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So where is the Jake Long contract extension?

Jake Long is in the final year of a contract that seemed oh-so-expensive in 2008 when he signed as the first overall draft pick but has been well worth the money to date. Long is scheduled to make $11.2 million in his contract year and cost upwards of $12.8 million against the cap.

The base salary is basically the cost of doing business. The cap charge seems like a case of business that could be done better.

The fact is the Dolphins need to extend Long's deal. He has been a good player. He is a foundation stone for the franchise. And an extension could easily lower that cap charge and give the team more space to maneuver as it wishes in the coming days of the 2012 league year.

Yet, off Long went on his honeymoon recently and the Dolphins didn't have a new contract ready for him as a wedding gift.


Ah, the why is a puzzle.

The club's official stance is that Long without doubt is not going anywhere, that he is outstanding and that he absolutely will not be allowed to hit free agency at the end of 2012 so that he can possibly go elsewhere.

Good call, Dolphins folks!

So why the delay when an extension could be beneficial for both sides? Well the possibilities are the puzzle.

Maybe both sides have a wink-wink agreement that something will get done and it will. Great, but time is money and the longer this is on the back burner, the weaker the Dolphins seem from a cap standpoint.

Maybe both sides have talked and they simply haven't come to an agreement. This is probably the most likely scenario. The truth is gauging Long's value won't be easy. Cleveland re-signed Joe Thomas to an 8-year contract worth a reported $92 million that included a whopping $44 million in guaranteed money. That's an $11.5 million annual average. And the trouble for the Dolphins is Long will expect to exceed this deal by a significant amount.

Worth it? Obviously yes at first blush. But look deeper. Long is worth is if he's healthy. Long is worth it if the club last season judged his play to be as good as ever -- unlikely considering his rash of injuries. Long, in short, is worth it if the Dolphins believe him to be Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones -- both of whom played for years at exceedingly high levels and without injuries.

But what if Long is Tony Boselli? Boselli was perhaps the best left tackle in the game early in his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Big, strong, mobile, he was Long before Long. But then he injured a knee. Then he injured an ankle. Then he hurt his shoulder. And then he hurt the shoulder again. And again.

And by his seventh NFL season, Boselli was broken. Folks were surprised when Boselli was placed on the expansion list and allowed to go to Houston. But when he arrived in Houston, injured and unable to contribute, everyone understood.

So is Long on the road to being Boselli? In the past two years he's had a building litany of injuries -- first a knee, then an ankle and shoulder and last year a back and a torn right biceps that forced him to finish the season on injured reserve.

Are the Dolphins worried the trend might continue? Even privately there is confidence Long will recover and continue to be a pillar of the offensive line. But I would imagine the club would nonetheless like to protect itself financially against the continuation of the recent trend.

Perhaps the club prefers to see how Long returns and is handling training camp and the early part of the season before committing to a new contract.

That would be smart. Of course, in the meantime, that significant cap hit glows in neon as needing to be addressed. It is a catch-22. Pay Long and gamble he'll be fine? Or delay a new contract and suffer the tightened cap space?

There is, of course, another scenario that might explain the lack of a new contract for Long. It is obvious this is a big-ticket item. It will cost a lot of dollars. What if owner Stephen Ross, smarting from tanking ticket sales, simply isn't in position to dole out $40-$50 million in guaranteed money right now, much of which would no doubt come in the form of a hefty signing bonus?

What if the Dolphins -- among the bottom five spenders in cash outlay a year ago -- are simply trying to hold down costs again?

These are all questions the Dolphins don't have to answer. But it would clear things up if they did.


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How do you ever build a team when you keep trading away your best players?
Posted by: ion | March 25, 2012 at 01:10 AM

Ask Irescum why he gave away Marshall.

Still waiting for someone to post where Marshall was convicted of beating up anyone. I will be waiting! If you can't post it then STFU about Marshall's off field antics.

Big Ben was accused of rape twice. He didn't get traded.

Why are we holding Marshall to such a high standard but Big Ben is held to no standard at all?

Answer that racists! Also, answer this question. Was Big Ben's mother a prostitute? Last time I checked that isn't ever asked in an interview but it was asked to Dez. I wonder if Ireland asked Bowles if his mother turned tricks.

I have to be honest. Miami fans are the most racists NFL fans out there.

