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Riley Reiff to Dolphins at No. 8? Are you kidding?

Riley Reiff is a good football player, OK? I have nothing against the offensive tackle from the University of Iowa. I have watched a couple of games in which he has played and he's always performed well enough.

And that, coupled with his size and ability and smarts, is a reason he's considered a top of the first round type of talent. But to the Dolphins? Are you kidding me?

God, I hope not.

Seems Reiff to the Dolphins is a popular stream of thought among NFL draft analysts. ESPN's Mel Kiper penciled Reiff to Miami in his first and only (so far) mock draft. NFL Network talent analyst Bucky Brooks similarly has Reiff going to the Dolphins with the eighth overall selection. And NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche has the Dolphins picking Reiff as well.

I get it.

Reiff is an offensive tackle. He's perfect for the Dolphins to fill the void at right tackle -- even though he played left tackle at Iowa. And, of course, his connections to Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz makes him a natural for the Dolphins because Miami coaches Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman know and respect Ferentz and value his players.

But ...

Riley Reiff, for all his attributes and gifts and the logic of filling an obvious void, would be a terrible pick for the Dolphins at No. 8. Why?


There is simply not a great deal of value of picking a right tackle in the top 10 selections of the draft. No, there's no rule that says this is a fact. No, there's no philosophy or statistic that has proven this to be the case. But work with me for a second and let me state my case ...

{UPDATE: Since posting this, I got a call from an NFL scout who reads the blog and he told me he has Reiff as a guard. And he said he's not alone in the thinking. So there's that.]

The draft is not only picking the right players, but also getting them in the right round to maximize their value. And in the top 10 a team with so many needs as Miami has should not be investing on a player that neither will score points, nor prevent points from being scored. The offensive right tackle will never, not even on his best day, throw a TD pass, or intercept a pass, or sack the quarterback, strip him of the ball and run it in for a TD. He will never make a game-changing play.

And that game-changer is the only kind of player that brings value to a team in the top 10 picks.

Said another way, I want my team to pick a quarterback, a cornerback, a wide receiver, a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. I want playmakers drafted in the top 10.

I do not want grunts.

Grunts are wonderful additions later.


Because grunts don't lead a team to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Playmakers lead teams to the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

That doesn't mean I am against drafting offensive linemen later in the first round or anytime after that. And some special offensive linemen deserve top 10 consideration depending on a team's relative needs and whether the player is a left tackle or center.

But a right tackle? Or a guard?

In the top 10?

Quick, who was Green Bay's right tackle this year while they went 15-1? Quick, who was the last right tackle to be named NFL MVP or even his own team's MVP?

Yeah, thought so.

A top 10 pick is a premium, premium draft choice. It should be used to select premium, premium NFL playmakers.

And right tackles, no matter how gifted, do not qualify. Reiff, by the way, is No. 77 in the video below.


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Boy Mando usually spoils us with the frequent posts.

A day like today when he didn't post sucks.

A musician is a musician. And a filmmaker, what he is. In the Future, somebody will come out with both.

Odin, you are correct, Jimi is the end all and be all of the Seattle sound, but I was strictly talking about the bands from the early 90s.

RSM, sounded like Kurt had only picked up a guitar 5 minutes before the albums were recorded. Nirvana has the worst sound of any of those early 90s Seattle bands. Dam, even give me Pearl Jam instead.

And Crusher, I still listen to that RAM album. Simply awesome. Did you listen to any of the Audioslave stuff? Thought it was ok but just sounded like Soundgarden vocals over Rage background music.

THIS IS WHY ireland still being around scares the crap out of me. HE HAS picked 2 linemen in the 1st round already over MUCH NEEDED QBs. and until he shows that he's rid of the stupidity of past drafts, there's no reason to discount this possibility of him screwing up again!

