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Riley Reiff to Dolphins at No. 8? Are you kidding?

Riley Reiff is a good football player, OK? I have nothing against the offensive tackle from the University of Iowa. I have watched a couple of games in which he has played and he's always performed well enough.

And that, coupled with his size and ability and smarts, is a reason he's considered a top of the first round type of talent. But to the Dolphins? Are you kidding me?

God, I hope not.

Seems Reiff to the Dolphins is a popular stream of thought among NFL draft analysts. ESPN's Mel Kiper penciled Reiff to Miami in his first and only (so far) mock draft. NFL Network talent analyst Bucky Brooks similarly has Reiff going to the Dolphins with the eighth overall selection. And NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche has the Dolphins picking Reiff as well.

I get it.

Reiff is an offensive tackle. He's perfect for the Dolphins to fill the void at right tackle -- even though he played left tackle at Iowa. And, of course, his connections to Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz makes him a natural for the Dolphins because Miami coaches Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman know and respect Ferentz and value his players.

But ...

Riley Reiff, for all his attributes and gifts and the logic of filling an obvious void, would be a terrible pick for the Dolphins at No. 8. Why?


There is simply not a great deal of value of picking a right tackle in the top 10 selections of the draft. No, there's no rule that says this is a fact. No, there's no philosophy or statistic that has proven this to be the case. But work with me for a second and let me state my case ...

{UPDATE: Since posting this, I got a call from an NFL scout who reads the blog and he told me he has Reiff as a guard. And he said he's not alone in the thinking. So there's that.]

The draft is not only picking the right players, but also getting them in the right round to maximize their value. And in the top 10 a team with so many needs as Miami has should not be investing on a player that neither will score points, nor prevent points from being scored. The offensive right tackle will never, not even on his best day, throw a TD pass, or intercept a pass, or sack the quarterback, strip him of the ball and run it in for a TD. He will never make a game-changing play.

And that game-changer is the only kind of player that brings value to a team in the top 10 picks.

Said another way, I want my team to pick a quarterback, a cornerback, a wide receiver, a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. I want playmakers drafted in the top 10.

I do not want grunts.

Grunts are wonderful additions later.


Because grunts don't lead a team to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Playmakers lead teams to the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

That doesn't mean I am against drafting offensive linemen later in the first round or anytime after that. And some special offensive linemen deserve top 10 consideration depending on a team's relative needs and whether the player is a left tackle or center.

But a right tackle? Or a guard?

In the top 10?

Quick, who was Green Bay's right tackle this year while they went 15-1? Quick, who was the last right tackle to be named NFL MVP or even his own team's MVP?

Yeah, thought so.

A top 10 pick is a premium, premium draft choice. It should be used to select premium, premium NFL playmakers.

And right tackles, no matter how gifted, do not qualify. Reiff, by the way, is No. 77 in the video below.


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Again Kris, the commentary is about draft position, not the production of the line.

Oscar let me tell you I also know about that. But if you financial situation changes, you can amend the alimony. It'll take about a year and a half, and lot of attorney's fees for that to happen.

I hope we do get Reif and Peyton! Go Dolphins!

Thanks, I'm all right, Michael. She didn't do any kind of work for only 7 years. I did. It was then I learned to cook, clean, etc.

It's funny. I always felt like banging my ex-wives. I still do.

this video shows tannihill is just as good as RG3 , and you can get tannihill without morgaging your future ... so why does everyone think RG3 is the bomb? because of what happened last year with Cam Newton! take cam Newton out of the picture and there is no way anybody would trade that many picks for RG3!

Brian Bulaga...from Iowa...lol.

Oh and about the 15 year mark of marriage permanent alimony comes in, that's where I was. Never get married lol.

I believe the thinking is that if we get Manning which looks like a real possibility ( I'd assign a 80% possibility to that) then we need to protect Manning we sure dio not want him getting hit all the time so that may be why Reif is being considered. He is a very good pass protector.

Now if we do not get Manning and go with any other option at QB then a DE would make more sense at #8

But if trading down to #2 is too expensive could we trade down to #4 if Blackmon is available and take the best receiver in the draft ?? We need another good receiver to complement our new QB, or to give Moore some options.

Is Home @ Happy Hour getting ripped with his hot girl friend again?
I wanted to talk to Home about him guaranteeing Peyton Manning would be our QB in 2012.

@ralphflorida .. you dont need to trade up to get Blackmon Blackmon will not be drafted in the top ten and i think he will drop late in the first round

Tannehill stinks, really. I've seen him play in person plenty. Most of his throws are way off. I'm not even sure if he'd be second string on most teams. The hype is maybe because there isn't much beyond Luck and RG this year.

I have seen a couple of pics with Home and his girlfriend at the Miami vs New England game. She is smokin hot! What an AAASSSSSS!

..Before all of us lose the plot and take out a local post office. Lets see what we do before the draft before getting our panties in a kot about the draft.

This said..come draft day. I hope Ireland doesn't become the offensive lineman version of Matt Millen. We have a top 10 pick..I sure hope no matter who we aquire via free agency we start adding some explosiveness to our roster..We need more gamebreakers.

