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Will Dolphins 'sell the farm' in free agency this year?

Several times last season I had Dolphins sources complain that the team was not spending enough money and certainly not as much as it could to be more competitive. Following one such column, I had a Dolphins official call me a "(bleep)-stirrer" for giving the sources a forum to complain the Dolphins were being cheap frugal.

I was between and betwixt because the Dolphins didn't offer to open their books to me.

Well, according to figures acquired from NFLPA sources, the folks complaining the club wasn't spending had a good point. According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL. Miami joined the company of Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Chicago as the lowest spending teams.

And what does that mean? It means that while the club was spending effusively to buy up tickets so that fans could see home games on local television, it didn't exactly put too much cash on the table for actual talent that, you know, might want to make the fans go to the stadium to see.

Said another way, the Dolphins were very conservative with their cash in free agency.

Now, this is not meant to point the finger at ownership. I really cannot point the finger for this approach at anyone because I don't know exactly where the decision to be cheap frugal originated. I don't know if it came from owner Stephen Ross as a means of saving money or if general manager Jeff Ireland decided the talent available on the open market wasn't worth the price of Dolphins involvement.

But I do know this: The Dolphins kept their pennies.

And that leads me to this question: What will the team do this offseason?

Obviously, the idea that abounds is that Miami will be a major player in free agency because Peyton Manning is a major move that will not come cheaply, regardless of how many folks keep suggesting he's going to sign a small, cap-friendly, incentive laden deal with little or no guaranteed money. The truth is Manning is going to be the focus of a bidding war between several teams and the healthier he seems, the higher his price will be if he's a free agent. You must remember that Manning's agent is Tom Condon and he doesn't sell off his players cheaply.

So if the Dolphins are going to chase Manning as we expect, they will be spending money. But beyond that, I would urge caution in expecting the Dolphins to be major free agency spenders.

I've been told the Dolphins will approach free agency with a budget and a plan that does not include a "sell the farm" approach. If you expect Miami to get Manning, and add a receiver, and a pass-rusher and a tackle in free agency, you are kidding yourself.

Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency. I would expect a measured approach. Maybe they add Manning. They will try to re-sign a defensive lineman, either Paul Soliai or more likely Kendall Langford, maybe they sign another starter after Manning if the price is a bargain.

But Vincent Jackson? Or Mario Williams? Or anyone that would be considered a free agency treasure?

Not expecting that.

I believe most of Miami's wants and needs beyond Manning will come from the draft.

I think that is probably a fair-minded approach. But if the Dolphins don't do much in free agency beyond a Manning attempt, then that should raise eyebrows. That would suggest the team is being cheap rather than frugal.

Adding Manning is supposed to change things. It's supposed to put the Dolphins in win-now mode because Manning is getting no younger. They need players to put them over the top beyond Manning.

That will present Miami with a bit of a dilemma if they wish to be frugal. Again.

We'll see.



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Vegas is taking bets on which person will die first:

1. Demi Moore of OD
2. Rex Ryan of aneurysm

What's your bet?

Yes, every team in the league has holes, but being the Swiss cheese of the NFL is really discouraging.....

Speaking of Swiss cheese, that made me remember I haven't had any lunch yet......so laters....

Buster, things will change in a hurry once we get a qb.

Isn't that the real problem? Isn't that why this team is where its at right now? In genetics, mutations often lead a new and improved product or monstrosity. Currently, Miami is working on a monstrosity. They refuse to be inclusive and think outside the box.

Isn't that the real problem?

they don't tip hand to those that matter (other teams). fans don't matter

buster, i hear ya, its just the principle. i mean they are so great and destined champs but they need our ex-coach. you know he was not hired for his skills and thats what fires me up.

What a sad batch of bloggers today. Lame, lame.

Sign Manning At 75% he's still better then what we got now.JMHO.

Seriously HOME,
I was around for some of your score predictions and I gotta say, you were more accurate than anyone else including the so called professionals.
I also remember you only picked Pouncey for us in the draft and the year before you did fight vehemently that Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby would become Miami Dolphin players despite being shot down with these ideas by Omar on the other blog.
I also know you were the only one calling Sean Smith a bust and a poser boy corner back three years ago at his rookie camp.
So Home if you say Peyton is going to be our quarterback, Bell is going to be resigned and Soliai is not going to be resigned then I have written it down and this will determine if you really are some kind of prophet.

I love these guy's that want to go all out in Free Agency. Sign up everybody. Well that approach does not work. Don Shula tried it in 1995 and it got him basically fired by Huiezenga. The Eagles tried it last year and almost got Andy Reid fired. Look at the Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Ravens etc.. They always contend but are VERY select in free agency.

