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Reports: Redskins trade for rights to RG3

The Washington Redskins had to know they were practically eliminated from the Peyton Manning derby earlier this evening. They'll be OK.

They just completed a blockbuster trade for the No. 2 overall pick in the April draft.

They're now in position to draft Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

FoxSports.com first and ESPN afterwards reported the Redskins are sending the St. Louis Rams at least two first-round picks plus future considerations for the right to own the No. 2 pick. ESPN is actually saying three first-round selections -- the team's firsts this year, in 2013 and 2014 -- are involved in the exchange as well as this year's No. 2 pick.

The trade cannot become official until the new league year opens March. 13.

So what impact does this have locally?

On national radio with Profootball.com Friday I told Mike Florio the Dolphins weren't going to make a strong enough play for the second overall pick because the asking price was simply too high and the Dolphins 1. didn't wish to use their chips to move that high and 2. didn't want to send that many assets to Jeff FIsher, the man who declined to become their coach earlier this year and picked the Rams instead. The Dolphins, however, did inquire about the possibility of getting into this deal -- to no avail.

Given the price of the trade, the Dolphins weren't able to get in play for RG3.

But this absolutely takes another QB option off the table.

The Dolphins are fully invested in the Peyton Manning chase but the need to succeed there now grows for Miami because options are fading.

If the Dolphins add Manning, they'll consider themselves successful and set for the near future. If they fail to convince Manning to come to South Florida, the only apparent option to addressing the void for a franchise quarterback is free agent Matt Flynn or selecting a lesser-rated quarterback in the draft -- assuming there's conviction that would bring an elite player.


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DAY 6 - I'm going to keep repeating my post until the deal is done.

Peyton manning WILL BE wearing the Miami Dolphins #18 by the end of this weekend and/or as early as next week as they look to get the medical and physical out of the way.

Jeff THE SCOUT will NOT be seriously making a play for RGIII BUT he may put forth an effort. Problem is other teams have way more to offer. >

Look for THE SCOUT to draft a solid righty or lefty who can transition to the right side for the O line. The lefty capability can be a security blanket in the event something happens to Long.

They remaining will be used to shore up the D and also stockpile some picks if possible so that they can be used in 2013 draft and go after Matt Barkley.

If Manning leaves us at the alter, we will have many revenge games next season:

Away: San Francisco(Harbaugh), Arizona(Manning)
Home: St. Louis(Fisher), Jets,(Sparano)

If Manning comes to Miami...his first order of business is to circle the SF & STL games followed by the Jets & NE.

Win those and I don't care what happens the rest of the season...although I bet we make a serious run at the playoff with Manning @ QB.

oscar canosa, because they have to generate cap space if they sign Manning. They are over the cap. They have 2 choices release players, or renegotiate contracts.

Kris, problem with your rant, much like Rick Santorum's campaign, it's not based in any FACT.

Let's discuss FACTS! Did Ross go across the country to chase down Harbaugh? Answer: Yes. Is Harbaugh our HC? Answer: No. I count that as a letdown (everyone else with eyes will too). I don't blame Ross for trying (he had the right intention), but it was a letdown nonetheless not to get him. You can be the blind fan who turns everything into a plus, but the rest of us realists like to differentiate between Truth and Fantasy.

Now to Fisher. Did Ross say he wanted a high-profile HC? Answer: Yes. Other than the guys that remained in TV, Fisher was the highest-profile HC available on the market. And Miami pursued him diligently (check the records, though I understand you loathe anything that might contradict your conspiracy theorist viewpoint). And what happened? For better or worse isn't the issue (that needs to play itself out. And furthermore, I was no Fisher supporter, so it's no skin off my back he didn't accept the job). You make it sound like it was Ross who rejected Fisher. That's not the case. If Fisher would have said he wanted to be in Miami, he'd be here today. He did not, and he's not, and that's a letdown as well (if you remember that Ross wanted to make a splash hire with a high-profile HC).

