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Smith visit smells like leverage ... let's hope

Back from church this morning and the Internet is abuzz with football fans dissecting the Dolphins bringing San Francisco free agent quarterback Alex Smith to town overnight. (If you want to read the details, check out Barry Jackson's story on the Dolphins page of The Miami Herald.)

Let me help with this analysis. This is about a couple of things, including having a backup plan should Matt Flynn bolt. Call this the backup to the backup plan. But primarily tis is about leverage.

I haven't been told that. I haven't gotten a text about it. I am simply smelling leverage.

Why? Because ...

*Before the Dolphins ended their visit with Matt Flynn on Saturday they told him they wanted him as their quarterback.

*Miami locked onto Flynn before Smith. All things being equal, the Dolphins prefer Flynn to Smith simply because he's very familiar with most elements of the offense the Dolphins are likely to run. Smith would have to learn his fifth new offensive system in seven years. Not great.

*I know Miami is very comfortable paying Flynn the contract offer his agent got from the team but probably isn't too thrilled paying Smith the kind of deal he rejected from the San Francisco 49ers. Smith rejected a three-year offer from the 49ers that averaged approximately $7-$8 million per season but could rise to $9-$10 million if he continued to play as he did in 2011 based on incentives.

That is a lot of money on average to turn down. I've no idea where the guaranteed money was but I'm assuming it protected the team against Smith returning to Earth after a good season in 2011. Despite all that, Smith thinks the Dolphins are going to offer more? For their third choice QB?

They would be very unwise to do so.

*Smith wants to be treated and paid like a franchise quarterback. The team that knows him best, loves him most couldn't do it. Why would the Dolphins?

The Dolphins are more than willing to commit to a franchise quarterback when, you know, they are in the presence of a franchise QB. Smith is not a franchise quarterback. In his best season, he was a very good game manager. He threw 17 touchdowns and 5 interceptions last season. Nice. Combine it with the NFL's best defense and you have a trip to the NFC title game. But eye-popping? Outstanding? Championship caliber? No. Not in the AFC East.

Smith actually might come into camp against Matt Moore and lose a fair and equitable competition. His statistics were only slightly better than Moore's last season and over their careers, Moore actually has a higher QB rating -- 80.1 to 76.4. The Dolphins know this (I hope).

*The Dolphins aren't out of the Flynn chase. He will likely make a decision sometime today or tomorrow. He wants to play in Miami. He knows the money is probably not what his agent wanted. But the fact is if he plays well in a system he's familiar with, in two years the Dolphins will be extending his contract anyway. So it's not necessarily about getting the most money now but perhaps getting set up to make the most money down the road after, you know, something has been proven.

(As an aside, it is clear the Dolphins are not getting a proven franchise QB this offseason. They are adding talent to the position. The talent may eventually prove itself and rise to top 10 QB status. But get one of those from the first snap? Nope.)


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WOW! I cant believe some of you think every fan here should just roll over and pretend everything's ok here in Miami.


I guess some here have just gotten accustomed to MEDIOCRE FOOTBALL! Doesnt mean the rest of us have to do the same!

Because this team is joke. Ross is a incompetent circus monkey, ireland has no clue. What have they shown you to believe that they want to put together a winning team for its fans?

Tiger, the Fins dont have a farm to give up.....just a mutilated delapidated barn!

Yea Craig M,

I'm cool with questioning decisions of the FO and even not liking them, but the tone of some people to me sounds like they are thriving in the Phins struggles and wouldn't even know what to type in here if Miami started doing well again


Instead of spending all day echoing what others are saying, why don't you give a balanced approach and talk about some of the good moves this regime has made. Moore, Bush, Long, Pouncey, Davis, Wake, Burnett.

I'm guessing you're bashing them for Dansby and Marshall but the truth is they were two needs on the team that had to be filled. When you add in FA, you tend to overpay for players. The alternative to this is to do nothing and then the fanbase bashes them for never getting involved in FA. Which would you rather it be? It's fine to say 'well it wouldn't be a problem if they consistently didn't miss on their draft picks but evrey team in the league misses'. The 14-2 Pats miss just as much if not more than we do.

Tiger Sam,

Long played at Michigan. I can so see a scenario of Long going to the Lions in FA next year. If I were a Dolphin player and became elible for free agency. I would leave Miami on the first thing smoking! LOL

If we don't care that Smith is a former #1 pick why make such a big deal of Flynn's draft position?

