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Reports: Redskins trade for rights to RG3

The Washington Redskins had to know they were practically eliminated from the Peyton Manning derby earlier this evening. They'll be OK.

They just completed a blockbuster trade for the No. 2 overall pick in the April draft.

They're now in position to draft Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

FoxSports.com first and ESPN afterwards reported the Redskins are sending the St. Louis Rams at least two first-round picks plus future considerations for the right to own the No. 2 pick. ESPN is actually saying three first-round selections -- the team's firsts this year, in 2013 and 2014 -- are involved in the exchange as well as this year's No. 2 pick.

The trade cannot become official until the new league year opens March. 13.

So what impact does this have locally?

On national radio with Profootball.com Friday I told Mike Florio the Dolphins weren't going to make a strong enough play for the second overall pick because the asking price was simply too high and the Dolphins 1. didn't wish to use their chips to move that high and 2. didn't want to send that many assets to Jeff FIsher, the man who declined to become their coach earlier this year and picked the Rams instead. The Dolphins, however, did inquire about the possibility of getting into this deal -- to no avail.

Given the price of the trade, the Dolphins weren't able to get in play for RG3.

But this absolutely takes another QB option off the table.

The Dolphins are fully invested in the Peyton Manning chase but the need to succeed there now grows for Miami because options are fading.

If the Dolphins add Manning, they'll consider themselves successful and set for the near future. If they fail to convince Manning to come to South Florida, the only apparent option to addressing the void for a franchise quarterback is free agent Matt Flynn or selecting a lesser-rated quarterback in the draft -- assuming there's conviction that would bring an elite player.


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R2D2 or RGIII whatever his nickname is, will not be worth 3 first rounders. Lets think positive, Manning will wear aqua and orange and if not, then Flynn will. I just hope Ireland gets true playmakers with this years draft. Also I heard Brees is not to happy with the Saints not giving him a contract. Whats the word Mando?

Kris, Fisher DID turn us down. No reason for denial. I don't want Fisher anyway. I think Philbin will end up being not only a better coach but a much classier individual. True Fisher has got St Louis a ton of draft picks, but that is only cause they had the fortune of having the #2 pick. It's okay the Fins lost out on Fisher. Sometimes it is better to lose. They also backed out of the Orton deal and that worked out good. AS for Harbaugh, that wasn't their fault either. Harbaugh was not leaving the West Coast no matter how much money Ross promised him. So Miami looks silly for trying to hire him without firing Sparano and then extending Sparano only to fire him this past year. So Dolphins LOOK stupid, but realistically they never had a shot for Sparano anyway.

I think Philbin was a good hire. The only other mistake Ross made was keeping Ireland cause the guy has been a mediocre GM at best and he rubs people the wrong way. He comes across as creepy. Do you really have any faith in Ireland being able to land Manning? I'm sure Ireland is a big reason why Fisher said no to Miami (in my opinion). Or maybe Miami never had a chance for Fisher and was using us to get more money. Nevertheless, Miami looks stupid.

As for Manning, can Miami close the deal? Who knows. It should be a slam dunk, but it's not due to cap room and the Jeff Ireland creepy factor. But missing out on Manning may not be a bad thing.

Craig m.In response to your sarcastic reply to my posting of Mar 8th when I stated that the combo of Ross/Ireland never get their main Man and that they probably wont get Manning or RG ,well it looks like I could be right because RG is gone and Manning is in doubt,but what upsets me is the fact you stated that aperson like me doesnt deserve to be a dolphin fan,let me tell you sir,I have been afan probably longer than you,ve been born.Over the yrs have spent more $on dolphin clothing and articles and going to games in Miami and other cities tan ypu make in a yr,Each yr I go to Buffalo wwearing my colours to cheer them on and if you never been to Buffalo you dont realize what a Zoo that is when the fins are there,so to say I dont rate to be a fan I find repulsive,I,ve saoid my peace and I stand by my statement that Ross/Ireland nver get their first choice.

You can bet Wash., like some suggested here last night, with their huge cap is going to do away with the best FA's in the Market. Good. That forces us to concentrate on the Draft.