Now those are just plain facts. We can analyze where we are now post what happened. I'm STILL upset we didn't get Harbaugh, but I'm actually proud of Ross for seeing Sparano wasn't the guy LAST year. Letdown.

On Fisher, I could care less. I wasn't big on Philbin, but frankly I trust him more than Fisher to bring an exciting style of football to Miami. If he can recreate the GB offense down here (as best as you can without Aaron Rodgers) then I'll be ecstatic that Fisher turned the job down.

Regardless, if you think that the very public failures to land 2 HC's Ross DEFINITELY showed interest in doesn't have some lingering affect, psychologically or otherwise, in NFL circles, well, then, you can call me any name you like, I'll simply call you...NUTS! How those events shape our future is yet to be known. But if Manning doesn't take the job, the first thing people will mention are those 2 episodes, and ask, "What's wrong with the Dolphins?"

Not sure what happened to you Kris, you used to be a realist too. I think you've been reading too much Home. Stuff happens. Nothing done sets in stone Miami's future. They can overcome any and all of this. NFL = parity. Teams go from bad to good every year. You're asking me not to believe my lying eyes. Sorry bro, I like you, but I'd rather use my own mind to form my opinions rather than take your word for it.

Ross and ireland better park a brinks truck next to Peytons condo bc there r no other options. Please stop with the matt flynn talk he's a terd, id rather resign chad henne and I hate chad henne.

...oh yea, we also travel to Indy to face off against Andrew Luck.


The Dolphins only have 12 to 15 million in cap space they better start renegotiating contracts or cutting players because Manning is going to cost more than that. Both Denver and KC have much much more cap space.

Michael, only reason people are making a big deal of it is that the Dolphins have seemed to have problems sealing the deal when they have gone after someone:
First Harbaugh (who they actually had ZERO shot at), then Fisher (who wanted full control Miami wouldn't give them) and now Manning. People are scared Miami will find a way to screw up Manning.

If Miami would have given Fisher full control, I think he would have taken the Miami job. But no one knows for sure if Miami just screwed it up or if Fisher was using Miami for leverage and never had any real shot (like Harbaugh).

This time it seems Miami would have the advantage for Manning. They were the favorites (considering Houston doesn't want Manning). So if we don't get Manning, it is going to look BAD.

Dolfan Rick,

You bring up a good point. So let's look at it objectively......which team gives him the best chance?

To me it's NOT Arizona. I think SF is gooing to be good for years with that defence and Harbaigh coaching. So I don't see the Cards winning that division much over the next five years. When you look at that Conference you have teams like the Packers, Saints, Falcons, Eagles, Giants, Lions, Bears and even the Cowboys. Going to be awfully tough to be one of those six teams on a consistent basis.

So to me the AFC is a lot easier. Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Pats, Chargers, Bengals, Broncos, Jets, Us. Is there one team there that you can guarantee will be competitive? I guess you can argue the Pats but they've got an awful lot of holes (defence, run game, WRs. Sure they'll patch it up and they have Brady and BB but are they GREAT? We'll see).

Long story short, I see the AFC being an easier ride to the Super Bowl. It also puts him in a difference Conference than his brother and is the COnference he is more familiar with. When you factor in the weather, I see us being a much better choice than Denver....unless Houston gets involved....which is the maybe.

You know, there are QB's that had all the tools, including intelligence, and have never made it to the top. Then, there are other QB's with the same tools although not with great intelligence, that are HOF's. Conclusion: intelligence is not the key factor in predicting how good a QB is going to be.

LET THIS RGIII frenzy be a learning lesson for all of you that the Dolphins Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland is NOT going to offer two or three first round picks for ANYONE. If you have been tracking Jeff's track record you would have understood this. His track record (on record) is to look for VALUE deals, trade FOR VALUE, LOOK under rocks for ACORNS.

The acquisition prospect for RGIII was all pumped up by the fans of which I DO NOT blame as we have been desperately looking for Dan Marinos replacement for way too long.

Besides Manning perhaps they will be in contention for Matt Barkley in 2013 but for now... Look for a late round QB pick and FA.

