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Will Dolphins 'sell the farm' in free agency this year?

Several times last season I had Dolphins sources complain that the team was not spending enough money and certainly not as much as it could to be more competitive. Following one such column, I had a Dolphins official call me a "(bleep)-stirrer" for giving the sources a forum to complain the Dolphins were being cheap frugal.

I was between and betwixt because the Dolphins didn't offer to open their books to me.

Well, according to figures acquired from NFLPA sources, the folks complaining the club wasn't spending had a good point. According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL. Miami joined the company of Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Chicago as the lowest spending teams.

And what does that mean? It means that while the club was spending effusively to buy up tickets so that fans could see home games on local television, it didn't exactly put too much cash on the table for actual talent that, you know, might want to make the fans go to the stadium to see.

Said another way, the Dolphins were very conservative with their cash in free agency.

Now, this is not meant to point the finger at ownership. I really cannot point the finger for this approach at anyone because I don't know exactly where the decision to be cheap frugal originated. I don't know if it came from owner Stephen Ross as a means of saving money or if general manager Jeff Ireland decided the talent available on the open market wasn't worth the price of Dolphins involvement.

But I do know this: The Dolphins kept their pennies.

And that leads me to this question: What will the team do this offseason?

Obviously, the idea that abounds is that Miami will be a major player in free agency because Peyton Manning is a major move that will not come cheaply, regardless of how many folks keep suggesting he's going to sign a small, cap-friendly, incentive laden deal with little or no guaranteed money. The truth is Manning is going to be the focus of a bidding war between several teams and the healthier he seems, the higher his price will be if he's a free agent. You must remember that Manning's agent is Tom Condon and he doesn't sell off his players cheaply.

So if the Dolphins are going to chase Manning as we expect, they will be spending money. But beyond that, I would urge caution in expecting the Dolphins to be major free agency spenders.

I've been told the Dolphins will approach free agency with a budget and a plan that does not include a "sell the farm" approach. If you expect Miami to get Manning, and add a receiver, and a pass-rusher and a tackle in free agency, you are kidding yourself.

Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency. I would expect a measured approach. Maybe they add Manning. They will try to re-sign a defensive lineman, either Paul Soliai or more likely Kendall Langford, maybe they sign another starter after Manning if the price is a bargain.

But Vincent Jackson? Or Mario Williams? Or anyone that would be considered a free agency treasure?

Not expecting that.

I believe most of Miami's wants and needs beyond Manning will come from the draft.

I think that is probably a fair-minded approach. But if the Dolphins don't do much in free agency beyond a Manning attempt, then that should raise eyebrows. That would suggest the team is being cheap rather than frugal.

Adding Manning is supposed to change things. It's supposed to put the Dolphins in win-now mode because Manning is getting no younger. They need players to put them over the top beyond Manning.

That will present Miami with a bit of a dilemma if they wish to be frugal. Again.

We'll see.



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Last year,while shopping for a head coach, Ross knew that Sparano would not be around for too long, so why spend a ton of money to get him the palyers he might have wanted. This year with out a QB spending is probably on hold until a QB is signed.

Signing Peyton without having 100 percent certainty he will be able to start game 1 is just plain STUPID!


Seeing number 18 in Miami will be a absolute nightmare for Colt fans!!

Excellent article Armando! Way to shake it up!!

(1) Bash Dolphins for ridiculous Manning love affair
(2) Show how cheap the Dolphins are

Now all we need is an article about how "conservative" Jeff Ireland has no balls and takes no risks and that is why the Dolphins have few studs on their team and it is made up of a bunch of good but not great players.

Mr. Ross IS a cheap ass but he is willing to spend the money on Manning for the publicity. That is the main reason they signed Reggie Bush last year. Luckily for Miami, he stayed injury free.

Anyone who has ANY faith in Ireland making the right moves or Ross authorizing the team to spend some money to fix some of the drafting deficiencies the last decade has another thing coming.

This team will continue to disappoint you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

Because we're the Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins #1!


