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Smith visit smells like leverage ... let's hope

Back from church this morning and the Internet is abuzz with football fans dissecting the Dolphins bringing San Francisco free agent quarterback Alex Smith to town overnight. (If you want to read the details, check out Barry Jackson's story on the Dolphins page of The Miami Herald.)

Let me help with this analysis. This is about a couple of things, including having a backup plan should Matt Flynn bolt. Call this the backup to the backup plan. But primarily tis is about leverage.

I haven't been told that. I haven't gotten a text about it. I am simply smelling leverage.

Why? Because ...

*Before the Dolphins ended their visit with Matt Flynn on Saturday they told him they wanted him as their quarterback.

*Miami locked onto Flynn before Smith. All things being equal, the Dolphins prefer Flynn to Smith simply because he's very familiar with most elements of the offense the Dolphins are likely to run. Smith would have to learn his fifth new offensive system in seven years. Not great.

*I know Miami is very comfortable paying Flynn the contract offer his agent got from the team but probably isn't too thrilled paying Smith the kind of deal he rejected from the San Francisco 49ers. Smith rejected a three-year offer from the 49ers that averaged approximately $7-$8 million per season but could rise to $9-$10 million if he continued to play as he did in 2011 based on incentives.

That is a lot of money on average to turn down. I've no idea where the guaranteed money was but I'm assuming it protected the team against Smith returning to Earth after a good season in 2011. Despite all that, Smith thinks the Dolphins are going to offer more? For their third choice QB?

They would be very unwise to do so.

*Smith wants to be treated and paid like a franchise quarterback. The team that knows him best, loves him most couldn't do it. Why would the Dolphins?

The Dolphins are more than willing to commit to a franchise quarterback when, you know, they are in the presence of a franchise QB. Smith is not a franchise quarterback. In his best season, he was a very good game manager. He threw 17 touchdowns and 5 interceptions last season. Nice. Combine it with the NFL's best defense and you have a trip to the NFC title game. But eye-popping? Outstanding? Championship caliber? No. Not in the AFC East.

Smith actually might come into camp against Matt Moore and lose a fair and equitable competition. His statistics were only slightly better than Moore's last season and over their careers, Moore actually has a higher QB rating -- 80.1 to 76.4. The Dolphins know this (I hope).

*The Dolphins aren't out of the Flynn chase. He will likely make a decision sometime today or tomorrow. He wants to play in Miami. He knows the money is probably not what his agent wanted. But the fact is if he plays well in a system he's familiar with, in two years the Dolphins will be extending his contract anyway. So it's not necessarily about getting the most money now but perhaps getting set up to make the most money down the road after, you know, something has been proven.

(As an aside, it is clear the Dolphins are not getting a proven franchise QB this offseason. They are adding talent to the position. The talent may eventually prove itself and rise to top 10 QB status. But get one of those from the first snap? Nope.)


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Why the hell do they make white socks. White socks suck. All they do is show dirt. Ive been considering for the last 20yrs to stop wearing white socks. Geesh! LOL

Im out.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 01:26 PM



great point @ 1:09 and Alex Smith's lack of efficiency in the red zone.

This has become the Miami way with Ireland. We are the 2nd worst scoring team in the league and we bring in Daboll who was part of the worst scoring offense in the league in Cleveland. Now Miami is looking at the QB of a team that set whose kicker broke a record! Unbelievable! The mediocrity continues season after season.

At this point I'm just sick of it all. I took it that Miami was going into rebuilding mode by trading Marshall and not over paying for these second tier wanna be #1 WRs like Manningham or Brandon Lloyd. The Dolphins could sign a young unproven QB like Flynn who knows Philbin's system and hits some unknown potential with a group of young play making WRs but it once again looks like clueless Jeff Ireland is bringing Miami to new levels by being the joke of the entire league.

they must be either (a) desperate to drive the price down on flynn or (b) just plain stupid. i don't see how this generates any good will with flynn, even if he does eventually pick miami. if it's true that seattle only offered flynn a chance to compete for the starting job, and hence a commensurate salary, then i don't see why any of this is necessary.

Has anyone thought the reason i brought SMith in is because FLynn wants start money HE wanted 8.5 millon for 5 yrs.. ANd Mr Ross said no. So i have no other choice but to try to make all you cry babys happy by bring someone in..

David Garrard added to the dolphins visitors. Before you know it Daunte Culpepper will be visiting us.

Ive been considering for the last 20yrs to stop wearing white socks. Geesh! LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 01:37 PM

Hope it doesn't take that long for you to decide to go away.

We should draft Tommy Streeter from the U, the WR from Georgia tech, the WR from Arkansas St and Blackmon.

Seems to me that there is a whole bunch of game playing from our FO. These games we've seen before and we always seem to lose out when they happen.

What is with the FO? It seems to me that you find a player, then if you really like them, you do what it takes to get them. I would think you'd be certain that you'd want that player before you started negotiating.

