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Will Dolphins 'sell the farm' in free agency this year?

Several times last season I had Dolphins sources complain that the team was not spending enough money and certainly not as much as it could to be more competitive. Following one such column, I had a Dolphins official call me a "(bleep)-stirrer" for giving the sources a forum to complain the Dolphins were being cheap frugal.

I was between and betwixt because the Dolphins didn't offer to open their books to me.

Well, according to figures acquired from NFLPA sources, the folks complaining the club wasn't spending had a good point. According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL. Miami joined the company of Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Chicago as the lowest spending teams.

And what does that mean? It means that while the club was spending effusively to buy up tickets so that fans could see home games on local television, it didn't exactly put too much cash on the table for actual talent that, you know, might want to make the fans go to the stadium to see.

Said another way, the Dolphins were very conservative with their cash in free agency.

Now, this is not meant to point the finger at ownership. I really cannot point the finger for this approach at anyone because I don't know exactly where the decision to be cheap frugal originated. I don't know if it came from owner Stephen Ross as a means of saving money or if general manager Jeff Ireland decided the talent available on the open market wasn't worth the price of Dolphins involvement.

But I do know this: The Dolphins kept their pennies.

And that leads me to this question: What will the team do this offseason?

Obviously, the idea that abounds is that Miami will be a major player in free agency because Peyton Manning is a major move that will not come cheaply, regardless of how many folks keep suggesting he's going to sign a small, cap-friendly, incentive laden deal with little or no guaranteed money. The truth is Manning is going to be the focus of a bidding war between several teams and the healthier he seems, the higher his price will be if he's a free agent. You must remember that Manning's agent is Tom Condon and he doesn't sell off his players cheaply.

So if the Dolphins are going to chase Manning as we expect, they will be spending money. But beyond that, I would urge caution in expecting the Dolphins to be major free agency spenders.

I've been told the Dolphins will approach free agency with a budget and a plan that does not include a "sell the farm" approach. If you expect Miami to get Manning, and add a receiver, and a pass-rusher and a tackle in free agency, you are kidding yourself.

Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency. I would expect a measured approach. Maybe they add Manning. They will try to re-sign a defensive lineman, either Paul Soliai or more likely Kendall Langford, maybe they sign another starter after Manning if the price is a bargain.

But Vincent Jackson? Or Mario Williams? Or anyone that would be considered a free agency treasure?

Not expecting that.

I believe most of Miami's wants and needs beyond Manning will come from the draft.

I think that is probably a fair-minded approach. But if the Dolphins don't do much in free agency beyond a Manning attempt, then that should raise eyebrows. That would suggest the team is being cheap rather than frugal.

Adding Manning is supposed to change things. It's supposed to put the Dolphins in win-now mode because Manning is getting no younger. They need players to put them over the top beyond Manning.

That will present Miami with a bit of a dilemma if they wish to be frugal. Again.

We'll see.



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Priority list to get one of the following in order:

1) Peyton Manning
2) Matt Flynn
3) Mario Williams

We need just one of these guys to have a successful free agency and obviously, if we sign any of them, it would be just one of them.

Darryl, I am not so sure it would be much of an endorsement. Any team needing Peyton right now is not in very good shape. I do think we have as good a shot as anyone else though.

DC, but are those teams spending that money on the impact positions like qb, pass rusher, defensive backs, receivers, etc? Are they spending it on their own draft picks rather than paying inflated prices on other teams players in a bidding war?

Miami drafted nobody worth spending money on internally and have had bupkus at qb forever so it stands to reason that they'd be middle of the pack at best. If they were near the top and spending nothing at qb that that would be even more worrisome than being middle of the pack without the pivot.

Williams is injury prone and thast why the Texans didnt franchise him so I cant understand why some of you want him when he'll never be on the field

Clue why then do you want Flynn?

The Dolphins might not want to break the bank for Flynn, either.

Though he has had two stellar starts - including one in 2011 with 480 yards passing and six touchdowns - several anonymous front-office executives told The National Football Post this week that Flynn is not an elite quarterback.

Several said Flynn lacks arm strength - one called him a "dink-and-dunk quarterback" - and said he might not do well outside of the Green Bay cocoon.

"He doesn't overwhelm you with talent," an NFC executive said.

nobody hates home.home is loved and cherished by all except the NWO, chemtrail pilots and the operators of HAARP

..Reily..Not true. Peyton isn't talked about in a few spots because there is little chance to build a winner in the limited time he has left. I'm not saying we will automatically be a Super Bowl team day one. I'm saying that Manning would not come here if he did not believe he could win within the time frame of what ever he may have left in the tank(I'll say 1-4 years of great play)..He wouldn't come here if he thougt the talent on this team was complete garbage..This is why we ARE one of the teams mentioned in the Manning Sweepstakes.

Teams in the hunt for Manning all have very good pieces. Not perfect, but good. It will be up to Manning to decide what team gives him the best opportunity to win.

Liam, hell no I dont want Flynn, he was a 7th round pick for a reason. If Manning is healthy sign him, let Solali go and find a DE who can create pressure and not injury prone and sign that S from the Bengals Nelson.