Owning an NFL is not about winning. It's like buying a home in a good neighborhood. It's an investment you hold for 10 years and sell. Wayne made a killing on the Fins sale without winning anything. Ross will too. You don't have to have the nicest house on the block, just normal maintenance will do. They don't have to overspend for their investment to be worthwhile.

I told every single one of you stupid motherduck*rs that the Mustache Man, Jeff Fisher, was to be avoided.

And I was right and you were wrong.


Hi, I'm Jeff Fisher, a known criminal, a cheat, a thief and a liar, and a perennial 8-8 with lifetime record of 172-172. Hire me please!! Here's my resume:

I ducking suck!!!

-Jeff Fisher

Do some of yuou guys think this is the Miami heat? Sign Manning, Nelson, Williams, and Soliai. It works a little bit diffrent in the NFL. Its a shame that an incentive like money will drive another NFL player to injure one of his opponent. What has the world coem too?

Every Fin fan should thank our lucky stars Fisher is not our coach. To the articles title if we spent like crazy last year we would not even be able to talk about getting Manning or Flynn

The problem is this team has too many holes to fill, year after year under this FO & not enough money or draft picks to address them all. Another indication of failure.

Which is why this team will continue to suffer in the pits of the AFC. With or without Manning. Continuing to rely on rookies to immediately fill voids sure helped us last year, didn't it?

Expect more of the same in '12.

NT Phat Paul will no longer be needed and WILL BE RELEASED saving Miami 12 Million dollars
(2)MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be signed to the 2012 Miami Dolphins
(3)Defensive captain and safety Y-Bell will be resigned because unlike the NT position, a hard hitting run stopping safety is very important in the success of the 4 -3 defense
* Home is the most accurate predictor anywhere when it comes to Miami Dolphin football and has an uncanny knack of determining what this team needs, team strengths & weaknesses, Star FA signings, players being released, players shining and players needing to be cut, Dolphins Win/Losses & score predictions
Enjoy Your Coffee and watch as these (3) things materialize
Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | March 06, 2012 at 08:21 AM

You continue to make yourself looks like an idiot:

1. Soliai isn't under contract, he can't be released. His cap number from last year expired and isn't even on the books for 2012. He offers no cap relief at ALL. God, you're DUMB!


3. Bell doesn't need to be resigned, he's already under contract.

Do yourself & everyone else a favor, go away.

But wouldn't signing Manning improve the team more than any other player? I enter get where the dolphins being cheap comes in. And before last year, Miami acquired Marshall and dansby to giant contracts. Which other team did that? And they also spent decent money on bush and Burnett which turned out to be money well spent.

Its not about spending a lot of money, its about spending money wisely. I'm as critical as anyone towards this franchise but this article is short sighted at best. Come on mando, step up your game.

The Miami dolphins may have an antiquated approach but they definitely are not cheap.






Mark, they arent cheap they just sign non impact player to large contract. Old man Ray lewis is still more effective than Dansby whos the top paid LB in the NFL. B Marsh isnt a top 5 WR in the NFl but gets paid like he's the best. Thanks Ireland

Justin, Were not playing Manning 28 million, thats the precise reason the Colts are cutting him. No team is paying Manning 28 mill.

Justin & Home are prime examples of blog idiots.

Both mention Greg Olsen. The same Greg Olsen who signed a 4 year contract extension with the Panthers last year & isn't even available.

LMAO you can't make this stuff up!

Buy Mario Williams. Draft RGIII. 2 problems solved. Draft OL in 2nd round if we still have that pick. No need to worry about Langford or Solai if Williams comes.

MiamiD20, How the hell do you expect to still have your second round pick if you select Rg3, its common sense that we'll lose the majority of our draft pick if we do draft him.

Clue, I agree 100%. The franchise has been in the toilet for a decade. The only way we acquire very good talent is to either trade for malcontents or sign over rated FA's other teams find expendable.

Or the isolated incident of having the #1 pick. This is not how you build a team & we see the proof every year.

I think the bigger problem is money that has been unwisely spent. Soliai imediately comes to mind but there is more. How about the $56,000,000 O-line that never did do squat? How about the overpaid FAs that didn't pan out?