Is it not as simple as if you want someone you go get them?

jeff @1:38 PM,

Im out? These are the very sweet word dolfans painstakingly wait to come rolling off of your lips! LOL

Are you kidding me? Alex Smith? If Miami sign this guy I won't be signing up for NFL ticket this year I can tell you that. Last year was his first decent season he's had. This organization has really turned into a joke and it's on the fans footing the bill for such rubbish.

this is also a cautionary tale as to why it's risky to bring in a head coach with no experience and hence no leverage in personnel decisions. philbin is a smart guy; you don't get hired at harvard otherwise. i cannot imagine that he agrees with what is going on. if i had to bet, he would simply have gone after flynn in the first place (not manning) and done the deal. i mean, david garrard? at this point it seems like miami is inserting themselves into a slow news day to gain any type of relevance, even if it means being a laughing stock.

Get Flynn...projected 96 TDs in 2012!
(6 per game x 16 games). Lol

Damn, the negativity courses through some bloggers veins. Meh, everyone is entitled. Until Philbin gets us winning then the naysayers are correct...but please let the guy have a year or two to clean up the mess left behind.

Check the QB ratings order last year Matt Moore was not terrible. All with no camp and being thrown into the fire. If they add Flynn we should have two QBs that have ability to learn, grow and get better. If you think differently, that's your analysis...let's just watch it play out. Flynn threw 6 TDs in one game and Rodgers had not done it in all his starts. It at least begs the question can Flynn be a good QB in a starter role.

Hopefully Philbin can scheme guys open better. Hopefully D Thomas can help the club by Not being in the tub (injured) so often. I'm nor a fan of the pick so it would surprise me. Maybe they draft Trent Richardson and try to hammer out 25-35 runs per game to take pressure off the QBs? That would be a knarly rotation with Bush.

Safe pick is probably Reiff at 8 but I would like them to add pass rush in Coples or slide back a couple picks and tab WR Floyd. He is the closest thing to Vincent Jackson in this draft.

I want to win as much any Fin fan but I'm in a wait n see mode.


Good post on the SS, "Flynn has to wait now.Bringing in Garrard indicates to me that more than anything else Miami is looking for competition at the QB position".


We cant sign brand name fa's because we already sold the cow for magic beans. Not because we're in rebuild mode. The cap money's been completely squandered! LOL

David Garrard? Ireland's no longer acorn hunting he's pilfering thru the dumpster. There're probaably at least 10-15 backup Nfl qb's that would beat Garrard out for a starting job.

Texas_Dolpfan....one would think it to be that simple....but hey what to we common-folk know?

....and David Garrad.....if doing something stupid is the only altenative, rather that they do nothing at all...

..really though, ---David friggin Gerard?????????

please already !!!!!!!!

Wow! We've gone from Peyton Manning, to acorn hunting, to dumpster diving to find a qb. Geesh! LOL

we already sold the cow for magic beans.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 01:44 PM

Yesterday's B!tch believes in fairy tales.

Yeah, I know it sucks when you want to portray yourself as an authority on things and have the misfortune of posting when someone who actually DOES know the facts is here.

Better luck next time, junior.

Posted by: colonel sanders | March 18, 2012 at 01:40 PM

colonel sanders,

If you are going to come on here stating that I am portray myself as an authority you couldn't be more off. I never presented myself as that but YOU have assigned me that title, nobody else.

If you don't like what i post by all means continue reading and posting about me or don't read it and sit there as I couldn't care less.

If You want to come on here and attack ME, by all means there colonel have at it. Believe me, you don't hurt my feelings as you are nothing but what everyone on here is. A poster like it or leave it.

Mein Gott- What Whining..... and not even from Armando!

Scotty: you might even be a bigger pain than MJ and that Sparrow (or are the same twerp).

Grow up dykes!!!!!!!!!!

.....yeah....and we're not supposed to crfiticize this fiasco????!!!!!?????????

Very good everyone.
And now for three more pages of I'm right and you're wrong.


Heck, we couldnt sign David Garrard last season because even he wouldnt accept magic beans. Jeffy boy, go get our cow back right now! LOL

LMAO @ some of the posters!! Rebuild mode?? Give them time?? Cleaning up?? Huh??? Sporano was FIRED because supposedly we have the players, they just weren't coached right. Philbin was hired BECAUSE Ross told everyone that Ireland made the football decisions. This is the same guys, picking the same players. So please, tell me where the "rebuild" is coming in??


Jeffy boy, go get our cow back right now! LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 01:51 PM

Okay I will as soon as you STFU.

becoming comical. any nfl news i watch i have to listen to them make fun of this franchise. gets old

Vaustin...pull the trigger.....Ireland can't even load the gun !!!!!!!

One thing I dont get now that we know Miami is very short on $. How were they planning to sign Peyton? Another, why bring in Flynn and Smith if these guys are asking for more $ than we can afford also? Never hurts to try? Hmm..

Let's face it. We're all being negative because we get it. We understand we're a horrible team and we know it. Sure we've got a few good players, but it's the NFL and everyone does, however we don't have any good players at positions that matter except LT. Ireland is the worst GM in the league along with Cleveland GM and bengals GM, he's got $40mil in space and just signed Jason Allen, so I guess it could be worse. This QB situation is stupid, the FO should decide do on a QB or pull a major league and lose every game for Barkley or Jones. I'm a huge Phin fan and it hurts to see them in this condition. Just sad.

