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Road to Dolphins cleared for Reggie Nelson

The road to Reggie Nelson? Wide open, people. Wide open.

The former first-round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars was something of a disappointment early on but he found his way to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 prospered under secondary coach Kevin Coyle. Nelson, 28, had four interceptions, eight passes defensed, two forced fumbles and two sacks last season

Well, Coyle is Miami's defensive coordinator now. See a connection building?

And Nelson, from Palm Bay High school, is a Florida native. More connecting.

And the Dolphins have been searching for an upgrade at free safety. More connecting.

And the Bengals had the chance to franchise Nelson but decided instead to put the tag on kicker MIke Nugent.


So if the Dolphins want to bring in a player who knows the new system and will be ready to call coverages in the secondary for that system the first day, Nelson is your guy.

It should be noted the Dolphins got one interception out of the free safety position last season -- that one coming from Reshad Jones.

By the way, the Tennessee Titans were said to be interested in Nelson, but they franchised their own safety Michael Griffin thus they are probably off the free safety market.


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would be a good move

The eraser!

It would be a good idea to go after a FS in free agency. IMO the safety spot is a thin one in this years draft.


Make so much sense it probably won't happen. Too bad the Dolphins won't negotiate for RGIII because the owner is a sour-puss for losing out on Jeff Fisher. Seems Mr. Ross must think the fans are idiots and that they are clamoring for Payton Manning. He probably thinks we are too stupid to know he is injured and getting old. Go and buy your Dolphin tickets now so you can see Payton walk the orange carpet!!

Whats what these dumb illiterate posters who endlessly misspell Peyton Mannings name? How hard is it? His name has been in print 9 billion times.

Isnt it a better option to make a play for Brees and undo the Dante Culpepeer curse? It seems more and more likely he could walk from there based on the lack of contract. Let them franchise him and the dolphins could use the picks they would have spent on RG3 on a proven NFL QB.....just saying it is a scenerio worth pursuing than Peyton Manning who could get injured easily.

Don't really know anything about this guy, but he sounds pretty appealing. Just being able to call the coverages is almost enough for me (remember when we had Renaldo Hill, and that was like the ONLY thing he did well? Then the next year the defense completely dismantled and that's what a lot of players were saying, it was because he was no longer their to call the coverages). And gives the DC someone he's familiar with.

Looks like Clemons days might be numbered.

Brian, Not a good idea. You don't give up that many picks for a player at the end of his prime. You do that for a young player with twelve years of potential ahead of him.

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I think you'll see Miami sign Reggie Nelson. An instant upgrade at FS. Gives the new coaching staff time to either draft a FS to groom, or work with Clemons, Jones and Culver.

Whats what these dumb illiterate posters who endlessly misspell Peyton Mannings name? How hard is it? His name has been in print 9 billion times.
Posted by: Society Degrading | March 05, 2012 at 03:01 PM

You're reading a blog that has plenty of grammatical and spelling errors in each post. What do you expect?

Come on down! Nelson would be a huge pickup at a position of great need. Add one more decent CB (2nd or 3rd Rd draft pick) and our secondary looks pretty solid.

i have been saying sign nelson for awhile on these blogs. i think reshad jones can play SS too giving us the makings of a pretty decent young secondary(which will be made better if we can draft a pass rusher or 2 or 3 or with every pick in the draft (the G-men showed you the formula for winning in the pass happy NFL).

That's one of them FA's, Armando. Good.

Where are all of the regulars? Are we boycotting or something, I missed the meeting.

Upgrade at FS? Oh...goody!

I don't know if it's my imagination, but are Women becoming too "aggressive" towards Men? Perhaps the chemtrails.....you know.

omar is reporting manning is fit to go.

oscar. it's called pms.some have it all month long.lol

Fukk Manning, Man. The Poosy is being ever harder to mantain.

The ENTIRE secondary needs to be upgraded. Inn this market if the price is right Reggie Nelson is a good start.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is a Football Blog.


The ENTIRE secondary needs to be upgraded. In this market if the price is right Reggie Nelson is a good start.

For all the Flynn fans out there GB did not franchise him.

And the Franchise Tag period has ended.

if i recall nelson was a bit of a bust in jacksonville but our new defensive coordinator turned him into a player with the bengals. i think he does the same for smith and jones. davis is already a player. this guys coaching plus another pass rusher + nelson and i think the secondary is there. the D line depth looks to be the real problem if the lose paul and langford

It did? Then say goodbye to Paul Soliai.

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Reggie Nelson ran a 4.22 40 yard dash time.

This kid also ran 4.35 on wet grass at his Pro Day. Also broad-jumped 10 feet, seven inches.

See below and link.