I think last year Ross saw money wasted and he turned off the tap. Which was good in a way. But he failed to understand what (Ireland)the root cause was.

Armando your logic is a little flawed here. 1st you say Miami isn't spending enough in free agents (because some of your man crushes didn't get signed like Orton) then you say we only have 15 mil to spend in free agency so we won't be able to get peyton and whoever else because we won't have the cash left.

Now if we don't have the money to spend we either spent wisely in free agency in past years therefore explaining why we only have 15 mil to spend now or if we would have done as you imply and spend all our cash last year we would have no money for anyone this year.

Saving 12 million by not franchising NT PHAT PAUL is very wise move

NT PHAT PAUL will not be needed anymore
We all know he currently is not under contract

If we were running the 3 -4 defense then we might very well need to spend way to much to keep our NT , who is wanted by at least 4 other teams

So Miami will save 12 Million by NOT Resigning NT PHAT PAUL

just to clear it up for the dummmy ;)

Home I agree that saving the money by not keeping Solai is a wise move but wouldn't it have been more that 12 mil if we used a franchise on him this year? I read somewhere if you franchised them for a 2nd year they got a 20% increase in pay? So that would have been like 14 mil

You just can't build a team through free agency. Its much too expensive and inefficient. Front line free agents anyway. You can maybe add one front kine free agent a year and some of the best teams in the league don't add any. Pitt, CB anyone?

Otherwise you have to draft the guys or find mid level free agents that outperform their contracts. If your team is not competitive its simply because you don't draft well enough or don't have a good enough qb. Bottom line.

Free agency is nothing more than blog fodder.

Good point kyphinfan

Home knew it was in the 12 million dollar range which is absurd 4 a NT

Was the Dolphins fault though for not giving PHAT PAUL a reasonable contract 2 or 3 yrs ago

Then his play improved dramatically, he learned the position, got himself real fit and serious and became force at NT

The Dolphins quite honestly did not think PHAT PAUL would improve as much as he did, so they gambled and lost

Had to pay him HUGE money last year cuz his position was the anchor of the defense

Now he will not be resigned

Phat Paul would make about the same as MVP QB Peyton Manning

He will not be on our team any longer

Home does hope we sign DT Poe

Would be a great addition to our defensive line

I agree Mr. Coffee. We need to hang on to Soliai, pay the man! He is a beast.

Another question full of assumptions for you Home.

At what point assuming the Dolphins go after Manning on the 8th do you stop you pursuit of him if a deal isn't done and start pursuing Flynn on the 13th again assuming the dolphins want him?

Home, the Blog Idiot & Dummy, YOU SAID:

"NT Phat Paul will no longer be needed and WILL BE RELEASED saving Miami 12 Million dollars"

So first you say he's going to be released, then you say he's nolonger needed? LMAO What a dope!

Nice try, trying to cover up your ignorance. Thankfully everyone knows you're an idiot of GRAND proportions!

Take your pee brain over to the sentinel with the rest of your ilk!

The Dolphins spent insane money in FA esp w WR B-Marsh for 50 million dollars and LB Karlos Dansby as the highest paid LB in the NFL at that time

So the article that says the Dolphins dont spend

Sounds like another blogger here who is not getting laid


Sucks to be u!

i am not an idiot, i own 3 gyms and 4 houses and several restaurunts all over the w orld

My wife wont play with me ever.I have no life.

U see after u draft him, he has to sign a contract, then he becomes a player for your team

U Get That, Huh?


Home, We all know what your saying. Dont mind the troll!

Home, speaking of not getting laid, do chicks like it when you talk to them in thid person like you do on this blog?

Who does that, honestly LMAO

I hope they can re sign big Paul if his salary is in the 7 million a year range. Its better than spending money on Langford in the 5 a year range. Langford does nothing out there that creates a significant impact. He's a duplicate player that we already have in McDaniel and starks. Paul adds a different dimension.

"According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL".

"Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency."

We don't spend but we don't have cap space? Huh?

Solai is looking to get paid. About the same contract that fat Somaian from the Ravens got. IMO he's a decent player but not worth that much.

