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Reports: Redskins trade for rights to RG3

The Washington Redskins had to know they were practically eliminated from the Peyton Manning derby earlier this evening. They'll be OK.

They just completed a blockbuster trade for the No. 2 overall pick in the April draft.

They're now in position to draft Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

FoxSports.com first and ESPN afterwards reported the Redskins are sending the St. Louis Rams at least two first-round picks plus future considerations for the right to own the No. 2 pick. ESPN is actually saying three first-round selections -- the team's firsts this year, in 2013 and 2014 -- are involved in the exchange as well as this year's No. 2 pick.

The trade cannot become official until the new league year opens March. 13.

So what impact does this have locally?

On national radio with Profootball.com Friday I told Mike Florio the Dolphins weren't going to make a strong enough play for the second overall pick because the asking price was simply too high and the Dolphins 1. didn't wish to use their chips to move that high and 2. didn't want to send that many assets to Jeff FIsher, the man who declined to become their coach earlier this year and picked the Rams instead. The Dolphins, however, did inquire about the possibility of getting into this deal -- to no avail.

Given the price of the trade, the Dolphins weren't able to get in play for RG3.

But this absolutely takes another QB option off the table.

The Dolphins are fully invested in the Peyton Manning chase but the need to succeed there now grows for Miami because options are fading.

If the Dolphins add Manning, they'll consider themselves successful and set for the near future. If they fail to convince Manning to come to South Florida, the only apparent option to addressing the void for a franchise quarterback is free agent Matt Flynn or selecting a lesser-rated quarterback in the draft -- assuming there's conviction that would bring an elite player.


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Oscar the reason they have to cut him or redo his contract is because they have NO cap space to sign Manning. So if they sign Manning they'll have to cut players, or renegotiate contracts. Kolb's contract, although large is cap friendly if they cut Kolb.

I don't know about WPB, Samantha. There's a story going on that Bill Gates wanted to buy a house in that affluent area of Palm Beach. According to the story they told him, more or less, "Sorry, Mr Gates, but we have no houses available(for People like you).

OK someone just posted this and I had not really thought about this one. Why not offer Drew Breese a contract?? You guys want to offer three firsts and a second. Why not just solve the problem with the player we should have drafted a long time ago?? Might be a good plan B after Manning??? Breese is better than Flynn, RGIII, and possibly even Manning in current state.

Woke up at 4 this morning dreaming of Miami blowing this Manning thing, really not healthy loving a football team enough to lose sleep. I must be as crazy as my wife says.

Go Dolphins!! The reality is we can probably build with Moore, a faster go to receiver and a pass rushing DE. So I need to chill.

Manning would have to be an idiot to sign with the Cardinals. Has anyone thought of that?

That's an excellent idea, shula71. But I'm afraid that that at the last second, NO is going to tag Brees.


You can't offer a contract to Brees. He has an 'exclusive' franchise tag applied to him, preventing other teams from even talking to him. Now his agent has said that he's not going to sign his tender and may sit out part of the season as part of a protest, so maybe at some point the Saints decide to entertain the idea of trading him but that's a long way off.

I don't think he'll sign with the Cards, but Denver and KC are both a possibility. They're both way under the cap and can offer more than the Dolphins. One positive is that they're both cold weather cities and Manning has indicated that he wants to play in a warm weather city.

Craig M, it is not undervalue it is more due to salary cap and we either lose him next year or tag him and pay him close to 20 M. So it is planning ahead with the cap. I know how good Long is and he's even better than most LT's when he's injured.

We seem to be letting go of decent players like Soliai without getting any decent compensation. We won jack last year and we are now just letting Soliai walk. He is just an example.

Fair enough Texas. Jake Long is not an old car though. This will be his 4th season I believe.

Rick, ooops, I meant to say used car not old. :)

This will be his 5th season and I know how good he is and because of him still being young and very good his value should be as well.


Soliai is an OK player but someone is going to overpay largely on this guy. I say go ahead.

You can't sign Manning and then just trade away his LT. Jake Long is one of the reason's that Manning would want to come to Miami in the first place. Manning's not the most mobile QB and I would think if the guy is going to put his career on the line he wants a Pro Bowl LT protecting him.

Again, I've heard nothing from Long saying he wants to be somewhere else next year. He's made a boatload of money from Miami and I would think he would want to be loyal and stay here. I don't know what the average of the top 5 LTs are in the game today but I would doubt that it's $20 million.