Peyton really does NOT want to play Eli in a head to head match up.

...worst case scenario is he joins the Cards, then make the playoffs and meet the Giants.

Peyton would be faced with the prospects of knocking his little bro out.

Miami is the perfect fit...not to mention he knows the AFC..has scouted and invested thousands of hours of tape against the AFC defenses.

The only thing AZ has going for it is they have a dome with turf.

Ive never seen so many people argue over who dumped who in the relationship. SHES GONE...move along or the next girl you talk to will be outs quicker than the last one because she doesn't want to hear your crap.

People have to understand with Fisher the Dolphins made a decision that they wanted coaching and personnel split. That's not a matter of closing the deal, but a matter of how they wanted the FO structured. They had a vision of how the team should be structured and held to that. I will say that the Harbaugh deal was a fiasco. Fisher not so much. And Manning we have advantages, and we also have some liabilities, specifically lack of cap space.

i only hope Manning signs with another team, not named Dolphins. Hes to old, to slow and to injured. Dolphins need to draft for the furture. Ross believes the Dolphins, with Manning, will reach the promised land, that wont happed. Theres to many varables. The OL needs to be rebuilt,,,again. RT, RG, TE, WR, SS, DBs, Rush OLB. Ireland has to hit a homerun in free agency and the draft to get to the playoffs and I dont see it happening. Hes wasted the past three yrs, whats to say he wont waste this yr as well???? Two pass rushers in top 10, Coples, and the stud from Alabama who is the one id like to see picked. But the Dolphins will do the opposite and draft either Tannehill or some one we've never heard of. Thats been Irelands MO in past drafts. The Dolphins, if you remember, needed a QB last yr, but chose a Center. A great Center, but a Center doesnt score TDs.
The Dolphins have proven they can win with Matt Moore, start him this yr and go for a young QB next yr. Matt Flynn I dont believe will sign with the Dolphins.

"NY" -- I expect the Dolphins to compete for at least a wildcard spot next year REGARDLESS of whom is QB. The schedule looks very easy.

Miami will be drafting much lower then this year, so I do not expect them to have a high pick to be in position to draft one of the top QBs in the draft next year.

Miami MUST address the QB situation this year. We can't depend on having a high pick next year.

regarding our cap space...we all agree that Solia is going to be a free agent...won't that free up a few million in cap space to sign Peyton?

I have read but can't remember where that Long wants to test FA waters next year. Miami could always tag him but I say trade him this year if possible pick up another 1st round pick. I would even take a high 2nd rounder with an additional late round pick.

With the emergence of Murtha and Jerry at tackle late last year Long is expendable and has some trade value. So I would be testing the waters and seeing what I could get. If I can't get enough well then we keep him.

I know he's the best OLMan Maimi has at the time but I feel like we could pick up a replacement fairly easy in this draft and clear 12 mil under the cap. I know this may ruffle a few feathers but believe me it is the time to try this.

His cap space next year is going to astronomical so now is the time. ST. Louis has plenty of picks to trade. :)

The point here isn't that RG3 is gone is the fault of anyone in Miami. It's not. They inquired, the Skins chose to give more than other teams were willing to give, and Miami has other options. There's really no one to blame for this occurrence.

The point is Miami is looking for A QB, they are looking for a QB who can LEAD the team to a SB (or at least to the Playoffs). And 1 QB who's been touted as possibly having that potential is off the block. Regardless if you were for or against that, it's not a great thing. It would have been better for the Manning episode to have finalized, and FA to have begun so that Ireland could have every option at his disposal. This takes an option off the table. That leaves Ireland with less options. Generally, it's better to have more options available than less.

Whatever happens from here, we'll find out whether it was positive or not. No one will be able to answer that today or tomorrow or in a week. We'll need to see this play out, for at least a year. If Miami makes the Playoffs in 2012 with whatever QB, then NO ONE will care about RG3 or Fisher or anything else that happened in the past. This is about our FUTURE. WINNING (remember that Dolfans?)! That's where my head is at. I'm sick of losing, sick of mediocrity, and sick of people ACCEPTING mediocrity.

