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Reports: Redskins trade for rights to RG3

The Washington Redskins had to know they were practically eliminated from the Peyton Manning derby earlier this evening. They'll be OK.

They just completed a blockbuster trade for the No. 2 overall pick in the April draft.

They're now in position to draft Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

FoxSports.com first and ESPN afterwards reported the Redskins are sending the St. Louis Rams at least two first-round picks plus future considerations for the right to own the No. 2 pick. ESPN is actually saying three first-round selections -- the team's firsts this year, in 2013 and 2014 -- are involved in the exchange as well as this year's No. 2 pick.

The trade cannot become official until the new league year opens March. 13.

So what impact does this have locally?

On national radio with Profootball.com Friday I told Mike Florio the Dolphins weren't going to make a strong enough play for the second overall pick because the asking price was simply too high and the Dolphins 1. didn't wish to use their chips to move that high and 2. didn't want to send that many assets to Jeff FIsher, the man who declined to become their coach earlier this year and picked the Rams instead. The Dolphins, however, did inquire about the possibility of getting into this deal -- to no avail.

Given the price of the trade, the Dolphins weren't able to get in play for RG3.

But this absolutely takes another QB option off the table.

The Dolphins are fully invested in the Peyton Manning chase but the need to succeed there now grows for Miami because options are fading.

If the Dolphins add Manning, they'll consider themselves successful and set for the near future. If they fail to convince Manning to come to South Florida, the only apparent option to addressing the void for a franchise quarterback is free agent Matt Flynn or selecting a lesser-rated quarterback in the draft -- assuming there's conviction that would bring an elite player.


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Now if they only had a scapegoat...

Let's see how about 200ml of Evan Williams 83 staright out of the bottle and then 7 pints of Bud-Light in the new bottle-cans

Yeah, dusty, I understand. And if they don't sign a healthy Manning, am I going to get depressed!

Has anyone seen Odin?
A few days ago PriceMaster came out and asked Odin if he was on disability or something; you know how did he have so much time to spend in here.
Well then PriceMaster left town after his Henne Franchise prediction fell through.
Seems Odin has disappeared also.
Same person?
Is PriceMaster holding Odin by the ears right now?





You guys are tripping. Miami is in the drivers seat. Several (Kurt Warner and Joe Namath) say Manning will choose Miami. I think you guys are under estimating Philbin and Sherman. They have coached future hall of fame QBs (Farve and Rodgers). They know what Peyton wants. They will blow Peyton away with their offensive knowledge. Manning will be a Dolphin by Tuesday. Mark it down.

I prefer my beer, German and my whisky, Scotch.

I was wrong about Henne.

I now will swallow all your loads, with pleasure. Grab my ears and let it fly.


Funny how everyone is ripping the redskins for what they gave up for rg3, I applaud them for having the balls to take the chance on what could be a franchise QB, draft picks are so overrated I mean we haven't won a super bowl in forty years so that's 40 first round picks that have meant nothing, if you have a chance at a potential franchise QB you take it no matter how many picks it takes to get him

The positive attitude is very refreshing Georgia.

You may have to send a supply of Zoloft down to some of these folks.

Geez, couldn't agree with you more. The Dolphins should of traded up for RG3. Big mistake.

It's funny that Manning is headed to Arizona and their greatest QB is saying he believes Manning will end up playing for the Dolphins. Arizona will have to gut some of their team to get Manning. Dolphins can offer Manning a chance to bring R. Wayne Roth him. Arizona will no be able to do that. I think Manning knows the negative press with Tebow Mania will bring. He will not want that distraction.

Fake TheSMF at 8:53

There was only 1 poster powerful enough to make everyone else in here swallow his load and that was PriceMaster.

PriceMaster has moved on, in shame, after his bold prediction failed to come true.

We must all now move on without PriceMaster.

It's also interesting that all the media outlets are reporting that Manning will meet with the Dolphins even though neither party has stated it publicly.

Somebody knows something.

To me it looks like the Dolphins have been number 1 from the beginning. Nanking is listening to make sure he is making the right rescission. Before he started the process, he knew he would be done by Tuesday. Looks like he knew where he wanted to go before he started the process.

Sorry for the misspelling. IPhone is killing me.

Well i'm keeping my fingers crossed. Sure would be nice to have something to be excited about.

A QB that can't throw is not very exciting.





Miami is where he is rehabbing his neck. If he chooses Dolphins, he can stay on track to rehab to be ready for the season. That is big for him. He loves to be prepared. He will be a Dolphin. I will be shocked if he isn't.

Reggie Wayne said Manning is throwing the ball 65 yards. There is no risk of injury when he comes back. 0 percent chance of injury.

If it happens watch and see how much excitement it generates.

Georgia, don't you read anything? His neck is rehabbed. His problem is the nerve regeneration in his arm is going very slowly, and he has a long way to go, and nobody knows when or if it will ever be the same.

The Dolphins are making a mistake to sign Manning. Damaged goods.

That was 2 months ago. The nerve is reginnerating and Manning is throwing the ball with zip and throwing the deep ball (65 yards).

Georgia LOL, that is why he won't even throw for anybody. Sure right. Only his daddy and friends say that.