We couldn't even move up to get RGIII because he had dreads. How did someone put it a few weeks ago...?

RGIII can never be the franchise face because he has dreads.

I guarantee y'all this. If Big Ben was on the FA market, Miami would be going after him. This after two ladies claimed he raped them. And there will be no questions about his mother being a prostitute.

Why exactly are the ladies who claimed Big Ben raped them seen as opportunists but Marshall's wife isn't?

Do you guys honestly think Drew Brees would ever be arrested in New Orleans? If he beat his wife down the NFL would pay the wife off. Them owners would get together and pay her off within 1 week.

If it was Mike Vick?!?!?!? The Justice Department would be all up Vick's crack. Goodell would already banned Mike Vick for life.

But not Drew Brees or Big Ben. Big Ben has been accused of RAPE TWICE!!!!! And he still walking the streets of Pittsburgh.

They were already shopping Marshall before the incident. Philbin doesn't want him. He's a head case and selfish, gets in the QB's head in a bad way. Marshall has been arrested 19 times already, he can't stay out of problems with the law and he'll be suspended again. Better to dump him.

@ JackSparrow,

While I happen to agree that there have been other players with some serious legal troubles that really raise eyebrows, there is also no denying the patterns of violence in the history of B.Marshall that leave pause.

In 2004 while still a student at UCF he was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer.

In 07 he was with Javon Walker and Darrent Williams in the Limo that got shot up were Williams was killed, later Javon W. stated that the shooter was retaliating for a fight with Marshall and his cousin.

There were reportedly 11 calls to 911 from his Denver home were he would be arrested once for domestic Violence

In 08 was arrested again for simple battery in Atlanta.

I don't necessarily agree with the trade and actually hated it but when you discuss his offenses while they don't seem quit as disturbing as a borderline date rapper like Big Ben and he wasn't torturing dogs in his yard you still see a pattern of violence that follows him and in all honesty he was a pseudo T.O. on the sideline and locker room, there is no denying this.

Again wasn't a fan of the trade but his antics even got a teamate killed in 07 before you dare someone to post were Marshall had been arrested or in trouble for beating someone I suggest you google the man.

Tired of people always pulling out the race card, get a life..it's you whom keep race issues alive..just like the kid who got shot in Sanford, FL... The Black panthers are out there saying if the cops don't get him we will, dead or alive.. Now if a white person said this if the situation was flipped it wouldn't fly..the panthers are using the term black power... The blacks didn't like white power terms yet they use black power... It's all a bunch of garbage!

What's your stance on that Spareow??

mando has a really good article out in the herald; open letter to the org. it might "wake up" ross.

Armando sounds like a babbling idiot in that article. Where the hell does he get off thinking he is the voice of the Miami Dolphin fan?
There were 30 people protesting outside the facility and those 30 might have well had the word "moron" rubber stamped on their forehead. Do these people have absolutely no life whatsoever?
Wake up and smell the coffe. You don't own the team or even part of it, you don't work for them and they don't sign your paycheck. If you are that upset about the situation with this team then you really need to find something else to do. There are a lot more important things in life that you could be doing than worrying about what this team is doing. Spend some time with your family or something.
I like to come on here and voice my opinion or engage in some debate and I enjoy watching the team play. I follow what they do in free agency and I enjoy the draft but how can anyone get that wrapped up in something that absolutely no bearing on their personal lives?
Listen, worry about the economy and the dollar losing it's place as the world's reserve currency. If that happens you won't have to worry about this team because it and the NFL won't exist anymore.

“Fire Jeff Ireland Now” online petition has 1,384 signatures as of Saturday afternoon. Empty is the fans’ love bucket for the team’s general manager.

Reporting now over 1500 signatures to JEF FIRELAND Protest March 3.29.12

4-12 at best for the bumbling racist Dolphoons GM Ireland and Ross's 1.1 Billion Dollar Trash Heap sold by the con man Wayne

have a HAARPy day :(

Dr Phil on NFL network poking fun at the low inept dismal Miami Dolphoons

Protest Fireland March 3/29/12 @ Miami dolphin Training facility

WQAM sponsored Fireland Protest March 3.29.12

Free pizzas from Hungry Howies purchased by "Goldie" & "Koop" for all protesters on 3.29.12 outside of racist GM Jeff Ireland's office

National Media Attention as Occupy Davie goes Viral

Miami Dolphin once proud franchise now reduced to, ...