I'm not for or against any player, Coach or Owner. I'm for whatever it takes to WIN! Which means I'm against whatever leads to LOSING.

(To be continued.)

Dolphins fans so stupid.
Peyton not stupid.
Peyton's agent not stupid.
Peyton count players on roster see 46 players on roster.
League require 53 players.
That mean all 6 draft picks plus one undrafted have to make team just to follow roster rules.
No way can that team flourish.
Only thing can do is phuc up last 2 years of career.

Probably the key factor in evaluating how good a QB is going to be is the ability to make quick correct decisions to make whatever yards are needed for a 1st down or TD.


So much talk about such rotten franchises!

Matt Flynn and his agent notice same thing.
Flynn not come here either.

I don't think so, the 12 to 15 mill is a projection that includes player who are signed and on the roster. Once a player becomes a FA they are off your payroll plus any of their dead money (prorated bonus money).

I have to admit, i didn't even think Denver would be an option...until they were.

It seemed to me like the whole Tebow magic thing had them playing over their heads last season. I mean they have no WR's really.

Of course I didn't realize they were 40 million under the cap and If Elway and company are willing to go all out, this a banner year in free agency.

Anyone who wanted Fisher is a sheep who gets all his thoughts fed to him by the media. That's u Craig. Have u ever formed an original thought?

PhucYu, no it doesn't mean that, it means you can sign free agents, sign draft choices, sign your own FA. The roster for preseason is about 80. Get off that have to sign 6 rookies. The good thing is they have flexibility to sign free agents like Reggie Wayne, like Dallas Clark, like Pierre Garson.

I'm calling it now...Manning signs with Arizona, Flynn goes to Seattle and Miami ends up with Kevin Kolb as our starting QB

Once again we don't have the firepower or $$$ to land our guy.

Lost Harbaugh, Fisher, RG3 and now maybe Manning because we either failed to attract them, or lacked the funds.

The only Miami can land Peyton at this point is if he WANTS to be here.
Is Peyton willing to give up $5-10M just to play in Miami?
Denver has bank, Miami not...just like Harbaugh it comes down to a lifestyle choice.

Frozen Mountains vs. Sunny Beaches...come on' Peyton wake the fvck up!

I think people need to realize this is not your Daddy's Dolphins any more. We're not one of the elite franchises, as we were in the '70's and it's been this way for a long time. As fans, I think we're blinded by that. I'm not sure why we would be surprised then why coaches and players turn us down. What is it EXACTLY we have going for us? Nice weather, a nice city, a good history. That's really about it. We've had years of mediocrity, missed draft picks and a luke-warm fanbase. Can that be changed? Of course. Be being prudent in all the FO does, make good selection after good selection, not make dumb trades or dumb FA signings and do this consistently over a period of time. It's how the Packers and Steelers do things and they don't waver. Three HC's in a franchise's history is something to be awe of.

So when a HC, who lives and works in California and who's family is comfortable there and doesn't change his mind to uprrot his family and take them to Florida, we shouldn't be surprised. When an organization refuses to give a HC complete power on personnel, when he's been screwed in that scenario under his previous post and he goes somewhere else we shouldn't be surprised. Who knows how the Manning situation will play out but if he goes somewhere else we shouldn't be surprised. To land some of these guys, you have to show interest and make an effort. You miss on all the ones you don't even try on.

"Not to nitpick but they still have a first round pick, they just lost the next 2 years first rounders and a second."

Ha ha...."just?" That's a lot. And yes, you do have to count this year as 3 because it's in the deal. It's not like they get him and then another pick.

Waaay to much given up by the Redskins IMO

Listen to Home! Listen to Home! Another Illuminati like me, but more into Gambling. Peyton IS here.

