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Riley Reiff to Dolphins at No. 8? Are you kidding?

Riley Reiff is a good football player, OK? I have nothing against the offensive tackle from the University of Iowa. I have watched a couple of games in which he has played and he's always performed well enough.

And that, coupled with his size and ability and smarts, is a reason he's considered a top of the first round type of talent. But to the Dolphins? Are you kidding me?

God, I hope not.

Seems Reiff to the Dolphins is a popular stream of thought among NFL draft analysts. ESPN's Mel Kiper penciled Reiff to Miami in his first and only (so far) mock draft. NFL Network talent analyst Bucky Brooks similarly has Reiff going to the Dolphins with the eighth overall selection. And NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche has the Dolphins picking Reiff as well.

I get it.

Reiff is an offensive tackle. He's perfect for the Dolphins to fill the void at right tackle -- even though he played left tackle at Iowa. And, of course, his connections to Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz makes him a natural for the Dolphins because Miami coaches Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman know and respect Ferentz and value his players.

But ...

Riley Reiff, for all his attributes and gifts and the logic of filling an obvious void, would be a terrible pick for the Dolphins at No. 8. Why?


There is simply not a great deal of value of picking a right tackle in the top 10 selections of the draft. No, there's no rule that says this is a fact. No, there's no philosophy or statistic that has proven this to be the case. But work with me for a second and let me state my case ...

{UPDATE: Since posting this, I got a call from an NFL scout who reads the blog and he told me he has Reiff as a guard. And he said he's not alone in the thinking. So there's that.]

The draft is not only picking the right players, but also getting them in the right round to maximize their value. And in the top 10 a team with so many needs as Miami has should not be investing on a player that neither will score points, nor prevent points from being scored. The offensive right tackle will never, not even on his best day, throw a TD pass, or intercept a pass, or sack the quarterback, strip him of the ball and run it in for a TD. He will never make a game-changing play.

And that game-changer is the only kind of player that brings value to a team in the top 10 picks.

Said another way, I want my team to pick a quarterback, a cornerback, a wide receiver, a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. I want playmakers drafted in the top 10.

I do not want grunts.

Grunts are wonderful additions later.


Because grunts don't lead a team to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Playmakers lead teams to the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

That doesn't mean I am against drafting offensive linemen later in the first round or anytime after that. And some special offensive linemen deserve top 10 consideration depending on a team's relative needs and whether the player is a left tackle or center.

But a right tackle? Or a guard?

In the top 10?

Quick, who was Green Bay's right tackle this year while they went 15-1? Quick, who was the last right tackle to be named NFL MVP or even his own team's MVP?

Yeah, thought so.

A top 10 pick is a premium, premium draft choice. It should be used to select premium, premium NFL playmakers.

And right tackles, no matter how gifted, do not qualify. Reiff, by the way, is No. 77 in the video below.


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wolf, you are correct, of course, on the other Young facts you state there.

BTW I'm not saying Henne will be the same STYLE of QB (not a runner like Young).

I'm just saying (not guaranteeing) that we have been too impatient (2 full years only, not 4 like idiots like to say) and right now it is way way way too early to know how Henne's career will turn out.

Young didn't get a chance until is 9th year!!!!!!!!!

Bravo Armando, no T-rex arm, beer gut Reiff needs to apply here. I rather grab Mike Adams but we all know what we really need is a QB

We need RG3 but I get our stubborn owner, who does not have any excuses anymore to make rookie owner mistakes, is in love with the legend. So am I, but the legend is not the same player anymore. Even our beloved Dan Marino was done once he passed his prime. Manning as great as he is just simply does not fit our team today. We just hired a WCO coach, who reluctantly even if he does not say so will have to "coach" Manning so either Manning learns a totally new offense to him or Philbin takes a step back. I don't like either choice there. I'm not questioning Manning's mental ability to pick up a WCO scheme but I do question his body. You need a somewhat mobile QB like Rodgers and Manning does not fit that type.

RG3 is a very bold gamble for the future of this franchise. He fits the prototype of the WCO QB, has all the physical tools and has the intangibles to make those who play with him better.
To land him it will not be easy because of our position in the draft. I'm glad we did not tank games last season, that is for pansies like the Colts, and it's done so here we are. In order to leap over Cleveland (who I think will sign Flynn) and Washington especially we have one player the Rams really want: Vontae Davis.

I am totally in for that trade: Our 1st rounders in 2012 and 2013, 2012 or 2013 3rd rounder and Davis. I love Davis but I love my Dolphins better and this deal has the potential to make them a better team. Potential because no one really knows if RG3 will indeed become a super star but how are we gonna ever find out or have a shot at landing such an incredible prospect? I guess if we finish one of these seasons 1-15 again? Please.

