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Riley Reiff to Dolphins at No. 8? Are you kidding?

Riley Reiff is a good football player, OK? I have nothing against the offensive tackle from the University of Iowa. I have watched a couple of games in which he has played and he's always performed well enough.

And that, coupled with his size and ability and smarts, is a reason he's considered a top of the first round type of talent. But to the Dolphins? Are you kidding me?

God, I hope not.

Seems Reiff to the Dolphins is a popular stream of thought among NFL draft analysts. ESPN's Mel Kiper penciled Reiff to Miami in his first and only (so far) mock draft. NFL Network talent analyst Bucky Brooks similarly has Reiff going to the Dolphins with the eighth overall selection. And NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche has the Dolphins picking Reiff as well.

I get it.

Reiff is an offensive tackle. He's perfect for the Dolphins to fill the void at right tackle -- even though he played left tackle at Iowa. And, of course, his connections to Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz makes him a natural for the Dolphins because Miami coaches Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman know and respect Ferentz and value his players.

But ...

Riley Reiff, for all his attributes and gifts and the logic of filling an obvious void, would be a terrible pick for the Dolphins at No. 8. Why?


There is simply not a great deal of value of picking a right tackle in the top 10 selections of the draft. No, there's no rule that says this is a fact. No, there's no philosophy or statistic that has proven this to be the case. But work with me for a second and let me state my case ...

{UPDATE: Since posting this, I got a call from an NFL scout who reads the blog and he told me he has Reiff as a guard. And he said he's not alone in the thinking. So there's that.]

The draft is not only picking the right players, but also getting them in the right round to maximize their value. And in the top 10 a team with so many needs as Miami has should not be investing on a player that neither will score points, nor prevent points from being scored. The offensive right tackle will never, not even on his best day, throw a TD pass, or intercept a pass, or sack the quarterback, strip him of the ball and run it in for a TD. He will never make a game-changing play.

And that game-changer is the only kind of player that brings value to a team in the top 10 picks.

Said another way, I want my team to pick a quarterback, a cornerback, a wide receiver, a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. I want playmakers drafted in the top 10.

I do not want grunts.

Grunts are wonderful additions later.


Because grunts don't lead a team to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Playmakers lead teams to the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

That doesn't mean I am against drafting offensive linemen later in the first round or anytime after that. And some special offensive linemen deserve top 10 consideration depending on a team's relative needs and whether the player is a left tackle or center.

But a right tackle? Or a guard?

In the top 10?

Quick, who was Green Bay's right tackle this year while they went 15-1? Quick, who was the last right tackle to be named NFL MVP or even his own team's MVP?

Yeah, thought so.

A top 10 pick is a premium, premium draft choice. It should be used to select premium, premium NFL playmakers.

And right tackles, no matter how gifted, do not qualify. Reiff, by the way, is No. 77 in the video below.


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I agree. Coach up the young'ns we got. But if Manning comes, we won't have enough cap for a RT, so will Ireland agree that we have adequate roster RTs to coach? Or will he worry that we need insurance?
No idea. Lord knows #8 is way too high for a RT, unless your QB is left handed.
And all the bunk I hear is Reif at 8 or Tannehill. Ugh. Shoot me.
And Coples sounds like a bust waiting to happen.
Maybe someone in FO will see reason soon enough.

Kris is right about horseface Elway, who is jealous of Tebow and working to undermine the team. He tried to get rid of Tebow before the season even began, way back when I predicted Tebowmania 8 months before it happened.

Elway does not want Manning to come in and make Elway the 3rd best QB in Denver history.

You guys are--again--clueless if you miss these details. no chance in hell that manning goes to denver--none.

No way! Kris just did not channel his inner Nature Boy!


Half you guys are pus sies and will let your wife say and do anything to you. YOUR THE FREAKIN MAN! A bunch of transgenders who let there woman push them around

Crusher, who wears the pants you or your wife?

Movies I'd stop and watch even though I've seen them 40 times:

1. Braveheart
2. Top Gun
3. some parts of Basic Instinct
4. A Few Good Men
5. Fight Club
6. Snatch
7. Forrest Gump
8. Pulp Fiction

there's fake timmy couch again. he's a childish punk.

Leaf, add the Notebook tp that lomo (replace the l with h that what you are)

I'm the real Timmy Couch, who's the other guy?

Timmy Couch: Ryan Leaf will beat your *ss


Great quote....great saturday morning memories.....

Leaf, do you want a line?


I hope you're right. A healthy Manning is what I'd like to see here in Miami. I just threw Denver out there as a team nobody talks about. We'll see....you can blame me if it happens.

Yes bro

movies continued:
-the outlaw josie wales
-lock stock and two smoking barrels
-Godfather 1 & 2
-liar liar
-the maltese falcon
-flight of the phoenix(the original)
-it's a wonderful life
-that riley reiff clip way back @ the start of this

I would like to hear more about Leonard Nimoy's penis.

Kris, bought some dude's homemade VHS collection put to DVD on ebay a few years ago. Man, some gold in there.

"That's why my jacket costs $800, yours costs $400, and I don't know how much that jacket costs but I'd be embarassed to wear it!"

Crusher, with the movies you just youve confirmed know you wear the panties of the relationship

Why doesn't anyone have Cannonball Run in their movie list???


Revenge of the Nerds?

How about Carlitos Way, anyone like that?

Carlito's Way? meh ...


When I read that quote....i images of Rowdy Roddy Piper.......

is that him...or another Flair quote...

book it mark in toronto great movie as is the 1st smokey & the bandit (doesn't he call his son a moose pr@ck). also add the gumball rally where the 1st rule of italian driving is never care whatsa behind you.

i get images....