Dolphin 77,

I dont doubt that Ross and Ireland want to put together a decent team. But they can not. Way too incompetent to compete in the NFL. Maybe they should try the Arena League.



Your comments are right on. Don't worry bud, there's enough of us on here who don't think the sky is falling at every conceivable moment. If the team struggles badly next year there's always the chance we'll get that long awaited 'franchise' QB. The Lions were mediocre for a very long time. Even the Niners. Hell even the Pats were brutal at one time. I guess peope forget the 2-14 Steve Grogan years. Just got to have some faith that these guys will get it right. I think it's comical that some guys have buried Philbin already and the team hasn't even played a down yet. Is it any wonder why Cowher and Gruden wanted nothing to do with this situation.

I have seriously followed the Fins since the end of Griese's career. Marino will always be my favorite player of all time. I have endured heartbreak after heartbreak with all you other fans since that Woodley debacle. I just hope the Dolphins will win a superbowl within my lifetime. I can't even begin to count how many thrashings the Fins have taken over the years. In fact, I bet the Dolphins have received the most blowout post season beatdowns in nfl history, at least from 1980 on.

Please stop comparing Matt Moore's half a season stats to anyone else. If Moore is your answer, you don't even know the question.

OK guys, I'm out....not going to be a part of the negativity on a beautiful Sunday.

Enjoy your day....

Craig M--It will always be that way, like in 1998 when Don Shula ordered the target play against Los Angeles. I remember that well!


WAKE UP! In baseball if a hitter goes 3 for 52 batting. Do you think his gm is gonna put all the focus on those 3 hits he did get?

This kind of like our fo. Sure theyve had a "few" successes. However, those successes havent been nearly great enough to "OVERCOME" the failure.

Yes, the hitter goes 3 for 52, but lets not focus on the 49 times he dident get a hit. Lets focus on the 3 times he did get a hit. That is grossly stupid if you're expecting to make a championship chase.

At best, Ireland's good moves places a closer to being salary cap handcuffed, than to bringing a Nfl championship trophy to Miami.

Gotta believe Philbin is already questioning his decision to join this trainwreck.

It started with the new coach _______? decided that the Dolphins helmet logo and the dolphin looked too happy. he decided to change the face of the Dolphin to look or appear meaner looking.

Then we have the fiasco of identity throughout the years.

Joe Robbie Stadium (1987–96)
Pro Player Stadium (1997–2004)
Dolphins Stadium (2005)
Dolphin Stadium (2006–09)
Land Shark Stadium (2009)
Sun Life Stadium (present)

Then we have the Dolphins' ownership group -- which is led by Stephen Ross and includes celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Jimmy Buffett, Gloria Estefan, Fergie and Venus and Serena Williams.

Parcells brought in his groupies Ireland and Sparno and left over Cowboys.

Parcells franchised Jeff Ireland, who was a fired KC Scout and then became a Scout for the Cowboys, and promoted Jeffy to Dolphins GM.

parcells promoted Jeffy THE SCOUT because parcells KNEW that Jeff would have little or no say on picks as parcells was the czar and made the final decisions.

When Heyzinga sold the team to deputy Ross, parcells knew his gig was up and took the loot and ran. He did what parcells does and has a track record of doing so no surprise there with me.

Problem is that deputy Ross decided to keep the parcells virus in Sparano and Ireland.

Today, the trojan hook virus Jeff THE SCOUT is STILL buried deep inside the system and Ross loves him.

The question is WHY?

I'll tell you why. The Dolphins are a hobby to this owner and honestly, Ross owns the team and can do as he deems. To us fans, we can only show our distaste by boycotting and providing Ross a stadium of empty seats.

Other then that we get what we get and we can like it and stay or we can jump out and find another franchise.

Me no like team signing second best free agent qb, me want them to ignore Flynn because me sure flynn=KOLb. Me no understand what jeff do, leava captain caveman scared and mad. How me brag to other cavemen about team? Now me have to talk about self but me loser hang out in blog all day. No caveman want talk to me.

Sun Life is even withdrawing from these clowns. The new name may be the Charmin Bowl. LOL



The logo change occured in 1997. It had nothing to do with Jimmy Johnson and was actually made at the suggestion of the NFL itself, who also provided the graphic team that made it.