Time to grow a pair and go after this guy. With a deal like this we will still keep plenty of our draft choices and let Mr. Ireland do his best job at finding gems.
Here are the ones I like:

-2nd round: Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
-4th round: Derek Wolfe DE/DT Cincinnati or Kendall Reyes, UConn
-5th round: Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina, the kid can flat out play and is 6'0" tall
-6th round: Michael Egnew, TE, Mizzou, big guy TE, ran a 4.62 40, raw but lots of upside
-7th round: D'Anton Lynn, CB, Penn State. I love this kid, his father is a RB coach for the Jets and he is just physical, he can be turn into a safety, if anything he would add nice depth to the secondary, especially after dealing Davis.

As you can see there's an emphasis on defense which is what we need, our offense is almost there, we just had no coaching to speak of and inconsistent play at QB. Moore should start the season but RG3 will be the starter by November probably. As for the free agents, thanks to unloading Davis and not having to sign either Manning or Flynn we will have plenty of room to bring young, talented free agents like: (at least two of these guys would be nice, especially Jackson)

-DeSean Jackson, WR, only 25 he will complement Marshall perfectly
-Michael Griffin, FS, 27, the physical presence we need in the secondary
-Mario Williams, DE, 27, I know I'm dreaming here but with the new added cap room why not? Marketing-wise having him and Bush playing in the same team would sell lots of TV games.
-Cortland Finegan, CB, 28

Mr. Ireland you have been building this team from he outside in but now we need to go get our QB, OUR, your very own franchise QB, not other team's seconds. RG3 is your guy, please make it happen. Thanks.

northwest, you don't necessarily know that about Henne, because this was going to be only his 3rd real year, and he was looking good this year, but the O line got him knocked out after 3.5 games. This was the year and our O line was simply MISERABLE at the start of this year.

Henne was/is still very young.

northwest, you must have missed last year's first game. You didn't see Henne run for a TD, dive head first, and then spike the ball to China he was so pumped?

He most certainly has "edge" and heart and wants to be a starter.

Ideal situation would be to sign Jared Gaither in Free Agency and then resign Vernon Carey.Offensive Line sorted.

At 8#,we need a guy who can put pressure on opposing QB's....Ingram seems like the best pass rusher in the Draft so he should be the pick imo.

Thanks wolf....

WOW! Back to talking about Henne! Somebody rewound the blog tape to 2009!!!

I completely agree. OT aren't play makers. We need people who can score not players who can help another players to score!

I wonder if we should have taken Ryan instead of Long.

Graeat a lover had to weigh in.CHUMP CHAD SUCKED,SUCKS,WILL SUCK finfaNL.

Posted by: ozkar | March 01, 2012 at 01:42 PM

I'd ask wtf you are 'talking' about but I'm sure your obvious illiteracy and lack of basic comprehension will get in the way of a sensible reply.

And all you people who try to censor the blog by commanding folks to stop talking about Henne can shove it. As of now, Henne is our incumbent starting QB. He was knocked out by injury (due to an incompetent O line) last year, so his backup, Matt Moore took over and did a good job.

Everyone agrees that our most glaring need is QB. Henne, as of now, is our QB. How can Henne be a bad topic to discuss?

It is a FACT that Henne is still young, has shown promise, and might be the next Steve Young that the Bucs let get away. We already have 2 starting caliber, very young QBs on our team, who might turn out to be great. Tannehill, etc. would consider it a success if they have the career Henne and Moore have already had--4 or 5 years in the league and both considered starters who might get even better.


As of now, Henne is our incumbent starting QB. He was knocked out by injury (due to an incompetent O line) last year, so his backup, Matt Moore took over and did a good job.

Posted by: The All Knower (you are blessed to have witnessed me) | March 01, 2012 at 02:46 PM

LOL! Henne isn't even on the team. LOL!


True. I was waiting to see Henne's development last year too, but we didn't get that chance. Now he's a free agent so we have to go on what we've seen so far and unfortunately- that's what I've seen.

I think Henne will make a GREAT backup somewhere else (or a starter for the Jets), but clearly we need to upgrade at the position and based on what we've all seen, Henne is not anywhere near "elite", nor will he be anytime in the near future- and our need is now.

The difference between Moore and Henne was night and day. Moore at least proved he knew where the endzone was, and he further proved that he knew that he was supposed to throw the ball to a teammate IN the endzone. That right there showed significant improvement over Henne!

Parcells once said, I have no rule that says you can't lose your starting job because of injury.

Henne our starter? LOL!