The Dolphins dont havs a farm to sell. Just a dilapadated barn! LOL


I agree with your last post, its just that of the teams that we think will go after him, there is not all that much separation among the top few of them, that's all. I don't see how it would be a clear cut call talent wise, it might be more about how the interviews go, which staff he feels more comfortable with among who he sees as the top few teams. Also just through his contacts in the league he might have a better feel for one team over another.

MiamiD20, How the hell do you expect to still have your second round pick if you select Rg3, its common sense that we'll lose the majority of our draft pick if we do draft him.
Posted by: Clue | March 06, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Trade next year's #2? Trade a player in place of the #2? there are plenty of scenarios where we keep this years #2 and still move up. Miami isnt trading 2 #1's AND 2 #2's. It's unlikely yes, that's why my comment said IF but it's not like it's impossible to do.

3 huge variables in the manning to miami sweeptstakes
1)the weather.(since no dome team is an obvious suitor,he gets to play his home games in mostly good weather)
2)the lack of a state income tax
3)he already has a home here.

@80% of what he was he is a better QB then all but brady,rodgers,eli,ben, & maybe brees

i would love to get rg3 but the cost may make it impossible.

..Reily. I think we are pretty close to being on the same page. I wasn't trying to say that our talent level would be bonafide should Manning come here. I was just saying that he has to think that it is something to work with that will give an opportunity to win within the timeframe of the remainder of his career. Seriously though. I think if you put Manning on the same team that was on the field last year, we are 4 wins better..Not world beaters by any means, but competive for a playoff spot..It will not take major tweaks, and huge free agent aquisitions to be a playoff contender next season.

Manning has a a way to hide some of the deficiencies a team may have. So perhaps some of the glaring holes we had last year aren't such an issue. A player like Manning has a funny way of making everyone around him better.

I don't think Armando Salguero if well-thought-of by Our beloved franchise.They're always leaving him out-the-loop.And his blog is a cesspool of ignoramus who think they know better cause they predicted it with hindsight.

I can understand Miami not selling the farm for Mario Williams. He's going to expect (and get) a MEGA contract. However, if they get Manning and are in a "win now" mode then they definitely should pick-up a WR, RT and a starting free safety in free agency.

I always thought Aloco was the dumbest blogger here.

No offense Aloco but, Home beats you by a longshot!

I don't think state income tax registers on the radar of a multi millionaire like Manning.

....Petition. I'm not trying to tell you what to do. But IMO it is best to just ignore the posts you know are bogus. Any attention just feeds the fire. At some point if nobody aknowledges the jibber jabber..it will go away.

Darryl you have always struck me a a level headed guy.

Darryl, deep down I know you're right. It's just too easy sometimes. In the end, I do feel bad calling out a mentally challeneged person. I've had my fill for today though.

Enjoy Home & all his attn starved psuedo names!

Ross is too cheap to pay a Mario Williams.

They should make ya take an intelligence test before they sell computers to people like Home.

`Petiton...lol.I haven't read a whole post from him in almost 3 years..I just keep walking..Nothing to see here.

Clue..Thank you.

Alright fellas...Have a good one. It is 55 supposed to be almost 55 degrees on the Yellowstone today. The Rainbows are red bellied, and the drift boat is out of the garage....First fishing trip of the year!!!!!!

The stupidest person here is Ozkar.

I hope they remain cheap as far as Manning goes. I would not waste one red cent on him. Draft RG3!!!!!!

Have they published the Wonderlik scores yet?

Mark, that's true. Other teams spend money on playmakers. Miami spends money on linemen. Makes sense why they don't see the use in spending close to the limit.

Hopefully that's changing. Dan Henning wouldn't know what to do with a Manning or a Marshall. Philbin should know exactly what to do with them. So maybe he'll get Ireland to spend on the right things and Ross will see the benefit in the standings.

with paul soliai most likely gone that leaves 0 draft picks on this team from the CC/RM regime of 2007. these are guys who would be for the most part 27-29 year old 6th year players in their prime. what a waste. when will the badness end. i sometines think the 72 team was a gift...and a curse.

I am becoming afraid that Peyton will be too expensive for us and might have to settle for Flynn.

That's true crusher and why we aren't spending a lot incomparison to the other teams. These are the guys that are supposed to be getting paid big dollars and leading the club. We had to import a couple in dansby and Marshall but otherwise .... bupkus.

LOL At Petition, Home needs to be 86ed along with Odin And Ireland.

At this moment, to me, Flynn is worth less than Matt Moore, as he has not proven that he can win close Games like great QB's do. Besides, he played for the Champions while Moore did for a mediocre Team.

Oscar, The fins have been getting "Left-Overs" for about 15 years now, Are'nt you use to it by now?

correction...our f#ckin punter is still with us and if it wasn't for shane lechler he'd be a pro bowler...oh joy...easiest jobs in the nfl=punter for the pats,saints,packers. we on the other habd are wearin our guy out

I know Coalition. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but I foresee change in that Horizon. The Coaching Staff, at least, it's a BIG improvement over Sparano & Co.

