in every 4yrs.

Im sure some of you "long-starved" dolphin playoff fans will be very happy with this. LOL

NOBODY is going to give 2 1st round picks for RG3. You watch.

Just like when the Dolphins were winners so long I got used to it. Now that we've now been losers for so long Im getting used to it.

Im not getting used to being a loser, because personally I'm not, but I sure have gotten used to this once stoic franchise now becoming a loser.

Really believe Peyton is a HOF QB but have always wanted RGIII but do not feel Ireland or Ross will ever pay the price.
If, Peyton is the best we can do, do it, but continue to think about the future by adding a possible in 3-6. Many possibilities and add each year we have him.
Flynn was a 7.

Winning is not everything, you fukk. It is the ONLY thing. VL.

I'm with you Yesterday's Gone. Pick a QB every freaking year! You never know where next Brady is gonna come from. If we have capable coaches that can develop, more is the marrier. If we end up with too many good QBs, it's a good problem to have. Everybody wants one.

(I get incensed with the negativity here; but of course, they are losers).

I believe the premium on draft picks can't be understated given the Rookie CAP, last Season's #8 overall pick was Jake Locker and he signed a 4 Yr / 12 Mil deal with a 4 Mil signing bonus which dropped his CAP # to a very friendly 3 Mil on the books in 2011 for Tenn. Even if the old 5% Yearly increase holds it's safe to say we should get everybody (draft picks) in Camp with 5 to 6 Mil. when factoring signing bonuses if we stay at pick #8. The thing is aside from the money you will have to give Manning what he feels will be a deck he can win with now.

I hear and read alot of talk regarding his Center J.Saturday and ask everyone how many Pro Bowl OL Manning has had protecting his blindside or his right outside of Tarik Glenn who retired sometime ago?? He's never truly had a dominant OL inside or out even in Edgerin James Prime it was play action and the screen that made there run or short game go. I don't think he will see it as a great priority to draft a RT with pick #8 (and his opinion will matter believe it this isn't the Pennington signing) given his quick strike up tempo game nor do I believe for a minute on a team which will be CAP strapped after signing him (likely 8 to 10 Mil without the signing bonus on the books) with only one to two critical moves left via FA that Manning will be high on some rookie QB to groom as the top pick.

After Manning unless he helps by taking a BIG BONUS which gets spread out over a 4 Yr. deal we are left strapped!! (THIS DEAL WITH THE BONUS OF COURSE A KILLER BY 2014) The additional money is for the rookie pool, there is NO WAY around it unless Dansby, Long and Marshall take pay cuts and an older vet like Y.Bell is let go which is the likely scenario if we bring in R.Nelson making his contract a wash for Bell's. I wouldn't be surprised with a CAP lock on rookies that we would make a move on someone like Blackmon who would wet Peyton's appetite (also help by clearing the signing of a pick in Rd.2) along with a couple of TE's even if mediocre blockers that can catch, look what Manning did for J.Tamme. All in all it is definitely an interesting Off-Season, lets see how we play it out??

A QB with neck injury....................


I dont guys, how can we not sign him? That should be the question. He is so great before 3/4 of him and 100 percent of his brain! Manning to Marshall,Manning to Bush, Manning to,Bess Touchdown!!! Sounds freakin sweet to me! Ahhh really just think that could actually happen.

Play it to the max and let it play out.
We have a shot to become a lot better.
Some need to relax.

Play it to the max and let it play out.
We have a shot to become a lot better.
Some need to relax.

Tampa Finfan for Life | March 06, 2012 at 10:30 PM

I nominate this

"Post of the Month"

Good call Tampa Fin!!



Thank you,very good article, short to the point all facts no blasy blasy bs. fROM your toughest critic.

Its been reported in St Louis media Ross wont trade up for RG3 because he sore over the fact he lost out to the Rams for Fisher's services. Doesnt this sound so familiar?

Indeed it does. In our most recent hc search it was reported Ross didnt want Billick intervied for the hc position. Because then hc of the Ravens lost to the Dolphins to become our only victory of 2007. That loss cost Ross $25 million more to purchase the Dolphin from then owner Wayne Huizenga.

Still sore about this, Ross was once reported upon meeting Billick, told him "You owe me $25 million dollars"! He was more concerned that by beating the Ravens for our only win that year raised the value of the franchise by $25 million dollars. Than happy it was our only win of the season.

Ross has hated Billick since. Now his ire is raised against the St Louis Rams for winning Fisher's services. As long as the Rams own the 2nd overall pick. It's highly doubtful Ross will allow Ireland to negoptiate with the Rams.

Signing Peyton would give Wayne Huizenga major wood.


All of the 3rd rate celebrities that move to Florida are from New Jersey and New York.

Floridians are not star struck. We're booty-struck, wanna fvck, and have grinding on our minds buddy! LOL

Peyton is a first ballot HOF and one of the best QB's to ever play. Having said that, I really would rather go the young route in getting our future QB. I would love RG3, but I don't see the team making the move to get him. If they sign Peyton, I hope they also draft someone line Weeden from Oklahoma State, who is older and more mature than most rookie QB's in the later rounds.

If they sign Peyton then they could draft and develop Tannehill. If they can hang on to MM beyond 12 that would be great because for the first time they would have a surplus of QBs.

Third rate celebrities, ALoco? How about Madonna, which I saw with her small child in Alice Wainwright park. The Bee-Gees. Julio Iglesias in the Latin market and more which you don't know crap about. Eh?