That's another Ric Flair.

"Custom made for the Nature Boy..."

he actually had that embrodiered in the jacket. Nice!

Rowdy Piper is another great too. He's a Toronto kid.

From the mean streets of Parkdale ....

LOL @ Crusher .....

Crusher, "if you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly"

-Terry Bradshaw in CR

What about No country for old men?

I'm not necessarily opposed to trading down,
But from 8 to 17 ... another 2nd rounder ain't cutting it. And I don't care about a 4th or 5th extra as comp.
BUT ..I'm not Ireland, either. Doesn't sound like a fair trade to my ears.

if Cincy wants Richardson, it gets dangerous real soon after our pick.

I'd rather have the pick of pass-rushing beasts at 8, then also-rans in the 2nd, acorns in the 4th NEXT year.


Carlito's Way is a very under-rated movie. Very well done....Brain de Palma movie, if I'm not mistaken. Seen it many times. Penelope Anne Miller is very hot in that movie. She used to have a thing with Pacino in real life but I think it's Beverley Deangelo now, if I'm not wrong.

i forgot bradshaw was in that. also someone (maybe oscar) said earlier women dont hold up as well as men,but as i grow old i wouldn't mind having sally field beside me. she has help up quite nicely

held up quite nicely

Craig M, Thanks Carlitos Way was better than that overrated Scarface.

Ernest Saves Christmas if the finest cinematic tour de force in human history.

Cannonball Run - majorly underrated. Some of the best one-liners in movie history.

ric flair's money move was the figure 4 leg lock wasn't it?

Carlito's Way is a good movie, no doubt. But is it any different than so many other movies. Personally, if you are going to pick a gangster movie other than the GF 1 or 2, I love Goodfellas.


I agree with your comment....much preferred Carilito's Way to Scarface. That might have been a de Palma movie too.

I see the 'skins franchised Fred Davis today. Means that Laron Landry will probably be a FA. I don't think he's the right might for Miami but to me, even as a guy who's injured, he's be an upgrade over Bell.


You're not wrong in your comments. I'm just saying it's a movie that doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's Pacino at one of his best and nobody talks about it.

Craig M, Landry is a juice head.

bronx tale is yet another. did dinero make any bad movies
analyze this
analyze that
midnight run

the ones with stiller are ok but not in the same league as the other 3 comedies

Crusher, it was me who said that about women, no need to hang Oscar out to dry. I wasn't speaking in absolutes about women and aging. Sophia Lauren in Grumpier Old Men did something for me and she must've been dam near 60 when she did that movie.

And Ric Flair's finisher was indeed the figure 4.


I think Godfather 1 and 2 are too long and drawn out. Carlitos Way, Goodfellas are much better

if we get a free agent DB get reggie nelson to play FS and move reshard jones to his college position of SS(less thinking for him and more hitting)

JS, look at that cast in Cannonball Run. No way you could put a cast like that together today.

And how funny were Dean Martin and Sammy Davis as priests driving a Ferrari and of course Martin was hammered during the entire film.

Timmy, Godfather 1 had some of the best scenery adn setting of any movie ever. Yes, 4 hours, but 4 hours never seemed to pass so quickly for me anyway.

Mike Florio says Manning will let the Fins and Skins fight it out to drive up the price and then sign with the Chiefs.

Then there will be a repeat fight for Griffin.

Assuming Fins lose both of these fights, I see Moore starting and the Fins picking a late round QB a a straggler FA QB for competition.

OK guys, this was fun and a way to burn Friday afternoon and put in time.

Have a good weekend, God bless!

goodnight gents
time to fight/be one of the crazies on I95
and remember in the immortal words of robert wallace
"everyman dies but not everyman lives"

Miami Dolphins in 2012

Im out too, work is finish here.

Yeah I've got to agree with Mark. The Godfather movies may be long but they're captivating! I've seen them many times and they never get tired. Godfather 2 might be one of the few sequels that you could make an argument that it was better than the first and the first was a Hell of a movie! Just started getting my oldest daughter into them now for the first time and she loves them!

JS, I agree that the other 1st would be ideal but I was going by the trade chart. I have no idea what Miami would get or ask for was just saying the trade would be a possibility.

There will be a number of good picks available at 17 I would take but if it happens I would take Mercilus at this point in time. I was leaning toward Floyd but am thinking we need a Pass Rusher more. Plus we might be able to nab Fleener in the 2nd.

I'm in on the Godfather flicks! GF2 was the best!!






Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 02, 2012 at 06:15 PM

Some people have brains made of silly putty. Any report that comes out they swallow hook line and sinker. Let's let him prove it first. All reports this time of year are suspect.

Secondly, why would Peyton want to go back to that team after they fired his buddy GM, Peytons long time OC is gone, plus his favorite targets?

Peyton has no chance for a second ring with Indy, they are starting from scratch. Peyton moves on,

Irsay is not drafting Luck to ride the pine behind a bitter Manning who feels jilted. Luck starts from day 1.

Below is in my opinion the best movie ever produced in 1933. Just think about the graphics in this movie almost 80 years ago.



Luck will have a chance to develop behind Manning just like Rodgers did with the Packers. Having the 2 great QB's is the perfect situation.

Peyton is done at Indy. Irsay is not paying him no $28 million bonus without even being able to watch him throw.

No way.
No how.

Peyton moves on. Why would Peyton want to stay in Indy now that they are in full rebuild mode? No chance he can win another ring if he stays at Indy.

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