Peacekeeper Is Home., Have you no Shame Home?, Oh yeah by the way, Who did you get to play yourself in the upcoming Mega block buster "Have A HARRPY Day :)"

But Albert, Those teams did'nt have Ireland as there GM.

not HOME.
Seriously, you guys think too much about HOME.
However,there is reason why the football blogging world calls him, "NostraHomeUs"
Love HOME or hate em, he does have some kind of indisputable insight on what is about to happen with the Miami Dolphins.
I have seen it year in and year out and his weekly score predictions are closer than any professionals.
I would like to go to Vegas with the guy.


That's not the point. You CAN'T buy success in the NFL.
If you could the Washington Redskins and Daniel Snyder would be winning the Suer Bowl every year.



The fact that someone inside the organization would call you a "(bleep)-stirrer" means that they are continuing to read your columns and that's a good thing for those of us who have had enough of the current regime. If you were just an average sports writer, they would ignore you and it's obvious that you are having an effect. The truth hurts. Keep stirring the pot and thank you for being our change advocate.

I can remember when HOME told us all SSean Smith sucked and we all gave him lip for this crazy remark.
Then he posts right before going into the Dolphins vs Patriots game that the underdog Dolphins would win by one point.
Well Sean Smith got beat for an 84 yard touchdown pass by a third string wide receiver Aiken, but Vontae Davis picked off Tom Brady to Randy Moss and the Dolphins won at home by exactly one point.
Needless to say HOME was spot on and all and i mean every sportswriter in town picked the Patriots to win that game.
So Home might be a loon, but Damn can he quite the critics with uncanny predictions and picks.

Albert, As long as Ireland is GM(And for that matter As Long as Ross owns) The fins, Look for a Best of 9 and 7 or 6 and 10 record from Our team.





I'll absolutely laugh my @ss off if the colts and manning strike a restructured deal come friday and put to bed all the craziness of manning being released this year once and for all....and coming to miami

Good way to make all the media and fans look like idiots who jumped to conclusions rather than the sit and wait approach.......

Make It Happen Irsay...PLease!!!!


You are so intent on hating Ireland and Ross that you can't understand the point I am TRYING to make. ANY team that tries to BUY a championship thru free agency has failed. This is meant for Bruce's hero Armando Salguero.

Thank you YG,Once I Rag on you, You've made it.

I'm right with you buddy.

MY bad Albert, I'll send my hate to it's begaining H.Wayne Huizanga., Is this better?

Albert, who did Don Shula sign in 1995

That dirty scumbag Finnegan is avalable, maybe we should look into signing him

NFL Expert,

After loosing out to the Bills for a few years the Dophins and Don Shula went all out in 95. They signed or traded for Trace Armstrong, Safety Gene Atkins, Safety Michael Stewart, CB Terrell Buckley, DL Steve Emtman, TE Eric Green just to name a few. They met Buffalo in the playoffs nad Buffalo again beat the pants of the Dolphins.

Clue, Finnegan,Ireland, Philbin, It Makes sense, My Only question is, Do they have enough Alochol in Dade County?


Well, if you are going to hate, then yess I would do my hating on Wayne Huiezenga. He is the fool who took a prod franchise and turned it into a Cam Camaron of a mess under his sorry tenure.

I dont undertstand FP4FG's is Ireland and Philbin both drunks



Albert---excellent point about the 95 Dolphins. They went on a spending frenzy that excited the entire fanbase and then fell flat on their faces as the season progressed, culminating in that complete meltdown versus the Bills that ultimately cost Shula his job.

Folks, spending your way to a title DOES NOT WORK in football. It never has. If you think it does, you might want to check with Redskins fans about that.

Conversely, you could make the argument that (aside from the notoriously cheapskate Bengals) the two franchises who have been the LEAST active in free agency over the past 10-15 years are the Steelers and Patriots.

Yeah, it's not the "sexy" offseason that turns on the fans, but it's the RIGHT way to do business and build a winner in the NFL.

Has Aloco ever made a post worth reading?

Wait until Peyton gets a load of Brandon Marshall "IF" he comes to Miami. LOL

Brandon Marshall is easily our best qb since Marino. Boy can Marshall "THROW" a qb underneath the bus! Guaranteed Marshall will be the "first team voice" to let us all know if Peyton doesnt have it anymore. He threw Henne under the bus and threw Matt Moore under the bus after the "glorified scrimmage" game called the pro bowl.