Must give Ross/Ireland another year. To me, their strategy since last year seems to be sound.

Since this trade is not final yet, the Redskins should pull out of the deal now, and then trade for the No. 3 pick instead.

Manning is coming here. And it disgusts me that Omar is out there putting all the negativity out, and there's this media panic about how Miami is suddenly not good enough for Manning. What a horrible atmosphere for him to come here with. So people need to shut up.

Manning coming makes sense. Sure, it may not happen, but chances are it will. And visting Denver first means less than zero. I once was deciding between two loves in different cities, and when it came time to stop dating and settle down I visited the one I said no to...first.

As far as RGIII, he's too expensive. More than 3 first round picks? Are you kidding? The NFL has to make some changes in the game if this is what teams have resorted to, to get a franchise QB.

Someone said franchise QB's don't come along often. Yes they do. And in the next three years Manning will be here, more will come. And we will have more opportunities. And if we want to trade the farm at some point, we'll have a chance to. But in the meantime we'll have a few successful years and get a winning system in with Philbin and Manning.

"Fan since 71"

Not only do you sound like a true dolphin fan but you are a person that knows personnel needs. There were soooo many so-called fans on this blog stating that RG3 was not worth the first round picks or that he was the next Vick and on and on and on. All type of excuses not to get him. When we all know the real reason why they didn't want him. His skin color. These are the same folks that stated that we should wait until next year and trade up to get Matt Barkley. This is sad. Our loss is the Redskins gain. Watch how he lead this team! These type of players don't come around every year. No RG3. Peyton is definitely not coming here. Flynn will be another over paid A.J.Feeley wherever he goes. Nothing left in the draft but "projects". This is just pitiful!! Another sorry season coming up.

Of course we will sign Manning. That was decided 4 months ago.

Ross and Ireland are complete idiots. They have officially ruined this team now. We will lose for years while the Skins go to the playoffs over and over

If RG3 becomes a top five QB, then its worth it.

Nothing screws up your team more than to always be in doubt about your QB.

Nothing screws up your draft more than having to deal with the endless QB search year after year. Imagine going into the next 10 drafts not having to even think about a QB?

dusty bottoms, you're wrong about Elway being compared to RG3, I have only heard him compared to Vick.



It would be nice Ckyde but it's never gonna happen while that idiot Ross owns the team.

Miami needs to sign Flynn, Brandon Lloyd, Dallas Clark and Cortland Finnegan !! Let Manning go to Denver!!!

Whites are racists and Blacks are hateful. Not a good combo. You all have to step away from Fear.

Would you trade Pouncy, Odrick, Davis, and Thomas for RG3...I say yes...

Posted by: mlb2007atla | March 09, 2012 at 11:44 PM

Who would take that stupid trade.

Dee you're pitiful if you believe that the reason we don't have RG3 is because of his skin color. Have you looked at the NFL? And before you say, oh..it's mostly black, and you'd be right, but the main color is green. It's all about money. So yes, he would come here if we had a real shot at him. But too many desperate teams are willing to sell the farm to get him, and I don't blame Miami for not trying to compete with that.

We need some more pieces on the team. It's not fair to hard working players to say, ok I'm not going to shore up anything, you're just going to bust your butt so that we can afford to buy a rookie QB. We'll tell the players, keep working twice as hard, and we may not get to the superbowl, but after a few years and we break in the rookie, and you're old and/or hurt, you can watch us in the SB on your television set at home.

Unfair. We have a good enough team. We have responsibilites to the people on that team to upgrade this team and ensure as many wins as possible. Not to gamble on 1 guy.

Samantha, Ross and Ireland are idiots. I dobt think it's race based either but it was a terribly stupid move to not get rg3. We are going to lose for 10 years or more

Fan since 71, they didn't lose RG3, they never made a play for him. If you're all in on Manning the smart thing is not to make a play for him. The one negative the Dolphins have and Denver doesn't is cap space. They have about 28 million in cap more than the Dolphins do, and that counts. If the Phins want Manning they better start renegotiating contracts now. Cutting players is not going to help because Manning wants a SB ready team, and cutting vets will reduce that SB readiness.