I keep hearing some people say Manning has a condo here and some say a home here. Which is it? Does he now reside in Miami full time or does he just have a condo on the beach?

Craig, I am looking for the article and know I read it. So I will post it when I find it.

Craig it's probably 1/2 that maybe less. And if I was Manning and thought that the Dolphins were trading their pro bowl LT, I'd ask what the hell are they doing. Trading my blind protector............not going there.





THE SIDELINE ................

He has a condo on South Beach which is his vacation home.


I think the Dolphins will try hard to extend Long. Not sure what it will take but it would be nice to here some of those conversations starting before the season starts. Failing that they have up until the 6th week of the regular season to trade him. At worst, yes I think they will franchise hime next offseason, assuming of course he is healthy, with the plan to extend him long term.

Those of you endlessly chanting for Manning are simply in denial. There is no other word for it. Report from today:

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, citing three unnamed sources, reports that, while Peyton’s arm strength is improving, a full recovery is “still far off.”

Thanks for the clarification Michael.





Anybody know of any tackles that were franchised this year? I know somebody was but I can't think who it was. I seem to remember $10 million been the approximate figure. If it came to it, I would play Long that money next year.

Texas, I don't know if the article had a direct quote from Long in it that he wants to leave but sometimes things are said in an effort to get a long term deal. I know the Dolphins haven't had a lot of success since Long has been here but I have to think Long likes it in Miami and he has about 57 million reasons why.

Manning some of you see like a lovely centerfold, but check the date on the magazine, while the picture still looks tempting, in reality, its an old hag now.

If Ross signs Manning for the sole reason to boost ticket sales, that would be gross negligence on his part.

Manning as of today is still a gimp folks. I don't like the bet that in the next few months he will suddenly be fine again. He thought he'd be fine last year too.


How do you feel about RGIII coming to DC?

A 1st and 2nd this year. Then two more no. 1's AND future considerations?

A good deal? A bad deal? For whom?

Frankly, I am shocked at the band wagon for Manning considering he is a long way off STILL.

Many of you are simply in denial. Not good.

Well thats says it all Quilombo,

The Dolphins, Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs, Texans etc don't have any sources...Jason Cole must be right! lol

Manning's South Beach condo was his 'vacation home' when he lived and worked in Indianapolis- right now it's more of a 'main residence' than his old address up north.

It is never One, but More, with the same Intention.


Rick, those teams have not seen him throw.

I guess you believe Cole is making up sources just to get an article. I don't. We still haven't seen Manning throw in public Why not? Why has he not scheduled something for the world to see he is fine?

Some of you extremely narrow minded people can't seem to grasp that these teams are doing due diligence, of course you wan to check out a guy like Manning, but none of them know what state he is in. There interest at this point is seeing where he is at, not to blindly sign him.


I would like to get some of your insight on the RGIII deal seeing how you were advocating "selling the farm".

Also, do you think there was anyway we could have got in front of Washington knowing what they gave up?

SYLVESTER, who told you that............did Manning tell you that. Let's see he has a multi -million dollar home in Indy, but his primary residence is the condo, gotya.

Screw you Snyder, Ireland wouldnt do that deal anyway, Manning or Bust, please hell no to Flynn.


For many of you, your hope is beyond all reason. Cole is a national sports investigative journalist. He has built up a fair amount of credibility. Of course he has plenty of sources, just like King and the rest do.

It's funny you all want to believe Manning is back in form yet Manning won't even schedule a workout to show it. Why not? Wouldn't you want to quell the doubt and build up your value as much as possible?

Quilombo, all reports are that he is throwing well, and what's wrong with ticket sales.

Craig, it was not a direct quote from Long. It was someone writing "sources said."

There is also rumor, just rumor that he is on the trade block already due to the injury issues last season.

Manning is damaged good. Nobody can say how long it will take for him to fully recover or if he ever will. Why invest in that? It is not in the best interest of the team.


;;;;;;;;;;;;you can find me right here in Pompano Beach!

((Buffet of dentists))/////////

Clue, let's do the math Washington had the 6th pick, the Phins had the 8th pick, what pick is better. In all rounds the Skins would have the better pick. Who would you rather do business with. Right the Rams are going to do the Phins a favor and take the lesser pick ........right.

Moore will be our starter and they will draft someone, I hope. If they bring in the acorn Flynn I am going to smash my computer and stop watching football.

Quilombo, John Clayton says he's throwing fine, Mike Lombardi says he's throwing fine, and Peter King says he's throwing fine. So who do you believe.