I could agree in drafting Reif at the #8 spot so LT Long could then be traded for multiple high picks; then Reif can be our LT so we can then use the picks to move-up and take a franchise QB next year (Barkley or who-ever).

But still, I really would like to see RG3 be a Dolphin; IMO, trade LT Jake Long & CB Sean Smith to the Rams with our 1st round this year & 1st round next year - that might be enough to get the trade made.


Obviously you have never played football or for that matter LISTEN to qualified experts. One of the basic rules in football is that the games are won and lost up front. Both on the OL and the DL. Case in poit, pressure Tom Brady and he becomes eratic. Same for any other QB. It starts up front. I guess if we draft your boy RG3 we dont need an OL because he is superhuman.

And no I am not Henne or Henne's mom. Those comments are lame. I'm a Dolphins fan since 1983, the first year I was old enough to pay attention to the Super Bowl, who pays attention.

Henne is a good QB who has the potential to become great. Look what he's done playing for a garbage organization at a young age! I got news for you: playing QB in the NFL ain't no picnic. The guys who suck are guys like Rosenfels and John Beck, who you might recall was scared sh*tless when he was put back there. Like a deer in headlights.

John Beck sucked. Henne, on the other hand, has been a player who has put up multiple 350 yard games playing with Tony Sparano as his coach and Ginn and Hartline as his receivers, except for one year with Marshall, with the wildcat and weak Ronnie Brown stuff on top of that.

Do you feel based on what you know about the Manning situation right now that it's wise to be guaranteeing that kind of money for Manning right now? $10-13 million is a lot for a guy we don't know whether he'll ever play again (I'm obviously in the wrong business). It;s not my money, so I don't care but I'm wondering the cap consequences of such a move. Seems to me if it's going to come down to money the Reskins will have us beat by a country mile!

Posted by: Craig M | March 01, 2012 at 02:02 PM


For me personally, no..it is not wise. But I'm also from the school of "Manning is going to be a shadow of his former self." If he becomes a Phin, I'll be hoping beyond hope that I'm dead wrong.

I was listening to a discussion this AM on the radio on the way into work that put this in some perspective for me and makes a lot of sense.

Basically, the discussion went as follows....everyone's talking about Manning's willingness to play on a primarily incentive base contract....this has lead many to believe he will come on the cheap. Relative to the $35M he would be guaranteed this season should he be signed by the Colts ($28M bonus & $7M salary), a guarantee of $10M or so would be on the cheap.

A guarantee of $10M to play this season is a huge paycut for Manning....almost a 30% cut in guaranteed pay. Not to mention, he still wants his $30M or so, so ultimately, an incentive based contract will most likely have roughly 1/3 guarantee ($10M) and milestone incentives adding up to the big number he thinks he's worth....he is willing to have the contract structured so that the bulk of the contract would be incentives, and he's willing to prove himself in this RE....but don't fool yourselves into thinking there won't be any guaranteed money up front. This guy is still going to be putting himself out there and he's going to want something to show for it. {End Radio Discussion}

Ultimately, P Manning could end up costing around $30M this season....but that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing because if he did indeed come in that high, it would mean the Phins are in serious contention for the SB.

Again we come to the juncture as we do every year. Soaring hopes and lofty goals collide with realpolitik of the NFL and every actuality is warped by unseen permutations.

This year of 2012, there must be UNANIMITY OF ACTION by the Dolphins. A LIFE FORCE of unyielding critical decisions, with relentless direction like a mighty river or asteroid hurtling onwards unceasingly.

Before there were arrows fired at invisible pedestrians and hummingbirds. Scattershot and panic borne of institutional hubris. Now the view must be of clarity and thorough hygienic cleansing of the thought process into the unified whole.


repeat until puke. u must go on the ss.


I did see that game. Unfortunately we just didn't see enough of that. More often, he just couldn't get it done with the numerous opportunities that he had when it counted. It was frustrating.

One thing is for sure- he's gone.

Hey, get a head start on reading tomorrows posts by reading today's posts again from the beginning.


The #1 pre-requisite for a pass Rusher is determination. Watch C. Wake, J. Abraham, others, they never quit. That's my concern about Coples and the reason I prefer Ingram who has tremendous drive and athleticism.

In RE to Coples, almost everything I've been reading says that his will be a good contain LDE...he's not a pass rushing RDE.

He tackles well and can get penetration, but doesn't get to the QB.

Seems like the value chart has been taking a beating in the last few years. Especially by Ireland and company.

Hey Mando, I'm with you. I like the Tom Haberstroh 'Positional Value' chart. Don't know site but just type in position value nfl.

Back to this Reiff thing:

What about an in-house solution? Anyone believe Murtha can get it done at RT?