Hell, if it had been within the possibilities, I would have signed Cam Newton in a flash(same with Luck this year). Black-White nothing.

amsmith965, why do you say that, 1st I for one am glad that the Dolphins didn't give up 3 #1's and a 2. Second Washington could always beat the Dolphins in a trade because they have the lower draft pick by 2. I don't know about your math, but a #6 pick always beats a #8 pick in my book. Also if you're going all in for Manning you're not going to be distracted by negotiating a trade as you are preparing to negotiate with Manning that would be stupid. So now tell me why you posted what you posted.

ams...the real great move was Rams, not Redskins. I only wish Miami had that much offered to them when we were #1. They were uncertain about Matty, so instead of blowing it on a LT they would have had 3 first round picks and a second. Imagine building the roster with that, with knowing the following 2 years you walk into the draft with 2 first round picks! Even looking at Flacco, they could have had him. With those kinds of picks, you get anything you want. Rams won.

The biggest handicap to signing Manning is Jeff Ireland. The man is an idiot and has no people skills. Kind of ironic a personnel guy isn't good with people, don't you think?


Your comments are right on. Fan since 71 says the Dolphins 'never get their first choice'. RGIII wasn't even their first choice, so what is it we're talking about? They had conversations with the Rams and deemed the price to be too high. We can argue all day whether this was the right decision or not but let's take a look at it when it's all done and let's see exactly what the 'skins gave up. It's not a great team as it is right now, so let's see how they look after next year and the next three picks. I like RGIII a lot but I think he'll be very hard pressed to get that team to anything more than 6-10 or 7-9 next year based on the team they have and the division they play in (and yes, I realize they will add to it because they have cap room).

Fan since 71, I've gone to Buffalo a number of times and worn my colours too. Respectfully, I think you're letting you're letting your frustrations of the last 40 years dominate your thoughts on this franchise. Ireland and Ross have been running the show for two years. I'm not sure how losing out on Harbaugh (who had his mind made up that he was going to SF) and losing out on Fisher (who they wouldn't give final say to) means they NEVER get their man. Seems to me your skewing the real facts to fit your thoughts about this franchise.

That's because he was only a scout. Just like Sparano was an O line coach and we expected him to be a head coach somehow. It's the Peter Principle. Or maybe Red Queen, not sure which applies.

RG3 is a rookie. No matter the upside the price was too steep for a team going into their fourth year of rebuilding.

New coach or not we are in a win now mode and have to be. Ticket sales are down, games are being blacked out and our rep as a top organization is at ground zero.

Manning is priority one. Flynn is the back up plan.

You know Craig the thing that everyone misses is that both Washington and Cleveland had more and better picks than the Dolphins. Would you rather have a 4 or a 6, or do the Dolphins a favor and take an 8 to let them move up. It's no contest. It's not Ross's fault or Ireland's fault that they had a higher draft choice that either of those 2 teams. We were never in it because of that.


You're right about the Long situation. Part of the problem was when we had the number one pick we were under the old CBA. The money paid to unporven top picks was huge. As a result nobody wanted to trade up for the number one pick because of the financial commitment involved. That's all changed now under the new CBA, where what the players are picked is basicaly dictated and much lower than what it was before. It's mucj more desirable for teams to trade up and the team giving up the pick can get a nice windfall. Too bad for us....

No Balls....

I had written a nice post for a rebuttal to your post @ 9: 22.....but my Ipad battery died before i hit SEND.....

So in the intrest of short of brevity...and being WAY to lazy to write all of that again....

Please post a LINK...or the ARTICLE where Fishers "says"...we offered him the job...and he turned us down....


Post the LINK or ARTICLE were Ross says that he offered Fisher the job.....and Fisher declined....

Your choice....


You're right and I'm breathing easy this morning that we didn't give up the haul of picks that the 'Skins did for RGIII. It's HUGE! I'd be ticked! The other part is that players can leave now after 4 years. It means that RGIII starts from day one (which we would expect) but the 'Skins better draft well and add FA's NOW to make up for all those lost picks. They'd better start winning soon or RGIII can jump ship in 4 years if he chooses.