The fins could have offered some players to the Rams, Long or Marshall, to sweeten the deal. Ross just holds grudges for silly reasons and didn't want to do business with Fisher.

Michael, what does fine mean? Have they seen him throw? Nope. If Manning is throwing fine, why does he not show it? Why is seeing him throw some major secret that has to be filmed on a hidden cell phone?

None of you would make very good detectives.

Right just gut the team a little more. Who would he be throwing to, and who would he be protecting. The Rams first would have to want the player we offer, do you really think they want Marshall no way. And you're right they didn't want to do biz with Fisher, and there's that little thing call the cap when you trade players. The Rams I don't believe are in a positive cap situation so tell me how are they going to absorb Long's contract or Marshall's contract or both their contracts. This isn't Madden.

"Some of this stuff is in the eye of the beholder". another sorce told COLE. "I DON"T THINK THERES ANYTHING THAT WOULD DISCOURAGE YOU FROM GOING FORWARD,but you have to consider the risk.

Trying to see Manning throw is about as difficult as breaking into Fort Knox. Why?


Are you just trying to argue for the sake of arguing.

EVERYBODY knows Manning has a long way to go. He just had his NECK operated on for the Fourth time!

It's not even an issue of whether he's "Back" or not. It's a matter of whether he can regain any semblance of his former self. It's a guessing game that everyone has to base on how much he's recovered at this point.

But, back to my point, Cole saying Manning has a long way to go is not quite the NEWSFLASH you're making it out to be. I mean, ah, considering that everyone in the Western Henisphere already knows this!



Odin, only time will tell, but I'm predicting it was a good deal. Skins were out of the Manning race, and they showed little interest in Flynn. Shanahan was said to be uninspired by the QBs he coached in the Senior Bowl (Tannehill not being among them as he was injured).

So, the radio here was hyperactive fearing another year of Rex Grossman/John Beck. That's an even WORSE tandem than Chad Henne/Matt Moore. They HAD to do something.

Reports came in last few days Cleveland was hesitating giving up so much for RG3, and that they were showing interest in Flynn. So I think Bruce Allen (GM) realized if he wanted RG3, he was his to get, he just needed to pull the trigger.

Shanahan is in Year 3 of a 4-5 year contract, and hasn't produced, so he's feeling the heat. He knows he needs to do something THIS year to calm the fan base (Season tix used to have a decade-long waiting list, now their just as easy to get as in Miami) as well as the Owner. Dan Snyder is NOT liked by the DC fan base, so I'm sure he wants to take the heat of himself as well.

So unlike us, I think this was the ONLY option the Skins had. They HAD to get a QB, Manning was out, Flynn and the Draft prospects weren't attractive to them, so this is all they could do.

Again, we'll see how it plays out. If RG3 is a franchise QB, it'll be the deal of a Century for them (like us, the last time they had a true franchise QB was probably Joe Theisman). If RG3 is less than that, well, it'll be another example of a team reaching too far, giving up to much, and getting nothing in return.

But I respect them for taking the chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ireland took a chance on a CFL player (Wake) and was rewarded. Sometimes taking a chance pays off, sometimes not.


odinseye, Why in the world would we be interested in a QB at his age with very few years left that STILL is not ready to play? Why? The only sound reason can be ticket sales. I can't believe how many of you are giddy about getting Manning when the entire training camp will be nothing but reports on his rehab.

Too little, too late. Move on and focus on the future.

(Manning only won one trophy in peak form on a much better team, so to think at this stage of his career and rehab he will waltz onto a brand new team and win the big one is really out there)

Gotta run folks. Check back later. Enjoy the discussion.



wow, i'd br pissed if we outbid at that price. go for manning, draft a guy to hold the clipboard and learn from the best for 2-3 years. it worked for aaron rodgers. if we get manning using that 1st on a RT seems like a smart move. got to protect manning.

Yeah, yeah, but is he going to get all that $ before anybody knows what he will end up with? Hmm..

Trying to see Manning throw the football is quite possibly the most secretive thing in Sports History!!!

Michael, Im not sure who has actualy seen him throw, other than his Dad, and some guy with a cell phone video. It has been reported however that he will not show his arm strength to teams. He did not throw in Denver. Why? who knowes, and why would a team sign him without testing his arm..I do not understand why he would wnat it to be kept a secret either, unless he is having problems throwing. just a thought.

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