Hiram Ive been playing guitar for 25 years and studied music at SCC. My point is that we or I at least was talking about musicians who had an influence on people who followed them. When Eddie started playing the rock world was listening and they applauded. Every aspiring rock guitarist wanted to play like Eddie. He changed what people were doing at the time as there was no one doing what he did.

Ya see i dont need an education from you son. IM 41, I know music because I have spent my life devoted to it.

Eddie used scales really? No s$#t. Everyone uses scales because it is what soloing is based on. What do you think, the guys who are playing slower with their eyes shut tight like Santana and Gilmour are just winging it? Theyre doing the same thing, playing within a scale. Like the e minor pentatonic by the way. Very popular scale, used in a lot of Blues songs. Gilmour solos within this scale for a slow song in the key of E like learn to fly. Well Eddie is using the same scale for a song like running with the devil but he may not chop the scale up and play in beyond the 12th. He probably would run the scale 1 through 12 high and low. Never deviating from the run because it ties together with the speed of the song.

Where as Gilmour breaks the scale up for dramatic effect by using notes within the same scale to bridge the melody.

Surely since you're such an accomplished musician you must know what Im talking about.

Hiram dont make me spank you again, my hand hurts.

Correction on Gilmour song, it is Learning to Fly.

Jeezus. The phins need a QB, WR, LB, & RB before we need another top 10 pick OL. How many times has Miami got a pick in the top ten? This pick has to count. Honestly if Miami was smart they'd give up the two first round picks, and the third and fourth to move up to #2 and draft RG3 (if they don't go after Manning). I will still do it even they signed Manning to get the WR Blackmon. Two elite receivers with Manning at the helm. Sounds good. But it will not surprise me for the phins to be safe and draft another OL. If they do, I am outta here. Been a fan since 1970 and I am tired of my team constantly heading in the wrong direction. Don't screw the fans again Ross.

Really? What chick is that?

My mom.


fake timmy couch. stop stealing my great name

Ciirsomblack shat up, you aint goin nowhere. Your staying right here and suffering with the rest of us because you know ( like the rest of us) that if you switch teams the Phins will start winning and you will be kicking yourself.

Poll: who will die first?

A. Demi Moore, who, like all insecure whores, cannot deal with getting old, is an addict, and looks like a disgusting skeleton with fun bags tacked on, who might die of either an overdose or suicide; or

B. Rush Limbaugh, a fat, moronic pig who deserves to die of a heart attack?

Life will die first

Who's getting laid tonight? I am, and my GF is 5'7", 118 pounds, ballet dancer.
Posted by: Timmy Couch | March 02, 2012 at 03:42 PM


Not me.....at least probably not....I'm married. It's always difficult to say.

When I don't understand something, I take the trouble to learn about it. Like those paintings from Piccaso that many People said(including me), what the hell is this, he must have been drunk, etc. But then I thought, why are other People paying millions for this stuff(like Ross). Then I taught myself Modern Painting. And guess what? I enjoy those paintings royally.

Got to love insecure whores ...

hey mark, i have the 1st audioslave cd and while i like it he was/is better with soundgarden, and they were/are better with zach de la rocha. all the rage cd's cook.

Phins78 you totally scewered hiram...nice job...mr van halen thanks you

wolfman13, if your married you should be telling your wife to lay down and spread her legs and get it when you want.

Looks like music is on the agenda....wow! Mark, surprised you're not much of an Nirvana fan. I wasn't into it much when it was out but I went back and got into it more. Cobain was a good songwriter....we can all disagree on that if necessary. Nevermind was regarded by a great many of the critics as one of the most influential albums of all time. Is it? Don't know....just saying what so many of them have to say. Their MTV Unplugged effort was pretty well done. To me you can hear the lyrics and musicianship much more on that one.

As far as Van Halen goes, I much preferred their sound with Sammy Hagar. Really enjoyed 5150 and OU812. Hard for me to take them seriously with DLR.

All Women are insecure, Mark. Men's purpose in Life is to make them secure and not necessarily through $. So if we don't do so, or they overbound their territory, we are going to be alone.