Home, speaking of not getting laid, do chicks like it when you talk to them in thid person like you do on this blog?
Who does that, honestly LMAO

Posted by: Petition to rid the blog of this home idiot! | March 06, 2012 at 10:37 AM

I gotta say, that's some funny sh*t right there! hahaha

Expect Starks to pick up his play again and make more of an impact on the defense like he did a couple years ago

Go Phins!

Seems to me it was pretty smart to not sell the farm since the money NOT spent last year can be carried over to this year. Why didn't you mention at least the possibility of that in your article, Mando?

How the hell did you know it was Home to begin with?

Tim, I mean, Home, stop riding your own jock. Everyone knows your home & you come out when home is being criticized for being a doofus.

If your not, you're obviously trying to protect him from looking as dumb as he does. In which case, the homosexual overtones are glaring!

Tim & Home, why don't you explain your other doozy about signing Greg Olsen. Considering you want to sign Poe, who isn't a free agent. It only makes sense you want to sign Olsen too. Since he isn't a FA either.



Mark, you're right about spending wisely, but if you look at all the elite teams (or Playoff teams), year after year, the general trend is they all outspend us. I did an analysis a year or 2 ago, and we were right in the middle 15-18 in spending. That year, all but 1 Playoff team spent more than we did. So, yes, I believe there is a correlation between what you spend and where you sit in the standings. Especially when you're a team without many playmakers.

The additions of Marshall, Dansby and Burnett were all going in the right direction, but they can't stop there. There's still other positions that need upgrading, and you're right, QB being the most important, since the right one will make many others better.

Expect Starks to pick up his play again and make more of an impact on the defense like he did a couple years ago
Go Phins!
Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | March 06, 2012 at 10:41 AM

Expect Home to make every predicition known to man just to tell you all he was right about something.

How does 1 persons life become this unimportant LOL

^too poke

Home i agree on Starks.

Only busting your balls Home!

Have a great day my friend.

I have to go take my meds now.

Look for the Dolphins to continure their (cheap) frugal ways of spending for free agents.
I would sign Matt Flynn, Super Mario, and a mid range RT. Or, just Super Mario and roll with Matt Moore. We can win with Moore and Mario would be the cream de la cream. But the Dolphins have never had such thoughts, they want to be cheap/frugal ways and stay on the bottom.

Home i agree on Starks.

Posted by: NJPHINFAN | March 06, 2012 at 10:49 AM

That's because you're Home & Tim & the next name of someone who agrees with you. DUH! You create all these names to make it look as if people cherish you. Blog after blog, day after day!

It's so obvious Ray Charles could see it. You're not even discrete! LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

Forget it. This place has too many trolls.
Home come back over the SS. Talk to you there :)

Expect Home to make every predicition known to man just to tell you all he was right about something.

How does 1 persons life become this unimportant LOL

Posted by: Petition to rid the blog of this home idiot! | March 06, 2012 at 10:47 AM

Home must be related to Craig M.


U Must Be Crazy ?

U Must Be Nuts !

Only busting your balls Home!
Have a great day my friend.
I have to go take my meds now.

Posted by: Petition to rid the blog of this home idiot! | March 06, 2012 at 10:53 AM

Bye Home. Come back when you acquire some intellect!

...I think one of the criteria for teams in the Manning hunt will be if he(Peyton) believes the team can be a contender. Will he waste his limited time on a squad that needs rebuliding? I doubt it.

This said. I'm sure if Miami is a real player in this deal. Manning is comfortable with the personel. He isn't dumb. He must realize the cap issues each team will face upon his arival. Any team is going to be handicapped a bit as far as other free agents. I'm sure Peyton is being vigalante, and doing his homework on prospective clubs. So perhaps signing Peyton Manning is an endorsement of the talent on this team. I believe Manning wouldn't think about coming here if he thought this was a losing propisition.

It seems like one guy is making up a bunch of names talking to himself, ooooook

Tim knight is a blogger who absolutely hates home. He's on the sentinel. That is obviously home blogging under Tim's name.

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