Ireland now doing everything possible to scare Flynn off. Just as well. The only other team interested in him are the lowly Seahawks. Not many GM's think much of Flynn so why should we? I don't like the nepotism angle.

gets old

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM

Kinda like reading your posts.

wow even bobbyd is mad. that took alot. he rode with them for years, they now have even lost him

You know your team is not much to be proud of when a national network edits a piece that shows the bungling misfortunes that it's FO has mismanaged over the last 25 years or so....

Why can't many of you see Flynn is following the same recipe for disaster that has ruined us time and again? Another teams overrated media inflated QB comes to the Fins to fall on his face and be gone in a year or two.

Buster = dusty bottoms

From an economic standpoint, Garrard makes the most sense.


ABSOLUTELY! We're basically cap strapped and only have one legit "superstar" on our entire roster. How the hell does that happen?

So according to the idiots here we're supposed to trust the same guy who put us in this mess to dig us out? Ireland calls the shots on personnel. Philbins not going to have the clout to drastically change anything.

The "Alice In Wonderlands" here simply cant digest that the reason we couldnt land a "brand name" hc is because Ross didnt want to give him that kind of franchise changing clout.

Flynn will kill to birds with one stone, not only will he be a bust, but Philbin will be the fall guy as well.

Anyone recall anything on DE Mark Anderson's Dolphin visit?

Even Rex Ryan has been to two AFC Championship games in the last three years. Does this not bug anyone besides me?

The last time Miami was in an AFC Championship game was 1992. Only two teams in the AFC are worse. Cleveland and the Bengals.

Also, in the entire NFL, only 4 teams are worse as it pertains to the last time they sniffed an AFC or NFC championship game. Cleveland, Bengals, Lions, Redskins. This team has not been good for a very long time. I fully expect the Lions and Redskins to get there in the next 3 or 4 years. I fully expect Miami to be in the Cleveland/Bengal category for at least another decade.

I much rather have Matt Millen as gm right now over Ireland. At least Millen "kind of" went down swing for the fences.

Ireland's going down swinging from the trees chasing acorns.

Oscar...at this point you're probably correct re: the economical angle....but the entire situation begs the question...what the hell was the stategy going into all this...????? ...that Ross willy nilly wished for Manning, and nobody advised him that he was unaffordable!!???!!!


I think it was SS reported we signed Mark Anderson. We also signed that DE from the Jets. West-something.

IMO, looks like Matt Moore will be the starting qb this season. Even if we sign Matt Flynn. I am afraid Flynn will become a very expensive backup qb.

Another huge cap blunder!

Maybe they did, Buster, but the guy wouldn't listen. That could explain what was suppossedly reported that Ross met with Manning alone.

Mik ---LOL....I am not Dusty Bottoms....and I'm sure he is thoroughly insulted....

Wow! So close to the cap limit and all we have is a franchise LT on the team. Incredible! LOL


PFT still has him on the market as of this afternoon. Also they report that the talk in NE is that Ochocinco may be on the way out.

Enough already, keep Moore as starter, build from the draft, get competent people in the personnel department and move on. Quick fix solutions are not what Green Bay, NY Giants & other teams do to succeed. Hiring a differnt coaching staff every 3 years doesn't help either.

Mark Anderson info from pft -

On Friday, the division-rival Dolphins hosted Anderson for a free agent visit. He is visiting the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

And per John Glennon of the Nashville Tennessean, Anderson has another meeting with an undisclosed team scheduled for Monday.

Anderson is a natural pass rusher, and that quality doesn’t grow on trees. He’s the second best pass rusher left on the free agent market, behind only former Raiders linebacker/defensive end Kamerion Wimbley.

UPDATE: Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports the Jaguars also have interest in Anderson, but have yet to schedule a free agent visit.

@Captain Caveman

How is bashing your own team any different than let's say, bashing your own President? As far as I know, you can love America but disagree with its leaders.

Therefore, why can't someone love the Dolphins but disagree with its leaders?

To some of us, football is politics. If Dan Marino ran for President I would vote for him just because he played football for my Fins. I would not vote for him if he sold out and played for another team.

Oscar...you may be correct....and that fits his M.O.
...he wouldn't listen to Parcells when they had their falling out either....hmmmmmmmm

The league raised the salary cap by only a couple hundred thousand. I guess that means every team should be able to afford to sign one more practice squad player to the active roster. LOL

Thanks for the info guys(Mark Anderson).

Hard to get YG outta here, I mean with all his different nicks.

YG...right now, if we believe the reports, the Fins can't sign the organ grinder......hell, they can't even feed his monkey!!!

Here is the answer keep Moore as the starter bring in a backup and wait until we are able to get a franchise qb. Until then daft top wr and te maybe even a running back lets get our weapons. Stop with this quick fix and qb carousel. Moore is not that bad not franchise qb but can keep us float.

The Signal,

Thanks. Figured that we would have seen something about the outcome of his visit but I haven't seen or heard a peep from the Fins or Armando on him one way or the other. Perhaps something may come out later as they are deep into the QB fiasco.

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