@ 4pm "timmy" is obviuosly single. my wife owns a ruger .357 magnum, and a charter arms snub nose .38 if i spoke to her like that i would probably be able to ask kurt cobain in person what he thought of the foo fighters. now i am by no means whipped, but todays intelligent women (not brainless bimbo timmy) would not take orders from a fool

AMEN to that Mando. that #8 pick should be spent on RG3, blackman, michael floyd, or if you want to really split a hair, a much larger case could be made for the top runningback in the draft. out of all the premium positions on a team, it is the runningback position that pays the most dividends for the freshest set of legs, QB's get better with experience, experienced recievers run better routes, but aging running backs just slow down. right now fans, myself included, are clammoring for RG3, blackman, floyd... and a premium pick SHOULD only be used to get that player that a lower pick will NOT secure. if you have a top ten pick you select a player from the superstar rack(of rare talent), even if the only reason is because you can, top ten picks are as rare as the players that that pick is exausted on and should be used as such. a top ten pick is a rare oppourtunity that only comes around ONCE a year(and then, not even, if you have a playoff team picking at #30)-- TREAT IT AS SUCH !!!- so miami should use this rare golden ticket on a megatron like, adrian peterson like, VICK like player, and yes, NOT a right-tackle. by the way miami looked so inept in the short yardage running game last year that even the best runningback in the draft will absolutely suffice.

Crusher, got to agree. Audioslave was cool but it just felt wrong. Glad to see both bands are back to where they belong.

Timmy, wolfman's predicament is totally why there are massage parlours and strip joints in such great supply. If the wife is not co-operating, you take a drive and get your frustrations out.

Everyone wins - the wife doesn't have to bear the husband, the business owner gets paid, the girl makes a few bucks, and the husband gets a brief reminder of what life was like before he decided he needed to "settle down" and become an adult.

Craig, I did say I enjoyed one album - Nevermind. But the rest is horseshit. Except maybe the Unplugged but so many other bands had great unplugged albums too. Alice in Chains, STP, Tesla (who started the craze for that period by the way) heck even hacks like Kiss sounded pretty good unplugged. Not saying I don't like Kiss but I will concede they weren't exactly great musicicans - but they have their place.

And Oscar, you are right. I mean, women moreso than men are in a race against the clock. Nature wasn't as kind to them as they were to men. Many men are still considered desirable into their 40s and beyond where women - fewer and further in between. And man, they are in constant competition with one another too.

Oh well, fukk em

Miami's best players came either via trade of Free agency. This tells you all you need to know about Ireland & Parcells drafting skills. If it wasn't for the #1 overall pick, this teams talent is from other teams. Not how to build a inner for sure.

As far as music is concerned, god bless Eddie & VH. My favorite is Iron Maiden & happy to say I scored NICE tickets to see them in Jersey in July! 20th time seeing em & they never get old...even though they are LOL

Getting back to football again, I have to say my TWO darkhorses for Manning are KC and Denver. More Denver than KC but I'll include them both on the list. I'm just not convinced that Elway and Fox see Tebow as the answer and I think they would jump at the chance to have Manning there, teaching Tebow and making him better in the long run. It's a weak division, with a pretty good team history and I have to believe all parties could see a window there why they go to the playoffs over the next three years. I think that'll be appealing for both parties.

Craig, going to have to disagree re: Denver. Denver may be looking qb but I think they'd be in the Henne/Campbell race. They will bring someone in to compete/not be the #1. If they bring in Manning then they have to jettison Tebow. Having both there would be a circus.


I was never into Kiss either but my ex-wife was and she's a huge Foo Fighters fan. Them I get. Saw a great documentary about them a short time ago....think it was HBO. Good stuff.

I preferred STP also and I liked the guys who sang Spoonman and Black Hole Sun....forget their names now....age, geez!