Michael you make a great point, in that Washington picks ahead of us. So that means that we'd have to out-bid them, STARTING at an offer of 3 firsts and a second. STARTING there. Then Washington has a chance to raise the stakes yet again, after we throw in another draft pick. Bull.

Look, most people should know, and I know this, that the move was RGIII. That was the move. Luck was out, so RGIII was it. But the price put that out of range. So the other option was Flynn. Flynn was the probable thing to happen. But when Manning entered the picture, you just don't turn that down. And it's right up Ross's alley, too. So you go with Manning, until you can groom a younger QB. Plus we keep Matt Moore and see how we works out.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
The price to move up and get RG3 was TOO HIGH.
Fisher is in St. Louis and Philbin is in Miami due to karma.

Fvck Fisher! I said it a thousand times back in Jan when the pursuit was on...go back and look.

I'm glad Ireland pushed back from the table...Fisher is a worm and can't wait to kick his butt this season.

Manning to Miami is a very real possibility and one if you ask me gives us a better chance to WIN NOW, because I don't know about you guys...but there has not been a lot to cheer about over the last 12 years.

AND.....like I have said before....

Until we sign Manning...everything else is moot...


If we do miss on Manning..and I hope we don't. I would think we would be the odds on favorite for Flynn.

Even though the Browns a have ton of cap space the connection Flynn has with Philbin and Sherman, the knowledge of their offense, and the cap space we do have should be enough to get a deal done.

When is Peyton leaving Denver? Anybody heard?

So much whining and moping- Mein Gott!

If Manning goes to the Cardinals the jokes on him.

Cease your panicking beatches!

That sucks so much, Craig.

I really don't see how Manning could possibly meet with these teams and make a decision before free agency starts.

Dolfan Rick,

If we do miss on Manning, both Seattle and Cleveland will be in on Flynn. I worry what to other teams will do to drive the price up. I'm on record as saying if Manning goes to Arizona, they will waive Kolb. I'd rather have Kolb, who I feel will come at a much lower price than Flynn. Reality is that Kolb isn't as bad as he played last year and Flynn isn't as good as he played in his two games last year. Kolb meade hos money last year. He'd be jsut as good as Flynn, if not better in Philbin's West Coast offence.

I dont think Cleveland will pursue Flynn. Seattle might, Pete Carroll is a douche.


He's been working out in Miami and probably already knows what the deal is here.

I'm hoping he is just doing a few other clubs a solid and listening to what they have to say and then he'll come back down here and sign with the fins on Monday.

Craig...you cannot dismiss the Flynn/Philbin connection!

Philbin knows jack about Kolb other than he got way over paid.

If we miss on Peyton, Flynn is in...guaranteed.

You know everyone what's to blame someone when things don't work as you want them to, but sometimes it's no one's fault and just the circumstance. What you do is move on and go to the next objective. No Manning, there's Flynn, no Flynn there's Kolb ot a draft choice, or there's Orton. There are lots of choices. RG3 we didn't have enough resources to trade period.

I can't believe logic has taken over this blog.

Michael...Ross would rather put a bullet in his head than sign Orton...no way that scenario works out.

Looking at the mathmatics of this, Luck,RG gone. By the time Manning decides where he wants to be Flynn will be gone. If Manning can not pass a physical, or throw the ball, or chooses another team, that leaves us with Moore. Unless Ross is so stupid to sign a QB who can do niether of the above. Im not going to complain if it turns out this way, at least I know what Im getting in Moore, with the potential to get better. That may sound stupid to some, but its not as stupid as spending millions on someone who can no longer throw.


I'll just have to take your word on Kolb.

I'm a little weery of ex Philly QB's since Feeley.

Playing back in the west coast offense would be a plus for him as you say.


I don't agree it's guaranteed on Flynn. What if Settle gets silly on the money. What if they drive the price up to $50 million? Do you want Flynn at $50 million? I don't. No thanks....