Yes the guy with the handle, HOME is dead right wanting Peyton Manning.That gives the Dolphins franchise QB and they keep 5 draft picks.Get the offensive line better with Saturday and Reiff!

Where can i see pics of the surfer dude, Home and his gf?

Arnie, he had to have completed some passes, he had a 61.6% completion percentage, for 3700 yard, and 29 TD's with 15 INT's. That doesn't sound too bad to me. So Arnie tell me how many time did you see him in person.

I saw RG3 stink up a few games that i was last year ... dont think he is all that gr8 ..looks gr8 in some games because he q/b'ed at baylor which plays weak teams!

Tannehill stinks, really. I've seen him play in person plenty. Most of his throws are way off. I'm not even sure if he'd be second string on most teams. The hype is maybe because there isn't much beyond Luck and RG this year.
Posted by: Arnie | March 01, 2012 at 05:45 PM


I by no mean advocate drafting Tannehill....but, actually, the hype has more to do with the fact that he's learned the position of QB at the college level in very short order and is impressive given his limited number of games he's actually played the position. He was a WR most of his career at A&M. He's played 20 games total as a quarterback in college.

If he had been a QB his entire career at A&M, and looked like he does, he'd probably be a 3rd or 4th round guy....but because he's only had 20 games under his belt, he looks good considering, and a premium is being placed on his potential upside and high ceiling.

If we get Manning I can see OL being a priority.

Well, if we fail in a trade up attempt for RG3, perhaps a team badly needing a premium left tackle might wanna nsweeten the pot for us to trade out of our #8 spot. Just because of the "THREAT" of us drafting Reiff.

But you never know with Ireland. He may have plans of moving Jerry to RT and drafting Reiff to play RG. This would give us a top 5 nfl oline for years to come perhaps. But in the nfl you still gotta score points to win.

RG3 is no way just as good as Cam Newton .. Cam played at Auburn which plays way better teams than baylor... My point is if Cam Newton didn't happen last year No one would be talking about trading up to get RG3! think about it!!!

Yes the guy with the handle, HOME is dead right wanting Peyton Manning.That gives the Dolphins franchise QB and they keep 5 draft picks.Get the offensive line better with Saturday and Reiff!
Posted by: Magdiel | March 01, 2012 at 05:49 PM


Except he wouldn't really be the Dolphins franchise QB....he only has 2-3 years tops, and that's probably generous.

He was the Colt's franchise QB....he'll just be a 2-3 year bandaid for the Phins. Hopefully he'll look good doing it, but I have my doubts.

Arnie, he can't be inaccurate with 61.6 comp percentage. I've seen him play as well. Tell me what games you watched.

OK, cp12, but don't pick Reiff, pick that LT from Stanford that played next to Decastro.(Can't recall his name now).

Arnie is lying! he is just in love with RG3.. and wants everybody to join him in his love for him... Rg3 and Tannihill aren't that much different.. take away a couple ints , and add the fact that his recievers dropped alot of balls .. and they are the same Q/B.

What people are looking at in Tannehill is arm strength, athleticism, and that he's pretty accurate no matter what Arnie says. He had one of the strongest arms in the Big 12. His stint at wr got him a better perspective of route running, and he's smart. With that said I'm not an advocate of drafting him at 8.

Im sorry, but those "grunts" win championships. Miami won their division with e mediocre passer in Pennington and an excellent power running offensive line. That line gave us the best rushing attack in the league.

I may not know the Packers lineman after Bulaga, but I can certainly tell you Rodgers does and he knows as well as everyone else that he isnt half the quarterback people give him credit for without a good line protecting him. -Look at the packers before these past two seasons. They stayed barely above 500 and missed the playoffs. They responded by making first round additions to their line such as Bulaga.

Its thinking such as this that keeps good offensive linemen out of the Hall and from receiving the credit they deserve. Now that Ive said all this- I dont even like Reif. I think he is a lower 1st round talent. But to say no offensive linement should be taken in the top ten with Miami's BY FAR best player being Jake Long is ridiculous.

Oscar his name is Martin. Not very strong at the combine.

Justin Spencer good argument.

The good thing about long relationships, is that you can remember all those good sticks(Palos), and recreate on them.

Jeff Row @ 5:59 - That's just about the dumbest thing I've ever read....and there's lots of dumb stuff on this blog. RG3 is where he is on his own merrits....has nothing to do with Newton, they're not even the same kind of player....other than they are black and they are athletic.

Further, you say Auburn plays better teams....true....but essentially, you're saying to be a good NFL QB you have to come from a big school that plays powerhouses all the time....NOT!

"Peyton Manning is finding it hard to leave Indianapolis because he's been dealing with some of the classiest fans in the world. Same goes for Matt Flynn because everything Green Bay does is first class. Not wise to show two QBs coming from classy organizations and cities the junky room in the house. My advice....Clean it up a little, at least till you get one (but only if you care)."

Classy fans? Well that's that, he won't be getting that in Miami. I really hope they sign him though just so Miami fans can prove to the world how dumb we've become by booing him and chanting Flynn or RG3 at training camp. It's going to be interesting to say the least.