Jimmy Buffet does not own a piece of the Dolphins. Not even one-millionth of one percent. The other "celebrity owners" are window dressing. They have absolutely zero role in running anything and no voice in affairs. Most have a "share" that is so small as to be virtually worthless.

It's spelled 'Huizenga.'

Otherwise, a stellar and factual accounting. (eyes rolling)

Me think it funny same people say flynn no good are same people laugh at dolphins they sign bush and moore. Maybe me not so scared, maybe stoopid fan know nothing.

I'm glad the Marlins moved out of that dump stadium. Heck, Sun Life is even ending their sponsership. I guess being associated with losers hasnt helped them.

This fo makes about 4 very unsound move for every good move that they make. But posters like Craigm will have you believe that is acceptable. LOL

Wtf if we get Alex smith I'm gonna shoot myself I know Ross/Ireland is dumb but this dumb??? Really?!?!

It would be awesome to have a killer draft...just once...

Flynn is a 7th-round benchwarmer. Matt Moore has a winning record as our starter. Easy choice. Give Moore some more time and do not not not allow Joe Philbin to hand-pick his own players. He is not qualified.

How can we ever have a killer draft when Jeff Ireland uses it for his own personal "acorn hunt"?

Its actually more interesting to see what the fo does than watch the dolphins play..

Caveman no understand why fan stay in here all day every day complain about same thing in every post. I have meat to catch, you no life? I go have sex with cavewoman, no fun read virgins complaints all day.

"Let's hope"??? You actually hope to get Matt Flynn?? reminder: he is a 7th round draft choice benchwarmer who played in two games in his life. The only person who thinks he's good is his old buddy Joe Philbin, who used to watch games with him every Sunday as Mike McCarthy called the plays that Aaron Rdogers ran. Philbin and Flynn had great seats for those games.

I'll tell u what...Alex smith is amazing......he has been overpaid his entire career, has probably the best defenses in the league and one of the best running games...and they won in spite and not because of Alex smith. Anyone who watched them knows he was probably the worst qb in te red Zone this year (their fg broke records)...and it was his BEST AND REALLY ONLY good year. He deserves 3 million, no more, and he turns down 7-8?? Like I said, he's amazing.

The Bozos now running this franchise have neither the brains nor balls to build a champioship team. The truth hurts doesnt it!

Ross is lucky he conned some celebrities into taking pieces of his garbage dump before the ship sank.

The offseason moves this fo makes reflects a mindset of:

"What can we do this year to mmake this franchise suck more"?

It nmayn not be intentional. But that's what it always adds up to.

Flynn had as many tds in two games Matt Moore had almost all year. Moore hadn't won a game until he came to Miami. He was 6 and effin 6!!!! And we should keep Him as our starter? In what world do we do that and make the playoffs? Let alone beat new England. Matt Flynn gives us a chance, his potential is unknown, and it could be almost guaranteed that at 6-6 Matt Moore has reached his in it's entirety.

Ross & Ireland are the two biggest piles of **** in the NFL.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their minds.

Everytime ESPN announces that the Fins are the favorites to land someone, we don't. I'm now starting to believe that when ESPN does this, it is the kiss of death.


Those reports the Dolphins are the favorites by Espn are true. The reason we dont is because our Bozos in charge are such bungling idiots!

Now Garrard is in the mix. Makes sense. He'll come cheap.

Worst of all, our current players watch these developments just as we do. Im sure it makes them just so all enthused to be playing for these bungling idiots beginning a season.

Many of our current players watch these bungling Bozos and cant wait until free agency comes around for them. So that they can leave! LOL

What's up guys,

This is a rare non-work day appearance for me. This is very bad posturing by Ireland. What they helllll is he thinking? Alex Smith? No offense to him but he is a game manager to good QB but more a game manager on most weeks and unless somehow Miami plans on drafting Trent Richardson and somehow becoming a dominant run blocking o-line then pursuing Alex Smith is ridiculous.

The league knows Alex Smith's ceiling, we as football fans know his ceiling. I can't blame Miami for not throwing a brinks truck at Matt Flynn because although I do want to see him in Miami because it's their best option at this point but at the "right price". So to pursue Smith just to show Flynn and his agent they other options is just another head scratcher and although I tend to somewhat say let's see what Ireland can do it's moments like these that brings me back to earth as a Dolphin's fan.

