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Will Dolphins 'sell the farm' in free agency this year?

Several times last season I had Dolphins sources complain that the team was not spending enough money and certainly not as much as it could to be more competitive. Following one such column, I had a Dolphins official call me a "(bleep)-stirrer" for giving the sources a forum to complain the Dolphins were being cheap frugal.

I was between and betwixt because the Dolphins didn't offer to open their books to me.

Well, according to figures acquired from NFLPA sources, the folks complaining the club wasn't spending had a good point. According to the NFL Players Association, the Dolphins were one of the bottom five cash spending teams in the NFL. Miami joined the company of Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Chicago as the lowest spending teams.

And what does that mean? It means that while the club was spending effusively to buy up tickets so that fans could see home games on local television, it didn't exactly put too much cash on the table for actual talent that, you know, might want to make the fans go to the stadium to see.

Said another way, the Dolphins were very conservative with their cash in free agency.

Now, this is not meant to point the finger at ownership. I really cannot point the finger for this approach at anyone because I don't know exactly where the decision to be cheap frugal originated. I don't know if it came from owner Stephen Ross as a means of saving money or if general manager Jeff Ireland decided the talent available on the open market wasn't worth the price of Dolphins involvement.

But I do know this: The Dolphins kept their pennies.

And that leads me to this question: What will the team do this offseason?

Obviously, the idea that abounds is that Miami will be a major player in free agency because Peyton Manning is a major move that will not come cheaply, regardless of how many folks keep suggesting he's going to sign a small, cap-friendly, incentive laden deal with little or no guaranteed money. The truth is Manning is going to be the focus of a bidding war between several teams and the healthier he seems, the higher his price will be if he's a free agent. You must remember that Manning's agent is Tom Condon and he doesn't sell off his players cheaply.

So if the Dolphins are going to chase Manning as we expect, they will be spending money. But beyond that, I would urge caution in expecting the Dolphins to be major free agency spenders.

I've been told the Dolphins will approach free agency with a budget and a plan that does not include a "sell the farm" approach. If you expect Miami to get Manning, and add a receiver, and a pass-rusher and a tackle in free agency, you are kidding yourself.

Miami has neither the cap space nor the desire to spend that much cash to solve so many issues in free agency. I would expect a measured approach. Maybe they add Manning. They will try to re-sign a defensive lineman, either Paul Soliai or more likely Kendall Langford, maybe they sign another starter after Manning if the price is a bargain.

But Vincent Jackson? Or Mario Williams? Or anyone that would be considered a free agency treasure?

Not expecting that.

I believe most of Miami's wants and needs beyond Manning will come from the draft.

I think that is probably a fair-minded approach. But if the Dolphins don't do much in free agency beyond a Manning attempt, then that should raise eyebrows. That would suggest the team is being cheap rather than frugal.

Adding Manning is supposed to change things. It's supposed to put the Dolphins in win-now mode because Manning is getting no younger. They need players to put them over the top beyond Manning.

That will present Miami with a bit of a dilemma if they wish to be frugal. Again.

We'll see.



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Hey guys, it's time to Fail Forward Fast!!!

F___uck me bro.

Peyton will go to SF, that is his best shot.
Moore will be our starter.
Ireland will trade down.

Next year will look not much different than the last few years.


Our problem isnt having a Hershel Walker available to trade4 for "a slew of picks". Our problem is even if we had a Hershel Walker to trade for those slew of picks.

We still have Jeff Ireland who would find a way to "screw up" at least "90% of thos slew of picks".

Even if we had a Herschel Walker, Ireland would just squander the picks on backup RB's, Chad Henne's, and Pat White's.

Had you very stupid, small brained morons listened to me and drafted Tim Tebow:

1. We'd already have our franchise QB
2. Tim would have picked up everyone around him, just like he did in Denver, and our core was better. We'd still have Ronnie and he'd have had a few monster seasons. D would have crushed.
3. We'd be heading into our 2nd straight playoff year, this time at 12-4, just like the Broncos will this year.

He will win game after game, again, this year, and every week the meatheads will continue to scratch their heads and wonder why. It's because:

1. it's a team sport; he inspires the other 21 guys on the field, O and D, to play better

2. His already good passing will improve. He will connect on many more TDs than he throws INTs, as he has already done throughout his career.

Tebow is a winner. Did you watch him in college. He's one of those guys who makes a difference and will have a super bowl ring or more soon.

You heard it here first.

If Jeff Ireland would have been Coboys gm during the Hershel trade. I highly doubt Troy Aiken would have ever become Cowboys hof qb. Ireland would have drafted an olineman #1 over Aikman. Probably misses out on drafting Emmitt and Michael Irvin too.