Texas, that's an interesting thought. Sounds like something Belichick would do (turn a possible negative to a possible positive). However, the downside of doing that is does it help Philbin this year? As Year 1, this is a very important year for Philbin. He needs to start off on the right foot. If he can't win more than 6 games this year, the fan base is not in a position to be patient with him. That's why the "win now" strategy is the correct one (IMO). For this team, at this point in history, it's very important to win now. That's why I think the QB situation is very important this year. If getting rid of Long makes our oline worse than it was last year, we're in deep, deep doo-doo, and I'm not sure this franchise is that willing to make such a risk.

Of course, this is where your team doctors come in. If they know Long is injury-prone, or at least hanging by a thread, then I'd agree with you, get the most for him before others find out, or before the team puts him on the PUP list.

Everyone thought the Jets gave up way too much for Sanchez and they made the AFC Championship game two years in a row.

...I think it was a smart transaction(investment) that will pay dividends for years to come!

This is from Ben Volin of the PB Post. It is interesting in how the Manning talks may play out.

"Miami is 18 M. under the cap, Arizona is 13 M over the cap but Denver is 50 M under the cap."

This does not bode well for Dolphin fans tat want Manning.

SHould Miami go sign D. Clark and Wayne to maybe sway Manning just a little?

How can you count this years when they moved UP 4 spots and are gtting the player they want for it. They improved this years choice. And yes, screwed themselves out of a 1st the next two years and a second. For the record I do agree that it is too much. But really are only losing 2 first rounders and a second.

Is Clark healthy now? He's getting a little old, so if he more rather than less likely to get re-injured, I'd rather go find someone else (or see what the OC can do with Clay, having 1 year of experience under his belt).

That Peyton does not want to play against Eli, that he knows the AFC better, and so on, is just so much BS. Peyton Manning is going after the greens, as he should be, to insure his and his family's future and to be rightly paid as one of the best QB's of all Time.


I don't think Jake Long is expendable...just sayin.

I don't get why some many folks think addition by subtraction makes you better.

Here's a one that will be be contraversial for you.

How many games do you think we would have last year had we kept Channing Crowder.

It took Burnett half the season to learn to call the defenive plays....

"so if he more rather than less likely to get re-injured"

DC Dolfan

say huh?

mustache man,

Not sure why I'm even responding to you, so hopefully this will be the only one.

You obviously don't know me. Talk to any of the guys on here and you'll see I do think for myself (sometimes to my detriment). I don't need the media to tell me how to think or the masses for that matter. I was a Fisher fan from his days with the Titans LONG before he was even being discussed as a candidate here. I thought he made a msitake going to St. Louis but after seeing the haul they got for the pick, I'm not so sure. 3 picks in the top 40 this year, 2 firsts next and 2 first in 2014. The Rams are on there way back. Hopefully, Manning looks at this and realizes they WILL be a team to be reckoned with in this division in the next 5 years.

DC, I'll disagree with you on this trade being bad timing. I think it may be GREAT timing for the Dolphins. We were never going to be able to outbid the 'Skins or Rams, regardless but this haul for the Rams may make Manning look at it and say 'Wow, the Niners are good and the Rams just got better....hang on a minute here.' Just saying...

NHFINSFAN, so you consider Sanchez an elite QB. I don't. The Jets were in the title game because of the defense, and run game. Not because of Sanchez. In fact if the Jet sign Henne, Henne may be the starting QB by the end of the season.

Peyton can and will make more money with endorsements and as an analyst or coach etc etc etc. Dude will have no problem pulling in TONS of greens for the remainder of his days.

Oh, Michael, you're not being logical...

Oscar where am I not being logical. Sanchez has the exact same QB rating as Henne. Did YOU know that,

Agree that Sanchez can EAD and the Jets made the playoffs with D and run game. But disagree that if the Jets sign Henne he may become their starter. Even if he does prove to be the better QB next year. You can't give Sanchez and big 'ol contract extension and then start Henne. It just ain't happening.

Career QB rating that is,

You're right about the contract and politics of the NFL thavanfin.

I'm calling it now...Manning signs with Arizona, Flynn goes to Seattle and Miami ends up with Kevin Kolb as our starting QB

Posted by: Brian | March 10, 2012 at 11:16 AM

Stop whining!