The Miami Mullets

Joe Philbin has never called even one offensive play for the entire 4 years as Green Bay Packers OC

"Philbin did not have a speaking part on game days"

"Joe could not be trusted on Sunday, nice practice coach though"

What was Ireland thinking hiring Philbin the puppet OC coach from Green Bay, who never contributed on game day play calling"

It is a good sign that Ireland and Philbin seem to be on the same page regarding Players for the offence. Apart from his legal problems, Marshall does not fit in a WCO as he does not run quick, precise routes and he is inconsistent catching the ball. IMO

Clueless Miami Dolphin GM Ireland hires Fired Dismal 6-6 Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as OC to beat the upgraded Patriots, Jets and Bills

Miami Dolphins the laughing stock of the league!

Stephen Ross is a billionaire businessman. He didn't get to where he is by listening to someone that has no idea what they are talking about.
If Ross caves in to the demand from SOME fans and fires Ireland all it does is send a signal to everyone that he really doesn't know what he is doing because he isn't making the decision.
Nobody's job is secure in the NFL and there is no loyalty. It's all about winning because winning fills the seats. If it comes to the point where Ross feels that Ireland is not capable of doing the job he will make the move SOME fans wish for. Unitl then, you can sign all of the petitions you want and you're not going to influence the guy.

The Dolphins Beach Themselves!

Occupy Davie 3.29.12 Protest The Stank Fish

Joe Philbin has never called even one offensive play for the entire 4 years as Green Bay Packers OC
"Philbin did not have a speaking part on game days"
"Joe could not be trusted on Sunday, nice practice coach though"
What was Ireland thinking hiring Philbin the puppet OC coach from Green Bay, who never contributed on game day play calling"
Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | March 25, 2012 at 08:48 AM

All you are doing is showing your ignorance of the game.

Wayne H also a Billionaire cons Steven Ross and sells him a
Colossal Heap Of 1.1 Billion Dollars Worth Of Trash!

Would love to have Blackmon added to this offense, but this Draft is deep in receivers and there are other similars(M. Sanu, K. Wright, Hill) that can be picked lower in the Draft.

Meltdown in Miami!

Ireland Destroys The Dolphins!

Protest March Fireland 3.29.12

No Wiggle Room For The Dolphins

Dolphins Caught in The Tunas Net, Sure Slow Death To Folllow

3.29.12 Protest March Occupy Davie

No Wiggle Room For The Dolphins

Dolphins Caught in The Tunas Net, Sure Slow Death To Folllow

3.29.12 Protest March Occupy Davie

No Wiggle Room For The Dolphins

Dolphins Caught in The Tunas Net, Sure Slow Death To Folllow

3.29.12 Protest March Occupy Davie

It is a big if, but IF we had the right quarterback we would be a playoff team. That's the only reason I haven't given up as a dolphins fan (i'm a mets fan I'm well aware of the difference between "my team is one piece away" and "my team is irrelevant") the Miami dolphins aren't irrelevant yet. But regardless, if you're a fan and you stop rooting for your team cause they're bad you're probably just a front-runner and we don't want you anyway.

Besides his nanosecond release and laser-like arm, Marino had ballet dancers feet. An extremely rare talent indeed.

Pro Lou a clueless desperate fan clinging on b4 finally becoming a Patriot or Tony Sparano & Tim Tebow Jets Fan!

CB Will Allen signs immediately as New England Patriots CB for over 1 million dollars

Ireland however hangs on to Poser Boy Fraud CB sean smith one of the worst rated starting CB in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus

There is absolutely no hope for the dismal Dolphins!

Another Slap in the face fro 2012 MVP Pro Bowl player Brandon Marshall

Marshall's wife is slapped in the face with a bottle and is a crime victim

Racist GM Ireland misreads the situation and cuts Marshall our best offensive player

Ireland then fires our best defensive player with no contingency plan

3.29.12 JEF FIRELAND Protest March

I saw Jerry last year go up to the 2nd level and sweep out some people there. He might have the athleticism that Philbin is demanding of his OL.