Seems the only thing this franchise has been able to lead the league in lately is DRAMA! Expect this offseason to be no different! LOL

Can't "buy" a championship in the NFL. If you could, the Redskins would make the playoffs every year!

And, unless I specifically call someone out, my posts are NOT directed at any one person. But, if you feel that way, perhaps there's a reason. Just saying...

Who here would spend a week with Aloco?, let that set in for a minute or two,What would be the out come after a week?, Would you too go insane, Would you take a bullit to the head?Would you be "Enlighted" These are things I wonder about.
Posted by: FP4FGs. | March 06, 2012 at 01:46 PM

Gas, Like I said in this post "Aloco" is a "Quigmare" Lathered in a super secret sauce, Can you imagine spending a week in "Aloco's" World, Like I said, You'ld eather take a shot in the head or You'ld be "Enlighted", Not sure what would happen.

Going a little off topic I was reading in these mornings posts a debate as to whether other NFL teams participated in bounty's or whether it was an isolated incident and had to drop my two cents!! In 1983 after the Raiders got done pounding the Redskins in S.B.-18 it became common knowledge that Al Davis personally put bounty's on the Redskins and Joe Theisman in particular. It was admitted openly by Lyle Alzado, Ted Hendricks, Matt Millen, Rod Martin and a host of Raider players.

Al Davis NEVER denied the allegations that went as far as reporting $1,000.00 a head for every individual sack ect... If you remember the game you remember the beating Theisman took along with his WR's at the hands of Lester Hayes,Mike Haynes and Safety Van McElroy. At the time Davis was thumbing his nose at all 28 NFL owners at that ERA and especially Commissioner Pete Rozelle who blocked his move to L.A. with a 22-0 vote against relocation with 5 abstaining which resulted in an ANTI TRUST Law suit the Raiders would win and then ride to their S.B. destruction of Wash.

The pay for play bounty is a fact of the game I suspect more than half of the teams in the NFL have employed if not more. Greg Williams came clean because a few of his former players from multiple former teams were admitting to it and when investigated was going to maybe lead to the end of his career, something which may still happen with Roger "Wyatt Earp" Godell as League head honcho but the idea this was an isolated incident is really naive!


That's not true. "YOU CAN BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE NFL". It first begins by "BUYING" the right "GM".

You cant have a "BALLBOY" running your "OPs".

dr. roberts

Thank You. I have been trying to convey this message to these bloggers for days. However, they are more intent in hating and looking for easy awnsers to a complicated questions. It does not help that this town is full of radio talk show host's and beat writers more interested in stirring the pot than being factual.


No such beast as "bounty". This all to do about absolutely nothing. Kids learn when they first "lace 'em up" in pop warner that you knock the snot out of the kid in front of you.

Offering $1,000 to an nfl player to knock the snot outr of another nfl player isnt much incentive at all. Some of these guys drop more than a grand within the first 5 minutes of entering the strip club.

Guys needing more incentive to play than what they are presently being compensated. Are guys who will quickly known as "FORMER" nfl players.

Toola the otter?


That's not true. "YOU CAN BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE NFL". It first begins by "BUYING" the right "GM".

You cant have a "BALLBOY" running your "OPs".

Yesterday's Gone | March 06, 2012 at 03:43 PM

It's been tried many times by the Raiders most notably in 88 when they had 17 former #1 picks on their team and the whole thing blew up on the sidelines in Art Shell's face. It was later done by us in 94 when we one upped the Raiders and assembled a team with 19 former #1's and it blew up in Shula's face all the way to forced retirement.

It has only worked once for the 95 49ers but like YG said you have to have a strong FO and team history to convince players like Deion Sanders to play for the 1.2 Mil he got for his mercenary season along with Charles Mann, Richard Dent ect..

The Redskins did it from 99 till about 2004 with looser after looser. So YES it can be done but you need a strong FO which can take the right pieces to fit with the Pre-Madonnas and make it work, anybody wanna guess if Ireland could pull this off?!


fin4life @ 03:43 PM

Offers more Proof that Kris is always wrong.

Ever since Roger Goodell has taken over he's been trying to turn the nfl into a glorified "flag football league". The very reason, from like high school football on up, that young men do play football. Is to prove thier toughness and glorified thier manhood.

Before Roger Goodell's done, we'll be able to "co-ed" professional football, where women can play on the same football field with men.

Ahhh, Fin4Life, I see you've arrived, my Question is How long before your Lifemate Odin Awakens from his drunken Stuper? And ruins this blog?

Albert/dr. roberts,

The message I'm trying to convey to bloggers is simple: either you get better than a serviceable QB, or nothing changes no matter what you do.