The Sanchez move makes NO sense to me. To me it's an apology for showing interest in Sanchez. If I was the Jets I would have gone out and signed a guy like Henne to push him this offseason but how do you do that now after just re-upping with Sanchez. You've just said to him 'we believe in you. we're commited to you'. He just got $20 million in guarantees. It's a strange move!

Not a fan of trading Long, especially if we're signing Manning. He's going to need someone to protect him. In fact, if we sign Manning one of the first things I would do is work on a new deal for Long and see if we can get his cap figure down for this year.

I don't get all the Dallas Clark talk. This guy is finished! He hardly played at all last year. What's the problem? Concussions? I've heard he's thinking of retiring. Wayne yes, but no to Clark and no to Saturday. We don't have the money to be doing all that stuff with no real upgrade.

..I don't think Henne will sign with the jets..In fact I think that he would have a better chance of resigning here then he will in NY as a jet..The reason...Henne, and Sanchize have the same agent....No way will Hennes agent allow his client to go to a team where his other client just signed a contract extension..I'm not big on making predictions, or "calling it"...But IMO Henne ends up in Dallas. I said this a month ago..I say it today.


IMO and I think your on the same page, QB is top priority this off season. If we don't upgrade that position we are in ummm "deep, deep doo-doo." So that comes first in my mind.

With that said, I still test the waters because if I can land a late round 1st or early 2 and a later pick I might be tempted to pull the trigger. With that pick or our 1st round pick I take best OL available. This will depend on the direction we go with the QB issue and where we get that guy.

It is kind of like trading in a used car for a new one that will cost less money. Kind of...:)

Yeah, yeah, thavatin, you are not being logical either. The guy is arguably the best QB of all time and, if he plays again, he might be exposing himself to permanent injury. And you think he's going to depend on ads and the media, who would drop him like a hot potatoe if he, by any chance, became a paraplegic. Get outta here!!!

Should have said 'an apology for showing interest in MANNING'.

"I'm calling it now...Manning signs with Arizona, Flynn goes to Seattle and Miami ends up with Kevin Kolb."

I wouldn't mind that. But Manning is signing with Miami. After all the bad press, it almost seems like it's going to be a let-down when he does! lol.

Manning has a home here, not in Arizona. He's not going to need a winter home in Miami when he works in Arizona. And keep in mind, he doesn't have a house just for the nice weather. He could have one in Palm Beach with other rich folks, or in the middle of the state where John Travolta is. No, he deliberately chose the celebrity-filled, ethnic fruitbowl that is Miami. Which totally blows that theory about Manning wanting a "small town" atmosphere. I real somewhere he also grew up in New Orleans - yet another diverse, unpredictable, crime-ridden, hot and humid city. So I think the line of crap we're being fed through media is just that - crap.

Read the entries and interpret them, Michael. I was referring to Arizona getting rid of Kolb. Makes no sense to me.


I could have seen Henne going to the Jets before the SAnchez signing but not now. Doesn't make sense. I don't know what they'll do now but really they should have somebody else available they can put in there should Sanchez struggle. He plays better when someone else is s threat to take his job, not when he's too comfortbale with a 39 year old backup.

Jets have problems. WR's aren't good enough, run game needs to improve and defence is starting to get older. Pray they don't get Richardson, because everything changes if they can run consistently.

Dolfan Rick,

I wouldn't say it is "addition by subtraction." The deal would have to be worth while and we would have to be able to get a high enough pick for a Long replacement.

Like I said in the last post. It is kind of like trading an old car for a new. I say Massey is going to be a very good OT and he could be had in the early 2nd round. So I am not sure what trade value Long would have but I would test waters.


I think you are undervaluing Long. He's been a bit banged up the last couple of years but when he's healthy he's one of the best LT's in the game. To me trading him is opening up a hole somewhere else to try and fill one elsewhere. I've never read him say he wants to test the FA waters, so I'd be interested in seeing that quote.

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