Jason Taylor and Dan Marino go into hiding as they are so embarrassed by GM Jeff Ireland's Meltdown in Miami

no comment

no where to be found

The Fish are Stinking & Sinking Fast

Protest March Fireland 3/29/12

No Wiggle Room For The Dolphins

Dolphins Caught in The Tunas Net, Sure Slow Death To Folllow

3.29.12 Protest March Occupy Davie

Miami Dolphin Blogger Home goes national again

There Is No One Like Home

There Is No One Like Home

There Is No One Like Home

Bill Walsh was an assistant coach for Paul Brown with the Bengals from 1970 to 1975 during which time he created what came to be known as the West Coast Offense. He designed the offensvie plays for the team but he didn't call them.
Walsh's was an offensive genius. Of course, everyone knows he went on the be a very successful coach with the 49ers.
Coach Joe Philbin also designed the offense for the Green Bay Packers. His offensive schemes helped the Packers win a Super Bowl. Regardless of whether or not he called the plays he was the person responsible for the offense. In addition, he helped with defense because the offense in Green Bay worked with the defense to come up with a game plan to attack their opponents' offenses.
Philbin has an actual written plan that he has been designing for a number of years on what he would do if he ever got a chance to be a head coach. That puts him light years ahead of any coaching candidate who would be shooting from the hip. Philbin has a plan of action for how he wants his offense to look, his defense to look, special teams right down to fitness and nutrition.
When he was at Green Bay, he had instituted goals for his quarterback in completion %, interceptions and touchdowns. Having a goal is one thing but knowing how to achieve those goals is another. It's ok to say to a quarterback, "you need to get your interceptions under 10 a year" and have no idea how he's going to do it. In Green Bay they didn't just tell Rodgers that was his goal and leave it to that. They worked with Rodgers to get his interceptions under 10.
So, Philbin not only has a plan and goals but he knows what actions need to be taken in order to reach those goals.
You look at a guy like Matt Moore and say he's not a long term solution to the Dolphins quarterback position but, if there is one person who is capable of getting Moore to another level it is Joe Philbin. All you need to do is look at what he did with Aaron Rodgers. 45 td's and only 6 int's in 2011.
A coach with a plan. What a novel idea.

No Wiggle Room For The Dolphins

Dolphins Caught in The Tunas Net, Sure Slow Death To Folllow

3.29.12 Protest March Occupy Davie

For many reasons, I believe Ireland will draft at #8: a pressure player, or an OL. Or there is a strong possibility that he might trade down outta there.

2012 NFL Free Agency almost over

Dolphins Flop and end up worse off, while Jets, Bills Pats improve greatly!

3.29.12 Fireland Protest March

Philbin and his system FLOP IN MIAMI

"what works there, does not work here"

At the end of the season collaborative voice of reason and under statement of the year, ...

"Should have signed NFL's best Red Zone QB Tim Tebow"

I was impressed when I read Philbin's statement that they used to time Favre's dropback, IN EVERY REPETITION at practice.

New Dolphin's OC Fired from a dismal 6-6 college program Texas A&M goes head to head with washed up fired back up 34 yr old QB Garrard against coach
Bill B, QB Tom Brady & the Patriots machine

Vegas Odds at 500,000,000 to 1

Ireland says, "I like those odds and stand behind my decisions"

Stephen Ross found drunk wandering and muttering in the stands with a half empty bottle of scotch, wearing nothing but chaps, his underwear and scuffed dress shoes and shouting, "Jeffrey what have you done!"

Lots of confusion on here as always. Seems like Ireland is fine with all the misinformation and misunderstandings around him, as it allows him to do his job better, however, it's having an equally "unhelpful" side effect, which is the apathy from the fanbase.

Unfortunately, we're in a perfect storm here. We all know our sad recent (and not too recent) past (fans like Prof. Lou should respect the power of losing). Fans aren't "losing" their patience, they have no more patience TO lose. They are completely over the crap this team has been putting on the field for over a decade now. Just as YG said, we fill holes, only to refill them over and over again without ever SOLVING the reason the hole needs filling in the first place. That's a talent acquisition problem.

Our coaching staff has been inept in strategy and developing their own players, thereby helping themselves vis-a-vis the Draft as well as saving CAP space (by not having to overspend in free agency). That's a Coaching problem.

Lastly the personnel, with FAR TOO MANY average/mediocre players and not enough playmakers has done little to offer hope to fans.