Armando is doing his job so I don't have feelings about him reporting it, but this source is not doing his team (aka most of our favorite team) any favors by passing along info about possible tampering. As a fan, I don't want to know that bad. If they did it & got caught, so be it. But to have someone who works for the team p assing along that kind of info to the media (even media we like) is bull crap.

I wanna know, but not if me knowing does anything to hurt my team. (And this statement does not apply to Penn State type situations...we're taking about two 'camps' having 'talks' here). But to the source - USE SOME DISCRETION DUDE.


Eli Manning

This isnt adding Brady, P Manning, and Breeze. All 3 should be making thier retirement speeches within the next 5yrs. P Manning's likely to be first.

So now look at my list and tell what qb will Miami draft will be better than any of the young qb's on this list. This is just a sneak peek of your Miami Dolphins fanship future folks!

I agree with Greg.

Damn I even forgot to add Big Ben to my top young qb for the next 7yrs list. LOL

You never know, YG.

Eli Manning
Big Ben

And Ross is so focused on the now by pursuing Peyton. He doesnt see the train wreck he's about to collide with at the qb position into the future. There isnt any qb available in this draft after Luck and RG3 that will be able to consistently compete against any of the young qb's on this list.

Luck and RG3 are on this list! LOL

YG, you forgot to add Ryan Tannehill.


Tampering is a team official publicly addressing the matter. 'Inside Sources' as long as unnamed and not making any direct contact, are free to say what they want. All teams do it everywhere. There is no risk here. Standard procedure.

But we may be able to draft a qb in this year that will lead us to be perrenial playoff fodder against the qb's on my list. LOL

Please get this done!


Read my 11:23 PM post. That's Ryan Tannehill. No way Tannehill will be as good as any of the other young qb's on my list. We're lucky if Tannehill becomes as good as Ryan Mallet.

If not, forget about winning afc east title after Bardy.

You don't need a gun arm to run a west cOast offense. Just a craft. That's what Peyton. Rings. Bring him on.

I meant to say you need accuracy. Not a gun of an arm.

Thing is, you really dont have to have a top tier qb to win a sb. But damn sure beter build a top tier team around him.

Last I checked Ireland isnt capable of that. LOL

And who will that QB be, YG? Not RG3 which neither Ross nor Ireland are warm for. Nick Foles, Cousins?

Tannehill and Flynn are career backups at best. Forget them. Neither will hold a starter job in this league. Moore is better than both. RG3 is the guy, you take him if you can.

If they make a move for Flynn I will lose all confidence in Philbin.

Flynn is nothing but a cop out. A coach wanting to play it safe with a puppy he has trained. Flynn is no better than his 7th round draft status.

Our own Devlin has more upside than Flynn, why bother.

Why, Myron? Flynn knows the System.


Absolurtely! If the Dolphins wanna be a serious championship contentender into the future. They had better get a qb as good or very close to ones on this list:

Eli Manning
Big Ben

These are the qb's that will be leading the championship chase for at least the next 7yrs or more. These are the names most likely to be seen in coference champioships and sb games.

Knowing the system doesn't mean you can play it like a top tier QB. I know how to box but any pro boxer would destroy me in 30 seconds. This is from the Palm Beach paper:

"The Dolphins might not want to break the bank for Flynn, either.

Though he has had two stellar starts - including one in 2011 with 480 yards passing and six touchdowns - several anonymous front-office executives told The National Football Post this week that Flynn is not an elite quarterback.

Several said Flynn lacks arm strength - one called him a "dink-and-dunk quarterback" - and said he might not do well outside of the Green Bay cocoon.

"He doesn't overwhelm you with talent," an NFC executive said."

Dolfans talking drafting Tannehills and Weedons have serious tunnel vision. They are no match for the coming future with the likes of these names:

Eli Manning
Big Ben


If we dont get a truly great qb to lead us into the future. Somebody had better come with a truly great gm to replace ballboy Ireland! LOL


Apparently someone hypnotized the South Florida fans into believing year after year after year that some other teams cast off late round pick will turn to gold in Miami. It never happens, it never will happen, yet the fans, wanting a porsche for the price of a fiat, continue to convince themselves time and again that another teams cheap acorn will turn into gold once they put on a agua jersey.

it would be great if manning was the old manning. but hes not even close, thats the harsh reality

It's time to shop for diamonds in the diamond shop, not in the pawn shop where the fakes are passed off as real.

Who knows, you guys may be right in regards to RG3. But know, don't complain if he's not chosen by us.

Nobody can ever be sure about any pick. It's always a calculated risk. If you never take calculated risks, you never get ahead, as our recent history has shown. RG3 looks like a risk I'm willing to take.



Eli Manning
Big Ben

Signing Flynn would not be a calculated risk. It would be a calculated failure, another lost attempt at trying to polish an acorn into fools gold.


Good point Yesterday.

Peyton only assures us we won't be drafting high enough any time soon. He assures us that to get the next franchise QB we will have to pay a ransom, so lets pay it on RG3 now and get the show on the road!

Peyton is a curse in disguise!

We definitely got him and so we are definitely contenders.

Myron @ 11:50 pm,


Even if we do make the playoffs into the future. We'll only make it as "PLAYOFF FODDER".

But I could see how some fan here would be happy with that! LOL

I have changed my mind.....sign him, I'm getting more excited thinking about it. I want to root for the QB Again, and will go buy that #18 Jersey if he comes

Add Wayne, Nelson, and a RT and then draft all playmaker types on D....

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