James Walker of ESPN thinks we should trade down with Cincy. Apparently they want Trent Richardson, and our spot would prob get him.
So... Cincy has spots 17 and 21.
With those possibilities are, pick any 2:
Barron (S)
Hightower (LB)
Kirkpatrick (CB)
Floyd (WO)
Wright (WO)
Brockers (DT)

Plus we still have our early 2nd round pick to go after Cousins or Weeden, and still our 3rd to find a RT should we strike out in FA.

Hmmm... worth it? I honesly am not sure, but it's intriguing.

Crusher, maybe that happens tou you because your the beeeaaatch of the relationship, With me if I walk in the house and want a BJ my wife is on her knees

how bored are dolphin fans? we have played this riley freakin reiff article out to 12 pages of comments. i wonder what reiff thinks of:
-van halen(with or without dave)
-dave grol's musicianship
-the e minor pentatonic scale
-general patton(or is it peyton)
-sweat leaf
-which QB the phins should take
-young 13 year old spanish boys

i am READY for some football(it's so far off)
nice talkin to you all
via con dios

again someone stole timmy couch's name. i don't speak in vulgarities

Craig, the band is Soundgarden and they are fantastic.

JS , NO TRADE DOWNS!!! Like someone earlier said, trade down results in DEATH!

regarding my above post...
If it's me, I grab Floyd and Barron and run like heck, smiling.
The only thing that would make me smile broader is if a top pass-rushing, tackling beast was available.
Then I'd go Barron and whoever.

Nah, I was going to retire for a while, but I have to say this.. The image that most have(both Men and Women) of Women nowadays is completely distorted. Women are, as intelligent as us, as competent as us, as everything as us except in the matter of vulnerability/security. Remember, they are the ones that go through a pregnancy and child birth to insure the survival of this Human species. They NEED protection and security, at least in that stage.


It's OK, we'll disagree on Denver and Manning. It's too quiet in Denver right now. Tells me they are sitting back waiting. I don't believe they'll have to jettison Tebow if they land Manning and if they did they'd be moving him at his highest value. To me, in that division, Denver is built to win NOW. Reminds me of Montana going to KC. They didn't win a championship but they'll be close.

And I did say they were my darkhorse. I don't think he'll end up there. It's just a team no one is talking about right now. I still think Washington is hign on the list. Good defence, chance to work with Shanahan, lots of cap space, chance to go up against his brother twice a year. To me, they are just as likely a choice as Miami.

dont think so "timmy" i'm just married to a women with brains who i happen to respect & who has self respect.


Thanks. That's the band I was looking for. Chris Cornell....good voice! Age....it'll happen to you one day too!

Oscar, someone brainwashed you!

I am the great Hiram. Praise Allah. Kill infidels.

Stop stealing Timmy Couch's name. Timmy Couch get very angry.

Crusher thanks. I don't like doing that but he forced my hand by saying I obviously didn't know music. That was pretty funny. Your post at 4:20 was real funny and I agree, can't wait to get back to football which is why I rarely post lately. We've been going over the same things for what feels like months now. As soon as free agency and the draft roll around things will get more interesting.

Normally I'd agree. But I kind of have a hankering for Barron. He cinches up the position tight. And he'd be a reach at 8, but around the 20's....
I like Floyd a lot too. But what I REALLY want is a offense-terrorizing, fear inducing, mean spirited monster that stalks behind the D-Line.
That's probably only available at #8.
As long as we don't go Tannehill or RT at #8. Then I burn my Dolphin gear in protest.

So don't you lock up.

Something you wanted to see fly!!!!!

Hands were made for shaking.

Not tying.

@ 4pm "timmy" is obviuosly single. my wife owns a ruger .357 magnum, and a charter arms snub nose .38 if i spoke to her like that i would probably be able to ask kurt cobain in person what he thought of the foo fighters. now i am by no means whipped, but todays intelligent women (not brainless bimbo timmy) would not take orders from a fool
Posted by: The Crusher | March 02, 2012 at 04:06 PM


There would be some major issues for sure. I would get some.....never, if I ever spoke to my wife like that. I remember once I told her she was being obnoxious in front of company....that put me in the old dog house for about a month.