Philbin will know Kolb from studying him the year he came out. Philbin is VERY prepared. He'll know everything he needs to know about Kolb and whether he could fit his offence. I say he can because they ran something very similar in Philly. Kolb isn't even 28 yet and doesn't have a lot miles on him. He was the 34th pick in 2007 for a reason. He'd be a great consolation prize.

I keep hearing on ESPN and such that Manning wouldn't want to be in the same division as NE and play Tom Brady twice a year. And how Arizona and Denver are in weaker divisions and have an easier road to the playoffs. If these reports are potentially true and these things are factors for Manning then that is WEAK SAUCE. You want to be the best, play and beat the best. If you are "afraid" to take a challenge then GTFO. Don't want you around anyway.

Kris, if the Dolphins didn't offer Fisher the job, they would have come out to the media and stated that instead of looking bad.

They came out and stated they didn't offer Harbaugh the head coaching job (to try and save face) but they didn't even bother to with Fisher.

They got rejected by Fisher. Admit it. Just cause there was "no official" rejection by Fisher doesn't mean he didn't reject them. He did.

If you can't put 1 and 1 together and get 2 then there is no use arguing with you.

That being said, Fisher sucks, Philbin will be a much better coach then him and is a class-act.


You are dead right but with this fanbase you are going to hear 'they could have RGIII but didn't have the balls', 'no guts'.....all the usual crap. Whining and complaining, as so many of these guys like to do.

I'm with you, there's LOTS of options out there. RGIII would have been great. Still having our 3 firsts and a second is better. Dan Synder was getting RGIII come Hell or high water....FACT!

I would have loved to have RGIII, but we would have had to BEAT Washington's deal and we didn't have the ammo to do it. So the fact we didn't trade for RGIII is not Ireland's fault (as much as I love to blame him for everything wrong with the Dolphins!)

Not to nitpick but they still have a first round pick, they just lost the next 2 years first rounders and a second.

ESPN has loads of talking heads who get paid to say something and to stir the pot.

Manning I'm sure is looking for what he thinks is his quickest route to another SB though.

Come to think of it that will be the Dolphins achilles heal if we don't land him. Our recent futility and rather or not he believes we do have the pieces here to get it done.

No balls,

Ross wasn't prepared to give Fisher final say on personnel. Whether we agree that was the right decision or not, it was the breaking point for Fisher. Fisher's a guy I wanted here from day one. WE didn't get him. I couldn't care less any more. I'm a Joe Philbin and Miami Dolphin fan. I want guys who want to be here.

Kris --- I'm sure if the Manning comes here to talk to the Dolphins and he chooses to go to Denver that the Dolphins will state they didn't offer Manning the QB job (even though everyone KNOWS Miami wants Manning).

So if there is no official contract offer are you going to refuse to state the Dolphins got rejected again?

If Miami loses Manning, it is going to be because Manning rejected them. Miami WILL look bad again whether they like it or not.

Craig...I must admit I have seen very little "tape" on Kolb and know nothing about his strengths and weaknesses.

I'll defer to the professionals who get paid to measure those metrics and make the hard calls.

Logic dictates that Flynn has the inside track because he studied Philbin's schemes for 4 years. For all we know Philbin could hate Flynn's skills? After all he did not draft him, McCarthy did.

I mean, why would Arizona let Kolb go after they invested so much $ on him? C'mon, People.

You know who care if Fisher was offered a job or not. It probably was a job offer and it was rejected for whatever reason. Haven't you ever turned down a job offer. Fisher didn't like the job and moved on. There is no embarrassment in having a job declined. People are making much too much about this. How many coaches declined a job offer this off season. I know Tampa had trouble, Jacksonville had a problem, as did KC. They ended up with Romeo Crennel. Does a team coached by Romeo Crennel cause you to have fear when you hear the Dolphins are going to play them.

I agree with you Craig M... The Dolphins did not want to give Fisher total control. That being said, they thought Fisher was okay with that and were surprised he chose the St. Louis job over them. They didn't think the total control was an issue.

I am glad we didn't get Fisher cause he is a prick and full of ****. Philbin is a class-act and if Ireland can get him some talent I think he will prove to be an excellent coach.

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