Ireland please get a clue! You have made Miami look like amatuers over and over! Enough is enough.

Without Manning, Ross has to lower the ticket prices. Or give away boatloads of free tickets.

The Repercussions Of Being A Franchise No FA Wants To Come To:

The Players You Already Have Wanna Leave!

Yesterdays gone you have to be the dumbest person on earth. Do you realize you spend hours in here bashing your own team? We know they arent good do you think we're confused about that? You attack every poster who has anything positive to say. You come off looking like an idiot. You repeat the same complaints over and over as if youre making some kind of a difference. No one cares what you think. We summed up your opinions after your first few posts back when. We know you hate the front office and everything they do along with everyone they draft and sign right? So what else is there for you to say? Nadda, zilch. You have nothing of value to add to this blog anymore, you have no become the blog cancer and we're about to start chemo therapy.

Pay no attention to all these non-objective bozos here.

Im out. The good these Bozos have done is so grossly otuweighed by the bad. Its not even worth mentioning.

I'll save the rest of my positive negative rants for when I see how they again bungle this draft. LOL

More insiteful posts at 1:20 and 1:21 from yesterdays dong. Boy will this windbag know nothing loser ever shut up?

WOW! A guy calls himself "Captain Caveman" then has the nerves to call someone else an idiot. You still banging the with over the head with that there cavey club Cavey Boy? LOL

Dont leave yesterdays gone! Who is going to educate us on how bad the team sucks? Who will repeat the same complaints over and over to people who dont care? This blog will suffer from your loss. But Im sure you have to get to your favorite restaurant, the one you go to every day yet still complain the food sucks. Make sure you remind the cabbie who drives you every day how bad his driving is! Moron.

Now David Garrard?? This joke is becoming more and more ridiculous!!! It's almost as if the Dolphins manangement is doing stupid stuff on purpose.

How can anyone say the Patriots miss on just as many players as the Dolphins? The Patriots are a winning team,year after year.While our once proud franchise is mediocre at best.Makes no sense.

WOW!!How smart was Harbaugh not to come here!

Wow Captain you chased Dying Goon away.

I'm impressed.


Every morning I remind that bozo McDonald's manager how bad the breakfast sucks. Also, as much as I tip that rickshaw, supposed cabbie. You would think the idiot could afford a car by now! LOL

Hi All....

..haven't posted in a few days.....been reading along though....

.....I'm trying to understand how the FO though there was enough money to pay Manning, when now suddenly they are cap-strapped.....???

....if dumping Marshall was on their agenda, I'm wondering if they considered trading UP, using Marshall and maybe another player as the justification, in an attempt to get Tannehill ...

...I agree that every year needs to involve drafting a rookie QVB, and signing a free agent QB until we find the piece to that puzzle...

.....signing an over-the-hill O-lineman and Defensive end doesn't sound like building from within to me,...

.....and we still haven't addressed WR and D-back deficiencies...

...but hey, I'm remaining optimistic-----just don't have my head in the sand !

colonel sanders,

Thank you for your wealth of knowledge especially your memory on logos back in 97. BTW, I dont like your chicken.

Moss, Manningham and probably Manning to the 49ers?? GEEZ!!

So, are you Flynn fans now known as Flynny Flakes?

Or is it Flynnsaniacs?

What clever words can we use to explain this obsession with Matt Flynn? The reason I ask is because the more things change the more they stay the same. In a year from now we will be calling Matt Flynn garbage. And how we should have traded up. Or how Saban ruined Miami. Or how Wanny ruined Miami. Or how Ross and Ireland ruined Miami.

The more things change the more they stay the same. IMO, trading the farm for RGIII would have re-written that saying to read the following:

The more things stay the same the more they need to change.

*Before the Dolphins ended their visit with Matt Flynn on Saturday they told him they wanted him as their quarterback.

Let's see,the Dolphin's want Flynn as their quarterback, but are apparently penny pinching on the contract, so Flynn and his agent are taking some time to think it over.

In the meantime, the Dolphin's bring in Smith, who just rejected a 3 yr deal that averaged 7-8 million per season.

And now Garrard on Monday?

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