The moment that Reggie Nelson crossed the finish line and the pro scouts checked the number on their stopwatches, they started looking at each other and shaking their heads. The lowest number read 4.22. The highest read just a shade under 4.3. Nobody was the least bit surprised thirty minutes later when Nelson declined to run again. That sub-4.3 40 was all the statement he needed to make.


I mean, the constant bitching, "don't drink", "don't smoke here", "not tonight", "it's your son, you know", "I don't want to hear it". You cuff them a couple of times, and everything blissful.

oscar, just shake u'r head yes and let it in 1 ear and out the other while u'r thinking about u'r hot neighbor being naked in the shower.

Hey, Armando, howbout Jarret Bush(FA CB) from GB(where they had plenty of those).

I think we all expect the fins to chase Manning. Why? In part because it's the wrong thing to do. This team doesn't need a stop gap, it needs a future.

When you factor in this franchises track record of doing the wrong things for over a decade, chasing Manning is predictably obvious. It doesn't take rocket science to figure that out.

Anyone portraying themselves as some prophet, even in jest, is a waste of blog space. It's not even funny, it's childish. You know who you are.

You're welcome!

My intention, 2 watt, is that I be respected and not, to be disrespecful.

No balls, you talk too much and don't read enough. People who read know that Peyton spells his name Peyton. I see a lot of your ilk at my job--too much talking, not enough listening and reading.

MiamiD20, people who misspell things like Peyton are the type of people who never read anything. THey spend their lives spouting off their ill-informed opinions--always vomiting out what's in their tiny, undeveloped brains, never taking in anything.

At UF, he was known as "ReggieFreakingNelson" (all one word), not only for the speed and cover skills he displayed as a free safety, but for his punishing tackles. No one needs to pay him a bounty for hard hitting. It's his nature. And he would be a significant upgrade as FS for the Dolphins.

Where are all of the regulars? Are we boycotting or something, I missed the meeting.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 05, 2012 at 04:02 PM

You only huddle around your buddies? Can't come out & talk to the little people?

Is Reggie a dread head, no more dread heads.

How is bringing Manning in wrong, especially if it is a incentive based contract? How? Anyone?

It is not like the coaching staff is going to get manning and then say, "there it is, the job is done"

If we can not get the trade for a fair price to get RGIII, Manning is a great option, especially at 80% or greater. If he is less than that, the incentive contract pays him close to nothing.

The coaching staff will still look for a future QB, Manning does not stop that.

But if manning comes here and does well, Miami becomes a hot spot for free agents going forward. I can not see a bad scenerio...

Hey, Armando, how about Martellus Bennet, FA TE, but from the Cowboys?

mr ross please dont sign matt-jayfeilder-ajfeeley-cleolemmon-johnbeck-flynn. if you want to gamble, gamble on peyton.if he is @ 75% healthwise only brady-rodgers-eli-big ben-and maybe brees are better. however,if you can stop inhaling chemtrails long enough to come to your senses then draft RG3.

Sounds good and logical...Lets see what we do with the qb position too. ;-)

Sign the guy. Today. We need a real smackdown FS catch the New England guys. Moves like this should happen fast. A 4.22. That is some serious speed. If he can catch, can anyone say "Kick Returner". Then you can spot the guy in an out of the defense on running downs.

The Crusher is correct. Most others are stupid.

Hopefully he won`t be too expensive.2.5 mill tops is all the Dolphins realistically could afford to pay.

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In a rambling and an impassioned plea for probation, Dykstra said he has tried to make amends for his past transgressions and said had his motion to withdraw his plea been granted, he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

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"No way this wasn't a probationary case," Flier said. "To give him state prison is outrageous. I find it disgusting."

The one funny thing would be IF the Dolphins signed Manning, you very well could have more people rooting for the Dolphins when Miami plays at Indianapolis next year. Don't be too shocked either when the game is a nationally televised prime-time game (likely Thursday Night or Monday Night Football).

But that is an anti-social(sociopath). Yes, you have to follow the Laws of the Society you live in. You don't like them Laws? Then go to another Society.

The Fins have signed Peyton Manning. All of this is a waste of time. Can't wait for season.

I would like having Reggie Nelson in our secondary.

Yiin Jong iII, I didn't know you were a Dolfan.

Some of you guys are sheeps. Never herad of Nelson but because eveyobe else wants him you want hi. Sheeps!



No, no, I have read about the FA's that are available to us within our salary cap.

Reason fans want nelson is cinci lost their top cb in free agency last year and not only did nelson hold the secondary together he became a playmaker under coyles coaching so him heading to miami makes perfect sense.

To get Nelson is meaningless. With Soleil gone, teams can just run it instead of passing......

What, Circus de Soleil?

If it makes sense, dont expect the dolphins to do it.

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