Can you actually vision Ireland drafting a wr and rb 1st rd?

I'd like to have a token virgin on the team.

Jeff is ok. It was Tony who couldn't figure our where or when to play anybody. Look at Jerry, as soon as we have a coaching change he is filling in at LT like a stud.

The team we have is better than most think. I'd like to go after Blacmon. We don't need line first round. Jerry can handle RT or RG. Forget D at #8 too. Take Blacmon. Trade Brandon if it helps to get him. Brandon is always going to be a problem child hot and cold player.

Watching espn. Theyre throwing around the possibility of Bellichik signing Mario Williams. If this happens it sounds like a move that could end Peyton Manning's 2-3yr Dolphin career even sooner. LOL

What? I don't get it. If the Dolphins sign Manning or Flynn that basically wipes out their salary cap. They will have enough money to sign their draft picks and maybe a second tier talent but beyond that they won't be able to afford anything else. I guess I'm missing the point? How can you call someone cheap that has no money?

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Ross didn't spend money last year because he wanted Sparano out. He was forced into resigning him and the only way he could get out of it was to ensure the Dolphins talent base didn't jump up too much. It seemed pretty obvious and then Tony went and hired a bunch of scrub coaches to fill out his assistants which put the final nail in his coffin. The Dolphins will spend as much money as they can this season, mark my words on that.

YG, they also want to sign Vincent Jackson, which will end Sean Smith career. Anyone remember that Chargers game where none of our corners could have covered VJ?

Mark my words on that, LOL!

Ok. Hahaha. Marked them down son. LOL!

How is an owner of a team force to resign any coach, that defies logic.

Hey Phins87 go s**k a c**k. I'm not your son you stupid piece of garbage. Hiding behind multiple names like the puss wad you are. F**k off and die.

phins 78 your right, which means draft picks and a broken down qb. thats it

moss is gonna have a huge year with brees

"2. His already good passing will improve. He will connect on many more TDs than he throws INTs, as he has already done throughout his career."


"His already good passing..."

He's a great passer. If only the guy could run...lmao

They have 15 million to spend and signing a qb will cost them close to 15 million. They will have just enough to get their draft picks signed like I said.

If you disagree with that why don't you tell everyone why instead of acting like a ridiculous child ya freakin mental midget.

What did I offend you three days ago and you've been lying in wait for my return. Bwahahahaha dummy.

There are a ton of ways to get around the cap for savvy GM's. Jeff Ireland? not so much..

The Dolphins will spend as much money as they can this season, mark my words on that.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 06, 2012 at 04:51 PM

Anyone got a pen? I want to mark his words. LOL.

We can all mark his words on that...HAHA!

Righty Oh!

dusty they will have to cut someone and Bell might be the odd man out. His production doesn't justify his salary and we have a couple of kids better suited for SS than FS sitting on the bench waiting.

That will give the Dolphins over 5 million to spend on draft picks and a second tier (I'm going out on a limb here) O-linemen.

It will rain somewhere tomorrow. You can mark my words on that. Take it to the bank! LOL.

eitrher way phins we wont add much of anything other than the draft and will try for the broken qb but after he signs with kc we will chase flynn probaly, very sad. just trade up and draft griffin

I fully expect Ireland to participate in the draft. You can mark my words on that!

Phins78, u mad bro?

Phins87, my comment was made directly after reading the article. I was commenting on Armandos last point. What is so amusing to you about that?

Oh,,,I get it,,,you've been in here all day because you have nothing better to do and you must have assumed I was as well. You must have thought I was repeating something or saying something ridiculous but Armando suggested they might not spend to the cap. So I disagreed and wrote that they would.

You really aren't too bright are you? WOW


Bottom line is NE is too far ahead of us. So is the rest of the competition for the 2 wild card spots. It will be another long season.

By game 7 we will be talking about the next draft again. So sad.

Phins78, u mad bro?

If we dont get Manning you can kiss next season goodbye.

Can Philbin handle a group of egomaniac troubled players? I am not so sure. He may be too white for them, just like Cam. He lost control of the locker room.

Ya got that everyone,,,,,Phins 78 disagreed with Armando. Lets all make fun of him!!! Look Phins78 I have a lot of friends in here and we are all annoyed at you because you made me,,,,,I mean us look foolish the other day,,,,(or was that just me) ummm ,,yep, it was just me you made look foolish so now I'm going to spend my time following you around the blog making fun of you. I just hope you don't ignore me because I won't get any personal satisfaction out of that. If I get a rise out of you my loser life will feel so much more important so please,,,pllleeeaassssseeee pay attention to me?

Tom Coughlin white as bread but his team repects him..

Dude I don't even know you wtf would I be mad at? Have at it,,,,I'll be ignoring you.