I wouldnt want Henne as my backup on an Arena team. He is the BIGGEST LOSER.

northwest, thank you for your reasonably toned response.

I agree with you: Henne is done here.

I say it's lucky for Henne. Who would *want* to play for our garbage organization? This garbage organization held henne back, not the other way around.

He's lucky to get a fresh start somewhere else.

I will start looking at "draft value charts" when my extremeties are all cut off and I am strapped down to a chair, immobilized, with a loaded rifle pointed at my head by a crazed escaped inmate on PCP who tells me I MUST read it or have my head blown off.

Until then, no. I'd sooner watch Ernest Borgnine crap his Depends.

NO WAY they go RT at #8. If they stay put they'll be taking a guy like Ingram or Claiborne (if he drops). Ideally they'd be able to trade down, get an extra 2nd round pick and still get a guy like Ingram.

I'm gonna vomit on my laptop if I see another mock sending Reiff our way. But I get it. We've made some dumb draft choices over the years and plenty based on need. I'll know how good our new coach is if they reach on Reiff or Ryan Tannihill in the 1st round. I'll be sick for a few minutes if they do.

You guys are fools if you dont think Couples will be a great pass rusher in the league.

If you're going to reach on an OL in the 1st round with the 8th overall you might as well take the next best guy which is Decastro for sure. Dude is far more impressive on tape. But seriously do not take an OL with the 8th pick.

BTW, what has happened to Pat Devlin? Is he still on the Team?


I'd say both parties are lucky.

MOTHER OF GOD... can you IMAGINE the fallout! R-G-3! R-G-3! R-G-3! Any way... any how... any price! R-G-3!

BTW, what has happened to Pat Devlin? Is he still on the Team?
Posted by: oscar canosa | March 01, 2012 at 03:12 PM


To my knowledge yes...he was originally signed to a 3 year deal...but then waived and signed to the practice squad. He was elevated to the active roster in December.

I think he'll end up being the number 3 guy this year.

Thanks, wolf.

Let's ask Brady how he feels about staying upright. While I agree, 8 is too high, we can't rule it out.

Remember back when Wandstett selected Vernon Carey as the Dolphins needed a tackle and passed up Wilfork whom New England selected in the next pick? Look at Wilfork's career to Carey's no comparison.

The Dolphins would be much better with the 345 pound DT Poe of Memphis that ran a 4.95-40 and benches 460 lbs. than a run of the mill tackle.

Keep Soliai, he is a mountain.


I'd say both parties are lucky.

Posted by: Northwest | March 01, 2012 at 03:13 PM

I'd say my PANTIES are lucky!

Home is back from the beach

Beautiful major sunny day, clean light blue/green water w rolling surf

and NO chemtrails today at the beach

By the way Armando
Was not offensive lineman Jake Long picked in the top 10 for Miami

Home is, ... Just Saying ;)

Posted by: Home for Christ's Sake ; )

Yummy.....nut butter!

Peyton is too geeky looking, lets get a stud QB, something tasty to look at, long and tall and long :p

John Jerry and Lydon Murtha with patience and the right coaching can/will be 2 young destroyers on the right side of the o-line.

Breaking NEWS!!!Dolphins have traded up!!!! They send a 2 #1 and #2 and #3 for St Louis spot. Were getting RG#!!!! Link

Posted by: Got Milk? or u | March 01, 2012 at 03:34 PM

This makes too much sense for the Dolphins so OBVIOUSLY, its fake.


Dolphins trade!!!! RG3 on the way!!!!!!!!

Its like a big fat orgy with the bloggers over at the Sun Sentinel, even though some of you guys are dirtbags I prefer here.

I was at the beach alright. At the gay nudist colony. I hope they accept my application! Can't wait to move there! Oh boy!!!!!

Right tackles can be found in later rounds however elite pass rushers are hard to find. That is the Dolphins best option sitting at 8th. We all know that Ireland doesn't have the guts to try and trade for the second pick to get RG3.

How about a kick returner (and his family) with a top 10 pick? That's great value!

Its like a big fat orgy with the bloggers over at the Sun Sentinel, even though some of you guys are dirtbags I prefer here.

Posted by: Clue | March 01, 2012 at 03:53 PM

Ive been hanging on the wrong blog!

Home guess that your cup of tea

Mhmmm You betcya it is! Teabags n all!

Ok I worked myself into a tizzy. I'm heading over to the SS. Bye Boyz!


I agree with you except about the Ireland/guts thing regarding trading up. Ross has decreed that Manning is our guy- not RG3.

So we sign Manning and HOPE Ingram falls to #8.

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