JS in LA,

Fine with the guys you're suggesting but boy we've got to upgrade that pass rush for next year or we're going nowhere. To have to rely on guys like Misi or Odrick just isn't going to get it done. We've got to find another guy who can get at least get us another 8-10 sacks next year. JT's gone and I'm just not seeing it enough from the guys left behind. Gotta add to what we had last year.

Fake Timmy Couch is not married. In a real marriage your wife does not get on her knees because you feel weird about it because you actually respect her. That's for porno sex only.

Phins78, in all seriousness that's cool. I've been playing for 18 months. I'm pissed I didn't start 25 years ago.

Would you not agree that the hardest chord sequence is as follows?:

B ---[slide]-> Eb
Ab --- Db

(2 ----->6; 4/4)

That's some hard sh#t right there, and it's the riff to Nirvana's "Drain You"

by "hard" I mean badass, not difficult

...That said (my post above), if Manning comes here, the game changes. Bets go waaaaay up that they are desperate to draft a top RT to keep fragile Peyton standing.
I hate it, but I'm not asking for Manning either. With him comes new expectations, and it's hard to gauge what the FO would do.
I'm wagering on an RT, but I'd rather not draft a single OL anywhere. We have enough on roster that are young enough to teach. Coach 'em up!

Everybody hail the great Timmy Couch. Draft Timmy Couch # 1; Timmy Couch take you to the promised land.

you have got to love america. a place where a person can openly speak his mind, even if he's lost it thinking about the dolphin QB situation...i see a man lying in bed at 3am staring at the ceiling wondering if we should sign peyton or draft rg3...it's like freakin groundhog day...i keep waiting for ned to try to sell me insurance as i step into a puddle of ice cold water.
time to go...this time for real fake timmy

can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower? can this day go any slower?

groundhog day is cool.. i can tell crusher is cool.

phins78 is cool too.

JS in LA,

Not sure we have to draft a RT at 8, even if Manning comes here. I think Murtha would have played there some last year if he hadn't of been hurt. I think he can get the job done. Failing that I think Jerry has the potential to get it done too. I'd much rather see pass rush than RT at 8.

With ya, man. As I said before I want a fear inducing monster to stalk offenses. When folks play the fins, I want them to gameplan to stop this monster-man.
THAT's my draft wish.
But... we have several glaring holes, safety included. Brady will whip us every season until we get one. He throws too quick for a pass rusher to be as important as a safety. BUT .. for other teams, the pass-rusher is more important.
Barron will be gone by round 2, and he's my lock candidate. But oh well.
If Manning comes, we'll still have holes for at least another season. A pass-rusher is a pretty good pick for #8.

Craig M.....

Elway would NEVER wnt to work with a QB on the level of Manning....Mannning would steal all the credit....and when he retires....he will leave Elway holding the bag....

Elway can barely stand all the attention Tebow gets....

Write it down...Manning to Miami....and I almost never talk in absolutes.......


help...i can't stop posting...work is just too slow today. we are all waiting for 5pm. mr leaf, groundhog day is an all time great movie. if i am surfing and i see it i stop like pavlov's dog & watch it. shall we change the topic to movies we watch no matter how many times we see them (at least until armando throws us another tidbit). by the way ryan when you blew a head gasket in that locker room interview they always show on nfl network you can tell that reporter had to throw his bvd's away when he got home

JS - I mentioned the trade with cincy a while ago and actually wrote in this blog on page 2 or 3. But I have us taking Mercilus. I also have cincy giving us their 2nd rnd pick instead of their other first. Plus a 4th next year.

I like the deal and think it works but Carolina also makes a good trade partner for Cincy.

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