The great Miami organization has been slowly fading into oblivion since our last AFC championship. We have been in endless decline since.

Woops, I posted as you SO ONCE AGAIN, "Dude I don't even know you wtf would I be mad at? Have at it,,,,I'll be ignoring you."

Clue, Coughlin is white but he isn't white. He is tough, military, not white wonder bread lets hold hands and sing kumbaya.

Troy Aikman we call Alice, and Henne, Sonia.

Coughlin is white like cement. Philbin is white like the pillsbury doughboy LOL.

wrong phin87

They say Coughlin has a big Mandinga, but he's ugly as hell and Players stay away from him(and respect him).

Im out for today. Enjoys ladies!

The teams we are competing against not only have better teams, but more stability. With new games plans on both sides of the ball, a rookie HC, rookie DC, we can't really expect too much. I say another slow start.

Quite the reunion they're working on in NY...

Jets reportedly interesred in free agent Ronnie Brown

Posted by Evan Silva on March 6, 2012, 5:16 PM EST
Free agent tailback Ronnie Brown is running out of gas at age 30, but he can still pass protect and catch passes at a respectable level. Multiple sources tell ESPNNewYork.com’s Rich Cimini that the Jets have interest in Brown.

Brown knows new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s system from their time together in Miami, and would be a natural replacement for free agent LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was the Jets’ third-down back last season, but isn’t expected back.

The Jets need a third-down specialist because starter Shonn Greene struggles mightily in the receiving game. In terms of playing time, New York would seem to be one of Brown’s best possible landing spots


Looks like Sparano is going to drag the Jets down bringing the ex fins castoffs. I can't figure out why they took Sparano as OC. I don't see it working out. Good for us.

This is what you should expect from your #1 overall pick QB:

"Manning has broken all of Indianapolis' career records for quarterbacks and had never missed a start before last season. He's taken the Colts to the playoffs 11 times, captured seven AFC South titles in eight years, won two AFC championships, one Super Bowl title and a Super Bowl MVP Award."

Make him a solid offer and leave it at that. Miami "supposedly" offers the best offense for him. one back offense with one elite receiver. A decent defense and good offensive line. Cleveland, Kansas City, and the other teams are lacking. But we should not be overpaying for this guy.

The Colts will be releasing Manning tomorrow, one day before he is due the 28 mil roster bonus.

Can we expect Manning to be a Dolphin by Monday?

SF would be a better team for him if they are interested.

HOME, I believe Jeff Saturday is expected to retire, and we HAVE a center. Pouncey is not big enough to play RG or RT, at least not in his present configuration. Unless he magically gets 2 inches taller and 30 lbs beefier. LOL
Like you, I'd be happy to see an aggressive DE drafted 1st,as not only would we most likely get value, signing him over a stud Wideout, QB (no value there unless RG3) or the Alabama RB would cost us more in the long run.

I have to disagree with drafting a RT at 8...there are 2 FA who would fit the bill.
I also want Manning, as he will rejuvenate the position for us, and make everyone better.

Whoops, meant to say signing a DE would cost LESS in the long run than a project QB, etc.Sorry.

Getting Peyton would make trading up for Blacmon our best move.

8 Things you can depend on.
#1 Aloco will say something stupid
#2 YG/DB Or whatever he's going by will change his mind over and over and over again and again ETC.
#3J.Ireland will pick a "ACORN" in the 1st round.
#4 J.Ireland will lose his job by the end of the year.
#5 Odinstye will say he's gotta "HOTTIE" coming over
#6Fin4Life will come to his "Lifemates"Rescue when bloggers attack Odinstyes posts
#7 NYJs are a weaker team now that Sporono is there OC.
#8 Odinstye ill ruin this blog sometime tonight.

Reilly, I believe he'll be gone, even though he didn't run really well at the combine. like a 4.5 something, I believe.
To my eyes, He appears polished, though.

Peyton would transform guys like Bess and Hartline into Welker and Hines Ward. (IN his prime.)

He isn't fast, he isn't big, but he has all the intangibles, instinct, great hands, good moves. I agree though Peyton will make our current receivers all look a notch or two better.

New post up!

If we sign Manning do we have to draft Reiff?

I agree with you RG3 is the long term solution for this team but Ross will go all in for Manning. If he does then all the FAs I'd like this team to sign are Saturday and Wayne (he's past his prime but Manning will need a familiar face and Wayne wants to come to Miami from what I keep reading).

Then you go all defense in the draft. I'm intrigued by Dontari Poe, if he has a good pro-day and the Panthers show signs to try getting him we may need to use the 8th pick rather than trading down. The pool of talent is pretty good so trading down is alright too. We could target Brockers late in the 1st and a corner.

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