I don't want Reiff at 8 either but people are saying he is one of a handful of elite players in the draft. I guess we could do a lot worse. How low have I sunk as a fan that I'm okay with "we could do worse"? Thank you Miami Dolphins for brainwashing us into excepting mediocrity.

LOL.. They might be covering their you know what with Reiff.

He is a lefty and they "say" he will be a righty. Perhaps Jeffy THE SCOUT Ireland will pull the trigger with Reiff because if Long goes down he can always throw Reiff into that spot to replace Long.

Without a doubt we need to protect the QB and a righty is what is needed but at what cost is the question.

I am for taking a Play maker as I always been and I would pick or move up to draft WR Justin Blackmon.

We need play makers and he will be just that, a play maker. he will compliment Marshall, Bush and the entire D will look better as we put up points.

With the beastie Boyz ( Marshall and Blackmon) and Reggie in play action, even with an average QB we will put up points (in Theory at least).

My choice on the above is based on RGIII and Luck out of the picture of which at least I will go out on the branch and say that there is no way in Ireland's bells that the Dolphins will end up with RGIII. it ain't gonna happen as the GM wont go for broke.

In closing is it me or do others on here find it interesting that Armando utilized the word "VALUE"??

Those are THE Scout's words which makes me go hmmm.

move up to take griffin, its so simple. then we are set for 10-15 years at qb

I believe that Dan marino would not agree with the O line calling them "grunts".

Remember THIS...

Dan Marino Isotoners Commercial (1985)


commercial was awesome. man i miss those days

talk around the new york airways is that the jets are considering henne as a back up QB. they can have him.


I wish I know who's hand that was on his shoulder. Giant hand man.



I miss riding the Metrorail to the Orange Bowl to watch Danny Boy pitch the rock!

please jets sign henne, those would be the 2 worst qbs ever on same team. jets are a mess, i love it

watched the tape on Reif.. wasn't impressed




Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you're wrong! Armando, I read your blog regularly. I consider you a pretty good reporter. But you're wrong here. Your analysis reeks of typical Miami-fandom.

A right tackle doesn't score points? A right tackle keeps the quarterback off his backside and able to throw the football. A right tackle prevents sacks. A right tackle allows you to run the football, get first downs, possess the ball longer (thus keeping your defense and the opposing offense off the field).

A playmaker? You sound like Stephen Ross. OMG A BIG NAME WILL SELL SEATS! You know what sells seats? Winning. Winning games sells seats.

So get over this infatuation with a "playmaker." Look at any consistently good team. They ALL have solid offensive lines. Consistency and solid play on the offensive line.

Nothing would make me happier than the Dolphins taking a right tackle with the #8 pick. Three first rounders on the offensive line for the next 5-7 years? That's a foundation of success.

FOUNDATION OF SUCCES..................

MY FOOT................


john 5 more years for long? dont we wish

Very undecided between Coples and Ingram. Ingram outperformed him at the Combine, however Cople's physique reminds of Jean Pierre Paul, that beast of the Giants. Hmm..

no way on coples, guy is like randy moss. takes every other play off, whines alot and pouts

Kiper thinks Weeden is the 3rd best QB now... although he said Tannehill will probably be drafted ahead of him.

i agree there, weeden is decent. tannehill sucks

Ok I've seen this movie before...... The boat sinks!!!

We can't stash 30-40% of our cap in our offensive line.
Considering what Jake Long the best left tackle in football will cost to resign and yeah that where our cost will be!!
Gardner an murtha will play fine

Jeff Row @ 5:59 - That's just about the dumbest thing I've ever read....and there's lots of dumb stuff on this blog. RG3 is where he is on his own merrits....has nothing to do with Newton, they're not even the same kind of player....other than they are black and they are athletic.

Further, you say Auburn plays better teams....true....but essentially, you're saying to be a good NFL QB you have to come from a big school that plays powerhouses all the time....NOT!

Posted by: wolfman13

what i'm sayin' is because of what Cam Newton did last year everyone thinks RG3 is the next coming of him .. and thats not true RG3 is not in his league .. he is good but not worth 3 first rounders and 2 other picks ... also Tannihill isn't far behind of RG3 in production .. I'm not sayin' we pick tannihill , just making the point RG3 isn't worth the asking price.

and your stupid if you dont think people are saying they are simular... as a matter of fact they have been being compared to each other in the media all month... and RG3 has even spoke about it... me myself i think your right ... they are nothing alike ... but people are sayin so

What impressed me most about Tannehill in his videos, he had complete control of that offence and could also improvise. RG3, his accuracy, man, that's some kind of pinpoint.

@wolfman13 .. and your point about having to be from a powerhouse to be good i never said .. you like putting words in peoples mouth...What i said is playing for Baylor you play very weak defenses with makes and pads your stats... Cam beating alabama was gr8 ... baylor couldn't even get close to winning a national title ... why? because he could win when the big game came!

big 12 is a very solid conf. guess dalton sucked also cause he played nobody

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