That's where we've been.

What those (depressed) fans need to understand is SOMEONE in the organization understands that past because THINGS. ARE. CHANGING!

What we are ALL a witness of at the moment is a monumental shift on everything. No more splashy free agencies (that usually don't live up to the initial hype). It's time to FINALLY improve through the Draft and develop your own players. So, sorry, other than Manning (and he was a big IF), the best choice in finding a long-term solution to your most important position, QB, is to DRAFT A PLAYER! Also, the philosophy the team will have will be updated for modern times. Say hello to the WC offense. And the version Philbin plays does not NEED a #1 diva WR (big target, generating double-teams, etc.). THAT'S why Miami gave up Marshall so easily. If he really was necessary to Philbin's offense, he wouldn't have been traded. He was expendable to Philbin's system, so it made getting rid of the "headache" much more tolerable.

Philbin's system requires some smaller (in stature) WR's who are extremely intelligent, great route-runners, with the quickness to create the all important YAC. So, think Greg Jennings, not Brandon Marshall.

Molding the team into their new look is like watching sausage being made. It's not appetizing. And yes, there's always risks. But to me, since we haven't tried this way before, what's wrong with giving it a shot (getting worse would actually be a good thing if this doesn't work, since we'd get a higher pick in the next Draft)?

Philbin needs time (at least a SEASON and a couple of DRAFTS) to show us his vision. We owe it to OURSELVES to give him enough leeway to realize it. However, everyone (Ross, Ireland, Coaches, Players) need to understand the fanbase is in no position to blindly support mediocrity. If you are going to make these changes. If you are going to try to change the culture. You better know what you're doing and get it right the FIRST time, because you definitely won't be getting a second chance.

Fireland Protest March 3.29.12

Poor drafting and exorbitant FA contracts are why we don't have any cap space. With the new rookie pay scale, the draft is even more important. Spaz had know idea what players he needed, perhaps Philbin does. He is Ireland's hope to keep his job. I also believe Parcells was a saboteur; his allegiance is obviously with NY.

Good post, DC.

thanks oscar.

I saw a new mock-Draft that says we get Tannehill at 8. The question people are asking is if he's worthy of being Drafted that high. Wrong question IMO. Question is: Does Ireland/Philbin/Sherman think he can be the long-term answer at QB? If so, DRAFT HIM. If not, then you can play the trade back or try to outsmart other teams and get him later game (or go after another guy they like better).

DC, I think we are on the same page.

We are all on the same page, DC, Badger and I. Rare thing on this blog.

Today's Athlete is NOT the same as that one that played 10-20 yrs/ago. Bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter.

(I can't resist this one, sorry). You think it's the chemtrails, Homer?

Prof Lou

Walsh did not invent the WCO. He learned it under Brown. In fact, Walsh is quoted as saying he doesn't know why they call it the WCO because it should be called the Ohio Offense. Someone coined the term WCO and it stuck with Walsh, but he invented nothing.

If the fins can sign Scott and Wheeler, it would mean they could trade down in the first round for an extra 2nd, draft a WR, TE and possibly a QB in the first two rounds. Go defense in the 3rd with 2 picks and finish up the draft by filling needs. Matt Moore will be a top 10 QB next year, Matt Flynn won't approach top ten, Manning will barely be top ten and the Bears locker room will implode from disfunction. Tebow will be starting for the J E T S jets jets jets in week 9, we all know how that's gonna end up, Rex Ryan fired and Tony the pizza man fist pumping field goals. The Bills think Mario Williams is gonna make their QB play better, the pats fans think having 29 wide receivers in camp will make Tom Brady get younger. NOW is the time for the fins to have guys like Philbin and Ireland, build through the draft, sign guys like Scott and Wheeler and stop the madness. Look at the bright side, this time next year we will all be watching the circus that will be a 5-11 Jets team with no QB and no head coach while we will be talking about who we are gonna draft with the 25th pick.

We DO need bench.


I was impressed when I read Philbin's statement that they used to time Favre's dropback, IN EVERY REPETITION at practice.
Posted by: oscar canosa | March 25, 2012 at 09:22 AM

Every team does that these days. Parcells and the Dolphins have been doing that for 4 years with a loud buzzer at 3 seconds.

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