The easiest job in the NFL is not the punter but the long snapper, is John Denny still the Dolphins long snapper?

Imagine $70,000 paychecks every 2 weeks just snapping a ball.

I think the big ? here is not Ross but rather Ireland. Is he going to be successful enough to convert us into a good Team? Hmm..

Perhaps you would like to try for the position, Clue.

Oscar, Will you be attending any Marlin games in the new Stadium, It looks huge from the Metro-Rail., Have you been inside it yet?

32 Offensive Coordinators for Stephen Ross to pick from to hire as our HC, and he chooses the only OC in the league who has never called a play in his life. Now we are stuck with Joey Philbin bringing in his old buddies like Mike Sherman. Zzzzzzz Flynn is a nobody, so that means we'll get stuck with him too.

Sure, Coalition. I will go to the Games when I can. Always a pleasure to sit in a Ballpark(I remember beautiful Wrigley Field), catch the breeze, eat a frank.

Oscar, the LS generally have some netural posittion they really cant play.

Gruden, Did you expect anything less of Idiot Ross?

If I understood what you wrote, Clue, it means you don't wanna get on all Fours?

"According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL".
"Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency."
We don't spend but we don't have cap space? Huh?
Posted by: ralph ortega | March 06, 2012 at 10:39 AM

They must have a 63 man roster.

no oscar, long snappers usually play TE or OL or some position where your a muscualr fella. Im no such thing.

Now, really, which would you prefer Sparano or Philbin? C'mon, c'mon, let's be honest here.

You're not a musculo fellow? That's odd.

Sparano fist pumps for FG, enuff said!!

Lots of negativity on here today........

oscar, im pretty sure you have some excess pounds on you.

Slowly over the last decade Miami has become the epitomy of a "SMALL MARKET" team. No more Shula, no more Marino, no more championships. Nothing to elicit a "GROWING" national following. Losing does this folks.

National fans are either Miami transplants or a "vintage era" fanbase to which to some degree it may also be declining. Lets face it, because of the lack of excitement following this once storied, now "stagnant and declining".

"We are now Tampa Bay, Jasonville, and worst of all Cleveland folks!

Speaking of money, I just read that over in N.O., Drew Brees is upset and will not sign his franchise tag. Does this mean that he may become a free agent?

Interestingly, one of the last articles you wrote was talking about how Manning, Wayne and Saturday are a package deal. According to what you're saying, we can't afford all those, and I doubt seriously that the FO would allow Saturday to usurp Pouncey's duties after we spent the first round cash for him. Move Pouncey to guard? Talk to Philbin. I'm sure he and Sherman are just peachy with the idea that their new Qb will be dictating personnel, and the playbook.
None of this sounds right.
The only thing that sounds worse is calling Flynn the final successor to Marino. That bad idea isn't even a NEW bad idea. #18 if I'm correct.

**FYI, radio announced today that Manning's deadline is actually this FRIDAY not Sunday, according to a technicality. I guess this circus will really start soon, which is good, so we can get it over with just as soon.


If we sign Manning, and any of his buddies, we will be our of cap space. Which means we can only sign our draftees. On those, we'll spend some serious $$$, and we'll be way over the cap for the next few years. Which means, nothing but draftees, or trades in the next few seasons.
That -OR- we start losing FAs or waiving guys.

With Manning comes baggage. I sure hope to heck he puts us in Superbowl contention, because we are about to pay for it out of our noses.

Selling the farm means give up all their draft picks like you want to do. It doesn't mean spend more money. You can frame the debate anyway you want Mando, but it still isn't going to land your boyfriend RG3 in Miami.

They won't sell the farm for Griffin, but they will mortage the farm for Manning.
Either way, we're out of either cap space or draft picks. Pick one.
The only way we do neither is to get Flynn. But that's just letting the farm rot.
I think i'd rather sell the farm.

Ross cannot really feel too good about free agency. A few years ago, they went out and signed Carlos Dansby who was considered one of the best LB available for a lot of $$$, and then turned around and traded for and signed Brandon Marshall considered one of the best WR in the league.

Both have not been busts, but neither have put up a season you'd expect for the price tag they are being paid . These two were suppose to put Miami over the top in terms of playoffs, and yet the team has been far from them.

The biggest issue with this franchise is the lack of some sort of stable leadership at the top, that has been the problem. It seems that if something doesnt work in two years, scrap it and go back to the drawing board. Look at a team like the Giants. Same owners, head coach (who is constantly on the brink of being fired by the media and fan base) and yet they win. They draft solid players and play to their strenghts.

Sure Peyton Manning would be an upgrade. Does he get us in the superbowl in 3 years if he stays healthy? Not sold on that. If I am Ross/Ireland I am paying close attention to what happens in New Orleans, and if there is any way I was able to get Drew Brees, not that it could even remotely happen, but I would rather throw $$$ and picks in that direction than with Peyton or RGIII this year.

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