Pretty easy message. Lots of evidence to back it up (over a decade's worth).

There has yet to be a GM for THIS team that's figured out any other way to make the team decent. Sometimes you just need to take care of the elephant in the room.

Since '95, we've drafted exactly...ZERO 1st-rd QBs. In the last 5 years, we've drafted 3 2nd-rd QBs (and in a week none will be on the team, and at the moment none are starting for any other team either).

So, you probably don't need to spend more than a dime on anyone EXCEPT the QB. And the more you spend (or bigger chance you take) on getting the best QB available, the greater the chance you have to stop being mediocre.


Guys needing more incentive to play than what they are presently being compensated. Are guys who will quickly known as "FORMER" nfl players.

Publicado por: Yesterday's Gone | March 06, 2012 at 03:51 PM

In 83 Marino's rookie deal was for 800K/4 Yrs. or 200K per. It was the reason he held out in 85 for a then record breaking 6 Yr./7 Mil. contract which the Broncos bettered by giving Elway the same deal plus $1.00!! I LOVE Football and hated Theisman so I would have pounded him for FREE, OHH! Wait, the Raiders did because after the Regular Season to this day you don't collect a nickle for post season play but for the LOVE of the game and your ring!! I also don't care how much they get the bounty thing is competition and bragging rights in the Locker Room!!

Back in the late 70's into the mid 80's you didn't have the mega bucks endorsements either. Jeez Breed I expected you to at least remember Bob Kuechenberg realty in the off-season with Newman trying to finish his law degree?? In those days players generally made under 100K a Yr. and had 2nd jobs, Marino and the 83 QB Class were the Bank breakers who began to usher in a new ERA. Later followed by the Reggie White lawsuit in 93 that finally granted FA which blew the doors all the way down. I know I'm going off on 2 very different points of view but you get me and see were they tie in?!

Guys, any fool should know you cant "build" a championship team through fa. That not what I meant by saying "first you buy the right gm".

A gm first has "TO DRAFT" the right players. You build through the draft. Next, you have to have a very strong "player development" operation. You cant keep having to discard your mid to lower rd draft picks year after year.

Lastly, you do the first above mentioned things correctly, you'll usually find yourself 1-2, or 3 max pieces away to not only being a championship contender, but a championship team.

To get to this point, that's why I posted first you have to buy the "RIGHT GM". The right gm will place the "DOMINOES" in place so that they all "FALL CORRECTLY"!


My only point is that a player that need extra incentive to go out and do his job correctly. Is a player that will perpetuate the NFL standing for "Not For Long". That's exactly what his job status will soon become.

Dirty hits will draw the penalty flag from the officials all day long. If a guy knocks another guys brains out with a perfectly clean hit. I have zero problem with that and neither should the nfl.

If the nfl has problems with guys getting knocked out of games because of perfectly legal hits. Thier next step should be to banish "tackle football" altogether and form a professional "flag football" league.

To get to this point, that's why I posted first you have to buy the "RIGHT GM". The right gm will place the "DOMINOES" in place so that they all "FALL CORRECTLY"!

Yesterday's Gone | March 06, 2012 at 04:07 PM

Here I agree 110% Just ask Marino what he really thought of Shula the GM?

The primary problem with the Dolphins team right now is we miss on so many draft picks from the upper to lower rds. Plus, do such a shotty job in the player development area. We need to have at 2 major fa signings, plus 1-2 above average signings a year to make up for the dificiency we created in drafting and player development.

Problem with having to build thru fa is you end up depleting your youth, cap space, and signing a fa bust to boot.

Four things you can bet On
#1 Birth
#2 Taxes
#3 Death
#4 Fin4life to defend his "Lifemate"

Yesterday's Gone | March 06, 2012 at 04:16 PM

I won't dispute your claim but you and I know that any competitive edge in Sports will be tried and tried again. I don't for the life of me believe that Greg Williams Coached D in the NFL as long as he has on as many teams as he has and been the only guy to try any edge he could. From Spy Gate on down everybody is doing something because I doubt Belichik is the only guy to try it and by the way I didn't think it would help a great deal but the Pats don't seem to know what opposing O's are doing quite as much, hmmm?? That's my point.

Problem with having to build thru fa is you end up depleting your youth, cap space, and signing a fa bust to boot.

Yesterday's Gone | March 06, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Again agree with you 100%, give me the Jimmy Johnson way of the late 80's in Dallas who built a MONSTER through the draft. To bad we don't have a Hershel to deal for a slew of picks!!!

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