12 teams want him. That don't sound like a damaged QB.

If we get Manning, the medical staff should insert two giant bolts in the side of his neck and paint him green. His giant dome would make him a dead ringer for Frankenstein.
Posted by: The bizzaro G | March 10, 2012 at 02:19 PM


Manning is throwing the ball so well he is afraid to show anybody. It has to be recorded on a secret camera LOL.

One by one the desirable QB's are disappearing. I know most of you hate it but a QB named Henne might be the best one left standing. Of course some of you are still in fantasy land and think M.Moore is a great option (he just couldn't beat out Henne for the starting job last year).

Just saying......

12 teams are checking him out, that doesn't mean they want him. He won't even throw for them. What does that tell you? Geez. He's a gimp.

Everyone wants to know if his arm is back yet he won't throw for anyone. Geez. Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

Samantha and friends,
The Rams would have at least considered an offer involving two 1st rd picks and V. Davis because last time I checked they have no CBs to speak of. Yes, they are reloading but they are a team that will be good 2-3 years from now. Us in the other hand do have some components to be competitive and thus we do not have an imperative need of picks. We have built through the draft and now we need the FAs to complete the team and of course a QB.

RG3 represented a unique opportunity b/c he could have been ready to take this franchise to the promise land by year#2. The Rams are not going to go after a bunch of FAs but we would and with all the $$$ we'd have saved from not signing Manning or Flynn we could have gotten someone like Finnegan, who is in fact taller and tougher than Davis and could have taught sissy S. Smith how to cover those TEs from NE.

I love Manning but his health at his age is a huge question mark, and I just do not foresee him playing WCO, u need a QB that has some mobility and Manning is not that. The Philbin-Manning relationship would be rocky to say the least and if wins do not come soon the crap will hit the roof.

It is worrysome that Ross is the one making the calls. He has proven many times he is kinda inept in football matters and the more I think of it he probably kept Ireland to be the fall guy. So far he's done a marvelous job at that, so many people hate Ireland. Ireland is a great scout but not a great GM and until someone stops dumbnuts atop we are royally screwed.

Peyton should retire. I will be very sad to see him play like a gimp and leave the game in shame.

Dead fish the only reason Moore couldn't beat out Henne is because we had a head coach who had no clue wich player was better than the other at every position even though he watched them in practice every day, he was a bone head that jumped for joy over field goals cause he had no business being a head coach much less running a practice and picking who's better

Well thats about all the negativity i can stomach for one day.

Off to watch the Immortals.

Go Fins!

I guess you will have to see for yourself. I understand your doubts. Manning has been working with Chris Wenke who had the same surgery. He said Manning is on target to be ready for training camp. He has saw Manning throw. He is not a buddy of Manning. He has been there to consult him. He said Manning is about 90 percent but should be 100 percent in a month.

Then why won't Manning throw for anybody? What is he hiding if he is already 90 percent? It's very suspicious. Let him prove it to the public, yet he won't even throw for a team wanting to sign him. Would you marry a girl without giving her a ride first?

The Dolphins have said they want him to throw before they will sign him. When he does throw on Monday or Tuesday before signing with Dolphins you will see for yourself.

Who knows. To my knowledge he hasn't thrown for any of the other teams. Jason Cole reported today that his sources said he still has a long way to go. The only thing that will convince me is seeing him play like an MVP again. I'm not convinced he will.

QB's at his age are already in decline. Add all his surgeries and nerve issues, it's not promising.

Like I said, wait till Monday or Tuesday and you can judge for yourself.

Georgia, I seriously doubt we are going to see anything.

No way is Manning going to throw in front of a camera.

Yes folks we lost out on RGIII, I really wanted him. Us folks at the sentinel are way ahead of you pathetic losers here.

EXACTLY!!! TIM dont bother with these buffoons here. Screw them

Peyton can choose any team so I think he'll choose the team with no RT or RG and the WR that leads the league in dropped TD passes year after year.

Hi boys

Boise Bone Smoker?
Who the f uck is that?

I am to be hereby known as the Load Swallower. I am ready for you.


I'm ready, well, er, almost, um, I think.

So what if he can throw the ball 65 yards , can he take a hit.lets do a couple drills , Let Wake loose on him and sack him a couple times. If he needs to get rolled out on a dolly we dont want him.

Peyton will most likely choose the team with the idiot owner, clueless GM, and novice HC....NOT!!

Miami is a great place to live read:


After having high hopes for Andrew Luck.....then RG3......now P Manning.....I'll be disgusted if all we get is Matt Flynn.

Steve Hutchinson?

If we dont get Manning next season will be "Suck for Barkley"!

Logan Thomas QB of VT is 6'5" 240 and if you didn't see him in thew Sugar Bowl you need to.
Logan Thomas will be the highest hyped QB Ever.
We are aligned to get him based on how much we suck.

What Barkley is to Bradford
Logan is to Cam Newton

Thomas reminded me of a more mobile and more accurate big ben. Granted michigans secondary isnt that great right now dude looked like the real deal.

The most sought after QB in football can't even throw the ball, and won't throw it for anyone.

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